Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Now it is confirmed that DS Wan Azizah will be standing against DP Chew Mei Fun in Kajang.

I am not invested in the Kajang by-election, simply because I think it is just the outcome of a man's machinations in trying to stay out of prison by creating a platform to garner public sympathy and spread his kind of street activism.

Strangely, there are quite a number of people out there who really believe that the Court's decision in overturning his acquittal was because BN/Umno was trying to stop him from taking over Putrajaya through Kajang.

I can't believe how idiotic some people are, but I guess there must be a reason God created these highly educated morons.

Come on, how would him winning in Kajang, in a state already controlled by a PKR MB and DAP evangelistas, would make BN fear that Pakatan's chances of capturing Putrajaya would be better?

Why would Najib and Umno be afraid of the supposed rise of a man they had already ejected from their party for "low morals" in Kajang and Selangor, when they are willing to put one of their own Generals against the DAP's very own Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah where the rural Malays were a mere 34%?

You cannot accuse Umno of being cowards in Gelang Patah, can you?  Suicidal, yes, but definitely not cowardly.

As it is, he is already the Advisor to the Selangor State Government, which means he already has influence over how the state is being run, unless he needed the authority of the State Government to enforce his "advice".

How can him being a state rep in Selangor change that equation?

As predicted, most of the foreign press spent the larger part of their coverage of the Court ruling on how Queenie supposedly led Pakatan to a strong showing in GE13 and implied that the Government had something to do with how the ruling turned out instead of the actual ruling.

I have said this before, idiots come in all guises.

Putting up his wife in his stead because he can no longer be a candidate for Kajang is just painting her as a weak and pathetic woman whose life is at the mercy of his whims and fancies.

With that kind of image, how can she possibly be compared favorably against someone like DP Chew who not only works hard on the ground but has proven that she is a woman of integrity and high principles?

What kind of person do you want to acknowledge as your leader?

The kind who can't even chart her own political direction and career within her own party of which she is the President, or someone who resigned all political posts because her principles dictate so.

If PKR think they can win the sympathy votes, then they are insulting the intelligence of the voters.

But then, maybe rightly so.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Prayers for MH370

I heard about it at dawn yesterday but couldn't get online until now.  Have been scouring the 'net for the latest information and the plane is still missing.

My prayers are for those on board the missing MH370, may they be in the safekeeping of the Almighty.  Insya Allah.

I sincerely hope that we get to know what happened to them soon and family and friends can be informed accordingly because I know how difficult it is just waiting, expecting the worse to have happened, all the while hoping that everything is just a bad dream that you will wake up from.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Keeping Updated

I haven't been exactly inspired to write as I am strangely bereft of opinions lately although I have been keeping up with current issues.

The following are issues which are at the top of my most recent "keep up-to-date with" list.

Water, water .. where art thou?

Water rationing throughout Selangor - what a bummer; I live in Klang Valley now and this matter is very, very important to me as I am not going to do without water every 2 days.

Now suddenly we are seeing MOUs being signed, when we are already at a stage where water distribution state-wide is being rationed.

Although the shortage is compounded by drought, this matter could have been addressed a lot earlier had our politicians not been so focused on the politics of GE13 that water becomes a pawn in their political games.

We are now suffering the consequences of our politicians habit of politicising everything.

Educating the Super Educated about the meaning of God in Bahasa Malaysia

The reason why this is still on my keep-up-to-date list is because for some strange reason, the proponents of the issue seems to be absolutely dense and intractable about the matter.

I am not particularly interested anymore about all the reasoning, the explanations, the justifications and what-nots - it has all been said before and unless one is particularly dense, any reasonable and thinking human being would have figured out an acceptable solution.

I, however, find it absolutely fascinating how people who claim to be super educated to be such super uneducated when it comes to the national language, Bahasa Malaysia, even though they claim to be of Bangsa Malaysia, and they seem to be okay with that.

