Monday 30 April 2012

Bersih lady chasing out a Pendatang

Hooliganism takes many forms on that rioting day.

I found this highly entertaining video clip at  Thanks sis.  Pay close attention to her expression near the end of the video.  Priceless.

Sunday 29 April 2012

Punish them at the ballot box (and in court)

I'm now hoping for PM DS Najib Razak to call for the GE13 before the end of next month.

The sooner, the better.

Itching now to cast my vote after what happened in KL yesterday.

Just want to get it over and done with. I think the rakyat who are sensible people would have realised now what kind of people these Pakatan goons are.

The so-called Bersih 3.0 riots really opened the eyes of many, especially those in the middle ground, of the dangers faced by this beautiful Malaysia.

First there are the naive egoistical idiots such as Ambiga who think that the rest of us must abide by what they think is right for this country. They ended up being the willing tools of Pakatan at the rioting yesterday.

Despite the government bending backward to please them, they had insisted to have all their demands fullfiled. During the rioting last year, they were offered stadiums outside of KL but they insisted on Stadium Merdeka. This time they were offered Stadium Merdeka, but NO, they want Dataran Merdeka. There would be no end to what they want, that I'm sure.

Then there are the Pakatan leaders whose modus operandi is simply to exploit everything under the sun to get the power they are craving for. Yesterday, they were the ones who instigated the crowd to break the barrier at Dataran Merdeka which triggered the violence. They want the publicity and to create an impression that the government is evil and repressive.

However, when things got out of hand due to the overzealousness of their supporters, none of them are willing to bear responsibility.

As of now, the Pakatan cybertroopers are working overtime to contain the fallout of what happened yesterday. They tried to blame everyone except people from their side. They even tried to blame the violence on the injured policemen when it was so clear from the evidences that they were the ones who resorted to barbaric and violent behaviour.

Now, there is one way to punish these vermins and their leaders. AT THE BALLOT BOX. We need to make it clear that we do not want leaders who encourage people to go to the streets to get what they want and resort to violence on others who do not subscribe to their idea of what is good for this country.

And as to why the leaders of these mobsters should also be punished by the laws, go to this SatD's posting

The Schelling Incident: Ground Zero of BERSIH 3.0 Riot 

 and watch the video which clearly shows who was the person who instigated the rioters to break through the barricades at Dataran Merdeka which triggered all the violence.

Saturday 28 April 2012

The so-called peaceful protest in KL (additional videos and pictures)

This is a sad day all watch this and judge for yourself.

The police car eventually had an accident in front of Sogo and the policemen inside beaten up by the rioters.  And they instead claimed that the police car ran into one of the rioters.

My prayers are now for the seriously injured policemen at the HKL ICU and their family.


They even hit the policeman on the driver seat after he can't move any more.

And in case anyone still dispute that the rioters did not injure any policemen, watch this -

 Upon a request by a pro-riot commenter, here is the picture of the policeman who drove the mobbed police car as he was dragged away by his "rescuers". Note that the "rescuer" in the yellow t-shirt has his hand on his throat -

And for bonus, this is the picture of Mohamad Azri Salleh, the guy wearing the halmet who tried to help the injured policeman in the car but was beaten up by the rioters. He is a cameraman of TV Al Hijrah.

Friday 27 April 2012

A worried heart (with updates)


Resisted the temptation to call him. He doesn't like me calling him when he is with his friends.

Just send him a text asking whether he was at the demo. He send me a reply - "Nope".  Just that single word. I'm not sure whether to believe him but I have to accept his reply as it was and told him to take care and be safe. Don't want to be the nagging type.

I'm actually still worried. Surfed for more news from KL. Things seems to be quite blur. Blogger Double YY reported that most Chinese demonstrators, who are actually DAP members wearing their yellow "Ubah" t-shirt were at Petaling Streets scaring away the tourists.

I look carefully at the photos and was glad I can't find him among the crowds.

"NST 28/4: Police have started firing tear gas and water cannons at Dataran Merdeka after protestors broke through the barricade in the Bersih 3.0 rally."

So, here we go again...I'm really really praying that he was telling me the truth and not in the middle of this madness.


It's past 3am, woken up from my sleep. It's so hot. Took a shower to cool myself. Checking on the latest on what's happening in KL. Saw some news about the commotion near Dataran Merdeka about midnight.  Some of the demonstrators had already tried to breach the security barrier around the place. They even tried to stop a police bus from going into the area.

I immediately worried about him. Felt like calling him but stopped myself as I don't want to disturb him in case he was sleeping.

Anyway, the reports indicated that almost all the demonstrators who seems so eager and cannot wait till tomorrow to have the demo were Malays. A report even stressed that not a single Chinese was seen in the crowd. So, I don't think he was there.

Of course it's a bit sad to note that when it comes to these sorts of nonsense, it's always the Malays who were more advanced than others. They seems to enjoy these sorts of things and see them as a fun thing. I guess Malays have yet to shed their "minda berhibur" (entertainment mentality?). Probably that's why Harian Metro is their number one newspaper.

Wouldn't it be nice if Malays are also the most advance in other fields such as science and technology etc etc?

I bet, during the demo tomorrow, the Malay idiots will be on the front row again. Good also, that means if he is to be stupid enough to go to the rally, he will be at the back with the other smart Chinamen.

Of course, better still if he just sleep off the whole day at home la...


I'm hoping that he is not going to join the rally at Dataran Merdeka tomorrow.

Of course I'm worried about his safety. That sorts of rally can easily turned violent. But I know he will not listen to me one. Stubborn boy. He said he is hanging out with his best friend that fanatical DAP guy in KL this weekend. And that guy came all the way down from Penang to join the rally. So, he will most  likely join him tomorrow.

I actually got all stressed up about this today. He didn't say he is going to join the rally but he didn't deny it either when I asked him. All I can manage was making a sad face. Can't ask too much. He can be quite garang some times.

Sometimes I don't know why I fall for him. Not very handsome, garang, don't love me that much, bully me all the time and always not around. Chinese some more. DAP supporter some more (although he always denies it and scold me whenever I calls him that).

Don't know lah...

All I hope now is for him to be safe and that everything will be alright.

Of course it's not much of a hope because the whole purpose of the rally is to create havoc.

It's not about fair election, or anti-Lynas, or anti-PTPTN.

It's about a show of force and creating a perception that the current government is bad and suppressive. That's all.

Perhaps the only participants of tomorrow's rally whose motive are genuinely what they say to be their's are the LGBT crowd. Unlike the others who use a fake struggle to achive their political aim, the LGBT people are using a fake political aim to achive their struggle, which is the legalisation of free sex.

Well, at least that's how I see it.

Thursday 26 April 2012

Idiots from Selangor and Dr Boo's troubles

Earlier today, JB mayor issued a statement saying that an application by a group of people to hold a rally at Dataran Bandaraya here on Saturday had been rejected.

The group had meant to have the rally here in support of the one to be held on the same day at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

The mayor said the place will be unavailable on that day because it is going to be used for a futsal and netball tournament which had been planned since earlier this year.

He suggested for the group to apply instead to the management of Larkin Stadium to have their fun time there.

