Thursday 2 July 2015

Towards total collapse

The attack is now moving on to Mara, the first vehicle that enable Bumiputra economic and social empowerment, now that they have fully established public distrust against the present administration under PM Najib.

Previously their attacks have mostly been against those associated with PM Najib, but now they are moving towards creating greater public distrust and disgust at everything that was built by the BN government and the Bumiputra agenda.

Politically speaking, the Peninsular Malays as a whole have completely lost their collective political power, it is the Sabah and Sarawak Bumiputra that continue to determine whether the Bumiputra will continue to hold on to govern the country.

All three states that contributed the most to the present Bumiputra-controlled federal government - Johor, Sabah and Sarawak - are under intense pressure, politically speaking, with certain powers in Johor pushing for secession and Sarawak demanding more autonomy, while Sabah has both Manila and the secessionists in their landscape.

What amazes me is how easily people are being manipulated to further weaken our own socio-political situation.

It is very disheartening to see my people being manipulated to a point where we have lost sight of the big picture, being blinded by overwhelming ego, insatiable greed and flawed judgement.

For me, it is pretty interesting to watch how we have managed to get to this point where an entire ethnic group has been fractured into little bits - ensuring that they will eventually lose their majority power in a western-style democratic election system to determine the next administration.

First they attack the man at helm, making sure that he is seen as weak and incompetent.

Then they attack his initiatives to further undermine him, his administration and everything associated with him.

Once that distrust and disgust has been firmly established, the connection between him, his ethnicity and the establishment means the present administration is continuously on defensive mode as they make their attack from one establishment to another.

Now every issue raised against the establishment is immediately perceived by the public as true and the demands are made for explanations, even though hardly anyone actually believed the explanations given.

Our country is breaking apart, and yet there is nowhere I want to be as I believe that what is happening here is also happening elsewhere.

It is a time where chaos will rule.

Just a note to those who practice "The End Justifies The Means", the Almighty determines "The End", we should think how we will be judged by "The Means" that we employ to achieve "The End" that we wanted.


  1. It will end if your PM resigned, and change it with someone else.
    Siapa suruh tangguh pemilihan ?
    Siapa suruh menyorok macam pengecut masa Nothing2HIde ?
    Orang bodoh sahaja yang menyokong orang bodoh.

    Selagi Najib jadi PM, selagi itulah Melayu rugi banyak.
    Melainkan blogger - blogger yang dibayar,

    Kalau nak Melayu bersatu, suruhlah Najib letak jawatan,
    Berkerat rotan, berpatah arang.

    1. Kalau nak Melayu bersatu, Najib kena letak jawatan?

      Ya ke?

      Masa Badawi pun mereka kata tu. "Untuk Melayu bersatu, Pak Lah kena resain"


    2. Habis Najib kata dia tangguh pemilihan sebab nak Melayu bersatu...KONON!

      Bersatu menyokong lanun Bugis???

  2. i disagree. Najib is incompetent. besides the socio-political problem we are having, again due to such incompetent leader, we also need to worry about the weakening ringgit and if we gonna end up like greece.

    i sounded like the PR people but I am not. I just want najib and his guys to be removed so tht things will be back to normal.

    I am not attacking him, I am seriously concern about the ever worsening condition of our economy here in Malaysia where the poor gets poorer and the rich get richer. all these money embezzlement need to stop right now. and najib has to answer for what he is responsible for instead of hiding behind biased report from pac and auditor general.

    1. Agree. That is the problem with Najib's spin machine. Who are they spinning things for? PR people tu tak payah cakap la, opposition. Ni, kita yang sokong BN pun nak di spin kan.

      UMNO leadership, please step down.


  3. Why create a room in the first place , should we blame the critic or we blame the wrongdoers .

  4. dah takleh nak sokong dah si boogis tu, ganti jer ngan org lain.



  5. Don't be so dramatic. Common people are reasonable. But this is just too much.

    First thing first, Najib please step down. Criminality yet to be determined.

    Incompetence, yeah, beyond doubt.

