Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I have never paid much attention to any of the 1M schemes that the present administration is so fond of introducing that the most recent complaint from HBA surprised me and made a strong enough impression to have a look at the PR1MA scheme.

As far as I can see, PR1MA aims to make home ownership affordable.

I can't say the few projects it has embarked upon is any indication of how successful they are, but building houses by the thousands isn't exactly something you can achieve within a couple of months considering the more than 800,000 applicants for the few projects that has been initiated.

However, I wouldn't go as far as to dismiss them out right.

So I find it strange that Chang Kim Loong of the National House Buyers Association, that organisation which is supposed to look out for the interests of house buyers, went all out and said that PR1MA's working relationship with private developers will raise house prices.

What caught my attention was the headlines -
PR1MA Corp's move will raise house prices: HBA

Now that seems to indicate fact as opposed to speculation, but upon reading the first paragraph, I realised that Chang was criticising PR1MA's decision to work with private developers which he claimed will only see PR1MA houses being priced only slightly lower than market prices.

Sun Daily ... tsk, tsk, tsk ...

The fact that he is using an NGO that was supposedly protecting the interest of house buyers to whitewash what is obviously a politically motivated piece really gets on my nerve, so I just have to give my opinion here.

The first reason he cited was "developers will add their profits to the price tags, which could push prices of PR1MA houses to almost the same level as market prices".

The key word is "could" that means it isn't a fact, and even if it is true, the price would still be below what he termed as "market price".

PR1MA is supposed to build affordable houses, not sub-standard housing for the less moneyed.  So why does he expect these affordable homes to cost a lot less than his definition of "market price"?

One of the cost in building urban housing is attributed to the cost of land, so by providing the land, PR1MA has solved that particular problem.

As for his assertion that prices are unlikely to remain low due to 'various "excuses" such as higher cost of materials and shortage of workers', I reckon it is true that materials can become unreasonably costly to smaller developers.

However, PR1MA can easily control that at the source by setting up their own materials supply chain to service their JV companies.  With the numbers they are building, they definitely have economies of scale.

All the marketing and selling will be done by PR1MA anyway, that will eliminate cost of sales for the developers, while they can claim the warranty cost against PR1MA, as and when incurred as opposed to costed in the price, hence removing the cost of warranty from the selling price.

As for labor force, I don't see how different would it be for PR1MA to manage these developers from how a large developer would manage their various housing projects under their various companies.

There is no such thing as pulling wool over the eyes of anyone because the buyer can always refuse to buy the property if he/she thinks it isn't up to his expectations and he/she can opt for the non-PR1MA housing offered by developers at only "slightly higher" than the fixed PR1MA prices.

Who these developers are and how they are chosen is immaterial as long as it does not affect the "fixed" pricing of PR1MA houses.

As to why a JV as opposed to contract out, well now, why, for example, Talam Corporation build Taman Saujana Puchong using Expand Factor Sdn Bhd as the developer instead of owning the project and contracting it out to Expand Factor Sdn Bhd?

Besides, why compare PR1MA with privatisation of government amenities?  Housing is not amenities.

Never was it stated that PR1MA will be just building "government housing" or "state housing" or "council housing", although I expect the Rent-to-Own housing would be more of this nature.

As for PR1MA for second time house buyers, why not?  As a matter of policy, moms should be entitled to house-ownership too, in case anything happens to the family unit.

Presumably the number of PR1MA houses would increase as more projects are secured and more land is made available for housing - so all that about insufficient numbers to meet demand of first time buyers and all should not be a consideration when setting policies.

His obvious insinuation of political discrimination against opposition-controlled states and victimisation of people in those states, seriously, I don't see why PR1MA housing cannot be built in opposition-controlled states if the state administrations are willing to set aside land for PR1MA housing and provide their full co-operation instead of taking pot shots at federal agencies like they are wont to do.  Afterall, state governments control all land matters.

I doubt that putting PR1MA under the purview of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government as he suggested would make any difference as that Ministry have not been able to do much all these while to control the developers from building premium-priced housing to maximised profit and neglecting affordable housing that makes it necessary for PR1MA in the first place.

My conclusion?

This dude is as fake as they come.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

New MB

We now have a new Mentri Besar in Selangor.

