Sunday 30 December 2012

2012 wrap-up

It is the end of the year and I'm going away. Been busy preparing for my departure.

Since I got some time now before going to sleep, I think I better do a wrap-up for the year 2012.

First, for perspective purposes, this is the wrap-up of this blog for 2011 - Another year ends - a recap

To make it easy for the wrap-up, I think it is better for me to identify the most significant posting of each month instead of me doing my usual rambling which may bore everyone.

Remembering the good old man of Bukit Serene

Cooking Lynas-style nonsense for Pengerang

Racial extremists endangering Chinese schools

The so-called peaceful protest in KL

DAP's Malay window dressings

Cute hardworking Japanese and stupid Malays

Are we sure things are so awful? 

Malaysian Insider's monkey sources

My Johor

Purple Cat's analysis - Pakatan's targets in Johor

Umno's only option


Well, those were my choices of this blog's significant postings this year. They are significant because I wrote them either due to a very important issue at that time or it marked a significant event in my life.

Oh, for the most significant picture of 2012, my choice is this one -

As for the future, I intend to give more thoughts to each posting instead of impromptu writings which is my current practice. I will also stop being so personal in this blog - so, no more boyfriend stories or any such nonsense like that.

A senior blogger had told me that my blog is so full of fluff, causing it not to be taken seriously by the blogging community. I guess he is right. I am nothing as a blogger compared to those big time sopo bloggers like Rocky, Apanama, Big Dog, A Voice, etc.

So, from now on Big Cat is going to try to be a serious sopo blogger too. Not so much to win over appreciations, but rather more to stay relevant among at least my fellow bloggers. Of course, that is if I can find the time to write at my new place....and if I find being a serious sopo blogger is not too boring.

Otherwise, I may just turn this blog into something else. Maybe an entertainment or food blog. See lah how.

Ok, a bit of light music will be nice to wrap up the year, isn't it?

Cheers everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Friday 28 December 2012


Received the offer letter from the university yesterday.

Looks like I'm going to Taiwan before the general election after all.

Well, good also. Maybe I can celebrate CNY there.

I don't think I have to worry about BN losing the GE anymore. Things seem to be swinging their way over the past weeks as the GE draws near. The latest report I read in the NST this morning is that the MACC is probing the timber land given to the Perak DAP cousins Nga and Ngeh by the Pas Kelantan government. I believe more dirt is coming out of that.

I'm quite sure now BN will win and improve from the disasterous 2008 election. They may even reduce Pakatan states to just Penang and Kelantan.

The only thing I'm not sure is whether BN will get back the two third majority. I hope they get it as Najib will need a strong mandate to affect  the necessary changes for the good of this country.

I hope I can be back here on election day so that I can perform my duty as a citizen. See lah how.

As for this blog, I will try to update it as often as I can after this. I believe I had tried my best with it over the past one year and probably had done some good, but to continue with it as it is now would be impossible once I'm in Taiwan.

Anyway, I still feel this humble blog of mine is just an insignificant anonymous blog. So, not much loss if it is not as active as it used to be. There are many other better sopo blogs you all may follow. Whatever it is, I will still write, but only when I feel necessary to do so.

I don't know how long I will be in Taiwan. Hopefully not too in forever. Well, there's that examination I have to sit which if I failed would mean I have to come back here anyway.

See lah how.

Well, that's all. Today, I have to prepare my travelling arrangements. Until next time ya. Cheers.

Thursday 27 December 2012

Johor DAP discarding its Pakatan baggages

It is not a secret anymore that Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau and Johor PKR chief Datuk Seri Chua Jui Meng are not the very best of friends.

They were till now struggling to settle their differences over the seats allocation between their two parties for the coming general election.

Every time Johor PKR organize a function at their usual venue near the Sutera Mall in Skudai Johor Baru, Dr Boo would be conspicuously missing despite the place being in his constituency. This is so even if the function is attended by DS Anwar Ibrahim, the de factor leader of Pakatan.

Johor DAP being the stronger party, courtesy of the perceived strong support of the Chinese community does not really feel the need to accommodate its PKR Pakatan partner. It now feels strong enough to win enough parliament and state seats in Chinese majority constituency without the need of PKR which doesn't even have a proper election machinery in the State.

Dr Boo knows that there is no way Pakatan could take over Johor, so concentration of the DAP now is for it to win as many seats, particularly parliamentary seats, as possible in Chinese majority areas. For that, DAP would not back off from demands by PKR to put their candidates in constituency with significant number of Chinese voters. Those must be reserved for DAP as it feels that victory is guaranteed if a candidate from the party is fielded there.

Former MCA man Jui Meng himself had find it hard to settle down on which constituency he is going to contest. His attempt to go back to his former stronghold Bakri had been thwarted, not only by Dr Boo, but by none other than the all powerful DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng. Guan Eng would not back down on this as Bakri is now a DAP seat. True to itself, DAP is not going to let go of what it has.

Next, Jui Meng tried to move to Gelang Patah, another Chinese-majority area said to be ripe for Pakatan's picking. This plan however hit a snag as half of Gelang Patah is Skudai which is Dr Boo's stronghold and it was made known to Jui Meng that if he insisted to contest there, the Dr Boo's people will make sure he suffered such an embarrassing defeat that it will end his political career for good.

In 2008, Pakatan fielded a PKR candidate in Gelang Patah. The Malay lady doctor lose despite the groundswell against the BN government at that time. It was said that Pakatan would had won the seat if a Chinese DAP candidate was fielded in the constituency with 53 per cent Chinese voters. Johor DAP sources had indicated that Dr Boo is likely to contest the seat himself in the coming election to pave his way to national-level politics.

As for Jui Meng, it is most likely that he has to settle with contesting in Segamat against MIC deputy president Subramaniam. He will needs lots of luck to make any impact there.

Johor DAP is also in the process of discarding other baggages which may spoilt its quest to win as many seats as possible with the support of the Chinese community in the state.

Realizing the liabilities posed by Pas with its hudud dream and other Islamic agenda, Johor DAP is now in the process of distancing itself from the party, at least just in the State, so as not to spook its non-Muslim supporters.

In the latest development, Dr Boo's deputy, Norman Fernandez wrote several stinging attacks against Pas in his blog. He even wrote to a pro-BN blogger about the dastardly behaviour of the Pas people here -


These moves to go on their own was ingenious of Johor DAP. Dr Boo being known as one of those rare independent minded DAP leader was said to have just shrugged his shoulders when inquired by Guan Eng's people about the antics of Fernandez. 