I am, however, convinced, that the problem is simply a mistranslation of a single word - either unintentional or by design, I will not delve into that possibility - and the absolute refusal of people to accept that mistake, for whatever reason, find an acceptable solution and move on.

Reconciling the irreconcilable differences ...

Seriously, national reconciliation seems to mean different things to different people.  I think my views are in sync with that of Annie's and SatD's so I am not going into detail about that matter.

My question is, how can we even reconcile anything when the same phrase means different things to different people?

What is it about these people who are just unable to use simple language when addressing the public?

Not every rakyat is an English literary genius who goes to Oxford and read The Republican as a hobby.

Even those super educated libertarians or libertines, or whatchamacallit may not fully understand what was meant by the big "National Reconciliation Plan" that was being talked about all over the place as THE solution to all our woes (okay, so I may be exaggerating a bit here).

Maybe the first step in the big "National Reconciliation Plan" thingy is to actually agree on a set of Terms of Reference constructed in simple language that is understandable and acceptable to everyone - if you insist on using English, it is actually a rather straightforward and simple language.

Or maybe we should just stop the habit of using big words to impress people, or to cover our own lack of depth, when we don't really know what they actually mean to avoid future "mistranslation" problems.

Kajang and Queenie

Okay, this one is not strictly something that I intentionally wish to be up-dated on, but how can you possibly avoid this issue when Queenie and his merry men keep on creating issues just so that they can be in the news?

However, reading about them actually got me to some interesting stuff like this particular thing Yahoo! Singapore reported on.

You hear that, DS Najib?

In straight words, you have been urged to grow a spine and start using advisers who are not just of the "classy" types but ones endowed with some intellect.

Back to the topic of Kajang, although I still think BN should not get involved in an exercise that I can only term as a complete waste of public funds, I must say however, that DP Chew is just the right candidate to pit against Queenie in Kajang, just to show them what a total washout he is when compared to a real, down-to-earth, principled person.

What racism is really about ..

For those so called super educated Bangsa Malaysia who enjoy shouting at the top of their lungs about THEIR definition of what being persecuted is, they should go and read up about the Rohingyas, the ultimate definition of what it means to be a persecuted minority in this day and age - so close to home.

They have been persecuted for so long by all the different Myanmar (or Burmese) administrations regardless of civilian or military.

Their situation have gone under the radar of the international community who spent their precious commentaries on the persecution of Aung San Suu Kyi by the military government at the expense of the Rohingyas.

Once in mainstream politics again, she didn't do anything for them either.

I personally think that their plight are not getting enough attention from the so-called persecuted minorities in Malaysia.

That's the reason why these persecuted minorities have the leisure to whine about their being persecuted while having coffee at Old Town or whatever the current in trend spots they like to hangout at nowadays.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Ignoring the Attention-Seeker

I have concluded that the best way to handle a chronic attention seeker is to ignore him.

If I were the one making the decisions within BN, I would opt to just let PKR win unopposed in Kajang and don't even pay attention to PKR's attempt to divert attention from their own internal squabbles.

Why waste all that public money unnecessarily when we all know that the whole thing is just PKR's convoluted way of handling their internal bickering.

It is not like BN will be able to wrest Kajang from PKR, and that BN needs Kajang anyways as winning Kajang (however slim the chances are) will not change anything this soon after the GE13.

More importantly, not contesting Kajang means there is no reason for BN to go campaigning so that our ministers can focus on far more important things like moving ahead in these difficult times.

All that funds that would have gone to the Kajang campaign can be better utilised by the various Umno State War Rooms to prepare for the next GE.

Let that Queenie and his equally (if not more so) moronic followers get all excited campaigning against each other as I am fairly certain there would be a few Indies being nominated to show some competition should BN stay away from the circus.

From what I have seen, he likes talking about himself and his "achievements", so the Kajang by-election is the perfect excuse for him to go on a campaign trail, not so much to build momentum, but to create a reason for him to go out there to the public and tell his story.