Personally, I think Mr Mayor was being super polite. I would not have even bothered to reply to a bunch of funny people.

These people are funny because they are actually from an association named Persatuan Masyarakat Perihatin Selangor.

Why they need to come all the way from Selangor to demo here? Not enough space over there ka?

Go join the crowd in KL cannot ka? Sibuk here in JB for what?

I suspect that this got something to do with the attempt by Kit Siang and son to crowd out Johor DAP chief, the handsome Dr Boo Cheng Hau and his Indian tonto Norman Fernandez.

I think you all know already about Kit Siang's slick move to bring his cronies to contest in Johor in the coming election. It was actually an opening gambit to sideline the popular Dr Boo who may become a threat to Guan Eng if possible major gain by DAP is made in Johor under his leadership.

Seriously, who else in the DAP rank who is young, smart, capable, a proven leader, hard working and got the gut to stand up to Guan Eng and his father? You tell me lar? Let's not even mention the handsomeness of Dr Boo, ok?

Oh please don't even try to mention that sniveling spineless Tony Pua as a comparison to Dr Boo. For all I care, it was him who send those idiotic Selangorians here to demo.

Dr Boo, being a sensible Johorean may had defied orders from party leaders in KL  to organise the rally here causing them to send their own team down here.

Why Dr Boo and not Johor PKR or Pas leaders? Because Dr Boo is the sole Johor Pakatan leader who have real clout, ok? What? That pathetic MCA reject Jui Meng? Come on la, the washed out man got nothing la compared to Dr Boo. It's a fact that Johor PKR are beholden to their DAP counterpart. Pas leaders? That Sallahudin fella just come back to Johor and yet to know nuts about this place. The rest of Johor Pas leaders are simply cartoonish, ok?

So, all things considered, Dr Boo may likely shine and this the Lim family simply cannot take. That's why we end up almost having a bunch of funny Selangor people taking over our padang at Dataran Bandaraya. Semak only.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Tough job for Pas' Unit Amal

It looks like the planned demo at Dataran Merdeka this weekend will be a really rojak affair. From what I have been reading, the groups are all backed by Pakatan people and their allies and they are -

1. Anti-Election Commission group- supposedly led by Ambiga but actually engineered and led by DAP, PKR and Pas leadership and consists hardcore members of those parties.
2. Anti-Lynas group- supposedly led by self-professed environmentalists but actually belong to DAP leaders as a vehicle to unite especially disgruntled members of the Chinese community.
3. Anti-PTPTN group - supposedly without leaders and consists of undergraduates but actually controlled by PKR cadres and mostly consists of mediocre Malay students and a lot more who are not really students such as bald women.
4. Pro-LGBT group - led by some LGBT people and consists of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals etc etc. They are  sanctioned to join the demo by Ambiga and her Bar Council buddies, I think.

NOTE : Pas' Unit Amal people who will be in charge of security at the demo must be careful not to chase away those weird looking and sounding LGBT people. They are in this demo with you all, ok? Really, they are not from Umno. I know you are all anti-homo but for this one you all kena tahan, ok? This is part of your jihad to topple BN, ok? some more group is it? I heard there are - such as anti-Felda group and anti-Pengerang group, but those were not confirmed yet. See lah how.

DBKL already said they can't have it at Dataran Merdeka but of course they will not listen. So, it's going to be another hu ha hu ha again. A bit of water cannon, a bit of tear gas, a bit of play dead .....

Just hope there will be no real death like last time.

Ok, if I'm in KL I wouldn't be going to down-town KL this weekend. I will probably be shopping at my favourite shopping centre, The Curve. Maybe look around for things at Ikea and have that cheap hot-dog they are selling. Love to put lots of mustard on mine ;-)

Monday 23 April 2012

Chinese students are better

I read with particular interest this posting Why Chinese students stay away from anti-PTPTN demo by Rocky of Rockybru.

It was based on a translation from a Nanyang Siang Pau's editorial about paying back what one owes.

In this case, the PTPTN loan which payment was demanded to be waived by a bunch of Malay "students", backed by some Malay politicians.

These Malay "students", most likely being asked to do so by the politicians, demand for the government to provide free education for university students. Good one, they must have thought to be turned into a political point for the coming election.

Anyway, the article reminds me of a conversation I had with someone close to me about nine years ago.

We were arguing about all those freebies and scholarships given to bumiputera (especially Malay) students. Especially those undeserving mediocre students.

I did my degree without getting any such financial assistence, but since she was sorts of attacking the Malays, I felt it was my duty to put up a defense.

It was the usual bumiputera defense about being left behind and given the assistence to catch up with the more advance and richer Chinese. I know it was a bit of a flimsy defence but at that time it was all I can thought of.

Deep down inside at that time, I know she was right. We can't continue pouring money to help undeserving people. They will just ask for more and more. They are just incapable of thinking responsibly and will always believe that everyone else need to give them everything that they want. These are the shameless Malays. These are the type that are camping at the Dataran Merdeka.

Don't they realise that the money they demand be given to them actually belongs to all Malaysians including the poor who pay the taxes in one form or another? Yes, that include the Petronas money. That one is also duit rakyat, ok?

Don't they have any maruah claiming that they can't be paying back that money once they graduated and have a good job?

Don't they realise that they already have it easy?

The person I had that argument, for instance, spend two years as a waitress at a restaurant in Singapore before saving enough to continue her studies in Taiwan. No scholarships or even loan despite her being among the top students in her school.

If she is a Malay, definitely she can get a place in UiTM, complete with PTPTN loan. I am certain she will gladly pay back the loan once she finished her studies, and probably think how wonderful of the government to provide such a loan facility for her.

But as it turned out, the tough road she went through turned out to be a blessing for her. It trained her to be tough and street wise....much better than me, in fact. She is now successful and as far as I am concern have the bragging right of being the winner of our past arguments on this matter. Well, good for her.

To all those stupid Malay "students" camping at Dataran Merdeka - STOP BEING STUPID. NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD.  

Sunday 22 April 2012

Adopting Malacca

It's so hot out there. Just feel like sleeping in this air-conditioned room the whole day.

Don't really feel like going back to JB. This little town in Malacca is such a nice place. Wish can stay here forever. Oh, and his mother was so nice to me, not garang at all as I expected :-)

But, tomorrow, got to go back to work. Packing up later after this posting. Using his little sister's PC. I'm sharing room with her. Sweet girl. She plays football. A striker. Yesterday, watched her and the team played against another school. She scored a hat-trick. It was fantastic.

Spend last night watching football with her till past midnight. We are now best friends. First there was the QPR versus Tottenham match. I support anything with Malaysia on it. The match was a bit kelam kabut but QPR won 1-0, giving them hope to stay in the top flight. Then we watched Real Madrid versus Barcelona. Real Madrid won 2-1. Great match that one. The winning goal was by Ronaldo, but he got it after a beautiful pass from Ozil. My new best friend is in love with Ozil. I don't blame her, the guy is totally cool.

This is really a happy past few days. If all things worked out, I think I will move and settle down here. I may not have to work anymore. Just stay at home and take care of small small things which makes me happy. Taiwan may have to wait.