Guan Eng, despite agreeing with Dr Boo on the Jui Meng issue was said to be quite displeased with Dr Boo's tactics of distancing Johor DAP from Pas. A conflict with Pas could seriously damage the party's electoral chances at national level, especially in other states, such as Selangor and Perak.

Dr Boo had nonetheless been sticking to his plan of solely winning as much support for the party from the large Chinese community in Johor. He is willing to sacrifice the alliance with Johor Pas and PKR as the alliance is now more of a liability than anything else for Johor DAP.

Dr Boo also knows that the attempt to use Johor Pas to break up the Malay vote bank had failed. The Johorean Malays, except for a few pockets here and there are more or less now solidly behind BN.

On top of failing that objective, all the noises of Pas' hudud dreams and other Islamic aspirations were also said to be scaring away the non-Muslim voters including the Chinese. 

Dr Boo, being a practical doctor that he is, realized this and is cutting Johor DAP's losses.

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Guan Eng shouldn't used God as bait for votes

As I had explained in my last posting, I found that it was despicable for DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng to play up the Christians' religious sentiments on Christmas eve to win more votes for his party in the coming general election.

By playing around with the word "Allah" to fish for votes, Guan Eng had also indicated that it's ok to offend the sensitivities of Muslims as the way he had presented the issue, the Muslims are supposed to be the ones who need to be educated on the matter. Blogger Helen Ang, who has been closely following the development of this issue had given samples of how Guan Eng's followers had taken this line of argument to support him -

“Jesus son of Allah”, kata dema dah

Again, I would very much like to know if Guan Eng is really a Christian that he became so sibuk with raising this issue despite knowing its sensitivities? I would also like to know if the ordinary Christians who had all these while been referring to their God as God really want to change their God's name to the Arabic "Allah" name? 

This whole thing actually reminds me of a conversation I had many years ago with a close Christian friend. We were in college and the conversation took place as we were waiting for our bus to go home after class. The main topic of our discussion was Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses and the subsequent death sentence imposed on the writer by Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini.

At that time the once popular singer and later on Muslim-convert Cat Stevens had came out with a statement which was defined by the Western press as supporting the death sentence against Rushdie. Cat Steven who is also known as Yusof Islam had despite his denial of that accusation then became the subject of vilification by those who supported Rushdie, including my friend.

"I think Cat Stevens is the Anti-Christ," he said.

"I don't think so la. Cat Stevens is a good Muslim and being one he should be aware that Christ is the second greatest prophet in Islam, just after Muhammad. There is no way that he can be the Anti-Christ," I replied.

My friend was dumbfounded. It turned out that he didn't know that Christ is considered as a great prophet by the Muslims. I have to admit that my religious knowledge of even my own religion was not very extensive but I tried my best to explain to my friend that Islam is not some sort of voodoo or anything hostile or evil like the Anti-Christ.

My friend is now a top notch editor of a pro-Pakatan media organization.

Again, I need to caution you all dear readers that I'm not a religious expert or anything like that but when it comes to sensitive subject matters such as the "Allah in Bible issue", I think we should not get it all mixed up with politics. 

Guan Eng may not give a shit to what are the consequences of his statement which tries to portray Christianity as being oppressed by the BN government. All he care about was the Christians' vote for his party. I however would like to implore on you all to be more sensible on this. There are still a lot that we do not know about each others and therefore matters considered as sensitive, particularly concerning religion and race should be avoided from being manipulated for selfish reasons such as what Guan Eng was trying to do.

As for who is Jesus Christ to Muslims, here is a simple explanation I took from -

What Do Muslims Believe about Jesus?

Muslims respect and revere Jesus (peace be upon him).  They consider him one of the greatest of God’s messengers to mankind.  The Quran confirms his virgin birth, and a chapter of the Quran is entitled ‘Maryam’ (Mary).  The Quran describes the birth of Jesus as follows:
 (Remember) when the angels said, “O Mary, God gives you good news of a word from Him (God), whose name is the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, revered in this world and the Hereafter, and one of those brought near (to God).  He will speak to the people from his cradle and as a man, and he is of the righteous.” She said, “My Lord, how can I have a child when no mortal has touched me?” He said, “So (it will be).  God creates what He wills.  If He decrees a thing, He says to it only, ‘Be!’ and it is.” (Quran, 3:45-47)
Jesus was born miraculously by the command of God, the same command that had brought Adam into being with neither a father nor a mother.  God has said:
 The case of Jesus with God is like the case of Adam.  He created him from dust, and then He said to him, “Be!” and he came into being. (Quran, 3:59)
During his prophetic mission, Jesus performed many miracles.  God tells us that Jesus said:
 “I have come to you with a sign from your Lord.  I make for you the shape of a bird out of clay, I breathe into it, and it becomes a bird by God’s permission.  I heal the blind from birth and the leper.  And I bring the dead to life by God’s permission.  And I tell you what you eat and what you store in your houses....”  (Quran, 3:49)
Muslims believe that Jesus was not crucified.  It was the plan of Jesus’ enemies to crucify him, but God saved him and raised him up to Him.  And the likeness of Jesus was put over another man.  Jesus’ enemies took this man and crucified him, thinking that he was Jesus.  God has said:
 ...They said, “We killed the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, the messenger of God.” They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but the likeness of him was put on another man (and they killed that man)...  (Quran, 4:157)
Neither Muhammad  nor Jesus came to change the basic doctrine of the belief in one God, brought by earlier prophets, but rather to confirm and renew it.1

Let me ends this posting with a song by Cat Stevens -

Monday 24 December 2012

DAP's Muslim allies in a fix on Christmas eve

I really thought I can lay off politics over the next one or two days due to the Christmas holiday, but no such luck, apparently.

I just read Helen Ang's posting

DAP wants the ‘Allah’ word for Christians

and it made me conclude that DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng will not stop at anything to make sure his party get as many votes as they can for the coming general election. That is, even if he has to create ill will among the people on Christmas eve.

I am not sure what is Guan Eng's religion, but the way he delivered his Christmas message, he sure sounds as if he is very concerned about the rights of Christians to use whatever words to describe their God.

He does not seems to care that the demand for the use of "Allah" in Bible is a sensitive issue among Muslims in the Peninsular. 