Congratulations and all my best wishes YAB.

I sincerely hope you can steer the Selangor administration to focus on improving services and infrastructure maintenance for the benefit of the rakyat as opposed to feeding the political frenzy that has been taking centre stage in Selangor ever since Pakatan took over the State administration.

It is not about commanding respect from the people but about carrying the burden of the job for the betterment of the rakyat in good faith and integrity of conduct.

Neither is being MB about agitating the public by taking politics to the streets or about making tons of money to be hoarded away or to justify huge salaries, allowances and bonuses.

It is about making sure that service to the rakyat and economic development of the state through the state machinery continue to be of paramount importance when making decisions.

I hereby pledge to lay off posting about Selangor governance until end of the year to see how you can improve our situation including road maintenance, water supply and of course environmental cleanliness.

That would more or less come to about 100 days, so there should be plenty of time for you to assess the situation and take the necessary steps.

If things improve, at least in my neighborhood and my usual haunts here in Selangor, then I would say so.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Truth Be Told

The email that Annie received and published here about Golongan Melayu Bangsat touched me because I kind of agree with the writer's point of view.

I have heard and read about many of the excesses of this kind of Melayu lately that I share the writer's despair sometimes.

Truth be told, I find it difficult to write about these things, not because of the possibility of my getting in trouble because of it, but because I find it so incredibly sad for my people.

It is difficult to face the truth when the very people whom we put our hopes and trust to protect and preserve our pride and heritage are the very ones destroying them, squandering what little we have to feed their rapacious need for material wealth.

I tend to take the cowardly route of writing about the little things that happen around me rather than touch on this subject of abhorrent betrayal by people in positions of power simply because it is much easier to handle the occasional petty detractors with their shallow snipes at my person than write about a difficult subject that borders on being seditious.

But the matter will not go away, because the rampant plundering is continuing unchecked and people who have been bought are now the ones making all the decisions that exacerbate the corruption that will destroy the very foundation of our political power - the only power we have in this land of our ancestors.

And the people at the helm of our ever declining political power are not doing anything about it, continuing to further destroy our power base in their effort to retain whatever tenuous hold they have on power without considering the generations to come.

The helpless despair is overwhelming whenever I try to tackle the subject, as I have not been able to detach myself enough to be able to write about it without being personal.

I guess all I am left with at the moment is my faith that the Almighty Knows best, and if the people I love were to gradually be reduced to an ignoble community living in pockets of poverty to serve the interest of the powerful elites of various creeds - then maybe there is a reason for it.

For every beginning, there is an end.  Only Allah is eternal.

Saturday, 13 September 2014


Apparently Singapore LTA has decided to increase their toll charges at the Causeway because, according to them, Malaysia revised the toll charges at the Causeway and according to their (newly created) matching policy, they are obliged to do so.

So if you are angry, be angry at Malaysia, not at them, because even (an idiot) MP from Johor said so too.

In a statement today, the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) said the new rates were in tandem with the republic’s long-standing policy of matching toll charges at the Causeway and Second Link to those set by Malaysia.
“In view of Malaysia’s recent revision in toll charges at the Causeway, from 1 October 2014, Singapore’s toll charges for all vehicles (except motorcycles) leaving Singapore through the Causeway will be increased to match the new Malaysian toll.
“A new matching Causeway toll will also be implemented for all vehicles (except motorcycles) entering Singapore. There are no changes to the toll charges at the Second Link,” the statement read.
Read the rest here at NST and here is a short brief at Berita Harian and here at CNA.

Eh Madam Teo ma'am, I checked with my friend and he told me that as far as he knew the toll remains RM2.90 at the causeway.

This is his message to me "There is no increase in the toll, the toll remain at RM2.90 at the causeway. if Singapore want to go on the matching policy as per said by Singapore's Senior Minister of State for Transport, Josephine Teo, there's no reason to increase."

What is this matching policy crap?  When was this signed?  Which agreement?  I have never heard of this policy and the people I asked told "never heard of such a policy until recently".

You people so hard up for the cash or what?

Or is this some obscure way to punish vehicles using the Causeway, but blaming it on Malaysia instead of owning up?

Eh, what's that?  The new toll at CIQ?

