Monday 31 October 2011

Am I bullshitting you?

Been off-grid over the past few days. Running around doing my work and no time to drop by the cyber cafe to post anything for this blog.

Yup, I am operating this blog from a cybercafe. The truth is, I don't even have a personal computer. Simple reason, because I can't afford to buy one yet. Contrary to popular belief, not all pro-BN bloggers are paid Umno cybertroopers or someone rich and fat from ill-gotten gain.

That cat is not me. I put the picture just because I wish I have that sort of  laptop.
Never mind, I will ask my financial controller to buy me a laptop like that. Hopefully my no-good bosses will give me some nice bonus end of this year so that I can afford it. It's really hard to write something with a nine-year old kid playing some gory shoot-em-up computer game sitting next to me in the cyber cafe.

For those who have been following this blog, I thank them from the bottom of my heart, but please note that the only Umno leader whom I have been singing praises is Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman....and this guy Ghani is not paying me anything for it. He does not know who I am and I am not working for him or expecting anything from him. I am praising him for free, simply because he is truly one of the good guys in BN.

Ok, some people in the opposing Johor Umno camps, who wanted their own guy as the new MB  may want to vomit whatever they had eaten this morning after reading what I wrote above. Sorry guys. I am still of the opinion that the reality is, if Ghani goes after the coming GE, your guy who replace him will vomit blood trying to do what Ghani had done so far for Johor.

Do you all think it is easy to maintain this BN bastion? I had listed the requirements to be a Johor MB here -
1. To administer the State Government
2. To command the Johor Umno warlords
3. To earn the respect of the BN component parties
4. To maintain BN dominance over the opposition in Johor.
5. To have a good working relationship with the Johor palace
6. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - To resist the temptation of enriching oneself and cronies by plundering Johor's riches.

Most of the new Johor MB candidates, I believe, will not be able to satisfy the most important requirement, that is to resist the temptation to enrich oneself and not using the MB position to strengthen one's personal political position at the expense of Johor Umno's unity.

If you still think I am bullshitting about Ghani, go and ask the most experienced and reputedly honest of all the Johor Umno warlords - Datuk Shahrir Samad. Ask him to name one guy among his peers or juniors who can become the new Johor MB.

Thursday 27 October 2011

Fortress Johor Part 3 : BN's Achilles' heel

In the second instalment of this series of articles on Johor, we got a glimpse of how Johor BN under the stewardship of its chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman would handle the coming onslaught of the Pakatan hordes in the coming general election.

The battle plan seems solid as proven by the success in the Tenang by-election.

However, as with everything else in life, things are not perfect.

Among the biggest problems faced by Johor BN in executing its plan is the apparent selfishness of some of its leaders (in this case, those from Umno) who only care about their own short-term political survival rather than ensuring the continuity of the coalition's dominance in the State.

On another front, the stupidity of the Johor Pas leadership who are allowing themselves to be manipulated by their Pakatan partners (especially DAP) is another major concern as it could break the Malay vote bank of Johor BN.

Let us not even get into the details of what is happening, or rather what is not very happening in MCA and Gerakan. I will deal with that in other pre-GE series on Johor.

Before I really start, here are the statistics on the balance of power in Johor :
Parliamentary seats :
BN - 25
Pakatan -1 (DAP - Bakri)
State seats :
BN - 50
Pakatan - 6 (Dap 4 - Skudai, Senai, Mengkibol, Bentayan; Pas 2 - Sungai Abong, Maharani, PKR 0)


Despite claims by opposition figures that Johor is ripe for the picking, the reality on the ground is not so clear-cut.  PAS has been trying to convince themselves that they can take on Umno in Malay-majority seats, but in truth they have been relegated to the role of breaking Malay solidarity in Johor to enable DAP and PKR to win valuable Johor parliamentary seats.

Case in point, in the fight for Muar-Maharani-Sungai Balang, if the Umno candidates Datuk Mohd Ismail Mohd Shah for Maharani (53% Malay voters), and Dr Robia Kosai for Sungai Balang (71% Malay voters) had not been so stupid as to have their factions sabotaging each other during the 2008 campaign, the likelihood of PAS winning Maharani would have been extremely slim if not impossible.  Actually, Sungai Balang remained an Umno seat by virtue of it having a larger proportion of Malay voters than Maharani.  It can therefore be concluded that Umno gave away Maharani to PAS in 2008, which in football terms would be an "own goal".

My personal assessment is, it would be stupidity in the extreme if Umno were to put these two up as candidates again in the next General Election, regardless of quota requirements or whatnots, as they have proven themselves to be morons of the highest order.  Word on the ground is, if Dr Robia is Umno candidate again in the coming election, Malik Mohd Diah (of PAS) may become the new ADUN for Sungai Balang.  So if Umno is really going to field winnable candidates in the coming GE, they already knew whom not to field in Sungai Balang.


However, what is happening further down south in the Kulai and Gelang Patah parliamentary constituencies is far more interesting, where we can clearly see how the fight for Johor will unfold in the coming months.  The recent fight between DAP and PKR over the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat was reported in the press, signifying the first public signs of cracks within the opposition pact in Johor.  However, more interestingly, is that it reflects the level of confidence the opposition pact have about winning both Kulai and Gelang Patah in the next General Election.


Gelang Patah, which is where the seat of power of Johor at Kota Iskandar is located was PKR's battleground in 2004 and 2008, and they had been putting everything into wresting Gelang Patah from BN in the next GE, with their AMK virtually setting up camp and operating out of this constituency.  In 2004, they didn't do too well, garnering a measly 9,335 votes, or 18% of total turnout.  In contrast, they did very well in 2008, with their candidate getting 41% of total votes, a significant increase from their previous effort, largely thanks to PAS supporters.  If the trend of dwindling support for BN continues to the present, the likelihood of BN losing the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat is very real, thanks to the continuous hard work of PAS members and Umno's complacency there.

Support for PAS in Nusajaya state seat in the 12th GE was more than double that of the 2004 GE.  It has been observed that once PAS got you, they rarely let you go, so I expect the support they got in 2008 will not be reduced by much if at all.  The surge in support for PKR is largely due to Malay votes as the mainly Chinese Skudai voters were overwhelmingly for DAP in the Skudai state seat but didn't give similar support to PKR for the parliamentary seat.

Even though it is unlikely that PAS would win in Nusajaya, they have done their work well in that particular constituency to split the Malay vote and will probably be instrumental in delivering the Gelang Patah seat to the opposition pact, regardless of it being DAP or PKR.


Meanwhile, the fragmentation of Kulai Umno is apparent, while MCA has yet to recover from their internal strife in this Chinese-majority constituency.  With Chinese representing almost 60% of its constituents, the role of MCA and Gerakan in reversing the trend of dwindling support in Kulai will be crucial.  MCA has not been very successful in attracting younger or new voters as reflected by a recent public event at a Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina in Senai where even the attending NGOs were just MCA-led NGOs.