  6. Don't always use the word 'spin' on anything and everything that is being said about the current government. Do not also resort to justifying the wrongs by categorizing the critics and comments as a racially-inclined effort. For an example, the issue is simply the overpayment/inflated price (or whatever you may wanna call it) that was purportedly paid by MARA to purchase the properties. Why not focus in establishing what was done by the those in power in MARA, compare that with the regulations that governs the administration of MARA and ascertain if indeed the prices paid for those properties are totally valid and justified? Why must the concerns raised on the practice of the purchases be deemed as an effort by the opposition/critics as an effort to undermine the Bumiputra agenda? This is indeed sickening. Perhaps it would do some of us good if the 'people-who-think-the-government-knows-best' realize that behind the words and actions of those who raise doubts and concerns on the many things that is ailing us is purely an attempt to right-the-wrongs which of course would be beneficial for every Malaysian. We are paying taxes in many forms and we do expect the government to manage the finances competently. The money that we pay the government shall be used for things which are truly beneficial for the rakyat as a whole. If the government has to construct the road and the estimated cost is about RM 100 Million, then by all means go get competent contractors to do it. Get as well competent and capable people to be the eyes and ears of the governmet to ensure the work is done they way its supposed to be. While at it, it wouldnt hurt if the goverment saves a few millions from the initial estimate. Dont estimate the project at RM 100 Million, award it to some incompetent idiot, prolong the project, allow the cost to escalate for tens-of-million ringgit more and then when questioned by the people, act arrogantly and give half-baked answers which does not make sense! Now is that too much to ask for?

  7. Padan muko hang najib...mampuihla hang...bukan setakat hang... dengan kenderaan yang hang tunggangi sekali akan tenggelam... menunggu hari aje Jib... tu klu hang tk nk letak jawatan skrg la... klu hang berenti skrg kapal tu mgkn boleh diselamatkan lg... orang melayu dah meluat sgt dh dgn perangai hang wahai keturunan pahlawan boogis... and wahai orang UMNO... klu hang syg UMNO pakat2lah soh presiden kamu letak jawatan semua sekali...tak guna lg kamu simpan biawak hidup... klu UMNO hancur jangan lah kamu salahkan rakyat yang memerhati... dan menanggung... percayalah... UMNO takkan menang dengan 3 juta ahli...kerana sebahagiannya dah meluat sgt dan kepimpinan yang ada... klu tk pun undi pembangkang... mereka tak akan kua mengundi... hanyutlah Bapak BRIM1MDB dengan UMNO sekali...

    1. What you said sums up exactly how most of us feel right now. I couldn't put it any better. Tahniah kerana dapat meluahkan perasaan dengan tepat sekali.

  8. Very poor article...during 50's bole la you use kind psy war, nowadays people are smarter la big cat..

  9. First you need to ask how did this attack gain support? because MARA didnt overpay for those property???

    The UMNO people are the one who allow this attack to gain this credibility and strength by being the perompak against the bumiputera themselves...

    Dont try to spin this from the Bumi vs non bumi angle!

    From: a Bumiputra (Melayu)

  10. The slow death of an ethnic.

    1. I guess some do get it after all. Painful to watch, isn't it?

    2. Alang-alang menyelok pekasam biar sampai kepangkal lengan , setidak-tidaknya dapat mengurangkan jenis' Melayu Kayu ulu kapak' hopefully could start fresh after that ,Insaalah .

      There is come to the time where you have to burn the bridge after crossing ,hopefully we could reduce ,jenis Melayu ulu kapak and " Melayu angkat "(Melayu berkepentingan) officially they are Malay but in their minds and ways they act as Bugis ,Jawa,Banjar ,Boyan ,Minangkabau and so on .

      Walaupon pahit terpaksa ditelan .

    3. Do get what? That one must restrain oneself from disagreeing with misconduct and corruption for the sake of UMNO survival???. By the way its not UMNO survival...its NAJIB survival...

      Its more painful for me to watch my own ethnic being quite while being quickly decimated by a leader of their own ethnic! Ooops sorry not their ethnic..but BUGIS...

      It is really surprising that some still dont get it!

  11. Yang aku pelik dengan sumer citer2 sensasi off late ni, takde la plak Sarawak Report, The Edge, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Kini AWSJ etc etc etc buat pendedahan salah laku Lim Kit Siang, Tun M (lagi pulak mamak memang aku mampus tak kan percaya), Daim Zainuddin, Lim Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim, Ambiga dan seangkatan dengan nye since sibuk bebenor media ni dok mewar-warkan pasal ketelusan, anti-rasuah, penyalahgunaan kuasa etc. Don't tell me orang2 yang aku sebut kat atas tu baik macam malaikat, telus dan bukan perasuah tegar dan pengsonglap duit rakyat sama. Aku rase kalau kau buat survey pasal perasuah/peliwat anwar ni, budak tadika pun kata dia ni malaun tahap kronik. Kenapa Najib je yang kena ekk??

    1. Sebab Najib tu PM... PM yang menjahanamkan Mesia