But first, need to help Johor BN. Hopefully can get the general election over and done with as soon as possible. Once Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman retires, I don't think I will be bound to stay in Johor anymore. I am not an Umno member in the first place. I think I will change the theme of this blog into something else after that. Probably movie reviews, music and food. Much more fun to write about those things.

Anyway, BN should be ok. I am quite confident they will win in the coming general election. Just a matter of winning big or small. My sources indicated that they already have up to 120 parliament seats secured. You want to believe or not, is not my problem.

Ok, need to pack up now. Going back to JB after that.


Saturday 21 April 2012

It never heals

Was sitting under the bamboo tree just now. Looked up at the clouds and they were so beautiful. Feeling very peaceful.

Nonetheless, deep inside, I know I will never get over it.
It's sad when the one we love is no longer with us. It's most sad when the one we love so much no longer love us.
Just want to get that out of my chest. Sorry...just rambling.

Have a good weekend.

Friday 20 April 2012

Men are horny bastards

Note: This is a continuation of Men are bastards

Yup, as I had wrote, men are bastards. All of them are like that. No exception. They will cheat on women if given half the chance. They are weak creatures who are susceptible to the flimsiest of temptations.

So, girls, keep them on tight leash, ok? It's our duty to prevent them from making a fool of themselves such as letting themselves be video taped and seen by the whole world of having disgusting things such as a crooked penis.

I know it is not easy, but do try your best, ok?  

Well, by now, everyone probably know already about the allegations of moral impropriety and related corruption against Minister Shafie Apdal.

Ambiga and her upholding rule of law Bar Council buddies most likely had told their Pakatan friends that it should be innocent until proven guilty....hehehe....ok ok just kidding, of course no such thing.

This is after all too juicy. An Umno vice-president allegedly caught being naughty with a Bollywood looking starlet. Got over RM1 million from don't know where also in the center of it all. The allegations indicated that he paid her RM100k per go. Very expensive squeez liao.

But really la, the guy have not even been charged in court yet. Maybe he had even married the girl. We don't know that, don't we. Like other guys who are chicken shit of their wife, he may had kept it secret. No video also. Just a police report by a driver. You know lah these days, people lodge police report la, make SD la, then fly off to India or London.

Of course, all that are irrelevant. This is politics where winning people's perceptions is all that matter. Facts doesn't really matter.

In this game, I have to give it to the Pakatan people - they are simply the best. BN people are no match against them, not even by a long shot. They can convince people that they are angels despite clear evidence which shows otherwise.

Nope, that's not him, that's someone who looks like him. Confirm must be Umno's doing - Only Pakatan people can pull this off. Respect lah.

Chase the non-Chinese speaking teachers out of our schools. They are BN's agents send to destroy the identity of our schools....errr, what? We are racists? Where got one? We are Malaysian first la. We love the Malays, especially Pas people. What? Pas people are Muslim first? Don't worry, that one can adjust la.

Pakatan people are good, are not them?

Back to Shafie, I  think the guy is as good as fried. Guilty or not, he is already judged based on perception. He is an Umno guy, and not a Pakatan guy. Pakatan guys got video or DNA still ok one. They are that good.

The mould had been set that way. People don't care about the truth. They want to be entertained.

They want to believe in juicy stories. But the juice must be of the right dosage. Having fun with a cute foreign prostitute not juicy enough. Having fun with handsome coffe boy too disgusting pulak, But having affair with  an artis is just nice, don't you think? Lots of money allegedly involved some more.  That's why Harian Metro is the best selling newspaper in the country. They know how to get the right dosage of sleeze in the stories. If ever BN want to catch up with Pakatan in this department, I propose they get help from Harian Metro people.

At the end of the day, they are all the same. Pakatan men or BN men, they are all the same. Given the chance they will take advantage of the situation. They are all cheats at heart. It's a matter of whether we believe in their guilt or otherwise. It's our perception which will decide their fate. Not facts. As far as facts are concerned, men are all horny bastards. Political affiliation doesn't make any difference.

The only difference is that we are fimiliar with the modus operandi of one gang. So, easier to catch them. The other one we don't know yet, but inidications seems to suggest that they are even worse. At least that's how I see it.

Thursday 19 April 2012

Petronas PR team for Pengerang doing well

Today is really a good day. Spend some time at my favourite park in Serangoon after the airport. Despite the rain it was quite nice. A bit like in one of those poignant Japanese movies. Can't write much though. I'm now in the car using his Ipad. Borrow for awhile. He is driving. Going to spend some time in Malacca.  Meeting his parents. The mother a bit garang...Chinese lady tend to be like that lah...hehehe...but really, she has a kind heart.

Well, actually what I really can't wait to tell here is that I got a call from my journalist friend from Kota Iskandar this afternoon. He had just finished attending a briefing by Petronas people in charge of the Pengerang petroleum hub. He said it was a good briefing by their project director Wan Yusoff Wan Hamat. I know the guy to be quite a nice fella. Not sombong. This is a good move by the Petronas PR team. They have already started to make direct engagement with the locals, I guess. My friend said the Johor Oil and Gas Unit people were also there. I know their boss, that handsome boy Yazid. Very capable chap. Upen boss that Elias fella was also there. This mean they are really serious in engaging the locals. Very very good. Guess I was wrong about the Petronas PR people. Sorry guys. Well, good job too. Now those Pakatan troublemakers and their Malaysiakini gang will not have much room to manouver as far as Pengerang is concern. Oh, my journalist friend also said the Dialog people in charge of the port building have also started with engaging the locals. All these are making me very happy.

Ok lah. Cannot write more. Writing in a moving car give me head ache. All goyang goyang. Now, need to rest, ok? Must save energy before meeting the garang lady :-)



Today is a sunny day. Going to Changi to pick him up. Just feeling very happy :-)

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Things which will topple BN

The Pakatan people have been cooking up a lot of issues over the past few months. All very powerful ones leh. Environment lah, education lah, land acquisition lah, etc etc. Need to keep the momentum going. Election getting nearer.

Some of these efforts were good for them, but some backfired and burned their ass.

The successful one, to me, was the anti-Lynas demo. It got the attention of especially the Chinese community, and roped in Chinese-own newspapers to back them. Biggest demo attended by mostly Chinese participants. Very united united. Of course it got nothing really to do with environment. Pure politics la that one. Well, never mind, once in a while what.

The backfired one was that DAP-backed Dong Jiao Zong rally on Chinese education. It really made DAP looked like a Chinese extremist party. Want to chase out non-Chinese speaking teachers from Chinese schools....what kind of demand was that if not a racist one? Malays of Pas and PKR really were in a spot because of that one.

The anti-PTPTN campaign is also not so good for them. Want to give free education for university students they said. Well, what they did not say was that such a thing will cause the government to increase taxes. Not a bit ok. Want to abolish the PTPTN loans and use Petronas to finance it they said. Like that Petronas will surely be in trouble within a few years. Those students who support Pakatan and demo at Dataran Merdeka apparently didn't realize that they look very irresponsible and selfish - study want free, after that don't want to help their younger ones by paying back the money they used. I don't think the hard working, tax paying uncles and aunties want to support these ingrates.