He will also have all those reporters local and foreign to cover him as he goes around campaigning, a great excuse to keep him in the limelight locally as well as internationally, especially now that he doesn't look as haggard as  before and would look immensely better for the cameras than he was in the last GE.

There has been a dearth of stories about him in the international scene, and no matter how willing those foreigners are to heap superlatives on him in opposition-biased articles, they can't do much polishing if there aren't any new raw material to work with in the first place.

At least there must be some excuse for those so called foreign political analysts to write about him, and let's face it, he is a political has-been who can't even control his own party and pact members, hence Kajang is also a means for those foreigners to create more fantastical stories about their Malaysian Idol.

He must be immensely enjoying all the attention the dailies are giving him at the moment though, positive or otherwise.

BN staying away will take the bite out of his drama.

Then of course the need to create a frenzy among the mental midgets in preparation for the Sodomy II appeal, so Kajang also provides him with the perfect platform to spread his conspiracy stories and other innuendos against Najib and Umno.

Never mind that he was the most ultra-Malay leader during his days in Umno with his bahasa baku thingy (among other things) and the Abimisation of the government civil service, he knew that demonising the Malay organisation Umno and the largely Malay civil service is the only way to make the Malaysian Cina forget his own ultra-Malay stance during his days of power and give him their votes.

Even if they don't like him, they would just give him their votes to spite BN because as far as the Malaysian Cina is concerned, BN is Umno as they are too blind with hatred for Umno to have a balanced view of the roles of all the different parties within the Coalition to create the prosperity that we have enjoyed since 1970.

But there is no point trying to reason with the unreasonable - egotistical people who have boulders on their shoulders and super huge sense of self-importance simply cannot be reasoned with - thankfully they are just a large minority.

Maybe it is best that we stop giving them the attention that they crave - after all, it is not like they have anything new to whine about - and let the rest of us with lives to live do so in relative peace.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Drama Queen Supreme

Haish .. another by-election in Pakatan-friendly territory ...

I am convinced these PKR people have no conscience at all when it comes to playing out their drama and of course their Drama Queen Supreme have to be the star at all times.

Seriously, I am so very tired of this Queenie in particular .. a couple of weeks ago accusing Japan of kow-towing to Malaysian dictates to bar him from entering that country, now someone who was elected by the rakyat to represent them in Kajang resigned to make way for him, next there's going to be a totally unnecessary by-election.

Obviously these people have no respect for the election process, no respect for the Election Commission (that's a given), no respect for their pact partners, and definitely no respect for the rakyat who chose one of them in the last GE to represent them in State Assembly.

What?  You think election is just a game, and that we are all kids in secondary school suka-suka choosing a new class councillor to represent us at the School Council or something ke?

You think all these are just main-main ke?  Ikut suka hati dia je resign ...

Sadly, I am convinced the people of Kajang will choose PKR over BN again, just as the people of Permatang Pauh chose Drama Queen Supreme over BN not so long ago, again in a drama very similar to this one - that time his wife resigning to give way for him.

It is obvious that he is doing this not only to keep himself in the limelight, but also to create a continuous and never ending drama, a Malaysian Sinetron or a Malaysian Soap Opera, that will become his platform to maintain the anti-government momentum until the next GE.

Mr Queenie, I have a request, can or not?  Can we have a new scriptwriter?  This extended drama is becoming too repetitive and predictable that maybe a new writer would be able to make it work until the next GE.

As it is, I am finding it difficult to be inspired to write about your performance, let alone that of your supporting actors.  Too comical, it isn't even funny anymore.

I mean, if you want us to be interested enough to write about your antics, you should at least be entertaining - and I don't mean a comical kind of entertaining like that thing you did accusing the Japanese of denying you entry to their country at the behest of the Malaysian Government.

That was just too embarrassing for Malaysians - to have an Opposition Leader with so little grey matter.