Unless the infractious behaviour of Umno warlords in Kulai is contained, the trend of dwindling Malay support for Umno will eventually contribute towards the loss of the Kulai parliamentary seat despite it retaining the Bukit Permai state seat.  While the divisional leadership is in a state of extreme complacency, in-fighting occurs at all levels and the grassroots machinery has yet to be fully mobilised.  Only the Wanita wing seems to be working on the ground, with the Wanita wings of MCA and Gerakan also doing their part.  If not for the internal strife within DAP and between DAP and PKR, this situation would have been fully exploited by DAP to expand its influence and strengthen their grassroots support.

For the coming GE, Dr Boo Cheng Hou, the DAP representative for Skudai, would have preferred to stay and fight for Gelang Patah by swapping another seat with PKR, but it looks like he has to set his sights on Kulai instead to further his political career.  This means he will have to depend on the Bukit Permai PAS supporters to reduce BN's Malay support in the only Malay majority state constituency within Kulai and it looks PAS will deliver despite them not likely to win the Bukit Permai seat themselves.

Assuming that the opposition assessment of having more than 80% of Chinese and Indian support is true, PKR will win in Gelang Patah and DAP will win in Kulai if PAS members continue to do well in reducing BN's Malay support in these two constituencies with their usual passion (and blind devotion to party rhetoric).

 That means PAS will be able to deliver two parliamentary seats to the opposition pact without winning a single seat themselves.

The Gelang Patah and Kulai strategy will likely be adopted by DAP in other constituencies with similar ethnic composition (which is most of urban Johor) to ensure that they can capture up to 5 parliamentary seats and 12 state seats in Johor.  PKR may be able to gain a parliamentary seat and 3 state seats.  It would be wise for BN to contain opposition activities in Tebrau, Pulai, Pasir Gudang, Labis, and Segamat in addition to Kluang, Bakri, Kulai and Gelang Patah.  These parliamentary seats are vulnerable for Johor BN.

Despite all these, the Johor BN election machinery, under the leadership of Ghani, are currently being mobilised to ensure that the formula first deployed in the Tenang by-election will be applied in full force for a clean sweep of both state and parliamentary seats in Johor.  If done right, this will ensure that Malay support for BN will continue to grow to 70-80%, and may reach 90% in areas where Umno perform well at grassroots level in the past few years.

With the resurgence of Umno and MIC, and if they do not sabotage each other like the two moronic Umno candidates of 2008 did in Muar, it is not likely that PAS will retain either Sungai Abong or Maharani.  Unless BN really mess up, PAS will not win any of their Malay-majority seats either.

 However, PAS will continue to play a significant role in reducing Malay support for BN, and this factor is something BN, and more specifically Umno, will have to take care of.

With MCA and Gerakan still in defunct mode, it will be up to Umno, with the help of MIC, PPP and other Indian-based entities within BN to ensure the coalition's victory in Johor.  Unless MCA and Gerakan wake up from their slumber, they will find themselves without a single  win in Johor - a worrying prospect indeed.

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Selamat Deepavali

To all my friends of the Hindu faith, may you and your family always be blessed.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

They would had killed Dr Mahathir too...

This is an interesting theory of why Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was attacked and killed

And back in 2003, this Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein has this to say (try to watch till the end) -

Interesting isn't it.....

Putting families in harm's way

Exploitation of family members for one's political agenda is actually quite common these days. Images of children pleading for sympathy are quite powerful and politicians as well as their supporters tend to thrust theirs to the forefront if they feel that it could get them some extra support.

  Back in 1998, at the height of the Reformasi movement, there was a picture of Nurul Nuha Anwar emerging from the sunroof of an MPV outside the courthouse where her father was charged for abusing his power. She was wearing all sorts of Reformasi paraphernalia and defiantly punching the air in apparent support of her father. That image, of a young girl (Nurul Nuha was only 14 at that time) fighting for her father stuck in my mind till this day. I tried to find that picture for this posting but it was nowhere to be found.
  Images of Wan Azizah and her children at the courthouse were equally touching. The victimized family of a man wrongly accussed in a political conspiracy. Thousands, who had never even met Anwar Ibrahim nor cared about his politics must had sympathized with him just due to those images. All the stories of how he was wronged pulled further at the heart strings.
  The following 1999 general election was a near disaster for BN. Only 37 per cent of Malay voters actually voted for BN. BN was only saved by the non-Malay voters who seems unimpressed by the riots and disturbances caused by the mostly Malay Reformasi supporters. DAP was in fact almost wiped out at that time.
  It was however noted that at that time, family members of politicians being at the forefront in the battle for heart and mind of the people did not seems to draw much flak from the opposing side. It was as if its the natural thing to have your young children canvassing support for their parents. Nurul Nuha's more famous and pretty sister Nurul Izzah was at that time 18 or 19 and not yet a politician, yet she was given the political title of "Puteri Reformasi" by her father's supporters. I can't remember Dr Wan Azizah protesting that her daughter's innocence had been exploited. Fortunately, Nurul Izzah, was still at that time considered as a non-combatant by BN and mostly left in peace to finish her studies and later on get married  Only after that she became active in PKR.

  Now, as for Guan Eng's son, I am sure he will come of age within a few years time and my bet is, he will follow in his father's and grandfather's political footsteps.
  The recent outrage of him being accused of fondling his schoolmate's breasts was indeed unfortunate, but in the current political climate where mud slinging has become routine after the 2008 general election, he is to many, just a collateral casualty.
  Nonetheless, if the Umno bloggers could be accused of pushing him into the mud, his own father is equally guilty of dragging him through the gutter.
  Questions still hang on why Guan Eng was slow to take action on the matter. Why he kept mum when questions about the issue was first asked to him by Malaysiakini? Why he had instead dared Umno to attack his son in the newspapers? It's like telling Umno - "Here, if you dare. Shoot my son". What kind of father is he anyway to put his son on the firing line like that?
  Only after about 24 hours, that he denied the accusation of his son molesting the girl in Malaysian Insider. The accusation of him bribing the family of the girl to keep them quiet was however conveniently left out. My reading was that, within that period, Guan Eng and DAP were busy accessing the situation to see what could be gained from the issue. The denial came only after it had been established that they could actually exploit the issue to win the sympathy of the public.
  As far as I am concerned, Guan Eng's expressed anger over the matter was more political than actually personal. If it is the anger of a father whose son was wronged by his enemies, the reaction would have been different. Knowing Guan Eng, he would had lodged a police report and demand blood. Instead, his reaction is more towards pleading for sympathy from the public and attacking his political enemies. Why he did not lodge a police report is still a mystery to me.The one lodged yesterday against KJ was by Karpal, on behalf of DAP. Why not by Guan Eng himself?
  In the following cries of indignation by Pakatan supporters, much were forgotten about how they themselves had maligned household members of BN leaders. Their exploitation of their own family members were also forgotten. Such were the hypocrisy of their politics that I believe they will lose support of people, who like me, at the height of Reformasi were taken in by those images of Nurul Nuha, her mother and siblings outside the courthouse.