Of course the reason why Guan Eng raised the issue on the eve of Christmas was political. There was no two way about that. It's to appear that Christians in this country were being oppressed and denied their rights.

The target audience of that issue in my opinion were actually Christians in Sabah and Sarawak , especially the bumiputera of that faith who had for years been using the word Allah in reference to their God. Guan Eng message was made, so that they will see the evil Barisan Nasional government as suppressing their co-religionists in the Peninsular. It's all for their votes, of course.

As if the ordinary Christians in the Peninsular really care about using the word "Allah" to refer to their God.

It appeared that Guan Eng doesn't even seems to care about the consequences of his bait for the Christians in Sabah and Sarawak to DAP's Muslim allies in PKR and Pas.

Muslims in PKR and Pas should know that raising the "Allah in the Bible" issue so close to the general election could prove fatal for them who will mostly contest in Malay Muslim dominated constituencies in the Peninsular.

In an immediate réaction, Pas Youth Chief Nasaruddin Hassan Tantawi questioned Guan Eng's wisdom in raising the issue now.

Well Nasaruddin, you really think that Guan Eng gives a damned what you and your stupid Malay Muslim gang in Pas have to say? You think Guan Eng will let go of any opportunity for DAP to get extra Christian votes even if he has to sacrifice Muslim votes for Pas? 

Sorry to say this la - You all Malay Muslims of Pakatan are really not intelligent at all la....ok, that's me being polite.....actually what I really want to say is that you all Malay Muslims of Pakatan are &%*%#&%%#$%^$@#$#%!!!!!

Election wish on Christmas eve

It's Christmas eve.

My Chinaman had went off to spend the holiday with his family. They are Taoists but celebrate Christmas a bit, just for fun. I declined to follow him as I wanted him to have time of his own, especially with his elderly mum and dad.

I now hope the general election to be held after the Chinese New Year. Want to spend a peaceful celebration with him. If the election is held before that, I can't really imagine what kind of CNY we are going to have. If BN wins, he would not be very happy. If Pakatan wins, I would not likely feel that I want to celebrate anything for a very long long time. I don't think the environment will be condusive to celebrate anything with Pakatan in power.

Anyway, I decided to take a long drive today to a place which holds lots of memories for me.

Maybe I will stay there for tonight and meet up with all my old friends there. Been quite awhile since I was last there. The first thing I will do once I reached there is to stop at the Malay restaurant under a tree which is my favourite. Its grilled catfish and air asam along with sayur tumis air are the best.

Ok, need to go now.

To the good Christians and others who celebrate Christmas

Cheers everyone :-)

Sunday 23 December 2012

Malaysian women power saves even the DAP

As I read the NST sports pages earlier this morning, I became even more convinced that Malaysian women are definitely better than their men at everything. They are the ones who will ultimately make sure this country moves in the right direction, not the men.

There was the story of squash queen Nicol David who won her seventh World Open title at the age of 29.

She beat much younger players on the way to the title  amidst talks of her reign coming to an end due to age factor. Casting those doubts aside, Nicol looked and played as she always had, with amazing skills, consistency and discipline. That's the traits which set her apart from her male compatriots in sports. The closest it get for an active Malaysian sportsman with those qualities is badminton player Lee Chong Wei.

There was also the story of 16-year-old Natasha Roslan who won the Milo International Masters Championships in Bandar Sunway yesterday.

The report said Natasha beat a host of experienced international players including four members of the South Korean national team. In the all-graded-bowler stepladder final, she defeated Singapore's Vincent Lim. Yes, she beat a man...and a Singaporean at that. Eh, Singaporean men won the AFF Asean Football championship, which Malaysian men lose, ok? The story of that in the same newspaper today.

Natasha is a protégée of national bowler Shalin Zulkifli. See, Malaysian women even pass down their skills to the younger ones so that they may continue to do well.

Malaysian men were just the opposite. Most of them tend to be very selfish, egoistical, and full of crap.

In sports, we may observe how very talented Malaysian sportsmen got wasted once they attained success. They were simply overwhelmed with the glamour and rewards and ended up as one championship wonder before disappearing from the scene. Too many of these lah.

It's the same in politics.

Most male Malaysian politicians tend to be so full of crap. Talk so much but do nothing. In some cases, they attained high positions but did nothing. Then once they lost the post, they started to complain about this and that. One particular guy even became the Deputy Prime Minister only to royally screwed it up before later on bitching non-stop like a whore saying he should be the Prime Minister instead. DPM also cannot handle, want to be PM some more....some men really have the nerves lah.

Honestly, I think it's a pity that Rafidah Aziz was of the same era as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who, in my opinion, is the only few Malaysian male politicians who truly deserves his place. Otherwise I think Rafidah would had made a very good PM. Of course she is not perfect, but she is definitely better than that male PM wannabe I mentioned above.

Well, come to think of it, even the few good male politicians were actually what they are because they have a strong and steady influence of a good woman in their life. Mahathir has Dr Siti Hasmah. I think without her, Dr Mahathir would not be as good as he is as a leader. He may even stray, ok? The handsome old man can be quite naughty and cheeky sometimes. You know lah, naughty and cheeky men, if not controlled by a good woman can go out of control, isn't it? For comparison, just look at that PM wannabe fella, the wife is so obedient and blur that he ended up going around town doing funny stuff....allegedly with not only women but also men...really yuck, isn't it?

Really la, I think even the fact that DAP was considered as the only party which is assured of doing well in the coming GE13 was due to the power of a strong woman. The heroine in this instance is Betty Chew, of course. If she had not thrown that ashtray and injured Guan Eng's forehead, he would had probably lose it all and with that brings down the whole party with him.

Maybe, once Pakatan, with DAP as the boss takes over Putrajaya, they can create a new sport - ashtray throwing. Just for girls only, ok?

Saturday 22 December 2012

DAP guys also want to be rich

So, the Perak DAP cousins Ngah and Ngeh had admitted their involvement in a timber business in Pas-ruled Kelantan. I read the report in NST today.

They said the whole deal was all transparent. It's not as alleged that they got the deal to let the funny Pas guy Nizar become Perak MB, so they said. Ok lah, if they said so...whatever.

Anyway, I do wonder why they vehmently denied the whole thing at first. If everything was transparent, why not just say so?

