Sunday, 17 June 2012

Piggy excuse (UPDATED)


For dinner we went out to have some congee at a quite nice Chinese restaurant. He said it's ok, no pork there. So, he ordered la. One side dish looked quite delicious. What is it? He said "Oh, that one very nice, frog legs fried with chili. Err, don't tell me you can't eat frog legs..." Siow la!!!

Well, I'm not a religious expert but I know as a Muslim I can't eat pork, and meat of dog, predatory animals, those which are poisonous, amphibians....errr, maybe all ugly looking mamals.

I can eat everything with gills except those which are poisonous.

I can eat grasshoppers.

I'm not sure if I can eat panda...or elephant.


Another Sunday...I'm always lazy on Sunday. Feel like sleeping off the whole day. But, got to see him today. He said he wants to cook lunch for me. So romantic and all, but looks like I have to bring over my pots and pans to his place. I suspect he still cooks pork in his kitchen. So don't want to use his stuff. I don't think I will ever get used to his pork eating and hope he quit one day. His excuse has always been that "I'm Chinese la...must eat pork leh."

Whatever lah...but really, he never even seen a live pig, let alone been to a smelly pig farm. Looking at the animal, I don't know how anyone could eat it.

See, how can we eat an animal which looks like a lawyer ? Don't be angry arrr...really, just look at the face of the pig. Doesn't it reminds you of one particular lawyer?

Hmmm...btw, BN seems to be on the offensive of late. A lot of statements about Anwar's wheelings n dealings. Anwar's defence remains the same - Muhyiddin asked about my Rm3 billion? Tell him to declare his assets instead. These are all Umno's conspiracy!!!!

Real babi la that sorts of excuse. You explain first la about the Rm3billion, before accussing others of corruption.

Real to become PM like that? You tell me lar.


  1. No one is forcing you to eat pork. Get it out of your small, small BN infested mind.

  2. Top students at public universities mainly Chinese;
    Top students in private universities mainly Chinese;
    Top businessmen and successful businessmen Chinese;
    Most BSKL companies Managing Directors Chinese;
    Successful and well to do community Chinese;
    And guess what. . . . . . . . . .
    It can be safely said they all eat pork.
    Maybe bijaknya orang Cina tak payar share makanan khasiat ini with other communities.

    1. perdana Menteri Malaysia Jawatan paling berkuasa di Malaysia all are Malay. All race is the same all have smart and stupid fella Allah made all human Equal. Nabi Muhamad first teaching All human are equals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can Tian Chua, Saifudin, KHalid Ibrahim , Azmin Ali, Fuziah Salleh, Zuraidah and Mansor stand on their own without Anwar by their side?

    I doubt.

    These people need Anwar really bad to survive.

  4. Why la u go and eat frog. With me i will take you to eat the non assuming nasi lemak sambal ikan bilis.. Leave him and come with me. We run and run, and roam for free

  5. Top everything maybe Chingkie due to:

    a. their superior wealth/income that can be leveraged upon to get what they want

    b. the net result of being the British favourite pig and lapdogs and by default, pillaging this country dry to attain (a) and then acting hardworking with old wives tales and country bumpkin myths of "the arriving here with only rags to cover their genitals and working hard towards those riches variety"...hahahahahaha

    c. harnessing the pig mentality to cheat, lie and steal their way to the top of everything (see news-link at the end)

    b. being ingrained with kiasuism which is the alter-ego of the pig.

    So infatuated are these vermins with the pig that they failed to reckon the deletrious impact it had on their DNAs, so much so they have to resort to psychedelia to repair the damage:

    Coming from one their own, need anyone quibble anymore.

    And by the way, who says they are tops at anything at all, throw them into any western meritocracy and they are just middling scums. Care to name me any really top Chingk companies in the world, I mean in the same league as Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony or even Toyota (oh yes, the last three don't count cos they are Korean or Japanese who are ain't Chingk). Pathetic 5k civilization cannot even invent something of note in modern times nor produce something original off its own sweat and brow:

    Warrior 231

    1. Balek tidor - Uncle sam owes Cinapek in Cina - Trillion US Dollars. Uncle Sam is bankrupt. Millions of Yankees are living in tents and they cannot see doc because they have no money to pay docs. 8% yankees are w/o kerja.

    2. After Mao die, in 1970, it takes less than 40 years to lent Trillion US Dollars to Uncle Sam. What about Malaysia? In 1950's South Korea has been fighting North Korea. You said S. Korea is very capable? What about Malaysia then as compare to S. Korea? Still producing potong saga cars and belacan computers? We know the word gostan only and not majulah Sinkapura.

    3. How much did Uncle Sam gave to IMF to firewall EC finanacial troubles? Air Kosong. Jap gave US60bn and Cina US43bn as Jap has been a developing since 1945 and Cina after the death of Mao in 1970. Malaysia - still think ringgit is BULLOCK CART and sakit gigi atau Perut. Can Malaysia give US43million to IMF? Bullock cart duit only

    4. I pity you warrior not being angry with you. Your racist rhetorics suck and do you know your MALAY SUPREMACISTS GOT TO KOW-TOW TO CHINA TODAY, HAT IN HAND BEGGING FOR BUSINESS?

  6. Is it true that all the countries that are successful and will be successful in the world are mainly pork eaters ? China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore......OK, Kuching Besar, we will never force you (or trick you) to eat pork. Just learn to use chopsticks. Boleh ?


  7. BTW, the animal you posted looks like so many cabinet ministers. Don't really want to name names lah, but they all got fat from "negotiated" deals.


  8. Jews dont eat pig most of the time and they are the smartest out there too :)
    Maybe its as simple as - the Chinese have a different approach towards Education and hard work. Not obsessed with the promises of a better hereafter. ( hehe..the promise of abundance of free pussies sure beats everything else). Besides having to compete with a billion others among themselves. Their rat race against abject poverty and hardship began a long , long time ago.

  9. hey bro not good article. am not chinese am malay but i respect those who can eat pig.

    Say who makan pig boleh pandai.....silap haribulan mati lagi adalah.anyway who can eat pig go ahead and for those who dont tak payah discuss la. nak pandai macam macam pun boleh vegetarian pun boleh pandai. Just look those indian nostly vegetarian. Nowdays they are the one in the top ten in school even Math they score no more chinese student mah. pandai nothing to do with races mah or meant for those makan babi. This all bullshit. Once a chinese teacher said that , but we just give a laugh and ignired and we still one of those top ten mah ok la still enter college based on our excellent result bukan cekai punya and wuih our credit in English not just passed and we eat raisins ha,ha,ha sweet raisin, in bulk

    BIGCAT you no non chinese friends ah or you give up on other race like your own. ha,ha,ha pulling your where you dont have to bring your own pots

    1. ahhh... the low self esteem Melayu fascination with the Apeks...they run, sit, fetch and swallow whole tak -layan -phone call idol worshipping act is amazing!! Our wealthy keparats especially have a knack for the piggy gedik look. Call it what you want but pretty it ain't....LOL

  10. You cannot eat frog because it is dwi alam. What about ketam ? Boleh kah?

  11. frogs, escargot, eels, snakes......yikes, slimy slugs.You are what you eat no? Many other good food,not missing them.

  12. Like grdma use to say ..* tak ada benda lain ke nak makan*...

  13. You are what you eat.

    No wonder those who eat pork behave like pigs too!!!

    BIGCat, can you explain to those pork-eaters the many reasons why Moslems are not allowed to eat pork?