The Pakatan's attempt to derail the Pengerang petroleum hub project in Pengerang also will likely fail. The locals, except a few who want extra compensation money, support the project which will transform Pengerang into a major oil and gas center in the world. It offers better future for their children, who will have better employment prospects in their own hometown. No need for them to be coastal fishermen anymore to stay in their kampung.

I'm not sure what will happen to the planned Bersih 3.0 demo in Dataran Merdeka. Probably another hu ha hu ha like last time. In all probability, it will make them look like a bunch of hooligans. How many times want to demo? Causing problem only. Want to turn KL into Bangkok is it? Or is it like those Arabs? Syria? Eh, this is Malaysia la. We are not much into these hu ha hu ha thing. Once in a while can la, but too many can fed-up one. Want to go shopping on weekend also susah.

Whatever it is, I don't think all these nonsense by the Pakatan people can topple the BN government. Those are actually only to make their presence felt. Keeping the fire burning, so to speak. The participants of those demos are mostly their hardcore supporters only. Ok lah, with the exception of people like Marina Mahathir, who wants to look young, cool and liberal. Being anti-establishment is very fashionable liao. I really understand. I was like that also when I was young and stupid.

To me, what actually can topple the so-called evil BN government are the small small things which makes people angry with BN. Simple local stuff.

I give you a real example, ok?

There are this row of trading premises in Yong Peng own by the local authorities. The shops were rented out to a bunch of traders a long long time ago. These bunch of traders being a bunch of lazy bums, rented out those premises instead to another bunch of traders. They collected the rents and mostly lepak at home watching Indonesian sinetron. The traders who actually occupied those premises diligently pay their rent to these bunch of lazy people. What they did not know is that those lazy bunch never paid the rent they were supposed to pay to the local authorities. Now after about 15 years, the local authorities decided to set things right. They evicted the traders who have been doing business there over the donkeys of years and offered the premises for new tenants. The evicted traders pun apply lah to rent back their premises. Unfortunately, none of them got their premises back. The local authorities, for whatever reasons which only themselves know, gave those premises to a new bunch of people. So, the original hard working traders got angry lah.

Guess who they blamed for the insensitivity of the local authorities which caused them to lose their source of income?

Ya, very smart....BN lah. Tonnes of votes for BN lost that way. Really, that's how it works. And that's how BN going to lose....if they are going to lose the election lah.

This one very difficult to address, ok? The civil servants not sensitive or whatever, BN got the blame. What to do, that's how it is. Of course the same principle doesn't really apply in Pakatan-ruled States. Civil servants not performing well, it's the BN federal government's fault. The Pakatan State government got nothing to do with the mess lar.  Police shot dead a teenager fleeing a police chase in the middle of the night in Shah Alam, blame the BN federal government. Got some more, but enough la. Yup, that's how things are nowadays.

To be fair, there are also these small small things which are the sole fault of BN people.

This one also a real story.

A BN YB in Batu Pahat, who is known to talk too much go and appoint a ketua kampung without consulting the grass-root. The new ketua kampung had lobbied for that position but he is actually not well liked by the locals. This YB arrogantly thought that just because the place is a BN stronghold he can do whatever that he wants. Now the orang kampung are angry already. They planned to boycott BN in the coming general election because of this matter. These used to be hardcore Umno supporters. Simply simply lose votes like that.

Eh, YB, in case you are reading this, Batu Pahat got this big Pas markas some more, you know or not? You do these sorts of nonsense, I think you will become a one-term YB only lah. Your area is a border line case only, you know or not? If the Malay votes split, you stand a good chance to lose, ok? Go check the latest updates on how solid the Chinese votes will go to the Pakatan people in Batu Pahat please.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

What I like and don't like about Najib

I'm not really in the right frame of mind to write any hard political stuff these past few days. On medication today...a bit drowsy.

So, I think I should just settled with writing about what ever little I know about PM DS Najib Razak. To make it easier, I'm going to put it into the five things I like about him and another five which I don't like about him.Just light stuff, this one.

What I don't like about Najib first lah -

1. He got very soft hands. Try shake his hands and you will know what I'm talking about. I think men should have rough manly hand. Nonetheless, Najib's handshake is very firm which sorts of compensate it.

2. He like to tease his wife in public too much. I have seen this many times. Sometimes in his speech he would joke about how men like to have more than one wife. He will then give his wife, who was on stage a naughty look. Rosmah will then give him the evil eyes of which he will laugh a bit and immediately said of course he is not that type of man. Najib is particularly fond of pulling this stunt whenever he goes making his rounds meeting the orang kampung in Pekan. Datuk, you better don't push your luck, ok? Made me cringed whenever you did that lah.

3. He is too polite. Right after the disastrous 2008 general election, I told one of Najib's close aide that his boss better immediately take charge from Pak Lah. I felt at that time Najib should just tell Pak Lah in the face that he should hand over the premiership or otherwise the country is doomed. The aide said that is not his boss style. Najib is a Pahang nobleman and being one doesn't allow him to kick someone who is already down. Personally at that time I'm inclined to believe that Pak Lah deserved to be kicked for his stupidity. Then again I'm not noble like Najib. It's actually a good character of Najib, but it sometimes leaves me so angry and frustrated.

4. He is too forgiving. After he took over as PM, Najib retained most of Pak Lah's Cabinet. Some of them are quite useless. Some are those who were part of the gang who tried to undermine him when he was the DPM. Some are the kurang ajar ones who spat at Tun M at the height of Pak Lah's rule. I was so dumbstruck when he didn't chop off these people. I was however told that Najib is not a vindictive man. He doesn't punish people based on his whims and fancies. He doesn't do things without looking at the overall pros and cons. OK, fine Datuk, but please la, after the general election get rid la all these eyesore people. Really sakit mata and sakit hati la I watch these people.

5. He is too accommodating. I can't ever remember Najib forcing anyone to do anything. I can't even remember him getting angry. Even Pak Lah used to get angry from time to time when he was PM. I think Najib tries too hard to please everyone. Or is it, it's just him being himself, because he likes to make people happy. I'm not sure about this because I don't really know the PM that well. It's just that I don't think he can please everyone. It's just the way things are in this world. There will always be people who simply love to bitch about this and that. That's why we got satan with crooked penis stirring up trouble in this world.

Ok, now the five things I most like about Najib -

1. The guy is cool. Well, not as cool as Tun M, but cool enough. Still, for one thing Najib never jumped when provoked. I think Najib has been accused of a lot more worse things in his three years in office compared to Tun M's 22 years. Still, did you see him jump? He didn't even bothered to sue anyone. Najib is not like some politicians who go around suing even small time bloggers by the millions. As it goes, those accusations, which include murder just died off once people come to their senses and realize how ridiculous they were. I don't see Najib any bit different than he was three years ago and after all those libels and slanders. He is also cool in the sense that he can hangout with just anybody, young and old of all races. The only thing not so cool about Najib is that for EPL, he supports la Cardiff, Datuk.

