Sunday 16 December 2012

Melayu jokers of DAP (updated)

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng had just announced the appointment of Ariffin SM Omar and Zairil Khair Johari into the CEC.

Well, something like token Malays la.

The two guys must had been born with some rhinoceros genes to have such thick skin to accept the appointments.

They are what we Malays called - Melayu tak tau malu.

EErrr....that Zairil is a Malay or not? Some people said he is not.....don't know lah....

You all can read the main results of the DAP central executive committee (CEC) election in the newspapers. It's the same old same old father and son dominating the party.

What I want to briefly highlight here is the fate of the eight Malays who contested to be leaders in that self-proclaimed multi racial party.

First, bear in mind that the last placed elected CEC member at number 20 of the 68 contestants is one of the Perak infamous cousins, Ngeh Koo Ham with 824 votes.

The following are the Malay DAP members who tried their luck, their placing in the contest and number of votes.

At number 37 - Ariffin SM Omar                  - 348 votes
At number 38 - Ahmad Ton                        - 347 votes
At number 40 - Zairil Khair Johari                 - 305 votes
At number 43 - Zulkifli Mohd Noor                - 216 votes
At number 53 - Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji - 121 votes
At number 58 - Solaiman OP Syed Ibrahim      - 93 votes
At number 62 - Roseli Abdul Ghani                 - 39 votes
At number 63 - Harun Ahmad                        - 28 votes

Note : Candidates 64 to 68 pulled out of the race at the final hour, making Harun the last placed candidate among those contested.

Ok, now you have seen the writings on the wall. I'm not going to waste my energy explaining what it tells us about the Malays in DAP. You draw your own conclusion lah about those jokers.

Also please note that only three non-Chinese were among the 20 elected CEC members. They are Karpal and son Gobind, as well as M. Kula.


  1. WooHooooo....this is sooooo unexpected! LOL

  2. MsBC
    Well their democratic mantra of Malaysian Malaysia clearly being shown here, albeit Chinese only Malaysian Malaysia.
    But fear not for the Melayu DAPs for they will be parachuted into the CEC.
    Ibrahim Ali was right telling off the Gerakan because only the Malay votes could help them win. The same goes to MCA and MIC but at least they are less bitchy about the Malays
    Dap can safely secure 80% of the Chinese votes in the coming GE 13 .
    So back to the status quo, where all urban seats in the major cities and towns will be held by Chinese DAPs reps. These are the places where the Govt have to pour in trillions to improve or make new infrastructures and other world class amenities.
    The other Malay dominated seats will be blessed by new jalan kampung, paip air, tiang letrik, projek untuk orang miskin etc etc. Don't ever dream of having an MRT from Rengit to Pontian!

  3. waaa... don care win or loose... soon these 8 fellas sure become millionaire one la, ketayap all melayang!!!

  4. One thing i know for sure is that DAP is worse than others party and cakap tak serupa bikin.LKS still maintain as leader eventhough other party has already changed leadership(true democratic) and having his family in for the ride as well.That's the real shame on you DAPs!!! Muka tak malu betul la. Sama mcm Singapore jugak le.

    1. Mamakthir is the chief spokesman for dumno. Who says he has retired ? He's promoting his son. Dumno already changed leadership ? It's president doesn't even have the balls to deal with mamakthir's meddling. All Najib could say was "mamakthir is watching me". WTF. ...

    2. Half brain beats empty dumno brain.

  5. Although DAP has many talented candidates for CEC positions, your comments are fair and damning, BC. Regardless of the inclusive words of the top leadership, if the DAP cannot develop leaders from across society, it will always be (rightly) tarred with the same brush that is applied to the BN parties. DAP should seriously look at this problem and establish ways to deal with it both in the short and long term. There is no sense in saying that their policies don't appeal to Malays and that they can't attract talent from 60+% of the population.

  6. How many mamaks got elected in Umno ? The likes of mamakthir's children, shahreezat, etc ? These mamaks have become kings of the Malays and you keep quiet ? Siapa yang tak malu ?

  7. Seperti Ibrahim katak cakap, melayu mana boleh bersaing ? Melayu mesti Ada tongkat seumur hidup. Pegi jual goreng pisang lah, anon 20:19.

    1. what's an argument 3:19,

      Are we looking at kid's arguing whose father are more macho hear ,does DAP supporter always argue like this.

  8. So DAP also practising affirmative action when they feel like it. So much for meritocracy n democracy.

  9. anon 3:19 __ tongkat or no tongkat why you worry? you think you are so big in this country? so big your tax? your grandfathers came here looking for work and you want to talk big? who gave you citizenship? and now you want the malays to go sell goreng pisang? dont start any problem. next 13 may you are finish for good. no more chances. you ask the malays to sell goreng pisang. the malays will tell you to go back to where your grandfathers came from.

    1. Wow, gua banyak takut wor....gua sekarang mau balik Kerala. ....melayu sutak bangun. ...mau cari pasal. ....

  10. Hahaaaaa... LGE is a clear case the baby with the tongkat.Without daddy this fellow sure kena makan punye..Shame on you!!! It is not Mahathir's fault if he got balls to resign from all his post and power and still until now people look up to him...hahahaha,can LKS do it,No!we don't know because he is still there among the no balls..hahahahaha.