Auntie, why la you used your children for politics like this.

But some people are much smarter, they instead let other people's family members do the dirty work for them.

  Guan Eng, the above is not gutter politics ka?

Monday 24 October 2011

Leave the family out, can or cannot....

The PM had said that everyone must not attack each others family members in the political battle.
Totally agree with the man.

 See, the cat is a politician, the rabbits who are his wife and children are not
 So, just shoot the cat, ok.

In fact, when the whole issue about Guan Eng allegedly bribing parents of a girl whose breasts were allegedly fondled by his son broke,  I had cautioned the bloggers to be sure of their facts

Guan Eng's breasts issue

and when Guan Eng denied his son was a breast fondler, I had advised him  on how to deal with it

How to deal with Umno barbarians 

Now, that PM had told everyone to leave each others family out of the fighting, and I am certain Guan Eng and his gang agree, I demand for starters that the Pakatan and BN people to remove all those You Tube video clips attacking the wife, daughters and sons of their opponents, such as the one I posted here for comparative study

Gutter politics, anyone?


It would be interesting to see if the Pakatan guys and girls will not resort to the dirty tactics they had been using all along.
As for you all Umno barbarian bloggers, I would like to plead to you all -  lets abide to what the PM said....unless of course if the Pakatan people continue to be arseholes, attacking the non-combatants on our side lah.

Hmmmm....I wonder, can people like Anwar Ibrahim and Mat Sabu resist thrash talking Rosmah, the PM's wife.....????



Sunday 23 October 2011

Bloomberg's crap and SatD

The other day, my other half  urged me to read a Bloomberg editorial which praises Guan Eng and his handling of Penang's economy.
My other half works in one of those corporate organisations and seems to knows more than me about all those economic stuff. Me, I look at all those numbers and normally ended up with a headache. I tend to believe my other half when it comes to these sort of stuff.
Wah, that Bloomberg report makes Guan Eng, "the country’s only ethnic-Chinese state leader", seems like an economic genius. The best in the whole wide world lar.

Then came this guy SatD. I dont know who is this guy but I have been reading his blog for quite a while. He is quite good with all those economic stuff. There and then he gave Guan Eng and his suspected lackey in Bloomberg a tight slap.

You all can read SatD's posting on the Bloomberg's crap here (I am still a bit ga ga over it) -

The Proofiness of Lim Guan Beng

Hopefully my other half also read it.....

Saturday 22 October 2011

Fortress Johor Part 2 : Ghani's Bru

As I wrote earlier, Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman is likely to retire from politics after the next general election.

That is, I believe, if the PM will let him do so. Najib is after all hard pressed to have all his best men in place for the election and after.

Honestly, how many of these few good men does Najib have? How many are there who are truely free from allegations or perception of corruption? How many have the stature and pedigree to lead the much battered Umno? Bear in mind, after the disastrous Pak Lah administration, and the ferocious attacks by Pakatan bloggers and portals pre and post 2008 general election, not many Umno leaders are left unscathed.

Ghani is actually an anomaly. He has more or less been spared from these attacks by the Pakatan people simply because there is not much they can run him down with. His administration of the State has been tip top - well, not perfect but definitely among, or in my opinion, the best in the country. His personal record is equally immaculate. However, Ghani is actually under attack from within Umno. It is not that he has made many enemies among his peers but his position as Johor MB is the envy of many. It is so tempting because Johor remains as a stronghold of not just Umno but BN as a whole. Johor is also a rich State. The MB seat is simply too tempting to have and that is why so many want it.

What many failed to realise is that Johor is what it is, not due to accident. It is an Umno and BN stronghold not because it is the birth place of Umno. Malays, after all, only make up between 52 and 55 per cent of the population, which is hardly an overwhelming majority. The truth is, a lot of sincere hard work and sacrifices were put in by leaders like Ghani to build the foundation for the coalition's dominance in the State.

This series of articles on Johor is meant to shed light on why the State remains with BN even in the most trying of general elections. These are stories of how putting the interests of the party ahead of one's self is paramount in the struggle for "AGAMA, BANGSA dan TANAHAIR".

For the coming general election, let us see what Ghani has in store for Umno and BN.

The Tenang by-election earlier this year is a glimpse of how Johor BN mobilised its machinery and how it managed to accurately predict the outcome of the by-election days earlier.

It also gave Johor BN an opportunity to test out its new formula, and provided its grassroots and divisional leaders experience of this new "grassroots leadership" formula.

Objectives going into the Tenang by-election:

1.   Win with a bigger majority than the 2008 election
After the disastrous 12th GE, Johor BN needed a convincing win to boost the morale of party "troopers" on the ground.  The win in Tenang, where Malay constituents represent less than 50% of the total voter population (representative of much of Johor) means it will be a key indicator of how Johor will fare in the next GE.

2.   Empower "Ketua Peti Undi" to lead the campaigning at their own localities
They know their territories and the local sentiments far better than anyone else, so they are given the authority and responsibility to conduct the best winning strategies at their own Peti Undi with tactical support being provided by Johor BN leadership.

3.   Expose higher ranking party members to working with local leadership
Divisional Heads and their teams were fostered to peti-peti undi, but they were subject to the leadership of the local Ketua Peti Undi.  External help was welcomed, but the same rule applies, they must defer to local leadership and the appointed Ketua Peti Undi.  It provided Johor Divisional Heads with first-hand experience in working hand-in-hand with grassroots leadership and localised campaigning.

At the forefront of campaigning, Ghani himself was providing a very low-key, hands-on approach,  personally going around assessing the situation at the peti-peti undi, his very presence motivating these grassroots men and women to strive for better results.  Morale was high.  There wasn't any political posturing, hardly any large-scale (translated as expensive) "ceramah" sessions, and minimal intervention from "outsiders" to campaign activities.  The focus was entirely on managing the voters perception as opposed to influencing national perception, that there was hardly anything interesting to report in the national dailies other than the foibles of opposition figures.

The entire by-election was such a low-key event for BN that there were political analysts, not familiar with the ways of Johor BN and its chief, who began to opine that BN Johor was lethargic and the campaign director was ineffective, i.e. "BAD, BAD CHOICE, Mr Prime Minister".

The outcome, however, speaks for itself (as in IN YOUR FACE, DOUBTERS!!).  As far as Johor BN is concerned, it was Mission Accomplished.