Ya, what's wrong with DAP politicians becoming timber tycoons, right? In fact, they said they had done such "investments" before, and therefore probably they already are timber tycoons. Cool men...what you think? MCA people only want to be rich ka?

What however I really  don't like about the whole thing was that the cousins, despite finally admitting wanting to be rich, threatened to sue anyone who discuss the issue.

Discuss also cannot ka? Why so teruk one. You want to be rich, got timber project some more and you don't want people to say anything...too much la like that. Want to lodge police report some more, citing Section 8A of the Printing and Presses Act some more. Eh, I thought you all DAP people want that provision removed? Want better Press freedom, you said. What lah.

Well, Ngah and Ngeh are in all likelihood already timber tycoons. Nizar how? I think the cousins probably laughing behind Nizar's back when he was fighting like crazy to keep his Toyota Camry. They probably have their own fleet of Mercedez in their garage.

Here is my favourite picture of the three of them. Nizar really look like Amat the driver of some towkey here....what to do, nasib Melayu like that lah.

Monitoring Khazanah bullies while dreaming of the Bund

Was halfway writing a posting about Khazanah's latest weird ding dong down south in my beloved  Johor when my source called and asked me to hold it back. 

Normally I would not entertain such a request, but since the guy is a friend and one of my most valued sources, I decided to do as he asked. Furthermore he said he was trying to protect an innocent individual.

Ok, I'm willing to wait and see how the whole thing unfold. It's not that I have anything personal against Khazanah. It's just that I hate bullies. I hate people who think they can do whatever they want just because they have power and money.

Hopefully, I don't have to finish that posting. It's too near the election for that kind of nonsense. See lah how.

Now that I got nothing solid to write for today, I just want to be laid back and not be too stressed out. Anyway, I haven't fully recovered from my illness and is still under medication.

No politics this time. I'm too tired for that tonight.

Something pleasant instead.

Just a picture of the Bund at night...a time and place which I shall never forget. Sorry ya, this one is personal. 

Friday 21 December 2012

They were made ugly for a reason

Woke up with a very sore throat. Drank half a bottle of mineral water to ease the pain. At least no longer feeling feverish.

Too early to do anything else, so decided to write a bit. Surfed the other blogs for some inspirations, but couldn't find anything really interesting.

Got to the Mole and there was some sort of an analysis about the jokers involved in dishing out statutory declarations accusing Najib and Rosmah of all sorts of nonsense.

Well, why bother lah? First of all that's an old stale story being reheated by the Pakatan people. Secondly,  just look at the clowns. Really ugly and of dubious characters. Their stories were straight forward tales of con job out of Tamil movies. Anyone who believes in them deserve to be conned by the Pakatan crooks, period.

This one most of the time looks like a drunk gangster wannabe, right? -

And this one looks like an overweight bitchy LGBT -

So, still want to believe them?

Well, up to you all lah. But do consider this, if one day your lovely daughter brings home one of these dudes and tells you she wants to marry the ugly fella, would you let her?

Being ugly is still ok, but being ugly and shady looking is not ok. Made one look evil lah. God made them look like that for a reason, I think - to warn us.

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Drugged and crazy

Down with very bad fever again today. Coughing like crazy.

Took some medication and was stoned throughout the day. Stuck in this hotel room and feeling very frustrated. I'm supposed to work.

Well, can't write much. Most of the time whenever I tried to write while under the influence of drugs, I tend to be very crazy and later on regret what I wrote.

For instance, at this very moment I feel like writing a story about Anwar mistaking Guan Eng for a China doll, something like that.....urgh, better not......too disgusting even for a joke.

Ok, I better leave you all with a nice song instead.

Need to sleep now. Till I'm ok again ya. Good night.

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Throwing tantrum at the Press

A Penang-based journalist friend just told me that she had attended a Press conference by DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng and his father Kit Siang yesterday.

It was supposed to be a post-mortem Press conference for the just concluded DAP's 16th congress. The whole thing however turned into a BN and media bashing session.

"Guan Eng was like going on and on for almost an hour about (PM) Najib has no right to criticise DAP for not having a properly elected Malay in the CEC and how the media were out to get him and his party over the whole thing,"she said.

My friend who is a Chinese sounded really exasperated when she related to me what happened at the Press conference.

"We hardly managed to ask any question as Guan Eng was so intent on pouring his unhappiness over the issue. He didn't even answer our questions on how the CEC election results had turned out like that."

She said Guan Eng shouldn't had blamed the media for its coverage of the issue as that was the most newsworthy item at that party congress last weekend.

"He can't be telling us to just write how wonderfully democratic and multi-racial DAP is while that was hardly the case."

Well, nothing new there. Guan Eng has always been like that. Anwar Ibrahim is no better. Remember how he controled the MSM in an iron grip when he was the DPM? Ask the more senior reporters la if you are too young to know. The guy haven't change, ok? Still as arrogant as ever. Give him the power and you all will know la.

If all those journalists think Pakatan as government means better Press freedom, then they are really naive. To all those Malaysiakini reporters wearing the yellow ribbon badge, you all are so clueless la. You all are as partisan as the MSM journalists.  Just from different side. Don't be so perasan lah that you all are independant and not beholden to any side. Swallow that.

Sunday 16 December 2012

Treating the Malays with disdain

I am not a hardcore Malay nationalist, not an Umno member (or any other party), and have no plan to be actively involved in Malay-based organizations.

I don't even like Malays such as Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa gang.

However, I do care for the survival of the Malay culture and identity as well as its future as a community. I take great offence when others maliciously insulted or exploited the Malays.

I feel that the Malays as a whole have never been mean to others. Collectively, they are arguably the most docile people in the world. They never disturb others unless provoked.

Maybe due to their rather easy going attitude, the Malays are regarded by others as being less competitive, not sufficiently intelligent, and even lazy.

As it is with the ways of this world, being nice is good, but overdoing it may end up with others taking advantage and try to exploit that niceness to the maximum.

Being nice has always been interpreted by not so nice people as a sign of weakness. And weak people have always been regarded as pathetic and treated with contempt.

What happened at the DAP Congress in Penang the past two days was exactly how pathetic the Malays could be regarded by others and the contemptuous manner they were being treated should serves as a reminder of what the Malays' future could be in not that distant future.

Being a Malay, I could not help but feel sad as I watched the few Malay delegates at the DAP congress went up on stage to savage the Umno/BN government which had all these while been trying its best to look after the interests of the Malays who are still the least well off among the races in this country.