It makes those who chose you as their Leader seems even more moronic and the rest of us implicated as well for allowing a person without sufficient cerebral activity to be so popular.

Anyways, you should know by now that a single by-election isn't dramatic enough - it's what we Malays call "biasa-biasa saja" - you should stage a nationwide multiple by-elections by inducing all the PKR assemblymen to resign en masse every six months.

That would almost be like a General Election - just make sure that you have enough PKR members to be candidates for the bi-annual mass resignations until the next GE.

Who knows, maybe more of those disappointed BN rejects who lost their bids to become candidates under BN would climb all over each other to join PKR instead of DAP as that would be their only chance to become assemblymen.

Now that would be a mega comedy indeed.  Just imagining it is making me laugh .. hahaha ..

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Still on Kangkung?

When the new year started, my resolution was to start writing regularly again.

I was determined to write about meaningful and thoughtful matters.  Matters that would add value to anyone who cared to read my little notes about how I view things, about my perspectives.

So I began reading voraciously again, trying to be inspired by current issues and by what other people had to say about things that is happening in this country, this world.

However, I find it rather difficult to be inspired, as other than the usual stuff that this blog has already covered (and I happen to agree with Ai's opinions on most things she wrote here - other than the personal stuff, I mean) I find most of the things trending currently either distasteful or beyond my range of comprehension and I would rather not opine on something I lack understanding of.

I mean, the whole point of writing things down here is so that I can avoid repeating myself, although sometimes I do it anyway, but what is done is done.

There is no lacking of complaints, of wanting everything cheap, everything free and delusions that the government is rich enough to subsidise your living from womb to grave.

I think the whole BR1M (KR1M, TR1M, PR1M, and whatever 1M freebies) idea was stupid from the very beginning as not only was it a gross misuse of public funds, it also perpetuates the "gimme, gimme, gimme more" attitude of the mental midgets, but my opinion wasn't asked so I won't waste time on it.

Then the Allah issue, to me it is just an excuse to provoke a reaction from the majority Malays, as it is really kind of weird why they insisted on a mistranslation of a word used in a language which their priests hardly use in their everyday lives that they don't even know that God translates to Tuhan in Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Malaysia.

Two things I hate most is repeating myself and spouting something I have no understanding of, so I am laying off the details of the "Allah" arguments.  And talking about something that you lack understanding of is just stupid, while repeating something that someone else said without verifying its validity or understanding its context is plain moronic.

I doubt that they will lay off the subject, however, and these mental midgets will continue to provoke the majority with their biadap behaviour - demanding the majority to be mindful of their sensitivities while they have no obligation to reciprocate, in fact they are blatantly trampling all over the sensitivities of the majority Malay Muslims, provoking their reaction.

Furthermore, nowadays it is just about kangkung.  Since we get our kangkung from the backyard, along with the various other pucuk ubi, keledek, bayam and labu that my sister has in her vegetable patch, the highs and lows of kangkung prices mean very little to us.

Now, if you want to inspire me about vegetables, talk about bell peppers, or zucchini, or maybe artichokes - those are veggies we can't grow in our backyard.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

So Yesterday ...

Had breakfast with a friend this morning and he talked about the new year's eve shenanigans by the mostly Melayu crowd wanting to topple the government through street protests.

We kinda agreed that these are simply immature individuals who have had it too easy in life and have nothing more productive to do than acting up and creating trouble to attract attention.

Childish is the mildest term that can be applied to these crapheads.

Thank goodness the majority of the people simply ignore and avoid them - truly, street demonstrations are so yesterday ... [yawn].

I really can't be bothered to even find out why they are protesting - as far as I am concerned, they are just making up excuses to go to the streets, officially protesting but unofficially partying, and whatever they are protesting aren't real anyways.

I am more interested in calculating the cost of managing street safety in facing these public nuisances.

It must have cost our security forces quite a bit just for that night alone - overtime and claims allowances for all the police officers, logistics, etc - and when you add up all the costs of maintaining safety during the days leading up to the protest, that would amount to quite a bit.