Aiyo, Madam Teo, those charges are for the infrastructure, you know, the routes and the inner ring road leading to CIQ and also for the EDL highway, nothing to do with charging vehicles using the Causeway or entry and exit to and from Singapore.

It is even run by different people.

Somebody has to pay for all that new facilities, you know, why not the people who use the facilities?

Besides, from my point of view, those working in Singapore and not paying taxes to the Malaysian Government shouldn't make noise about paying for such facilities because they pay their taxes in Singapore, so don't expect Malaysian tax payers to pay for their convenience to work in Singapore.

Madam Teo, care to tell me what new infrastructure Singapore built to justify the toll hike and added cost per exit?

Why, you don't have a reason to raise toll, but must blame it on something or someone because Singapore Authorities are so efficient, so good, so wonderful that anything bad must be because of someone else?

Suka-suka hati blame other people for you own cekik darah moves eh?

Just like Malaysian opposition politicians and political activists lah you Singaporean authorities, dump all the dirt at other people's door while you eat all the cake.

This art of blaming the Malaysian Government for everything bad, you learned from our politicians or our politicians learned from you?

Or is this pointing fingers mentality something that they teach at that "School for Classy People" that classy urbanites in Malaysia and Singapore go to?

First World Singapore mentality is not that different from our own brand of political loonies that created the current mess in Selangor after all.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

While I was Away

I have been offline these last few days and thus out of touch with current happenings back at home.

On the Selangor political front, it seems that PAS finally grew a backbone, Tuanku Sultan expressed his "disappointment" with PKR and DAP publicly, and indeed went beyond stating that PKR and DAP were rude but also treasonous.

There was a commenter here who objected to my description of PKR and DAP as biadap (rude) and besar kepala (big-headed) in their dealings with the Istana and titah Tuanku, but I think that particular anon failed to understand the language of Raja-Raja Melayu and the etiquette of Istana Melayu.

"Titah" was not a request, it was an order.

I guess only a Melayu would understand how insulting the actions of PKR and DAP leaders were when they defied the Istana.

I also learned that Tunku Jalil is ill.

I pray that he remains strong in the face of such an ordeal and with Allah's blessing, will recover his health.

He is one of the nicest people I have ever met and I wish him well.

Then of course there is all that talk about various statements and writings of former Chief Judge Tun Hamid Omar.

I also read Helen Ang's writing on the subject.

Besides being inspired by Helen to actually write about my thoughts, I have great respect for her thorough determination to write about what she feels is right, no matter what.

I find all the posturings of the MCA and Gerakan lately not only annoying but also despicable.

My own personal view is, MCA should really shut up when it comes to Cina interests in Malaysia including anything related with historical facts.

You people only represent less than 10% of the Cina in this country, and your meager seats in the Parliament and State Assemblies are courtesy of the Malay voters, which means you are actually representing the Malays there.

Let the DAP speak for the Cina who voted for them en masse.

Be careful about whom you disparage as you may not survive as a political entity with you dignity intact in the next rounds of elections, and you will join Gerakan as BN's almost-dead coalition member, shamefully hanging on to Umno's coattails in order to be relevant and yet bashing the very party that gave it any semblance of life.

MCA and Gerakan betul-betul muka tak malu.

Oh, another thing, my sister was offended by the expletive-riddled comments in my blog, so I have decided to prune any comment I deem as excessively offensive to the viewing public.

My blog, my right.

Sunday, 31 August 2014


31 Ogos,
Tarikh keramat
Agamaku dimuliakan
Bangsaku dimartabatkan
Hak ku dikembalikan

Agar agamaku terus dalam perlindungan Mu
Bangsaku terus dalam keredhaan Mu
Jalur gemilang kekal berkibar di bawah kerahmatan Mu
Di Tanahairku, tanah tumpah darahku yang terus merdeka

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


By refusing to forward more than two names for consideration as candidates for the post of Menteri Besar, PKR and DAP refuse to acknowledge the authority of Sultan of Selangor in the appointment of Menteri Besar as defined in the Selangor Undang-Undang Tubuh Negeri.

That is not only "biadap" (rude) but also "besar kepala" (big headed).