True, that government do have weaknesses and not perfect, but to accuse it of being totally evil and corrupt? As if it has totally failed this country? Is the current government that bad? Be honest la? Is our country among the worst in this world?

Maybe those Malay DAP speakers were taking the cue from DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng who in his opening speech made such accusations, alleging that Umno/BN had for 55 years been robbing the country and pushed it to the brink of bankruptcy. Probably those Malays want to prove to the other delegates that they are as DAP in spirit as the rest of them.

Well, they did get the applause from the floor. I guess, nothing is more satisfying than watching your enemy being spit upon by their own kith and kin.

But, as we all know now, when it comes to what really matter, the other DAP members only regarded those Malay DAP people as just the pathetic Malays that they are. They are only fit to be the token Malays in the party leadership.

It's the worst humiliation when two of them were appointed to the central executive committee after none of the eight who contested came even close to get elected.

It is racism, pure and simple. The Malays were reduced to filling up a quota in a party which claims itself to be multi-racial.

All those DAP's talks about "the time is ripe to discard racial politics" were just hypocrisy at its worst.

All those Malays in Pas and PKR should see all these as what awaits them if they insist on their current path. Or are they too blinded?

Melayu jokers of DAP (updated)

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng had just announced the appointment of Ariffin SM Omar and Zairil Khair Johari into the CEC.

Well, something like token Malays la.

The two guys must had been born with some rhinoceros genes to have such thick skin to accept the appointments.

They are what we Malays called - Melayu tak tau malu.

EErrr....that Zairil is a Malay or not? Some people said he is not.....don't know lah....

You all can read the main results of the DAP central executive committee (CEC) election in the newspapers. It's the same old same old father and son dominating the party.

What I want to briefly highlight here is the fate of the eight Malays who contested to be leaders in that self-proclaimed multi racial party.

First, bear in mind that the last placed elected CEC member at number 20 of the 68 contestants is one of the Perak infamous cousins, Ngeh Koo Ham with 824 votes.

The following are the Malay DAP members who tried their luck, their placing in the contest and number of votes.

At number 37 - Ariffin SM Omar                  - 348 votes
At number 38 - Ahmad Ton                        - 347 votes
At number 40 - Zairil Khair Johari                 - 305 votes
At number 43 - Zulkifli Mohd Noor                - 216 votes
At number 53 - Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji - 121 votes
At number 58 - Solaiman OP Syed Ibrahim      - 93 votes
At number 62 - Roseli Abdul Ghani                 - 39 votes
At number 63 - Harun Ahmad                        - 28 votes

Note : Candidates 64 to 68 pulled out of the race at the final hour, making Harun the last placed candidate among those contested.

Ok, now you have seen the writings on the wall. I'm not going to waste my energy explaining what it tells us about the Malays in DAP. You draw your own conclusion lah about those jokers.

Also please note that only three non-Chinese were among the 20 elected CEC members. They are Karpal and son Gobind, as well as M. Kula.

Friday 14 December 2012

Me and a Penang taxi driver

A conversation in a taxi in Georgetown this morning -

Me :  Apamacam Penang sekarang boss? Saya sudah sepuluh tahun tak mari sini.

Taxi driver : Oh, sini sekarang sangat bagus. You tengok, sangat bersih bukan. Ini DAP government very good. Tak macam dulu.

Me : Ya lah, macam mana mereka buat ya?

Taxi driver : Sekarang har, itu cleaners semua boleh buat overtime. Satu hari dua kali kasi bersih tepi jalan. Dulu depa income tak sampai seribu, sekarang dua ribu pun boleh dapat satu bulan.

Me : Wah, itu macam mesti semua orang Penang happy la ya.

Taxi driver : Betul. Ini DAP government memang bagus. Yang penting kita punya government mesti tak ada rasuah. Kalau kita punya government tak da rasuah kita suma boleh jadi kaya tau. Itu MACC mesti independent. Tak ada orang lain control. Macam itu dekat Hong Kong, banyak bagus. You tengok sekarang aaa itu BN banyak rasuah. Bukan sikit punya. Sudah ratus ratus million. Itu semua orang BN tak ada ethic la.

Me : Ya lah....errr boss sudah sampai la....

Gave taxi driver RM10.

After awhile...

Me : Errrr...boss, saya bagi RM10 tadi, itu metre cuma RM5.60. Balance?

Taxi driver : Oh, sini you naik taxi saja sudah kira RM10 paling sikit. Mau ikut metre itu susah mau cari makan la. Tak apa, saya bagi awak resit, you boleh claim sama you punya boss.

Taxi driver busy writing a receipt and gave it to me.

Me : Errr...boss, apasal you tulis RM12. Saya cuma bayar RM10.

Taxi driver : Tak apa, itu macam nanti you claim sama you punya boss you sudah untung RM2. You untung, saya pun untung.

Me : Oh, itu macam ka....okay lah. much for ethics.

Thursday 13 December 2012

Malaysian football strategy

First they made our players trained on a padi field.

Then they got a crazy Korean as referee. The guy single-handedly won the match for Thailand by reducing Malaysia to 10 men for most of the match.

But then again, I think Malaysia would had lose the game anyway.

Here was what appeared to be the Malaysian strategy -

* Thailand has the advantage of away goal and Malaysia needed to score.
- Strategy : One striker up front, the rest defend.

* One player red carded.
- Strategy : Defend even more.

* Start the second half with just ten players.
- Strategy : Continue to defend.

* Down by one goal
- Strategy : Still continue to defend.

* Down by two goal
- Strategy : Errrr....defend some more...

* Ten minutes remaining of the game with Malaysia down by 3-1 aggrigate
- Oh, ok, now can attack. Bring in extra striker.


The only one in the Malaysian team who played well was the goalkeeper Farizal Malias.

If not for him Malaysia could had lose at least 6-0. The two that passed him were due to defensive errors.

Well, Malaysian football back to square one, I guess.

The continuing lower middle income tale

In my last posting, The lower middle income needs love I wrote about how those in the lower middle income group, such as myself are feeling left out by the government's initiatives to improve the people's life.

Really, we pay our income tax and contribute much to the country's economy, yet when it comes to getting reliefs from the government, I believe we are the ones who are getting the least.

