Sunday 5 May 2013

Exercise Our Rights, Avoid Violence

It is now well past midnight and all campaigning should have stopped now.  People should be on their home right now to have a good night sleep as we all need to be up fresh and early tomorrow morning to cast our votes.

I wrote about my fears in Musings: Terror On The Streets of the link between aggression and violence during the period of campaigning for this GE13 with talk of flag-related Malaysian Spring campaign.  Apparently my fears are shared by many others including the police.  I am watching Nightline on TV3 right now and I am glad that police is taking steps to ensure that the much talked about Malaysian Spring will not happen after tomorrow.

I was helping out at a Bilik Gerakan today and was told that the campaigning this time around is uglier and more aggressive.  The pakcik I talked to said that there is a heightened intensity about it this time around, and  he shook his head at the aggression and violence that he heard from other parts of the country.  He hoped that all that talk about Pakatan-organised demonstrations is just that, talk, because he recalled that May 13 began on the streets too.  So was the Bersih violence.  

I sincerely hope everyone heeds what the SPR and PDRM are telling us, to exercise our rights in choosing our representatives peacefully while at the same time avoid any form of aggressive and violent acts.  When large groups of people gather in emotionally charged atmosphere, it is easy for things to get out of control when emotions reign supreme.  

To be safe, stay off the streets and it is best to go home immediately after casting your votes or to private places full of friends where there is little likelihood of encountering people of differing political affiliation.

To all registered voters "Selamat mengundi untuk keamanan dan kesejahteraan yang berpanjangan".


  1. anyone who works at the polling station, can anyone verify? DAP Pulau Pinang claims that SPR will accept votes that are without stamps/ chop. Is this true?

    1. they still win big. bnayk songeh evangelist ni