I would also add up the opportunity loss of businesses that have to close early or the street vendors who may have decided to stay off the streets for security reasons in light of the violence in previous gatherings of the mental midgets.

Then of course the cost of cleaning up after them once they left the scene, as these litterbugs have previously demonstrated how little they care about community well-being.

We should also include the medical bills of personnel affected in any resulting violence, and any repair works and restoration costs of public property caused by these vandals.

Seriously, I think the city and the police should present the organisers with the bills and sue them in court if they refuse to pay.

To make things easy, the organisers should include the government's cost of maintaining order and cleaning up after them in the event organising budget and these should be met with approval from the relevant authorities before they are given the go ahead.

Then they can have these street protests/parties regularly without incurring cost to the taxpayers, maybe they can even make it a regular quarterly event, with all the excuses for the protests planned ahead of time, and be noted in the annual Visit Malaysia calendar.

You might never know, it may become a tourist attraction, especially to those agitators from North African and Middle-Eastern countries who may want to learn how to have street protests with minimal impact, deaths and mayhem.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Musings: Of the Future that I See

I finally managed to get some quiet time with the boys away on a trip with Mummy and Daddy.

Actually there was no reason whatsoever for this particular post, other than to remind myself that I do have an outlet for my thoughts, albeit a rather public one, since I have entirely missed all the possible sensational stuff which I have not found interesting enough to waste any cerebral activity on.

That's the problem about our political scenario - nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

The toll hike, the recent price increases of daily goods, the implementation of GST - all are the expected things that come with our drive towards becoming a high income nation.

What I have been spending some cerebral activities on is pondering on the possible scenario of the future of Malaysia and Malaysians based on what is happening right now.

What I am seeing right now is the possibility of the government continuing to increase their focus on the development of pockets of 'high-income' areas and Malaysia will gradually move to become a more open capitalistic free-market nation, removing the more socialist-related trappings of the previous administrations such as subsidies and government assistance.

These pockets of development areas will be centred around what they term as growth areas, namely the Iskandar Region, the Klang Valley and Pulau Pinang.

Select urban and semi-urban areas in the outlying region will be developed to become feeders for resources and materials, while the rural areas will be provided with minimal development to quiet any possible grumbling as they hold the key to political stability.

The privileged and disgruntled urbanites will continue to be rewarded with better facilities, improved infrastructure, more access to all the trappings of good living, while the number of urban poor will increase to serve the high living that mark the life of urban elites.

True to a free-market capitalistic society, capital is what will make the difference between making it or slogging your years away for a decent living.

Connections and networking has always been the key to business success, but this will be far more important in the future that I see, with talent and abilities being far more dependent upon who you know and how much financial backing you can garner, as all the government's support mechanism will gradually be removed in the name of meritocracy.

Meritocracy will also mean academic scholarships will no longer go to those who can't afford the high cost of education, but will become a reward for academic excellence, meaning parents will spend an enormous amount of resources on private tuitions, private schools, lessons aids to ensure their kids can win a scholarship to a prestigious college to kick-start their future.

Those who can't afford or do not have access to these extras, will have to be content with their children taking up PTPTN loans to pay off tuition fees for the less expensive programmes - which will earn their kids a diploma - or even working immediately after school to expand the household income.

The gap between the haves and the have-nots will increase and we will eventually have a society of a small group of elites, while the presently large middle-class will eventually be squeezed with rising costs of living to merge into the growing working class.

I guess my nephews are lucky that their dad could give them all these little extras that will ensure them a decent future if they apply themselves hard enough, but to the less fortunate children of some of the rural places I have been to, the future seems rather dim.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong, for I cannot imagine wanting to live within that future environment.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Of Transmittable Diseases

I have been down with flu' so BigCat has been severely neglected just as I was thinking of writing regularly again.

I took the boys to Kidzania KL last Monday for a bit of R&R and must have caught something along the way.