Thus, many from my income group are not really that supportive of the government. They are also the ones who are most susceptible to believe in all those things being peddled by the Pakatan people. All those assistance given by the government which enabled them to raise from their lower income background to where they are now were forgotten.

It is not that they are really suffering from any real economic deprivation, but when they have to put up with things such as paying up to 20 per cent of their hard earn salary to the IRD, they don't really like it. And when the government gave out all those money to others, they don't like it even more.

When the Pakatan people come to them with all those stories of BN's evilness and dastardly acts, they so eagerly want to believe them. This government who treated them like some neglected middle child must be evil, they thought.

Well, still have the Honda Civic, apartment in Subang, and relatively ok lifestyle with occasional dining at some expensive Japanese restaurant in Sri Hartamas.

But still, so geram la. Just want to support Pakatan to spite those BN/Umno people. They only take care of their kind of people only, never care about people like us. Ya, and that Rosmah Mansor is supposed to be some sort of an evil woman what....hmmmm...must be true la.....

Hmmm....let's see what the Pakatan people have specifically in store for the much suffering lower middle income people.....errr.....errrr....nothing also la. They are also making all the populist moves, such as trying to capture the votes of the Felda settlers and lower income earners. Of course they talk a lot la. But, their promises look even less promising than those of the BN's.  Their promises were in fact even more populist in nature.

What? Anwar Ibrahim promising free education at university level? Eh, we pay the tax okay, why want to spend it spoon-feeding those kids. Give the money to them but make them pay it back la once they can earn their own keep. The PTPTN is okay what. Fair, you borrow, you pay la. Don't burden us who pay taxes some more, okay. Not only you all don't want to give us much, now want to spend more of the money we pay you in tax, so that you can become more popular. What la.

Guess people like me have to continue fending mostly on ourselves. Never mind. We, the toughest and brightest of Malaysians will survive. Why would I care much about all those useless politicians. We are just going to work for our own betterment. Better this way. At least we are not beholden to anyone.

Well, whatever it is, at least under BN there is not much trouble. Still can cari makan.

Pakatan? Well, you really think DAP and Pas will still be so chummy chummy after they got power? What will be the Malaysian story after they took over? Less corruption? With Anwar and the gang in charge we can have a clean government? Are you sure? Anwar, the Malay studies graduate knows how to handle the economy? He almost sunk the country as finance minister and DPM in the late 1990s, ok? Also got hanky panky, ok?

 Us, the lower middle income people will be better off with Pakatan? I doubt.

The lower middle income needs love

I did a bit of calculation on my friends and dear ones last night. The sum up made me realised that they are made up of more Pakatan inclined people than BN.

Even my Chinaman is DAP-inclined.

Among my nine siblings -three brothers are hardcore Pakatan, another brother totally apolitical, while four sisters being hardcore BN. (Pakatan still wins here because one of my brothers got a large family and his children were all indoctrinated with Pakatan beliefs)

Among my friends, the older more sensible ones mostly supports BN while the younger and idealistic ones supports Pakatan. The younger ones outnumbered the older ones, of course.

Well then again, my circle of friends is not so big and it's confined to the lower middle class section of society, which is largely where the Pakatan support base is strongest. So, it's not really the true reflection of the current balance of influence between the two sides.

Still, I think BN need to work harder in winning over the segment of society in which I belong.

 Irrespective of race, we tend to feel trapped in the lower middle income urban nightmare and have to fend for ourselves all the time. The government seems to be irrelevant in our times of needs.

The government doesn't seems to really care for us as it seems busy with Felda settlers, lower income people and others. Maybe some may think it's not fair for us to think that way, but we can't help it, ok? We do work hard to get to where we are today and what do we get for it from the government?

Yup, if BN really want to break new ground before the GE13 (which should be within two months from now), it should show some love for people like me by doing something to make our life better and that there is a hope for us to further improve it.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

A little Chinese Spring expected in Penang

Something is definitely brewing ahead of the DAP congress in Penang this weekend.

I believe the DAP leadership had miscalculated their level of support within the party by calling for a party election so close to the GE13.

The move was actually meant to dispel allegations that the party was undemocratic as it has several times postponed the party elections.

But what was supposed to be a walk-over for the Lim family's cronies, who hold power via the all powerful central executive committee may turned into a disaster for them.

Factions opposing the Tokong regime now seems set to stage a revolt and likely  successful in seizing key party posts.

The outcome of the Wanita and Youth elections last weekend may well be signs of what's coming - a piece of virtual brick flying into Guan Eng's face.

The most telling was the defeat of Guan Eng's political secretary Ng Wei Aik who contested the powerful Dapsy secretary post.

He lost it to Tan Hong Pin of all people.

Tan, the Johor Dapsy chief is Dr Boo Cheng Hau's closest associate.

As everyone knows, Dr Boo, who is the Johor DAP chief and opposition leader is no friend of Guan Eng. He is up to his nose down in JB fighting Guan Eng's minions in the likes of Gwee Tong Hian of Bentayan and Ong Kow Meng of Senai.

It will be interesting to see if Dr Boo could improve his position in the CEC after Tan's success in Dapsy.

If the undercurrents at the Dapsy and Wanita polls holds true, Guan Eng and his father may find themselves at their wits end to stem the tide of dissent against their family rule in the party.

I'm waiting with great anticipation of what's coming from Penang this weekend.

Monday 10 December 2012

Malays need to be glamour-proof

Watched the Malaysia-Thailand match alone at home. Miss going to the mamak at Bandar Baru Uda in JB with my friends to watch such matches.

Anyway, the 1-1 result was a little disappointing. Now it's quite an uphill task for the team going to Bangkok.

Nonetheless, I think the players tried their best. The goal by Idlan Talaha was superb and it was the result of good team work.

The only faulty part of the team was they started to play a bit too defencive after that goal. Still it was not too bad. The Thai's equalising goal was not really the fault of any players. It was simply good.

Now the Thais not only have home advantage but also away goal advantage. In my humble opinion, Malaysia have no choice but to go all out on the attack when playing in Bangkok. If they play at the same pace as tonight, then I think that's the end of the road for them.

Whatever it is, I think the team this time was not as good as the one which won the last tournament. Although playing not too badly, some look rather jaded. Maybe after winning the tournament last time, they were not so hungry for success anymore. Maybe the glamour back then when they were the champion affected their game to a certain extent.

What happened to Apek the goalkeeper? He was superb back then. Pity.