2. Najib is smart.Well, he would not be a PM if he is not smart isn't he. Even Pak Lah used to be smart, except that he sleeps too much, thus rendering him stupid, I see Najib as smart because he comes out with all those 1Malaysia things and other sorts of improvements to the country over the just past three years. The way he handles the Pakatan people is also smart. No hysterics from the man, just factual explanations to answer whatever criticisms thrown at him and the government. Just compare him to Anwar, who only can talk as if he is so smart; Guan Eng, whose immature tantrum-ridden behavior is akin to a nine-year spoiled brat and Hadi Awang, who can't seems to think for himself.
3. Najib is an attentive person. He always goes back to Pekan to check on his constituents. I don't think there are any other better wakil rakyat than him..He used to go back almost every weekends when he was a DPM. Now probably slightly less that he is even more busy as PM. I had seen him going around in Pekan, which is his natural setting. No kompang and bunga manggar there. He could just popped out in a village with a few people in tow and happily chit chatting with the makchik and pakchik. Even the Chinese shopkeepers in the small town would not be shocked if he suddenly turned up near their shop as he always do that whenever he comes back to Pekan. There was once a heart-rendering newspaper report about a bed ridden Orang Asli living somewhere deep in the interior of Pekan. This was about five years ago. That very weekend after the report came out, Najib came down to visit the man and his family who are living in a small hut and handing out whatever necessary help to them. I remember that Najib's visit well because I was told that he didn't flinch as he climbed up the rickety stairs of the hut, fully realizing there was a little baby wild boar kept in a cage under the hut. The little fella was caught in the jungle and was supposed to be eaten by the family later on.

4. Najib is a hard working guy. Even a DAP friend of mine admitted to me once that Najib is more hardworking than most other leaders that she knows. She was comparing the PM with Singapore's Lee Hsein Loong, who despite being a hard working PM is no match compared to Najib. Najib seems to be moving non-stop these days. Try check his itineraries and you will wonder how he keep it up. Keep in mind that the guy is over 60 already.

5. Najib dearly loves his wife....which can't be said of that many men these days. Enough said.

Ok, I am going back to sleep. This cough syrup the doctor gave me is really powerful liao.

Saturday 14 April 2012


A good friend lost his brother yesterday evening. I'm sorry that I can't be of much help to him. He is a good and sincere person, but of late he is going through a rough patch. I hope he will continue to be strong.

For his arwah brother, Alfatihah.

News such as this passing of my friend's brother always reminds me of my own mortality. How much more time that I have left on this earth? What should I do with that time?

As I had admitted, I'm not a religious person. Nonetheless, as a Muslim, it's a must for me to believe in the afterlife. So, naturally I need to prepare myself for the inevitable.

Sometimes I ask myself, why people want so much from this world while knowing that they will one day have to leave it all behind. The power, the wealth, the beautiful wife/handsome husband, even the children.

Why must we fight so hard for all those things?

Well, I know that everyone need to survive and secure the future of their beloved. But do we really need to go to the extent of lying and cheating and slandering others to get what we want? Do we need to hurt others to get what we crave for?

In all honesty, do we need all those hypocrisies to survive?

On top of that, why do we need to be so arrogant once we reach a higher station in life, whatever that really is? Is that really necessary? Can't we remember, that maybe we achieve all that with the help of people who now we look down at with disdain? Is our conscience clear on that?

Is it necessary to break the heart of others? Promise them  things like eternal love and then chuck them out once we get what we want out of them. Why do we need to be so cruel?

One day, all of us will be going through those final days of our life. I believe that at that time, we would reflect on our life and remember our deeds and misdeeds. Especially, the misdeeds which we wish we had not committed. How we will wish we could undo the harm that we had done. How we wish we could apologize to those whose heart we broke, whose life we wrecked.

Of course, by that time it would be all too late for us. We will just be an old person that no one really care about.

 We could really end up being the sad lonely old person in an old folks home. Just sitting there, day by day, remembering those we love who don't really love us anymore and those who truly love us but whose love we forsake for one reason or another.
We will sit there on the reclining chair outside the old folks home and remember everything.

Yes, for now we are young, and would say that we will not regret anything. But when we are old and lonely, we would not be so arrogant anymore. We will indeed remember and regret...all those lies, all those abuses, all those damages we inflict on others, all those broken hearts etc etc.

Even the big men have their regrets later on in life. Dr Mahathir regrets that he never managed to change the Malay laid back mindset, Lee Kwan Yew regrets destroying the Chinese school system in Singapore....for some others, I think they will regret having too much fun with those cute foreign prostitutes, handsome coffee boys, other people's wife etc etc.

Ok, enough la of this. Before I write more and make people angry, I better stop and go wash my car. Need to clean up it's inside. Look like garbage bin lah. Even saw a little cockroach running around yesterday.

Friday 13 April 2012

Muhyiddin on Chinese schools

Here is the report in NST today -

'Vernacular schools here to stay'

UNIQUE FEATURE: Chinese, Tamil schools not sidelined as they are vital to education system, says Muhyiddin
Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin being greeted by participants at the Selangor Hawkers’ Association strategic group meeting in Shah Alam yesterday. Bernama pic
SHAH ALAM: THE government is not sidelining vernacular schools,  as alleged by some quarters, said  Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday.
   He assured the Chinese and Indians that the government had always placed the interests of Chinese and Tamil schools close to its heart.
   Muhyiddin said vernacular schools were an integral part of the education system.
   "Vernacular schools are our legacy. You will not find a unique education system such as ours in any other country.
   "There are people who try to create confusion since the general election is nearing, but I assure you that vernacular schools are here to stay.
   "They are an important part of our system. We can't reduce or change that."
   He dismissed the perception that national schools were Malay schools.
   "They are not; you can find all races in national schools.
   "The misconception is what led to claims that vernacular schools were 'dianaktirikan' (sidelined), but the government has never treated vernacular schools any differently," he said at a gathering with about 1,100 teachers from vernacular schools near here yesterday.
   He said the average expenditure for a vernacular school was not much different from that spent on a national school.
   On the average, the government spends RM2.23 million per Chinese school a year and RM1.99 million per Tamil school a year.
   In comparison, the government spends RM2.26 million per national school a year.
   The bulk of the expenditures goes towards paying teachers' salaries.
   He said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, in Budget 2012, had announced an additional allocation of RM900 million for public schools, with RM500 million going to national schools, and RM100 million each for Chinese schools, Tamil schools, mission schools and government-aided schools.
   Touching on the shortage of teachers in Chinese schools, Muhyiddin said this was something faced by all schools.
   "If a teacher retires or goes on maternity leave, it takes time to find a replacement. In a year, about 20,000 teachers go on maternity leave. We have only 480,000 teachers.
   "There is also a shortage of English language teachers in some schools, but many are reluctant to uproot themselves. This is why there are more English teachers in urban areas."
   He said the ministry had taken steps to fill the 1,700 vacancies in Chinese schools with 1,400 interim teachers. Heads of Chinese schools were also given permission to recruit teachers to fill the vacant positions.
   Muhyiddin said finding teachers for Chinese schools was not easy as the schools required all their teachers to converse in Mandarin.
   "Even Bahasa Malaysia teachers must know Mandarin to replace other subjects," he said, adding that Tamil schools were not as strict as Chinese schools when it came to teaching requirements.
   On the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI), Muhyiddin said there could be no reversal of the policy when the subjects were taught in mother tongues in vernacular schools.
   He said many students in national schools were more comfortable learning Mathematics and Science in their mother tongue, which was Malay.
   He said the ministry would soon roll out an information and communication technology learning tool called Bestari Net.
   He presented mock cheques for RM5.28 million to 30 government-aided Chinese schools in Selangor and RM21 million to 37 government-aided Tamil schools in Selangor.
   Muhyiddin, who is Barisan Nasional deputy chairman, said the coalition's "pro-business" government was prepared to assist businesses to boost economic development.
   "There are too many (initiatives) to mention, from financial grants and loans, business courses and training to working with funding bodies such as Mara."
   "All of it is aimed at making sure businesses can grow and develop," he said when meeting the Selangor Hawkers' Association strategic group.
   He said the government had taken steps to reduce red tape for small businesses, such as simplifying the issuing of licences.
   He announced that RM740,000 in administrative assistance had been allocated for 74 associations (RM10,000 each) in Selangor.