I have been to many post-2008 by-elections, and my observations have led me to conclude that the Tenang by-election is where BN spent the least amount of money, and yet delivered one of the best results, if not the best, to date.

What was amazing was that party workers on the ground lamented that the majority of 3,707 won by BN could have been higher had it not been for the massive flood on voting day.

Ethnic Composition in Tenang by-election:
    Malay        47%
   Chinese      39%
   Indian        12%
   Other          2%
Voter turnout : 67%
BN : 6,699 votes
PAS: 2,992 votes
Majority: 3,707

Friday 21 October 2011

Dr Boo - Ramble on

You all want to know what happened to this guy Dr Boo Cheng Hau, go and buy the NST.
They got an exclusive on this Johor DAP chief today.
I am not going to link the story here.
Go buy the newspaper and read it. Its on page 8.
You all Umno people better buy NST, ok.
 The buggers at the papers are running the bloody establishment  to the ground to help you all and you all go and read some thrashy Malay papers for what?

OK, a bit on why DAP gangsters want to kill Dr Boo, the Johor party leader -
1. Dr Boo has the potential to out shine Guan Eng.
2. Dr Boo wants to include more Indians and Malays in Johor DAP line-up and the Chinese chauvanists in DAP dont like it one bit.
3. Dr Boo is behind the suspension of that moronic crook DAP's Bentayan assemblyman Gwee.
4. Dr Boo want to swap seat with PKR in the tussle for the coveted Gelang Patah seat for the next general election but hard core DAP arseholes want to just grab it.

Well, Dr Boo, I know you are all stressed up now. When my day is fucked up like your's, I listen to these cool guys. Their music has the calming effect.

This is my favourite song of these guys. I dedicated it to you Dr Boo. Cheers.

Thursday 20 October 2011

Cloak and dagger in drama one

My other half, who voted for DAP in 2008 alerted me of this story by the pro-Pakatan portal Malaysian Insider:

As attacks increase, Guan Eng takes extra precautions
By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal
October 20, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 20 — Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has instructed his staff to make video and audio recordings of all public functions he attends as part of measures to protect himself amid a slew of relentless attacks by political rivals.
  The Umno machinery has dogged the DAP secretary-general’s every move of late — from accusations that he discredited the state of Johor during a private luncheon talk to unfounded allegations thus far by pro-Umno bloggers that his 16-year-old son had sexually harassed a female classmate.
  “He has been taking extra precautions. We want to make sure any incident like the Johor incident does not occur again. It’s best to be safe and on the alert,” Lim’s political secretary Zairil Khir Johari told The Malaysian Insider.

Good move Guan Eng. You need to be extra careful as I believe those despicable Umno barbarians are getting help from this guy -

Knowing the above guy as being very good at his work, I would like to suggest for Guan Eng to get help from the only one who could kick the shit out of that guy,  this gal -

My other half suggested for Guan Eng to also check for bugs in his office, car, bedroom and toilet. Can't take chances with these Umno barbarians la.

Have fun Guan Eng.....uh uh I am so thrilled....this is more syiok than a James Bond movie liao.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Gutter politics, anyone?

I think Guan Eng should sue KJ for GUTTER POLITICS. He is after all the leading Umno barbarian who attacked him and his son.

Come on Guan Eng - KJ is actually offering himself as a target to be sued by you. This is from the pro-Pakatan portal Malaysian Insider :

Khairy defends attacks on Guan Eng’s son, calls critics hypocrites
By Clara Chooi
October 18, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 — Khairy Jamaluddin suggested today there was nothing wrong with his remarks about allegations involving Lim Guan Eng’s teenage son, and called his critics hypocrites for pointing out that he was perpetrating lies about a member of a political rival’s family.
Earlier today, Lim said he was furious with the “barbaric lies” made about his teenage son by “pro-Umno ferocious beasts,” singling out Khairy and other ruling party leaders for perpetuating the allegations through snide comments on blogs and social media sites.
Responding via his Twitter account to the criticisms, the Umno Youth chief said Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians and their families had been on the receiving end of even worse insults from the Opposition in the past.

Guan Eng, if you win in court, I can guarantee you that not only Pakatan people will be cheering for you, but also a lot of Umno people too. As you should know by now, KJ got a lot of enemies, no thanks to the fact that he is the SON-IN-LAW of former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Pak Lah).

I am sure Guan Eng can remember the GUTTER POLITICAL TACTICS used to discredit Pak Lah which was employed by the Pakatan people, that is to attack his son-in-law, his son, daughter and his wife. KJ suffers greatly for that.

Bear in mind, these GUTTER POLITICAL TACTICS are still being used and will continue to be used by the Pakatan people who now cries foul when Umno bloggers attacked Guan Eng and his son. They will try to find and use anything to bring down the BN government.

Just imagine if they hear anything about Najib's son molesting a girl. What do you think they will do???

Well, actually they had already attacked Najib via his son. This is a video clip of it -

What? PM's son cannot go to a party ka?. He seems to be having a lot of fun but I don't think he molested those girls in the pictures with him.

Now, how about that as far as GUTTER POLITICS are concerned.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

How to deal with Umno barbarians

Guan Eng should now stop whining and start really acting.

He should now lodge a police report and then sue the Umno barbarians for their barbaric lies.

No point in just acting so agitated over the "barbaric lies" that he had paid RM200k to shut up the parents of a girl whose breasts were allegedly fondled by his son.

Unless that is, he is just trying to put a smoke screen over the whole thing. You see, young lawyers are always told by their mentors that - if you can't argue intelligently, then you must argue loudly.

If he is so in the right, Guan Eng should have nothing to fear if the police investigate the case and later on he can take the barbaric Umno fellas to court.

After all, If Guan Eng just cry foul against the Umno bloggers, he may just gain the sympathy of DAP and Pakatan supporters, but if he win in court, he will win a lot of votes from the fence sitters too. Think about it, ok.

As for the barbarity of the Umno bloggers attacking his young son to get at him - well, Guan Eng, you also used an underage girl to destroy Rahim Thamby Chik what. So, no point just bitching about that. You see, everyone plays dirty in politics. Just look at the Pakatan people attacking Rosmah. She is just Najib's wife, and by right should be considered as a "non-combatant". Yet, still she is fair game to them. I think she got bashed up by Pakatan bloggers more than Najib.

Once the case is investigated by the police and goes to court, it will all be out in the open. A good chance for Pakatan to score a huge point....IF Guan Eng wins.

On the personal front, Guan Eng must get justice for his son who was so maligned by those despiceable Umno barbarians.

The poor boy need his father to act decisively to set the record straight. Otherwise he will be tainted with a stigma of being a breast fondler for the rest of his life.

