Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mental Deficiency of the Political Kind

I guess the recent events surrounding politicians' reactions to the killing of 5 organised crime careerists by police is further evidence of the kind of  lawmakers we have managed to elect as our representatives and the kind of people deemed suitable by our Prime Minister to be appointed as Deputy Ministers.

I have concluded from their statements that they are of the opinion that it is perfectly reasonable for these lowlifes to carry guns and shoot dead people on the streets as they are criminals, but heaven forbids should they be shot at by the police.

It is also a reflection of their complete disregard of their responsibility to safeguard public safety in their political pursuit for what they deem as the rights of the minority (in this case the criminals) regardless of how their actions infringe on the rights of the majority (the public).

And when the actions of these individuals harm the public, the law enforcers are conveniently blamed as not doing their job.

We have managed to put our police force in a Catch 22 situation, where criminals and their families are encouraged to take the government and authorities to task when their very own actions or inaction precipitated a series of events that led to deaths in the family.

How can we, as part of the public, even consider electing people who blame police of atrocities when dealing with armed criminals who terrorise the public as our representatives and lawmakers?

When our policemen died in Lahad Datu, some called it a drama.

When people are gunned down on the streets, the police are accused of sitting on their collective butts.

But when criminals died, they call it police atrocities.

Would these people rather see dead cops than dead criminals?

Apparently the motto "Live by the gun; Die by the gun" no longer applies to criminals.

Nowadays it seems to be "Live by the gun; anything happens xxxxx the police".

It is easy to be a bleeding heart when you have never been subjected to the intimidation and violence of armed criminals, but I expected YBs to at least have a balanced perspective when addressing matters related to public safety and crime reduction.

I certainly am not expecting such shallow opinions from politicians whose responsibilities are to serve the public, but not only are they not rebuking those who glorified their "fallen heroes", they are instead encouraging and assisting the families of these "fallen heroes" to seek "justice" in the courts against what some of them have termed as our police being "overzealous".

Apparently the police have nothing better to do than wait out meekly for criminals to come out of their hiding places of their own accord and that our police should never ever consider using their guns when faced with armed criminals.

Seems that to these politicos, the lives of these criminals are far more valuable than that of our policemen.

Clearly some of our politicos have lost their sense of balance and perspective.

YBs, this is not about BN vs. Pakatan or Government vs. NGOs, not even about your own ethnic groups.  It is about  reducing crimes.  It is not about politics.  It is about safeguarding public safety.


  1. .. I think it just showed that some people owes their political positions to the gangsters. Either the gangsters are supporting them or they themselves are gangsters. We the public should mark these people so that when they talk bad about our men in blue, we know that they talk with malicious intent and not to take them seriously. Next GE14, we should vote them OUT! The majority (public) voted for them but they support the minority (criminals). What a traitor.

    . good work PDRM! If you can kill all these armed robbers, murderers and gangsters the better. The loud minority may complain but the silent majority supports you.

  2. Good One BC. it show how their mind work.

    :( sarah


  4. ThinkaboutMigrants!23 August 2013 at 02:23

    The gangsters are drug dealers, prostitutions robberies etc.
    They are by definition lawless. So we cannot be berlembut with them especially they dont seem interested in being part of a civilised country.
    These are the lowest caste of Indians that were brought into the country by the British.
    UMNO leadership are clueless when it comes to do with migrant Indians hoping they would miraculsously be educated and civilised.

    Yes they become lawyers like Pathmanathan but he burned a Malay business woman Sosilawati alive along with 3 other Malay professional.

    These are hallmarks of uncivilised greeds.

    To accumulate wealth withing the boundary of the lawss is not an easy thing to do.

    You have to be corrupt to accumulate billions from the banking system.

    A malay / UmNO think tank must be form how to deal with Chinese and Indian migrants. Just simple sloganeering wont do.

    Najib is out of touch with the chinese and indians. Everything he said is ridiculed by the Chinese and Indians. But he smiled on thinking he is a marvelous leader.

  5. Masalah Opposition parties kat Malaysia, they really take the word Oppo at face value....

    Apa saja pihak kerajaan buat mesti OPPOSE!

    Idiot Lawyers are 'Burung Nazak" they circle around dead bodies!

  6. What about the India situation? A Human Rights Watch report