Friday 30 November 2012

Najib made me teary eyed

I think I am getting too soft hearted.

That day I listened to a song and felt like crying. Today I watched Najib delivered his keynote address at the Umno general assembly and I almost cried again.

It was when Najib passionately swore by the name of Allah and Prophet Muhammad that he will ensure Umno will give priority to the needs of the people above all else that I realized I got tears in my eyes.

A boy who sat next to me in front of the television actually noticed that something was not right with me and asked if I was okay. Of course, I was okay. Very malu la to admit that I almost cried from watching a speech. Luckily I managed to suppressed my tears and it didn't run down my cheeks. That would have been disastrous for my tough girl image.

But really la. I never saw Najib delivered a speech like that.

And I used to follow the guy around whenever he balik kampung to Pekan for almost half a decade and saw him giving speeches so many times.

There was no way the guy could had faked it. He was choking with emotion towards the end of his speech. To swear an oath on the name of Allah and the prophet is not something a Muslim do on just any other day. I consider myself not a good Muslim but I would never dare to fool around with an oath like that. Well, not even Anwar Ibrahim dare to do that, ok?

As far as I am concerned Najib has really put himself on the line by swearing that oath. Allah will condemn him to hell if he fails to deliver on it.

The Umno people should realize the enormity of what their president had done. If they still go fooling around again after this, then they are really bastards of the highest order.

If myself, a non-Umno person could be moved to tears by Najib's oath today while Umno members did not feel anything, I don't know la what else the guy can do to convince his people.  If they still after this insist by hook or crook on being an electoral candidate, be given a contract or behave like a male baboon in heat, then Umno is indeed doomed.

Well, I sincerely pray for Najib to be able to fulfill his oath and Umno members to take their president's speech seriously.

You can read the entire Najib's speech here  at

UMNO Online

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Lagu Melayu

I think I really should not had went to check out the Umno people at the PWTC yesterday.

Now I'm a bit infected by all those Melayu stuff.

For no good reason I searched at YouTube for this old song which I learned many years ago.

I didn't feel anything when I sang the song back then. I was young and a very idealistic leftist who don't think much about my ethnic heritage.

But just now, as I listened to the song, I can feel tears coming to my eyes. I quickly suppressed it. Tough girls have no time for tears.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

A little Obama story at Umno general assembly

Got some free time today and poked my nose at the PWTC to see what the Umno people were doing.

There was indeed an air of serious excitement there. Everyone seems to be quite worked up as the assembly is going to be the last before the coming general election. Bear in mind that today was not yet the assembly proper. Just party president DS Najib Razak giving a close door briefing to the delegates and TS Muhyiddin Yassin opening the party wings meetings.

Security was however very tight and I have difficulty moving around the place. Passes with barcode were given out to the delegates, observers, journalists and even the stall operators. I happened to bump into a journalist friend and he started bitching about the rather unnecessary hassle.

"I don't know why they have to be so bloody strict. Umno is supposed to be friendly. This is definitely a case of "lebih sudu dari kuah"," he said, in reference to the rather stern looking security personnel guarding the entrance to the various halls. (Sorry ya, I don't know how to translate the Malay words properly. It's something like being over the top lah)

Well, being strict is okay, but I don't think they should be rude. I told my journalist friend that it's just a job hazard and he needs to be patient. At least they didn't set up metal detector machines at the entrance of the halls like in some party conventions in other parts of the world.

I managed to talk with some of the delegates who attended the Najib's briefing late in the afternoon. They told me that Najib had asked Umno members to be prepared for the coming electoral battle. He told them to be loyal and abide by the leadership's decision on who are going to be candidates in the GE13. They need to support them, instead of sabotaging the party for not getting their choice for electoral candidacy. Umno is nothing if it loses in the elections, he said.

Najib seems to keep drumming that message to Umno members. Probably, his biggest concern is that some Umno members are stupid enough to think that the party could still afford their selfish infighting nonsense at this very crucial juncture.

All that aside, a delegate from Putrajaya told me that Najib had mentioned about his recent meeting with leaders including US president Barak Obama at the Asean plus three summit in Cambodia.

Najib had said that Obama, who had just been reelected as US president at that time had insisted to have a picture with him before wishing him all the best for the coming GE13.

I don't think Najib meant to brag about how good he is that even the US president seems to endorse him as a Malaysian leader. Najib is not like Anwar, who always insists on how internationally handsome he was supposed to be.

What Najib actually conveyed by that story is that the world recognizes Malaysia's achievements and willingness to improve under its current leadership. Najib's transformation initiatives for the country seems to be the real reason for Obama's enthusiasm to be pally pally with him.

I don't think Obama would be that interested for the world to see him being so friendly with Najib if he believes in all those nonsense the Malaysian prime minister had been accused of by the Pakatan people.