I hope the team which consists of mostly Malay players will bounce back and erase the suspicion that Malay sportsmen easily wilted under the spotlight of glamour.

Many cases like that la. Successful a bit become big headed. Starts to date some artiste somewhere and behave like one. After awhile their game washed down the drain.

They need to emulate the discipline of Nicol David and Lee Chong Wei.

In politics also Malays need to be more disciplined and not lose their head.

They need to stop being too big headed just because of a little success. Just because now can afford to drink cappuccino in a cafe in Bangsar, they think they are so liberal and canggih. Forgot their root already. Forgot that back then they managed to have what they have now because of the scholarship and quota given to them as Malays.

They need to stop being stupid Malays who want to give away everything which were supposed to be inherited by their descendants just to fit in into the cool liberal set.

Eh....what is this lah....I'm supposed to do a short posting about football and now ended being emo about the future of my Malay race who may one day become extinct because they were too magnanimous.

Segala benda nak bagi orang sebab nak orang puji sikit kita ni baik, liberal, tak rasis etc etc. Kepala kena pijak pun sampai tak perasan. Lagi ditadah suruh orang pijak ada lah. Cakap bodoh, marah....ha, kan aku dah membebel....

Ok. enough lah for tonight. Don't want to be angry angry anymore. Got head ache again. Need to take my medication and sleep. Good night.

Saturday 8 December 2012

I'm not doing as well as Amokh

Slept early last night. I was heavily drugged. Woke up around 4am and felt that the fever had broke.

I think I need to take another short break....just for a while, till I'm fully recovered from my illness.

Anyway, my postings had been a bit too serious lately, which I don't really like. Maybe it's because of my poor health. Made me a crabby girl.

Need to be fun again.

Hmmm...a bit difficult to have fun with news such as Azman Mokhtar solidifying his grip on Khazanah. Honestly, I don't mind the guy that much except for his penchant of placing dubious characters at strategic places such as here -

Stealthily, Malaysia Airports get new directors

I really hope Najib was not making a mistake by agreeing with the extension of his tenure for another three years.

Don't know lah. My mind is too convoluted and tired at the moment to write properly about that.

Then there's the need to be focused on the general election. Can't afford to be side-tracked from that.

Well, for the moment I just want to rest. Hopefully I ll be up and running again within the next few days.

For that, here is a nice sad Japanese song to relax the heart and mind -

Friday 7 December 2012

Sexual liberation after GE13

Been down with a fever and still not feeling well. Need to see doctor tomorrow.

So, tonight I can't write much.

Just want to comment a bit about what Tian Chua, the Batu MP and PKR information chief was saying to the Mole today that the country's law against weird sexual practices under Section 377 of the Penal Code were archaic and irrelevant.

He was supporting the letter by Human Right Watch to PM DS Najib Razak which demanded for Malaysia to revoke laws deemed as discriminating against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans-genders.

Tian Chua was apparently speaking in line with the stand of his party leader DS Anwar Ibrahim who in January openly said that the above mentioned laws were to be reviewed once he comes to power.

I guess the LGBT people will go all out to support Pakatan in the coming GE13. It's a golden opportunity for them to get their lifestyle being accepted as "normal" in this country. It could also pave the way for same sex marriages to be recognized as lawful.

Well, Pas may make some noise over this, but I think it would not do them any good as they had forfeited their Islamic credentials when they agreed to be the junior partner within Pakatan. They currently have the smallest number of seats in Parliament which will also the case in the event Pakatan wins GE13.

I guess Malaysia will be an even freer country after Pakatan takes over....well, that is if you means free, as in anyone can have any type of sex as long as they were adults and consented to whatever perversions they intend to commit.

The above is the picture of Malaysian gay pastor Ngao Boon Lin kissing his African American "husband/wife". They had made it a point to hold their "wedding  reception" in Kuala Lumpur after getting "married" in New York.

Well, I guess after this, an adult man wanting to have sex with a consenting adult potbelly pig would also be allowed under Pakatan rule.

Errr....better check the legal perspective of that one with Ambiga.

But seriously, were LGBT people being prosecuted in this country?

 As far as I  know, the most that were done to them were preventive measures when they tried to promote their lifestyle or when they were involved in illegal activities such as prostitution. Other than that, I think they were treated just like anyone else. 

Ok, sometimes we normal people make fun of them, but we ourselves make fun of each other all the time too what.

Honestly, at the place where you all works, were the LGBT people being discriminated against?

Heck, at the place where I works, the LGBT people were in fact being given preferential treatment some more....I think.

But that will be another story for another day.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Cyber war defects and knives in my back

BN may at the moment gaining ground on almost all fronts as the GE13 draws near, but there is one front which I think they are still losing - cyberspace.

It's a fact that Pakatan cyberwar efforts were better financed, coordinated and executed compared to those of BN.

Guan Eng for instance has a large team of cybertroopers to attack his opponents and defend him when needed. You may observe them in action at this blog. Though not highly intelligent (except for a few), I found them to be quite disciplined and organized.

They also got better vehicles in the likes of Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider, while BN has to depend on pro-establishment MSM's websites which mostly were cumbersome and unattractive. (I'm not talking about The Star website, ok? They are not actually pro-establishment)

One of the reasons I could think of about this defect in BN's machinery was that most of the BN media war efforts were led by old school media functionaries who don't think much of the cyberspace despite what happened to BN in 2008.

For instance, MSM journalists and their bosses mostly don't think much of bloggers, even those who were rated as grade A fighting on their own side. They are after all the professional journalists while those bloggers were seen as amateurs who are encroaching into their territory. Sometimes I don't blame them for having this attitude as certain bloggers behave rather arrogantly. But really lah, all these were such waste. Certain journalists can be quite irritatingly cocky too. These are all about human characters. Got nothing to do about being MSM journalist or blogger.

Sometimes it amazes me that even the most open-minded BN people doesn't quite understand how important it is to win the cyber war. A Press secretary actually asked me the other day whether all these blogs nonsense really have any effect at all.

"Don't you think that it's only just a few people from the same crowd reading the blogs?" he asked.
My answer was, "I think you may want to try the effectiveness of those useless blogs on your boss. I think I can arrange a few of them to attack him and from there we may see whether they are effective or otherwise. Want or not?"