Thursday 12 April 2012

A lonely solo drive

I'm planning to go on a drive.

It's a good route with many stories to tell along the way. I had send my very old car for service as it is going to be quite a long drive.

I'm going to start from down town JB along the Skudai road. The recently completed Coastal highway is nice with scenic view of the Tebrau Straits. The several new interchanges make the drive smooth. Not bad compared to a few years back when the stretch was always jammed. Much thanks to the Iskandar Malaysia project which had enabled the development of the road.

I will exit the Skudai road at the Perling interchange and head towards Pasir Gudang. This is all part of the Pulai parliamentary area. It's MP is that Javanese Teow Chew handsome chubby boy Nur Jazlan Mohamed, a possible future MB of Johor. Honestly, I prefer him to be at the Federal level as he could do well to help PM DS Najib Razak in pushing his moderate policies and 1Malaysia initiatives. Here, he would probably be butchered to death by all those Umno warlords. Anyway,  Jazlan should be good working under Najib's wing. He can manage a bit of Mandarin which should go down well with the Chinese community. He succeeded in doing just that in his constituency. He, however need to cool off a bit his relations with former Pak Lah's people. It's one of those baggage he is still carrying,

Onwards, I never really like driving along the Pasir Gudang Highway. It's always jammed with heavy vehicles coming and going from the ports of Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Langsat. Najib, however had recently announced a huge allocation to widen the highway, which is equivalent to the Federal Highway of the Klang Valley. That will be a really good thing for those living and working along the stretch.

I will exit the Pasir Gudang Highway and join the Jalan Tebrau heading towards Kota Tinggi. At this point, I will be in Tebrau. It's MP is Teng Boon Soon of MCA. Tebrau is one of the Johor DAP targets in the coming general election. I heard DAP had "transferred" several thousands of its supporters to the constituency. MCA there are back paddling, but I am sure Tiram assemblyman Maulizan Bujang and Puteri Wangsa assemblyman Halim Sulaiman would do their best to help Teng. Maulizan and Halim are known not to be the best of friends, but typical of Johor Umno people, when their areas are under threat, they will get together to fight a common enemy.

Jalan Tebrau is now a much better road after several upgrades over the past years. It is wider and has proper interchanges. At one point, I may exit to the new Senai-Desaru Highway which cut down traveling time to the Desaru resort area by more than an hour. It would also take one to the most exciting development area of Pengerang where a mammoth petroleum hub will be build. The Pakatan people are trying to make an issue out of the project but I think the people of Pengerang will not buy it. They would want their area to be developed and that south eastern tip of Johor be transformed from its backwater image.

As I approached the township of Ulu Tiram, the traffic should be smooth as the new flyover across the town had solved what used to be a major traffic congestion at the old junction in the middle of the town. Ulu Tiram is now a rapidly developing township complete with a huge shopping complex and hypermarkets.

On towards Kota Tinggi, the recently upgraded four-lane road should be smooth, almost as good as any proper highway. I guess the JKR people who were responsible for the upgrade have caught on with the good works of their counterparts in Iskandar Malaysia.

I will bypass the Kota Tinggi town as the main trunk road do not pass through it. Kota Tinggi has Syed Hamid Albar as its MP. Personally, I think the guy should be replaced as he has been there for too long and he had made some bad bo bo when he was a minister. However, Syed Hamid is a good Umno division leader. He take cares of things and make sure his people do not make too much of a mess out of things. So, to tell him to go, one need to be diplomatic lah. I think he would want to go out in a good way too. Oh, by the way, there is nothing to worry about Pakatan people in Kota Tinggi and Pengerang. Support for BN is more or less very solid there.

My drive will proceed to Mersing. Here, the road will become the trunk road of yesteryear. Winding and rather lonely. Not much traffic. I always avoid driving at night from Kota Tinggi northward. The road cuts through several patches of jungle. So at night it will be very dark. I'm always scared that I may ran into a wild boar or other such wildlife. There is also that worry of something going wrong with my old car. There are also of course some ghost stories about the stretch....hehehehe....I don't really believe in ghosts, but still, scary leh.

Nonetheless, I think I will enjoy the rather adventurous drive with funny corners and undulating topography. I would like to take a detour to Pulau Sibu along the way. Never been to that resort island not far off the coast. But that will take too much time.

So, on to Mersing. Will pass the sleepy settlement of Jemaluang. I always wonder how the mostly Chinese residents there survive the boredom of living in such a quiet place.

As I reach Mersing, the traffic will be quite hectic again. The town have not developed by very much. Ok lah, there are some new buildings and shop-houses, but the atmosphere is still the same. The big writing of Mersing on top of the hill near the main round-about which look a bit like the Hollywood one has been there for ages.

I remember it the way it was when my late father took me to the town when I was a kid. I remember him holding my hand as we walk from the bus station to some government buildings at the edge of the town. Yes, the small town atmosphere is still the same.

Things will however change for the town once the RM22 billion Mersing Laguna resort project kicked off. They said the whole thing will transform Mersing into something like Bali. I guess the people of Mersing should be very excited about it. Well, I'm excited. Maybe I can get a job a traditional dancer probably. :-)

I would like to pause in Mersing for awhile and look across the sea from there. I miss the beautiful Pulau Rawa so much. I haven't fulfilled my promise to return there. I will return there, really.. Hopefully those coins are still there between the cracks of wood at the jetty....

Oh, I think the winding road to Mersing would most likely be straightened and upgraded to accommodate the expected influx of tourists in the years to come. So, no more me pretending to be an F1 driver when driving along the winding road.

Mersing MP Dr Latiff, another potential Johor MB must be very happy with all these development. Anyway, Mersing is another constituency where the Pakatan people do not stand a ghost of a chance to penetrate. Mersing Umno, despite some internal squabbles is still too strong there. Ok, there are some Kelantanese residing in nearby Endau who were said to be Pas supporters, but I don't see them giving much trouble to Latiff.