Mere castigating of the Umno barbarians is not good enough la Guan Eng. Again, I implore you - You MUST take those Umno fellas to court so it can become official that your son is not a breasts fondling maniac.

Guan Eng, you must remember that an allegation of sexual misconduct always sticks even if it is just a barbaric lie.
Remember your old nemesis, Rahim Thamby Chik. He was never convicted of raping that underage girl that you so valiantly defended till you landed in jail. The girl even later on denied that she was raped by the former Malacca chief minister. Yet, the stigma of him being a rapist stays. He was an Umno shining star at that time, now he is just a tahi bintang.

So you must do the utmost to protect your son. Get the police to investigate. Take the case to court. Otherwise people will never be 100 per cent sure that your son never fondle the girl's breasts and that you are not as corrupt as any Umno barbarians for paying the RM200k to the girl's parents to cover up the case.

p.s - Psssttt...Guan Eng, when are you going to sue those barbaric Bernama and TV3 lah....

Monday 17 October 2011

Wang Guangliang made Malaysians proud

Ipoh-born singer Michael Wong made us Malaysians proud on Saturday night when he won the best male singer award at the 11th Global Chinese Music Award ceremony in Shanghai. Michael also won in three other categories.

For those who are not familiar with the Chinese music scene, this is some introduction on Michael :

Michael Wong Kong Leong (Chinese pinyin: Wáng Guāngliáng), was born in Ipoh on August 30, 1970 He is a Malaysian Chinese singer and composer. Wong began his singing career in a duo with Victor Wong. The pair had attained notable success in Taiwan, but in a mutual agreement the two split in 2000. Wong has released five solo albums, the third being his breakthrough album Fairy Tale. He also enjoys success as an actor in Chinese dramas and movies

Michael is one of many Malaysian Chinese singers who made it big overseas. They are known in the international Chinese music scene as THE MALAYSIAN GANG.

Congratulations Michael!

Here is my favorite Michael's song -

Guan Eng's breasts issue


Hah!!!!...finally. A denial by Guan Eng

Next step Guan Eng -
The pro-Umno blogger who first started the posting on this issue is Dr Novandri. Go after him lah. But make sure you are completely innocent, ok. Otherwise you will be screwed again like when you denied saying bad thing about Johor.

Also remember ya - the whole thing actually started when pro-Pakatan blogs highlighted about a son of a VVIP from BN who molested a schoolmate.

Nonetheless Guan Eng, I promise, I will cheer for you if you take this case to court. If you failed to do so, I will think lowly of you and believe that you are actually trying to hide something. 

From the pro-Pakatan Malaysian Insider

Guan Eng slams pro-Umno ‘beasts’ for targetting son in ‘barbaric lies’

UPDATED @ 03:37:11 PM 18-10-2011
October 18, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 — Lim Guan Eng said today he was furious with the “barbaric lies” made about his young son by “pro-Umno ferocious beasts” and singled out Khairy Jamaluddin and other party leaders for perpetrating the allegations with snide comments on blogs and on social media.
 “My family and I deplore these lies and fabrications against my young son as morally despicable and barbaric. Umno should act against those trying to wreck the life of my young son with cruel and barbaric lies just to finish me off politically,” Lim  said in a strongly-worded statement today..


Guan Eng, I am dissapointed with you

From the pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini -

Guan Eng mum over blog disparaging VVIP's son
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has declined to answer allegations in pro-Umno blogs that a VVIP’s son was involved in a case of outraging the modesty of his female schoolmate.


What is this nonsense about Guan En's son fondling a girl's breasts? Several blogs had posted the story and one of them is here

Panas! Guang Eng : RM100 Untuk Warga Emas, 200K Untuk Ramas Tetek

It is indeed a serious allegation and in my opinion, those bloggers better got their facts right.

I don't care much about  Guan Eng's political career which could be hanging in balance due to the issue, but his son's future is completely something else.

The boy deserves a fair hearing as he may after all be innocent. He should not be punished simply for being the son of Guan Eng. The stigma of this allegation will stick on him for the rest of his life.

If this is a false allegation, I hope Guan Eng will come out with a denial and proceed to take IMMEDIATE legal action against the bloggers. As a father, he need to act fast and decisively to defend his son as well as refute the other allegation that he had paid quite a considerable amount of money to shut up the family of the girl.

I am not in any way a fan of Guan Eng, but in this case I will back him up if he and his son are innocent. One way for him to convince me is for him to act on this allegation. Otherwise, I will tend to believe the bloggers more than him and I will also believe that he doesn't  love his son more than his political career.

Saturday 15 October 2011

Fortress Johor - Part 1 : A new MB?


I would like to thanks Sinar Harian for picking up on this humble posting of mine.
However I believe the newspaper had misinterpreted some of what I wrote.
Just to set the record straight, these are the mistakes and the actual sentences that I wrote :

1. What Sinar Harian wrote :
"Bigcat turut melampirkan kenyataan bekas ahli akademik yang bertegas mahu Abdul Ghani membuka jalan kepada pemimpin muda bagi menerajui Johor kerana beliau dilihat sebagai sudah tidak sesuai untuk meneruskan khidmatnya sebagai Menteri Besar."
- What I actually wrote
  "The no-nonsense former academician was said to be too old for the job and should make way for younger leaders."
2. What Sinar Harian wrote :
"Menurut blogger tersebut, keadaan yang berlaku itu sekali gus menimbulkan fitnah ke atas Abdul Ghani oleh pesaing-pesaing politiknya dan beliau tampil menafikan tohmahan dilemparkan dengan berterus terang mahu menerajui Johor sebagai Menteri Besar."
- What I actually wrote :
  "Ghani had denied that he had wanted to continue as Menteri Besar. He was said to have been frustrated when he was made known of the switch as he felt he could do more for the country at the Federal level."

To Sinar Harian editor Farush Khan - Thanks for highlighting my posting, but please get your reporters to improve their translation. Cheers.


Almost everyone in Johor's political circle have now concluded that Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman is ending his tenure as Johor Menteri Besar after the next general election.
  Ghani, 64 has after all held the post since March 1995, making him the longest serving Johor Menteri Besar ever.
  The no-nonsense former academician was said to be too old for the job and should make way for younger leaders.

  Nonetheless, this speculation on Ghani is not new as the same thing happened in the run-up of the past two general elections.

  On the day BN announced its candidates which was a day before nomination day, Ghani was listed to contest the Ledang parliamentary seat, effectively paving his way to Federal level.
  Ghani's supposed departure from Johor was actually part of a plan by the then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Pak Lah), or more accurately that of "The Fourth Floor Boys" to place their own people to run Johor which is one of the richest State in the country.
  To replace Ghani was Mohamed Khaled Nordin who was initially listed to contest the State seat of Tiram.
  This is the picture of Ghani holding up Khaled's hand as a gesture of his support for the latter at his official residence Saujana on that day -

  Later that night, however, it was made known that Ghani was switched back to contest the Serom state seat while Khaled was to contest the Pasir Gudang parliamentary seat.