This is the first time in days that I feel better, just in time to catch up with a friend who has been covering the just concluded Muktamar PAS.

I guess the inability to come up with a good excuse for discrepancies in voting results is a transmittable disease.

But I think what is worse is the PAS President's dismissal of these unexplained discrepancies as "perkara kecil".

It's like saying that the 86 delegates' show of choice (representing how many thousands of your own party members) is small matter to him.

Dato', it is better to say you don't know and will find out what really happened than make such an arrogant comment, you know.

If you are that dismissive of your own party members, I am beginning to wonder how much more dismissive will you be of the general public, especially those people who are not even your party supporters who are still the rakyat that you are obliged to serve if you become their representative in the House.

And if the party president is like that, people will start wondering about the character of the people who chose you to lead them.

The fact that PAS delegates chose that Mat Sabu fella as their second in command is reason enough to give me doubts about the intelligence of a group of people who claim that their party consists of clever, educated, classy and righteous thinking Muslims.

I have heard that fella speak in public a few times.  To this day, I can't understand why people like him so much as a politician because I couldn't find anything he said worth thinking or discoursing about, nothing about logical governing policies, nothing about initiatives to address societal imbalances, nothing other than political rhetorics and crowd agitations.

I was told he was an interesting and funny speaker, and yet I found him disappointingly empty.

Today I was told that he is the second most powerful man within PAS political leadership.

Majlis Syura Ulama PAS, you say?  Come on la ... with the results of the ballots, do you really think the opinion and decrees of the Ulama within PAS matters to the delegates who represent PAS members in the country?

Oh by the way, the boys thought Kidzania was fun.  Al chose to be an aircraft pilot, a firefighter, a dentist and a secret agent (in that order) while Deen chose to be a firefighter, an aircraft pilot, a dentist and a secret agent.

Both wanted to go again, but I told them I am all broke so they have to wait until their daddy has the time to take them.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Of Being a Laze-about

I finally went and got myself "micro-simmed" to go with my brand new (almost) iPhone 5S, a gift from my sister, who has been handing fancy smart phones left, right and center lately.

Mwahaha .. I knew I was going to get one of these fancy schmancy piece of tech for free ...

So, for the first time in my life, I got myself a piece of tech which I refuse to call a phone because 90% of the time I am using it for things other than communicating with someone else at the other end of the line.

I even trashed some youngster somewhere in the epic slugterra slug it out multiplayer game three minutes after downloading it on my brand new (almost) 5S.

My nephews think that was too cool.  We cheered my winning together.

My sister, on the other hand, thinks it's sad that a grown woman would actually waste precious minutes in a game meant for preschoolers, but hey, it is just a bit of slug-slinging entertainment that the child in me simply can't resist.

She thinks if I were to just get out of the house and get a regular job, no matter how much the pay is, I'd be able to break the bad habit of being a laze-about.

She may have a point, as all these fun and games are what have been keeping me occupied and out of touch with the political scene.

I mean, what more can you write about the present political situation in this country anyway?

Everyone and everything is just too predictable, and there is really nothing new to perk my interest that I get more pleasure out of creating game content than browsing for current affairs news.

Seriously, if not for my rather boring and dull online persona, and a boring and dull lifestyle, I would consider transforming BigCat blogspot into a lifestyle blog as I would have more to write about.

Trying to keep up with the so-po label and being all serious and intellectually acceptable is taking its toll on my senses.

Even the Sg Limau by-election failed to register a tremor on my "interesting stuff" gauge.

As for (formerly Dato) Hamsan Saringat, way to go, sir, I have always thought that you are an interesting and upright person, so hang in there and stick to your principles.  What is more important is that you continue to maintain your integrity and upkeep your responsibilities to the public.

As for Sees, don't worry ... rezeki dari Allah.  We know that what you've got, you earned it the hard way.  Hang in there, may the righteous be the eventual winners, insya Allah.