I am no lawyer, but when I read the state constitution, my interpretation is that Tuanku's decisions has so far been strictly within the laws.

So to those that argue that Tuanku should simply accede to Pakatan's decision of who the MB should be, my suggestion is for them to read up the Selangor State Constitution and interpret it with a rational head instead of warping things to suit your own point of view.

"Pakatan Rakyat" is not even a legal entity, and yet they presume to dictate the Istana Selangor and Tuanku Sultan to adhere by their conventions.

PAS did the right thing by acknowledging "titah" Tuanku - there is still hope for them as it seems they have not forgotten their "adab sopan Melayu" - because Tuanku is obviously making decisions within the scope of his authority.

See, the problem that I have with Pakatan is that their mental disposition is not just irrational but also unbelievably convoluted - they are inconsistent, contradictory and judgmental in addition to supremely confident of their infallibility.

And like immature children, they will always blame someone else instead of seeing that some of these things are caused by their own doings, presumably because they consider themselves highly educated and intelligent beings in addition to being always in the right.

The Kajang Move is an example of how unbelievably egotistical these PKR-DAP leadership is.

They thought they can treat the entire Selangor State, from the rakyat on the ground up to the Sultan, as merely adherents to their show of internal power play and deem it fitting to force the Tuanku Sultan to accept the victor of their childish politics as Menteri Besar.

Not a single one of them give a crap for the rakyat, they are just too busy feeding their ego with all sorts of ego boosters, even to the extent of intimidating the Tuanku Sultan with their "expert legal opinions" that Sultan has no authority to appoint the state's Menteri Besar.

They blame Khalid, they blame PAS, they even blame Umno, and yet they refuse to see that all the mess began when they started involving the entire Selangor state, rakyat and all, in their stupid political lunacy with that Kajang Move.

And they even stated that their first act under the new Menteri Besar will be to rescind the water agreement the state signed with the federal government - leaving the people of Selangor with the possibility of more water problems.

How can anyone with any self-respect allow these bungling idiots to be their leaders in anything?

Monday, 25 August 2014

KPI of a State Government

I am so incredibly glad that at least this blog is no longer inundated with Opposition cyber-bullies like it used to be.

Sure, BigCat no longer have the kind of traffic it used to have, but at least I can actually say my piece without a number of trolling cretins filling up the comments space - except for the occasional expletive-ridden curses.

True, I can just delete those comments the public would deem offensive, but to be honest, I find these reaction from anons who couldn't refute my opinions in a more measured and rational manner kind of amusing and just let them through to remind myself to avoid going the same route.

Just as I give these anons the freedom to express their opinions, I expect the same courtesy from the public who come to my blog - to freely air my opinions of the world around me.

It so happens that now I am living in Selangor, in all its rubbishy glory and political lunacy.

Why do some people get all excited when I express exactly what I think about the barely tolerable situation that deprive us who live in Selangor with basic services that a state administration should provide to the people who put them in office?

If what I wrote is not true, then refute it and give examples of the truth.

If I think politicians tussling for the highest office in the state while basic public services (such as water, road conditions, garbage collection are neglected) is a symptom of a banana republic, wouldn't it be "classier" to refute my opinion with rational reasonings of why it is not so?

If Selangor people are happy with such a situation, then so be it, but I don't see why I should keep quiet about it.

I also exercise my right to express my opinion that a well-managed state with more than RM3 billion in its coffers should not neglect something as basic as uninterrupted supply of clean water.

Before we shout in pride about the state's ability to have RM3.2 billion in its coffers, and that we are the richest state in Malaysia, we should think again what is meant by having a BALANCED BUDGET and why the KPI for running a state government and a corporate entity are different.

A corporate entity has an obligation to create value, which is ultimately translated into more Ringgit and Sen for its stakeholders.

A state government has an obligation to serve the public.

Selangor state government should function primarily as an operations general manager by efficiently managing its resources such as land, water, minerals and of course the human resources; to create a conducive environment for its residents, by providing not only jobs but also living condition that is prosperous, safe, clean and healthy.

So tell me, has the Selangor state administration delivered this with their RM3.2 billion reserves, water crisis, uncollected garbage, potholed roads, dengue and a political brawl to boot?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Clean Start

Logic would say that Tuanku Sultan will consent to the dissolution of the State Assembly.