  Ghani then became a target of slander by his political rivals, especially within Johor Umno, who accused him of influencing the Sultan of Johor at that time, Sultan Iskandar, to interfere so that he can stay as Menteri Besar. The accusation was easy to believe as Ghani was indeed very close with the Sultan, which was why he was conferred the prestigious Darjah Kerabat which is rarely given to a commoner. That was also the reason why Ghani is using the title Datuk instead of the "higher" titles such as Datuk Seri or Tan Seri. He had declined many offers of titles which may be deemed to be of higher status than the one given by the Johor Sultan.

  Ghani had denied that he had wanted to continue as Menteri Besar. He was said to have been frustrated when he was made known of the switch as he felt he could do more for the country at the Federal level.

  About two weeks before the general election, Pak Lah had sought an audience with Sultan Iskandar. It was widely believed that the purpose of the audience was to propose a new Johor Menteri Besar. Khaled was again the candidate.
 This was said to be another attempt by the Fourth Floor Boys to place "their people" in Johor which at that time appeared to have an even bigger potential as the gold pot of their ambitions following the setting-up of Iskandar Malaysia two years earlier.
   Almost everyone who was supposed to be "in the know"  were at that time very certain that Ghani's tenure as Menteri Besar was about to end.
  The plan however did not work out as when the list of BN candidates was announced, Ghani was still placed in Serom and remain as the menteri besar.
  An occasion at the Istana Bukit Serene a few days before the general election was however worthy to be noted.
  According to what was spoken along the corridors of power in Johor, Sultan Iskandar had called Ghani to the palace and presented the Menteri Besar with one of his own rings and told him that he must take care of Johor for as long as it takes for him to do it.

  Ghani is at the moment fine tuning the Johor BN election machinery by personally going to voting areas, particularly those classified as high risk. Today he is in the Gelang Patah parliamentary area.
  He had made it known to his close aides that his only wish now is to lead Johor BN to possibly a clean sweep victory in the coming general election. He said such a win will not be easy but not impossible to achive.
  As for the speculation that this is his last term as Menteri Besar, Ghani had openly told several Johor-based journalists that he is indeed preparing for his retirement.
  After the recent birth of his first grandchild, Ghani, who is a devoted family man seems to be very contented with his life.
  Never known as a glamour seeker, he quietly goes about his work as Menteri Besar and Johor BN chairman and this could be observed in his handling of the Tenang by-elections earlier this year.
  He did very well as the BN campaign director and secure the relatively huge 3,700 majority victory without having to resort to flashy and costly campaigning tactics.
  The Tenang by-election was recognised by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak as the most successful among the latest string of BN by-election victories because of the manner Ghani handled the election machinery and the fact that more than 40 per cent of Tenang voters are Chinese, who are supposedly to be mostly hostile to BN.
  As for his relationship with Sultan Ibrahim, it is noted that Ghani meet the Sultan every week after the exco meeting to brief the Ruler on the latest development of the State. The Sultan and Menteri Besar appear to enjoy a cordial relationship.

These are the leading candidates to replace Ghani as Johor Menteri Besar :

1. Mohamed Khaled Nordin

Main strength - Well educated and politically polished as well as perceived by many quarters as having the blessing of Sultan Ibrahim, when the Sultan graced his recent Hari Raya open house in Pasir Gudang.
Main weakness - Had twice failed to take over the Menteri Besar post from Ghani and being surrounded by ambitious young aides ala the Fourth Floor Boys.

2. Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad

Main strength - Currently is Ghani's deputy as Johor Umno chief.
Main weakness - Was said to lack the stature to command respect of the fearsome Johor Umno warlords.

3. Nur Jazlan Mohamed
Main strength - Considered to be capable of injecting some youthful ideas into the State administration.
Main weakness - Considered by many to be too pro-Singapore and can't even seems able to have full control of his Pulai Umno division which he "inherited" from his late father Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat.

4. Abdul Aziz Kaprawi

Main strength - Considered to be the Najib's man in the Johor executive council.
Main weakness - Lack the stature, just like Latiff and not so fluent in English.

Talks of his retirement would not deter Ghani from leading Johor BN to another major victory in the coming general election. This was proven in the Tenang by-election.
  After being the Menteri Besar of Johor for the past 16 years, Ghani does not seems burdened by the needs to preserve his position. This was proven by his way of handling the Johor Umno warlords.
  His most important approach as a State Umno liasion chief is his policy of not trying to interfere with the squabbling for positions at the divisional and branches level by placing his own men there as what was practiced by other State leaders to preserve their position. This prevents Johor Umno from being too fractious when facing the opposition.
  Ghani does not also seems interested to garner supports from outside Johor to strengthen his personal position in Umno at the Federal level. This was evident in his handling of the Tenang by-election where he refused to let Umno machinery from outside the State from interfering with the works already in place to ensure a comfortable BN's victory.

  Nonetheless, my personal opinion on this is that Ghani is indeed going to retire from politics after the coming general election. He will do his best to secure a big BN win in Johor in the election and then gracefully make his exit. My bet is that he will go back to being an educationist as that was his passion before entering politics.  
   Unfortunately, his retirement in my opinion will most severely weaken Johor BN as it would not be easy to find someone else who are up to these main tasks of  a Johor Menteri Besar:
1. To administer the State Government
2. To command the Johor Umno warlords
3. To earn the respect of the BN component parties
4. To maintain BN dominance over the opposition in Johor.
5. To have a good working relationship with the Johor palace
6. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - To resist the temptation of enriching oneself and cronies by plundering Johor's riches.

Friday 14 October 2011

A funny question to CMLimGuanEng

Just now, my other half who voted for DAP in the last general election send me this text message :

"One question I've been wanting to ask GE... His twitter nick name is CMLimGuanEng.....
So does that means that he assumed he will be the Penang CM forever?
Change to PM???
What if he is no longer the CM?"

I did not know how to answer and just gave a vague reply for which my other half added :

"So perasan - not even najib use PMNajib on his twitter - just Najib"

Cute pet pigs in Johor, fierce wild boars in Kelantan

Honestly, my mood was spoilt this morning  after reading a posting by blogger Unspinners about how a Chinese school in Kelantan was bullied for holding a lantern festival celebration in their compound.

This is the Unspinner's posting (I hope he don't mind me cutting and pasting it) -

Lepas Hudud Sekolah Cina : PAS Terdesak Nak Undi Melayu!

Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Kai Chih Di Pasir Puteh bakal berhadapan dengan tindakan undang-undang yang akan dilakukan oleh Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan Pasir Puteh kerana mengadakan perayaan tanglung di dalam kawasan sekolah. Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan Pasir Puteh telah mengeluarkan notis ke sekolah tersebut pada 18 September 2011 dan pihak sekolah diberi masa selama tiga hari untuk memberikan surat tunjuk sebab.
Alasannya, pesta tanglung itu disambut dan diadakan di kawasan sekolah tanpa kebenaran dan permit daripada Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan Pasir Puteh. Dan kesalahannya menurut Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan Pasir Puteh, adalah di bawah Enakmen Kawalan Hiburan dan Tempat-Tempat Hiburan 1998 yang mana jika disabitkan kesalahan, boleh membawa kepada hukuman denda maksimum RM20,000, penjara selama lima tahun atau kedua-duanya sekali.
Setiausaha PAS Kelantan, Takiyuddin Hassan pula berkata, di bawah Enakmen Hiburan Negeri 1998, tiada sebarang bentuk hiburan yang dibenarkan pada setiap petang Khamis sebagai tanda menghormati waktu solat Jumaat.
Bunyinya macamlah Islamik sangat. Konon-kononnya, macamlah hendak mempertahankan kesucian Islam tetapi sebenarnya ia menunjukkan tentang kebangangan yang terserlah di kalangan para pemimpin PAS yang sedang mencari-cari arah kemenangan di Pasir Puteh. Pasir Puteh sedang menunjukkan isyarat yang sangat jelas penolakan terhadap PAS ekoran gelagat wakil rakyat PAS kawasan tersebut yang kuat berskandal dengan bini orang
Keberanian PAS Kelantan nampaknya terserlah kali ini. Mungkin disebabkan DAP tidak mempunyai kuasa di Pasir Puteh menyebabkan PAS Kelantan berani menganiayai SJKC Kai Chih Pasir Puteh yang mengadakan pesta tanglung di dalam kawasan sekolah. Alasan hiburan yang diberikan oleh pejabat tersebut untuk mengenakan tuduhan undang-undang terhadap SJKC Kai Chih sebenarnya langsung tidak relevan.
Pesta tanglung yang diadakan dan disambut oleh sekolah Cina itu pada 15 September 2011, bukanlah sejenis hiburan, sebaliknya merupakan salah satu perayaan agama. Pemimpin PAS yang kebanyakannya buta perut dan tolol tidak dapat membezakan antara hiburan dan upacara keagamaan. Mereka juga tidak dapat membezakan antara majlis yang dibuat di kawasan terbuka dengan di dalam kawasan sendiri.
Kalau itulah contoh yang boleh diperolehi dan dicontohi untuk perlaksanaan hukuman hudud, ternyata PAS dan perundangan ciptaannya itu tidak lebih daripada sebuah kerajaan zalim yang bukan sahaja jahil dan bodoh tetapi juga sangat membuta tuli. Sedangkan PAS mendakwa perundangan hudud yang mereka ingin laksanakan adalah hudud Allah Taala.

Seriously, these Pas people are simply hypocrites.

Thursday 13 October 2011

Guan Eng's cute pet pig

Date : Oct 12 2011
Place : Siang Hai Recreation Centre, Segamat.
Function : DAP MP meet-the-people session

Yup, the spoilt brat was in Johor last night. But this time he did not dare to badmouth Johor - he just get one of his cute pet pigs from Pas to do it.

This particular pet pig of Guan Eng goes by the name of Suhaizan Kaiat. He is the Johor Pas Youth head. He went on stage at the function and knowing Guan Eng was there, spoke about how Singaporeans are very disturbed by the safety situation in Johor. Suhaizan, who is known for his penchant of taunting the police in his speeches parroted the Guan Eng's slur against Johor which got even the Johor Sultan offended.

I am not sure if this Suhaizan is just plain stupid or simply talk without any substance just to get some mileage from Guan Eng and the DAP crowd. Maybe somebody should make this fella sit at the CIQ checkpoint of the Causeway and force him to count how many Singapore-registered cars pass by to Johor in a single day. If Singaporeans are so scared of coming to Johor, then they don't come la. Simple as that. But as usual, Pas people are not so bright, and they will do anything to win the Chinese votes via DAP - even to the point of them having to kiss Guan Eng's butt.

Another Pas personality at the function was Normala Sudirman, who lost in the Tenang by-election, partly due to her husband's false MC claims and her lack of education. The Johor Pas muslimat deputy head probably learn a thing or two about currying favour from the DAP and told Suhaizan to toe the line. More than half of the votes she got at the by-election came from DAP supporters.

My suspicion of these two high ranking Johor Pas officials being mere DAP pet pigs was confirmed when Guan Eng in his speech vowed to the mostly Chinese crowd that DAP will make sure that hudud will never be implemented  in this country. Suhaizan and Normala just sat there and did not say anything. I guess, as far as Pas people in Johor are concerned, they rather have Guan Eng as their Mursydul Am instead of Nik Aziz. After all Guan Eng probably can get them more votes in Johor compared to Nik Aziz and his hudud dream as what happened in Tenang.

Oh ya, before I forgot, is it not Nik Aziz who said that Guan Eng is akin to the legendary Islamic caliph - Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz....hmmm, no wonder lah.

 Pet pigs are cute what....

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Porn, SC and crappy chief minister

The past few days have not been so bad. Why? Few reasons -

1. Anwar's new porn video is out. Quite entertaining. Not the video's actually entertaining just  to observe the BN and Pakatan people slugging it out. The Pakatan people are especially fantastic. The kind of defence they put up for Anwar could embarassed even the most crooked lawyers in the Bar Council roll.

2. Securties Commission told Sime Darby that it does not need to make a general offer for the shares in E&O. That effectively put Kali's gang off the track...for awhile I guess. It's good to know the regulator is functioning a it is supposed to be....even with Zarinah Anwar at its helm.

3. Johor is going to attract even more visitors soon....which probably makes Guan Eng looks even more like a spoilt brat Penang chief minister that he is for badmouthing the southern State. NST got a front page report today about the Pinewood studio, Premium Outlet and Legoland which are well on their way to turn Iskandar Malaysia into a premium leisure and entertainment centre. Honestly, I don't think even Dr Boo Cheng Hau, the Johor DAP chief likes Guan Eng that much after the slur in Singapore episode. Johoreans, irrespective of their political belief are mostly proud of their State.

Monday 10 October 2011

Good stuff, poor marketing

Looks like Anwar has a new porn video. This guy is really something, don't you think so? Nonetheless, I don't think the BN people who handle those videos are very good at their job. A more professional team would had killed off Anwar's political career by now with all those materials.