My top five favorite Umno leaders

Much had been said about bad Umno people. The Pakatan gang have been going all out to highlight them. To a certain extent, they have been successful in running down Umno in that manner, especially among those who never really know much about the real Umno leaders.

I have to admit that there were indeed quite a number of these bad Umno people. The selfish, greedy and even out right evil. Nonetheless, I have also met many more Umno people who are sincere, humble and good. Based on that, I have concluded that it is not the party which is bad, but individuals.

Umno as a party has good ideals. It had done good for the country for more than half a century. The bumiputera have improved their lot from being almost 70 per cent living in poverty at the start of 1970s. Despite being still the poorest ethnic group, they are now much better off than before. The non-bumiputera, especially the Chinese, despite complaints from some, are doing even much better.

If Umno people are all as rotten as accussed, I don't think this country could even reached its current level of development. Yes, Umno is not perfect, but as far as I'm concerned, the party do have more good than bad people.

In conjunction with the Umno general assembly which starts tomorrow, I would like to introduce five Umno leaders whom I had personally met and found to be good guys. I present them here as according to whom I like most -

5. Datuk Sufian Awang. A lawyer by training and is the number one exco member of Umno Youth. The guy is as straight as an arrow and works hard not just for the party but also the ordinary folks living in the area where he lives in Kuantan. One of the best hope of Umno's future.

4. Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed. The man in charge of Kelantan Umno. I first met him almost 15 years ago. A bureaucrat who prefers to work hard rather than wasting too much time and energy on politicking. He should be a role model for Umno's second liners.

3. Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir. Another unassuming Umno man. I first met him before he became active in politics. At that first meeting I didn't even know that he is a son of the then PM DS Dr Mahathir Mohamad. We talked about scuba diving at that time. A soft spoken and very pleasant man. He may be deemed to be silver spooned but I found him to be sincere and works hard to do good for all. Another best hope for Umno's future.

2. Datuk Seri Najib Razak. He is the only one among my top five favorite Umno leaders whom I never had a personal conversation with. But I had the privilege of closely observing his work as a wakil rakyat. I actually did not have a very good impression of Najib before that. Only after I had personally observed how he connects with his constituents in Pekan that I realized how sincere he is when dealing with the ordinary folks.

1. Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman. I had written so much about Ghani that I don't think I need to write here again on why I think so highly of him. Actually, the real reason I put him as my number one favorite Umno leader is because I know him more than the other leaders. Not unlike any other man, he has his faults but as an Umno leader, he embodies the best the party could offer. Sincere, sensible, honest, selfless, incorruptible, works hard and almost devoid of nonsense. As a Johorean, I am glad that my home state has him as a leader.

There are many more good Umno leaders other than these five men. Some of the women leaders are equally good. I wish I could put more of them here, but this posting may get too long if I do that.

Note: For this posting, I will not allow unsubstantiated personal attacks against these five Umno leaders featured here. So, for those who want to use this posting  as a platform to attack them, please forget it as I will spike off such comments. If anyone feels so strongly against any of these leaders and want to badmouth them, please set up your own blog and do it there. Thank you.

Sunday 25 November 2012

Umno's only option

I'm taking it easy this weekend. Need to conserve my energy.

Next week is the Umno general assembly and I expect interesting things to happen. This is the last lap towards the general election and Umno must show that it is ready for it.

The way I see it, this GE is going to be a do or die battle for Umno.

 It couldn't afford to fool around anymore. It need to get serious and shows the people that it is serious in wanting to clean up and shape up.

Party president DS Najib Razak may need the people's mandate at the general election first before he can push through the much needed reforms, but I'm expecting him to prove it during the general assembly that he is capable of doing so if given the chance. The people will be watching and searching for the sign that Najib can do it and if I'm him I will make sure that they will see those signs.

It's not going to be easy though. Such reforms are going to be painful. But Najib will have no choice but to do it if the people give him the mandate. Otherwise, my prediction is that BN will survive just one more term before it will be wiped out by a new set of opposition people.

I'm not an Umno member and therefore got no hangs up about wanting the party lead the country forever. For me, if Umno refuses to learn from all that happened, then I don't think it should stay in power. But for now, I'm giving Umno one last chance. Furthermore, I don't feel that the current batch of opposition leaders could take over Putrajaya. They are just going to make it worse. Their hypocrisy, nepotism and other doubtful practices simply put me off.

Nonetheless, I'm expecting the younger opposition leaders to be better and take over the leadership of their party before the end of next term. Umno need to be prepared for these changes and the only way to do so is to reform itself. Seriously, if Umno leaders continue to just talk about it and let things continue to rot, Umno is doomed to be buried in the GE14.

