Tuesday 6 December 2011

Lagu Cina

My no good bosses had given me lots of work these past few days. Got no time to post anything too lengthy.
So, today I am just posting this Chinese song in case anyone of you want to learn it. You don't want, don't bother to check this video, ok.


  1. wow syiok lah lagu ni. but i still prefer Lady Gaga lookalikes

  2. Bigcat,

    My latest post was in response to Rocky Bru disclosing the police report on your article. What is amazing is that there gazillion slanderous articles in the oppositon front against Govt and their agencies yet these GLCs take objection and take action against bloggers who have the very best of intentions. This action shows that there is something to hide. We bloggers do the utmost to restrain out of respect but these ignoramuses would not give the same. Immature, shit for brains bunch of slimeballs. If you see the need to spill the beans, by all means, I for one will take it from there and will have no compunction to weed out these leeches.

  3. Thanks Freddie. Much appreciated. To the Anons, glad u all enjoy the song.