I think here is where Pakatan cybertroopers are better than their BN rivals. Just imagine if they have a video of Najib having fun like Anwar was having in those videos. BN would be dead by now. In fact, when Tian Chua photoshoped Najib's picture - that was enough to convince some fools that he was guilty of murder. When it comes to convincing people, the Pakatan fellas are simply superb.

Ok, just look at Guan Eng - the evidence clearly proves that he badmouthed Johor, he did apologised for badmouthing Johor. yet, he can still go around telling people he did'nt badmouth Johor. Now, I don't think anyone in BN can beat that.

Well, some will say that people who support Pakatan are much easier to convince.....then again, Umno for instance has that joker Ahmad Maslan as information chief and the hopelessly stupid Rais Yatim as information to win la like that....

BTW, Guan Eng, when are you going to sue Bernama, TV3 and maybe me??? My bet is, you are not going to. It's all just part of the con, is'nt it?

Friday 7 October 2011

A good day - to remember

Ok, The 2012 Budget is out. Everyone seems to get something nice. I don't know what else anyone could complain. Ya, nothing is perfect, but I think Najib did try his best under the circumstances. It's an election budget? Of course it is. What's wrong with that? I am not an expert, but as far as I am concerned it's not such a bad budget. I am particularly happy because the Chinese schools got RM100 million, the same as the other types of schools. As for a more detailed analysis of this budget, please do read what the experts have to say. I am not one of them.

Well, let me end my post today with this tribute to Rachel Corrie, the brave American girl. Something happened to me today which makes me remember her.

Thursday 6 October 2011

It's the same la

Most Malaysians who think their country is bad normally say that they wish our country could be something like Singapore. It is clean, proper and has a good government.
The truth is, there is not much difference between Malaysia and Singapore. Our country is more similar to that republic than any other part of the world. We are like US and Canada. Its just that one is a bit richer and louder than the other.
What problems that we have, Singapore also have. Just that it comes in different forms on both side of the Causeway.

In Malaysia, for instance, we have women problems which prompted Nik Aziz to say this -
In Singapore, they also have women problems like this -
In Malaysia. motorists have problems due to this -
In Singapore, motorists have problems due to this pulak-
See, more or less the same what......

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Bad political videos

Feels like writing about the coming Budget, but everyone seems to be doing it now. Since I am not very good with economics, I think I better leave that to the experts.
Anyway, I just hope that the coming Budget will make life easier for the low income earners, especially those in the urban areas.
I always feels that they are the ones who are always left out. I mean, people like those in the Felda settlements, they already got lots of things given by the government. Despite all that, there are still those who are not happy.  I am not saying that  Najib should forget about them, but please Mr Prime Minister, the urban poor need even more help. Cost of living in the cities is very high these days. At least in the kampung and Felda settlements, people can still plant their own vegetables or keep some chicken in the backyard. Seriously.

Ok, the real thing I want to complain today is the poor quality of local political videos. Some were simply bad and most were done in poor taste.

The few which were done nicely on the other hand got other problems such as putting the banner of the maker so prominently. If you are doing a video for Umno for instance, don't la put a banner declaring that it is done by Umno. Of course like that those who are not from Umno will be put off before they even watch it.

This is an example of one of the worst ones -
So, ok arrr, please, improve the videos. Otherwise, don't post it on Youtube.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

The man they say is evil

Today, I don't feel like writing anything of any particular current interest.
Instead, I decided to post these videos from History Channel on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
This posting is in remembrance of my late father, who was born in the same year as him.

The first four parts of these video recordings were about Dr Mahathir's early days which I like most as they remind me of my father's stories which he told me about those days when he was a young man.

Monday 3 October 2011

My favourite Chinese school

Nope, I am not making a Guan Eng joke today.
Just want to pay tribute to this great school.

Sorry to those who don't understand Mandrin. It is actually about the history of the Chung Hwa (Primary and Secondary) School in Kluang. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad visited the school in 1982 and 1986 and it was well recorded in those videos. Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman laid down the foundation of its new building a few years after he became the Johor MB.

This school should have been closed down if it is in Singapore. PAP, the father of DAP can't tolerate dissent even among the Chinese population. They closed down the Chinese schools in Singapore because they were the breeding ground of the leftist political elements on the island in the formative years of the republic.

DAP seems the same to me. They only support the Chinese education system in this country because it is for now beneficial for their political interests. How many Chinese schools are built or financially supported by DAP? Anyone?

Sunday 2 October 2011

Guan Eng's cup of tea

Ok Ok, I admit, I had been a bit too harsh on Guan Eng...making fun of him and all.

He said people like me had "misrepresented" him. Well, in my case, I think I did - as far as his choice of entertainment is concerned. Somebody in his office said he was irritated because I keep posting those The Police music video which goes along with his story.  He is, after all not a fan of the Police like me.

It turned out that this is the kind of entertainment that he likes -

Sorry arr Guan Eng.

Saturday 1 October 2011

Moron in the limelight

Ooops....wrong picture...that one despite looking like an idiot after being slapped in the face for being a crap Chief Minister is not THE MORON....that one is a spoilt brat liar.

This one is THE MORON in the limelight (you all see the light or not?) -

His profile -
Name : Gwee Tong Hiang

Address : Wisma DAP Muar No. 48-28, Jalan Sakeh Baru Taman Sakeh Baru 84000 Muar, Johor.

Age : 43 years old
Post : DAP's State Assemblyman of Bentayan, Muar

Older drama : Refused to wear a songkok while attending the opening of Johor State Assembly despite the presence of the Almarhum Sultan June 2008.

Latest drama : Membership suspended for six months by DAP for misusing party's fund to buy a lorry for his company. Suspension effective Sept 24 2011

Now in the limelight : Hailed as DAP hero today (a week after suspension) for claiming to have turned down a lucrative BN's offer to jump the fence.

Why I call him a MORON ? Because he made it so obvious that he is THE MORON.
Wei, at least wait la a bit after the suspension before making such a claim. What? You think this is Hongkie drama ka? Everything so convenient. Eh, MORON, nowadays people watch Korean drama lar. The plot more complicated. Simple plot like - hero fall from grace, then hero redeemed himself within a week - does not work anymore lah. People want better quality drama you know. You should hire at least Namawee la become the director - then only people want to believe one.

Ohh, just now one handsome gantleman called said BN should lodge a police report against this MORON. Told him no need lah. Why layan this type of DAP clowns.

But if you all BN people want to go ahead and lodge a police report, then go ahead lor. Knock yourself silly.  Well, kinda fun also....first got to see Guan Eng behaving like an idiot, now this time got to see this MORON kena fry pulak.

OK, you all BN people go ahead and lodge a police report. I want to listen to this very nice song. The singer is an Ipoh Mali boy. Always proud of Malaysian singers who made it big overseas :

See, even this music video got better drama, right?