Well, that's aside, what actually triggered me to write this posting was because someone who knows who I am just now challenged me to prove that this blog is worth something. That I can initiate changes beneficial to myself, such as  by exposing several colleagues who have been stabbing my back so that they stop doing so.

Actually, I have limited energy and don't really feel like fighting those backstabbers who were supposed to be from my own side. I just want to be left alone to do my stuff. Cannot ka? So wasteful for me to spend my energy fighting those people....but, if they keep pushing me to a corner, I may be forced to react, forcefully. Let me say, it's going to be quite ugly after that.

After all, I got nothing to lose when it comes to a stupid petty kindergarten office politics fight like that. See lah how.

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Men exploiting God for politics

The following is the first three paragraphs of a story which appeared two days ago in the normally pro-Pakatan Free Malaysia Today - 
KUALA LUMPUR: Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng last night used the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) Penang inter-religious goodwill dinner to criticise Umno, the backbone of the ruling Barisan Nasional.
The event, which was supposed to foster closer relations between the different religions in the country, was turned into a political forum by Lim taking potshots at Umno and the ruling BN.
He also took the opportunity to campaign for the opposition pact, Pakatan Rakyat, saying that the coalition of three opposition parties – PKR, DAP and PAS – has managed to bring about good change since the 2008 general election.

I repeat, the above three paragraphs were not written by me, but by FMT.
For the full article - CM uses goodwill dinner to bash Umno
Ok, for Guan Eng to exploit religious sentiments like that is nothing new. I had previously written about it. And for DAP to turn around and accuse its opponents, especially Umno of doing exactly the same thing they have been doing is also normal. Of course the DAP cybertroopers will come here and raise such hue and cry when it was highlighted by this blog. That one also normal and I expected it.
What however bothers me a lot about the whole thing is, when I called a friend who is a journalist and asked him, why he and his colleagues didn't try to get comments from MCCBCHST on their dinner being turned into Guan Eng's political pulpit, this was his reply -
"We did, but there was this archbishop who is the one in charge of organizing the whole thing who said that they actually sanctioned what Guan Eng said at the dinner."
Upon, reflecting on what my friend  told me, it dawned on me that if MCCBCHST has been truly apolitical, they would't have let such things happened. They should had told Guan Eng such political talks, fused with religion is not what MCCBCHST stands for.
Well, I guess religious men with political ambitions and aspirations in this country were not confined to just Muslims from Pas, after all. 

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Jui Meng the frog shouldn't get over excited

For many years I had witnessed how the opposition seems always been confident of doing well based on the number of people who turned up at their ceramah.

True enough, opposition's gathering were well attended most of the time. Petty traders could even set-up stalls nearby and made roaring business if the merchandise is right.

Yet, time and again they get trounced by BN at the polls. That was until 2008 when there was a groundswell of discontent against the Pak Lah's administration.

So, what was it with the number of people at political gatherings? Why was it not the true reflection of support by the people?

My answer to this -
1. It's the same bunch of people who turned up over and over again at different locations of the opposition ceramah.
2. The crowd consists of people who have nothing better to do and can't afford proper entertainment.

This is particularly true with Malays.

The Chinese would on the other hand only come in droves if there is something to be properly gained from such event.

Ok, I just read an article by Chua Jui Meng, the Chinese political frog who is now heading Johor PKR about how proud he was with the 30,000 crowd at a Pakatan ceramah in Parit Raja, Batu Pahat on Dec 1.

The crowd, whom he described as being mostly Malays were said to be willing to sit in the muddy field in front of the stage and listen with great attention to the likes of himself, Hadi Awang and Anwar Ibrahim. Errr...DAP only send their Mr Bean, Tan Seng Giaw. Johor opposition chief Boo Cheng Hau was also conspicuously missing.

Jui Meng called the whole thing as a sign of "kebangkitan rakyat Johor". Very grand liao.

Well Jui Meng, last time when you was in MCA (become minister some more), of course you can't get that amount of audience. But don't get so excited, over it, ok? Those people you saw that night were mostly fanatical Pas supporters who came from all over the place in Johor, some came all the way from Mersing. They believe that by supporting Pas, they will have easier passage to paradise. So lepaking in a muddy field like buffaloes while listening to conmen like you was nothing to them, ok?

Ya, there were some locals of Parit Raja too, but they were there for the entertainment value lah. If I was in Parit Raja that night, I would probably popped by too, to check out what bullshit Anwar and the gang are selling. Quite fun also what.

Now, these sorts of nonsense would not happened in a Chinese area. You ask them to sit on the muddy field while listening to your dribble and the likelihood is that they will throw the mud at you.

Chinese are not stupid. It's as simple as that.

You want them to listen to you, make sure you had prepared a proper place for them. That's why whenever Jui Meng and his patron saint Anwar Ibrahim went down to JB, they would gather with the Chinese supporters either at a huge Chinese restaurant or in front of the Sutera Mall.

Must have a little makan first, ok?

That was the difference between Chinese and Malay supporters of Pakatan.

Monday 3 December 2012

Pua Kok talk pure cock

There was this report by the pro-opposition Malaysian Insider on the Selangor DAP convention last month where it was said that the party was no longer fully confident Pakatan will retain the state in GE13.

Quoted were its chief Theresa Kok and sidekick Tony Pua who both insisted that BN has been playing dirty by exploiting rural Malays' sentiments on religion, race and royalty.

Hmmm....actually, that's very much like what DAP did in the run-up to the last Sarawak state election two years ago. Of course, Sarawak got no royalty, but race and especially religion were indeed exploited to the maximum by DAP at that time. The end results were urban Chinese-dominated constituencies were now held by DAP while the surrounding bumiputra areas still under BN.

Here is the handsome Lim Guan Eng on the eve of Sarawak polling day talking about Jesus like a pastor to get the christians of Sibu to vote for DAP candidates -

Bear in mind ya, that video was recorded and uploaded to Youtube by members of the so-called Citizen Journalists who are trained and financed by the ultra-pro Pakatan Malaysiakini.

So, now that BN has apparently regained some of its lost support, DAP are turning around to accuse them of using religious sentiments, among others, for political expediency. What a load of crap lah.

I think the Pua-Kok duo, who are christians should be a bit more careful with their accusations.

If you all want to accuse people of using religious sentiments, look at yourselves first la.

Or, look at Pas, your partner who blatantly accused their fellow Muslims of different political affiliation as infidels and apostates.