Umno may in all probabilities survive the GE13 but it then need to get rid of all its tainted leaders. Zero tolerance for corruption. Najib need to get that message across at this general assembly and actually deliver on it whem the times come. If he can pull this off, then Umno will last longer than perdicted. Bear in mind, as history teaches us, corruption among the powerful is the first sign of doom.

Najib will not have any honeymoon period once he is given the mendate at the coming general election. He need to get cracking from the word go, to push for Umno's reforms. All the old useless warlords need to go and so do those who were only interested to further their own personal interests. Najib will need to go on the ground and tell the grassroot members that they have to help him get rid of these parasites. Najib need to do this with great urgency as the next one term will turn out to be very short a time for such tasks.

As for now, at the coming general assembly, Najib need to convince the people that he will and capable of doing all that. Umno delegates on their part need to convince the people that they are not the arrogant ignorant fools they were accussed to be.

You all Umno people have no choice but to do all that. Support from people like me is not unconditional. I'm not going to support a party which continues to screw up itself. I rather migrate to Taiwan than continously tolerate such nonsense.

Ok, enough of my ramblings. To all Umno people, Selamat Bersidang.

p.s To Najib's media handlers, please try to touch base a bit more. Make friends with the journalists and not just their bosses. You all will need their help once Najib starts to face resistence in implementing Umno's reforms after the general election.

Friday 23 November 2012

Possible solution to a hairy problem

You all probably have read the report about hair dressing saloon operators in Kota Baru having a hard time because the Pas Kelantan government had banned women from cutting men's hair and vice versa.

Those who have not yet read it can do so here -

Kelantan's gender segregation rules affect non-Muslim businesses

Well, there you have it. So much for non-Muslims not being affected by Pas' hudud aspirations. And that's just the starter, ok. I'm sure more will come once Pakatan takes over Putrajaya.

Well, DAP will definitely fight Pas over such things but the fighting will go on and on for like forever and the country will suffer for it. How to work la if fighting all the time over such things.

Anyway, that's for the future. As for now, here is a solution I would suggest for the Kelantanese hair saloon operators - hire more hairdressers whose gender is somewhere in between...not men nor women.

How's that? The LGBT gang should be happy about it, right?

Meanwhile, try to get Ambiga and her Bar council friends to cook up some legal hocus pocus claims so that those who choose not to be men or women got to get their gender registered with NRD as - Malaysian. Ya, the same thing which Hannah Yeoh so fashionably tried to do for her child's racial status.

See, so Malaysian what -
Race - Malaysian
Gender - Malaysian

That way the hair saloon operators could avoid being fined....err, also couples could also avoid getting caught for khalwat. Can always argue - See, I'm not a male or female, my IC stated here that my gender is Malaysian. And so does my partner's....Ok, I think I'm getting overboard with this....hahahahaha....this is actually so funny for me....except, of course for the very serious consequences it will brings upon our multi-racial society.

Thursday 22 November 2012

Oyster omelette plus light and easy Johor-based blogs

So, the Malaysian hockey team lose to Taiwan 3-2. What the heck lah....

You can read it here - What a disgrace

I'm more convinced than ever now that I need to go to Taiwan after the next general election.

In case Pakatan wins, I may stay there permanently.

For now, I'm learning more about Taiwan and starting again to learn Mandarin. It's tough to learn Mandarin, but I'm giving it my best shot.

I'm also learning to cook Taiwanese dishes.

The first I'm learning to cook is baby oyster omelette. A favorite breakfast dish in Taiwan. It's actually a Fujian dish.

You can learn to cook it too. Here is how it's done -

Oyster Omelette Recipe - How To Make Oyster Omelet

Taiwan aside, I do miss Johor.

Been reading almost all materials about my home state that I came across.

The Johor-based English blogs scene was however rather limited, especially when it comes to politics. Well, there were some pro-Pakatan English blogs , but they were mostly full of rubbish.

After awhile, I'm resigned at reading non-political Johor-based English blogs. Just to keep myself updated with what's new in Johor. 

I prefer the light but interesting topics about Johor being discussed in those blogs.

Here is one which I found to my liking, despite it being rather new, I found it a nice  read -

Green Bee In The Rain 

Wednesday 21 November 2012

AES anti-climax and little brother of Israel's best Asean friend

The voting for the AES in parliament today stood at -

BN - 80, Pakatan - 42

What happened to the rest of the MPs?

Sleeping at home were you all?

I thought this AES issue is a big thing among the Pakatan people. So, why only 42 of their MPs turned up to vote?

Not voting because you think you will still be defeated ka? At least try la. Don't be so lazy, can or not? Thought you all better quality wakil rakyat than those BN people. At least turned up to vote la so to show how you all were seriously sincere over the whole thing.

Eh, honestly I don't like this AES thing too. That's because I always drive very fast one. Now got all these cameras all over the place, I'm forced to slow down accordingly. Can't afford to pay the saman.