Onward up north from the Mersing town, I will pass through the beach of Air Papan.

 It's the first beach I have been to when I was a kid. My big brother, just came back from his studies in Australia at that time. I remember that he rented a Mitsubishi Gallant and took us brothers and sisters for a two hour drive from our home to the beach. I can still remember the fresh smell of sea on that day. My siblings and me went around collecting seashells and had a little picnic there. Really miss those days when we were young and life being less complicated.

The road to the Endau town is as winding as the one between Kota Tinggi and Mersing. It is mostly jungle by the road side all the way there. I will stop just before crossing the bridge over Sungai Endau in the middle of the small town. That's the Pahang border.

 If I have my way, I would want to drive across the bridge and go on northward and never turn back. But my works here in Johor apparently have not yet been completed. Just a short while more, I guess. Need to be patient for a while more. Soon....I will tell myself. With that I will have to turn and head back to JB.

I don't care for TKC (or MCKK)

This is from NST today (simply simply post this one) -

TKC's biannual dinner reunion

NETWORKING: Get together by Tunku Kurshiah College former students
(From left) Malay Girls College/Tunku Kurshiah College Old Girls Association president Puan Sri Fauzah Mohd Darus, its deputy Tan Sri Dr Rafiah Salim and its vice-president II Datin Sharifah Khairiyah Syed Mohamad at an interview with NST at the association’s office in Putrajaya.
  PUTRAJAYA: SISTERHOOD. This is what describes the relationship which binds the generations of Malay Girls College/Tunku Kurshiah College Old Girls Association (OGA) together from the past till today.
 OGA president Puan Sri Fauzah Mohd Darus shared a brief history of the prestigious residential all-girls school with the New Straits Times in a recent interview.
 Established in 1947, when she began attending it, it was then still known as the Malay Girls College, before it was renamed  Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC), in honour of the first Raja Permaisuri Agong - Tunku Kurshiah Tunku Besar Burhanuddin.
 The college was officially opened by Lady Gent, wife of Sir Edward Gent, the then governor of the Malayan Union.
  In 1962, it was moved from Jalan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, to Jalan Tunku Kurshiah in Seremban, Negri Sembilan.
  “As a student then, we lived a very cloistered but  disciplined life. We learned all sorts of things, from social graces and etiquette to various dances and songs,” Fauzah said, recalling the bygone days.
  Also present at the interview was OGA deputy president Tan Sri Dr Rafiah Salim, who is  the NAM Institute for the Empowerment of Women  chief executive officer.
  “The Damansara Heights that you see now is different from the time when we were schooling there. We were located in the thick of a rubber plantation. There were tigers around, it was that wild!
  “We used to sit on the slope that overlooked Bangsar during the evenings, and it was totally green then”, recalled Rafiah.
  As in the past, the OGA will hold their biannual dinner this year.
  OGA vice-president of social and welfare, Datin Sharifah Khairiyah Syed Mohamed, said the  dinner  will take place at the Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, on April 28.
  “The biannual dinner is an avenue for old girls to get together  and  relive the camaraderie we shared during our school days,” said Sharifah Khairiyah, who is also the chairman of the get-together.
  She added that  the dinner, apart from raising funds for the OGA, would also be an avenue for networking.
   “It can be  a platform for the girls to network with each other as many of them had excelled in various positions and careers,”  Sharifah Khairiyah said.
  Rafiah said the dinner was a good platform for  individuals  to foster working relationships, and sponsoring companies would also be able to tap into a pool of talented women to work in their organisations.
  This year’s dinner theme is Bollywood night, and is called “By Golly its Bolly”.
  Dinner table packages are available at RM8,000 (Aishwarya Rai), RM5,000 (Kareena Kapoor) and RM3,000 (Preity Zinta).
  The money raised will be used to cover the cost of the dinner and the balance contributed to the OGA fund to help its students.
  Among the notable alumni of TKC are Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, former Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, and social activist Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Earthquake and tsunami in Indian Ocean 4

FOURTH  take

Tsunami alert across the Indian Ocean region lifted about 9pm Malaysian time. Waves of between 10 and 15 cm reported in several areas in the region.

THIRD take

Tsunami alert on Malaysia had been lifted. Countries still on alert are Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Indian Ocean islands.

The earthquake which triggered the tsunami alert has been identified as "horizontal" instead of the "vertical" type which could cause more destructive tsunami.


After shocks of 8.2 just hit at the epicentre. Water receeding by almost 10 Metres at Sumateran western coastal areas, indicating a possible huge tsunami on the way.

Indonesian authorities expecting waves of up to 6 metres to hit the shores. Evacuation order of lower ground had been issued.

FIRST take

An 8.6 magnitude earthquake hit about 490 km off  the West coast of Banda Aceh, Sumatera, triggering tsunami warning across the Indian Ocean region about an hour ago.

The tremors were felt as far as India and Singapore. It was reported that the tremors were also felt at high rise buildings in Johor Baru.

Prayers for everyone in the affected areas, especially Achenese who are closest to the epicentre.

The Pacific warning centre said waves to reach Penang  by 9pm tonight and Port Dickson by 2am later tomorrow morning.

To be updated.

Monday 9 April 2012

My story : The present

Note: This posting is a continuation of  My story : In the begining

The most beautiful thing in my small room is a koinobori (japanese fish flag) that someone bought for me at a Daisho five ringgit shop two years ago. It is the only decorative item in my room.

I sleep on a two-inch thick mattress. I got no bed, cupboard or anything much else. There is a place to hang my clothes and three shelves left behind by the person who previously occupied the room which I used to put my stuff. I have a nice Ikea laundry basket though. There are also two plastic chairs, also left behind by the former occupant of the room. The cheap green curtain was put up at the window by my sisters. The rent is RM300 and that's all that I can afford. No joke.

I came back to JB several years ago. It turned out to be the most stupid thing I have done for my career. But never mind lah, it's water under the bridge already. I am already at the tail end of things anyway. So, I just need to slog on as long as I have the energy. Should not be for too long now, I guess.

I am not an ambitious person. I never crave to have lots of money or being chauffered driven and worshipped by people like some hot shot BN fella. At work, I always try my best but my aim has always been modest. Someone used to scold me a lot for wasting "my talents". I appreciate the motive and tried my best to meet the expectations, but I find it hard to sell out on my principals just to "move up in life".

All I actually need is a decent income so that I can take care of my responsibilities. If I push harder to get more, it's because I want the people I love to have a slightly better life. Honestly, I can do with just the basic stuff. That Taiwan thing I kept mentioning in my previous postings is just my favourite dream. I do wish though I could afford to travel more. I still harbour the hope of spending some time in Taipei one day. See lah how, kalau ada rezeki.

As I had previously written, I come from a poor family. I eat simple food - nasi, ikan kembong goreng, sawi goreng - and I'm ok already. Ok, occasionally I pamper myself with some expensive Japanese food. My favourite is salmon sushi. This rare luxury is the influence of that person who gave me the koinobori. I have this like once every three or four months.