With all the mess currently, it is only sensible to have a clean start.

We can't possibly have a clean slate, as I suspect the same jokers would still be putting themselves up as candidates, but at least there will be a fresh mandate to check Selangor's state administration downward spiral to that of a banana republic.

Imagine that, the richest (all the political write-ups especially the foreign ones like to throw this in whenever they write about Selangor) and most urbanised state in the country, with presumably more "educated and classy " urbanites per square feet than other states in Malaysia combined, have managed to get themselves into a festival of political lunacy.

We have taps that run dry periodically, garbage that don't get collected regularly, poorly maintained roads with potholes that you  have to get off-road to avoid, an escalating dengue fever problem - and now a possibility of a state wide election barely a year after a General Election.

Talk about third world problems and mentality.

If we have these kinds of problems in the richest state in Malaysia with the most number of "educated and classy" urbanites, maybe it isn't too bad living in a kampung somewhere in the rural heartland of Johor where they don't have too many people claiming they are better than everyone else, trying to force their political opinions down other people's throat.

I am not sure whether I am going to even waste my time analysing the upcoming (possibly) elections and the potential outcome.

Besides, Annie is already doing it and she probably would continue to do so.

However, if the Selangor people are smart, they should really think hard whether they would want to give their mandate to a bunch of politicians who spend their entire time talking to the people as opposed to doing things in service of the people, again.

My sister is definitely casting her vote in Subang Jaya again, should there be a by-election.  That's one wasted vote for BN in lala land.

Unfortunatey, or fortunately come to think of it, I haven't transferred my vote from Gelang Patah, so this time I will be just a bystander.

When I suggested to Pakatan that they should all resign their seats periodically instead of just the one in Kajang to gain attention, I never expected that the Kajang Move was going to trigger the dissolution of the State Assembly and caused a mini-general election in Selangor.

I mean, that posting about ignoring the attention seeker was just a joke, who would have thought that some moron would actually started creating a political mess to trigger something similar.

So now I know what it's like living in a state run by "highly intelligent, classy and educated" urbanites.

Monday, 18 August 2014

So Be It, Selangorians

At 10 to 27 against, I think the Ulama faction within PAS has lost control of the party.

The next step is to wait for the decision of Tuanku Sultan when he comes back from his holiday.

Until then, we just have to endure more of the same posturing all around.

This is the reason why I never put much credence in PAS.

All that posturings and whatever, but in the end they toe the line drawn by their masters, for the sake of having a share of the RM3.2 billion in Selangor coffers.

This whole thing would have ended much earlier, before Tuanku left for his holiday if not for these blustering bastards.

What a complete waste of time la these windbags ...

As for those who think that Khalid Ibrahim is such a wonderful guy, think again.

He is not that much different from the hypocrites barking and nipping at his heels to get their hands on that RM3.2 billion Selangor cash reserves.

How can he be considered a good state administrator when the state has RM3.2 billion in cash savings or fixed deposits, and yet the state cannot provide Selangor residents with basic things such as uninterrupted availability of clean water, a healthy living environment, and decent roads.

Why was he hoarding that RM3.2 billion when it could have been better utilised by the local authorities to maintain roads, improve the garbage collection service, clean up the back alleys and open spaces to create a healthier and safer living space for the rakyat?

To what purpose was he saving all that cash for?

Obviously not for the rakyat.

When has it ever been said that a public administration with lots of cash reserves holed up somewhere gaining interest while the public services suffer is a sign of good management?

Why can't the state work with the federal government and neighboring states to resolve the water issue in a timely manner and without a drawn out political drama?

Is the state government truly free of corruption, cronyism and nepotism during his watch?

For me, Khalid Ibrahim is just as guilty as the rest of them of political grandstanding, so I don't see that he is that much better than Anwar's Wan Azizah or Azmin Ali.

This whole issue of replacing the MB is a non-issue really.

And if Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, Mat Sabu and the rest of the gang are that hard up for the RM3.2 billion, so be it - it isn't like we the rakyat will get any benefit from that cash reserve regardless of who is in charge in Shah Alam.

Things will get worse, I agree, but it isn't that much better under Khalid anyway.