My life has been dreary for more than a year now. The only bright spark in my life in JB now is my little contribution to Johor BN. I like Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman because I find him to be a good man and a sincere leader. I think I have written about that so many times already. He never gave me anything for my support but I'm ok with that. My conscience is clear that way. I got my little salary and that's good enough for me. The reward is in knowing that my beloved Johor is in safe hands...for now.

Things are not however going well for me at the moment. I'm trying to stay positive. I may lose my job soon because of things that I write. But it's ok. That's the risk I take to write what I believe. I believe  that my rezeki will be decided by Allah, and not by some peacock man.

 My late mother once told me not to fear anyone or anything but Allah. I'm not a religious person, but I always remember that. I believe that if I keep my faith intact and stay on the right path, insyaAllah I will be safe.

Sunday 8 April 2012

A BN big shot

A big shot BN guy picked up a fight with me today.

Threatened threatened me some more.

Want to take action against me, go ahead la. No need trying to scare me lah.

Spoiled my weekend only. This is like the Irda police report nonsense all over again.

The issue was, because I support BN too much. Stupid isn't it?

Like that also want to threaten to destroy me.

Eh, BN fella, you know or not that 75 per cent of people working for you are pro-Pakatan. And they are openly undermining BN. That one you don't see ka? Go and fight with them la, fight with me over small small things for what.

Sorry aarr everyone, mau lepas geram a bit here.

I really don't want to fight anyone from my own side. Just want to concentrate on helping BN. But some of these BN people are very susah one. Tiring lah like this.

Eeerrr....., now looks like I really have to find a new job and get out of Johor. Most likely can't even wait for the general election. What to do...

Saturday 7 April 2012

About those who keep their promises

PM DS Najib Razak was in Batu Pahat today to launch the Jelajah Tunaikan Janji carnival.

I'm not feeling well, so cannot go lah.

Just read about it in a posting by BigDog here PM Najib: Kita menepati janji bila berjanji

According to BigDog, there were 30,000 people at the gathering, but I read somewhere else where it was reported that there were about 70,000.

Hmmm....BigDog is definitely not an Umno bootlicker then. Otherwise he would had put the attendance at more than 100,000, isn't it?

Never mind lah. I did called a journalist friend who was there and he indicated that BigDog's figure seems to be a bit small and the 70,000 was more like it.

Whatever it is, I'm sure it was indeed a big crowd. Even 30,000 is a big crowd what.

Well, this picture seems to indicate that the crowd is big and enthusiastic enough.

Since it was a carnival like function, I guess it was something like the Jom Heboh type. After all, it was organized by Media Prima, the parent company of TV3.

I'm not much a fan of that type of carnivals, but it seems a lot of people love it. So, I guess it was not such a bad effort in providing the leaders with an opportunity to touch base with the rakyat.

Since it was about keeping promises, I think it's good that the rakyat be reminded that BN have throughout the years kept their promises. No matter how bad we think of them, BN have always done their best to fulfill their promises.

Maybe not all, but most were indeed fulfilled. Otherwise we would had kicked them out a long long time ago. We, Malaysians are not a stupid bunch, aren't we?

In fact, we almost did that in 2008 after that hopelessly hopeless Pak Lah gave us false promises only later on to brake those promises. The worst was when he promised to follow-up on efforts by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to keep the rakyat safe and the country's sovereignty intact, only later on to royally screwed up everything.

The same promises con game is now being played by the Pakatan people. How many of the promises they made to win in Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Selangor and other places here and there have been fulfilled? Do look around you and try to remember what they had promised us?

People in Penang for instance, have your life improved so much since DAP took over? Do you eat better? Sleep better? Live in a bigger and better house? Things are cheaper in Penang now? Ok la, if you want to say so, Guan Eng is better looking than Koh Tsu Koon, I will try to swallow that la but other than that, what else had improved?

People of Kedah, how about you all? Things are better now is it? The paddy fields yield better now that alim ulama like Mat Sabu become leaders of your State?

People of Selangor, garbage collected on time now or not? Water got enough or not? Everything ok? Port Klang now look more beautiful or is it even worse than it was?

Ok, Kelantan people, I don't want to ask. They have been living under Pas for too many years. I don't think it's fair for me to ask them these sorts of questions. Nanti they got angry with me pulak. 

Najib had over the past three years did his best to restore things. Indeed he have been successful beyond expectations. Yet, the journey is still far and the biggest hurdle is just around the corner  The GE13.

Let us see whether we all people could differentiate between those who keep most, if not all their promises and those who just say want to do this and that but suruh buat haram don't know how to do them properly, or buat buat forget pulak after they got the power.   

Friday 6 April 2012

Marching with the pot belly pig

So, looks like we are going to have another Bersih rally.

Honestly, I'm not surprised.

The Pakatan people need to keep the people interested in their bullshit. That's why they are going to have all these rallies. Lynas la, Chinese education la, Pengerang la, ya di da ya di da....

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that it's all just to counter BN's momentum of support which is snowballing as the general election comes ever nearer.

All those talks about environment ka, electoral reform ka, whatever ka are all bullshit, ok? All that matter is for them to topple the BN government.

Najib can follow whatever they say or give whatever they want, and still they will not stop the nonsense because those things about environmental protection, better electoral system or whatever else are not what they really want. What they want is power. That's all that they want. The rest - let me repeat, are all BULLSHIT.

Sorry aarr, today I feel like being harsh a bit. Bad mood leh. Nobody seems to love me today....never mind.

Ok, do you all think they will be happy if the Parliament Select Committee adopted all their demands, even those which doesn't make sense?

Come on la, let's get real. They will just come out with another excuse to have their happy happy rallies. That one they say only la. Really. Up to you all la want to believe or not, but that's how I see these people and their nonsense.

To me, it's the only way for them to keep themselves relevant as the general election draws near.

Well, you all just wait and see. My prediction is that, this is going to be the story line -

They are going to demand to make noise at the Dataran Merdeka. The authorities will say no and proposed for them to have it at the Shah Alam Stadium. All sorts of nonsense will follow. Demand to see the Yang DiPertuan Agong, meeting with the PM, meeting with the police etc etc. In the end, they will still go and have their hu ha hu ha in downtown KL so that they can have that dramatic effect. Police going to fire a few tear gas and a bit of water cannon. Then they are going to claim that the police are brutal, the government despotic etc etc. Marina Mahathir also going to have some fun promoting herself as a cool liberal, something like that daughter of Fidel Castro. Well, to cut it short, the whole circus again lah.

But, really la. Do you all think the ordinary people will be impressed ka with all these crap? I mean, for those people who lead an ordinary life, work hard for a living, thankful for what they have, and grateful for the good life that they have in this country. The Pakatan people keep saying our country is so bad that it's like Zimbabwe. Really ka? That bad ka? How many of those Pakatan people have ever been to Zimbabwe to make the comparison?

Our electoral system so corrupt ka? Is it like North Korea? Or is it like China? Errr...China, the next number one world economy got election ka? Eh, you all check yourself lah.

Eeeerrr....the funny title....eerrr, that one I simply simply put only. Just for fun. hehehehehe
You all remember this nice looking pot belly pig or not? Familiar or not?
Nice piggy piggy :-)