Anyway, as the Pakatan leaders accuse the BN government of oppressing the people by implementing the AES, the people of Gaza continued being butchered. Guess oppression has different meaning for different people. Am I being oppressed for not being able to drive like a maniac anymore? What do you think?

I wonder what the DAP evenglical leaders have to say about  Israel. How I hope a foreign journalist will ask Guan Eng whether Malaysia will recognise Israel once Pakatan takes over the country. Local journalists can't ask him this because he will sue them. It would be interesting to know whether DAP will be like its big brother the PAP of Singapore, who is Israel's best friend in this region.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Stupid Malays

For those who are not familiar with Pas, the party actually has an anthem, the same as Umno. The opening line was about calling for the Muslims to unite. Ironic, isn't it? Pas who regards fellow Muslims as infidels and apostates and praying for their destruction singing about a united ummah.

Ok, on surface, Umno may not look as Islamic as Pas, but they are still Muslims. For Nik Aziz to condemn Umno as apostates and Hadi Awang once calling them infidels, I think maybe the Muslims in this country are really doomed to be ruled by others.

Maybe they don't even deserve it to lead this country.

The split among the Malay Muslims has probably reached a point of no return, it seems.

I wouldn't really blame Kit Siang and son Guan Eng if they are now feel ing smug. They already have almost total Chinese support while the Malays squabble among themselves as to, who should be PM and who are more Islamic etc.

Kudos to the Chinese for their ability to unite under DAP. You all really make the Malays look pathetic when it come to matters of securing the interests of your community.

Sorry that I have to say this about my own race - MALAYS ARE STUPID.

Maybe as stupid as the Arabs, who stood by while their brothers and sisters were being butchered by the Zionists.

That's all I want to say for today. You all chew on that one, ok?

Monday 19 November 2012

Remembering Cheng as Gaza bleeds (Updated)


Perhimpunan Tergempar "Malaysia Mengutuk Kekejaman Perang di Gaza" oleh PGPF pada Selasa 20Nov 8am di PWTC. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad akan lancharkan Tabung Bantuan Khas Gaza. Minta kerjasama utk sebarkan. Terima kaseh.


The year was 1982.

The two boys sat on the edge of a drain behind the dining hall of their boarding school. It was after Ishak prayers and the place was dark.

The Chinese looking one was brooding over something while his best friend who has spiky hair mumbled something about the deaths and destructions in Lebanon as he surreptitiously smoked his cigarette.

The Israeli invasion of Lebanon that year had just winded down when the

Sabra and Shatila massacre


The Chinese looking boy had bought copies of Newsweek and Times magazine just to keep the pictures of the dead men, women and children of the Palestinians.

"At least we are doing something," said the spiky haired boy, referring to the continuous announcement made via loudspeaker at the school surau that night as donations were made to a fund set up by the students to assist the Palestinians. The students cheered from their hostel as new donation were made from time to time. The total sum collected by the students for the fund was almost RM2,000, which was a significant sum at that time.

"These are all nonsense, what we are doing," said the Chinese looking boy. 

"If we really want to help the Palestinians, we have to go there and fight alongside them and not be cowards," he said.

The spiky haired boy just nodded in agreement. He knows when his friend was being serious. He never clowns around whenever his best friend was being serious

The Chinese looking boy is the guy I told you all about in this posting -

This story was told to me by his best friend, the boy with spiky hair and cigarette.

Now, as the Israeli Defence Force geared up to reinvade Gaza, that largest concentration camp ever set up in human history, and deaths mounting from their airstrikes, I remember that story of Zulkifli Abdul Khir.

I wonder, how many more Marwans will be created by the coming Israeli invasion.


Sunday 18 November 2012

Umno, from infidel to apostate

This is just in by NST alert -

NST 18/11 : Pas' prayers for the fall of BN, Umno is very unIslamic and will destroy the party's credentials as an Islamic party, says PM Najib.

Well, Mr PM, I had just been told by my journalist friend in Kota Baru that Pas' spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had said that Umno deserves such doa because the party is akin to an apostate.

Very nice of Nik Aziz, isn't he? All these harked back to those kafir mengkafir era, it seems.

Well, what can we expect him to say, anyway? The doa after the sembahyang hajat by Pas people at the stadium in Kota Baru on Friday was recited by Nik Aziz's little brother. Of course he has to defend it, notwithstanding the Islamic prohibition for Muslims not to pray for the destruction of others.

Pas président Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang was at least not so crass. He explained that it was okay to pray like what the Pas people did because Pas people had been oppressed by Umno.

See, Umno is evil. Pas people were so oppressed by Umno. Just look at the Kelantanese people, they are as oppressed as the Rohingyas for supporting Pas...eeerrr I think. Hunger and starvation all over the place....I guess. So, its okay to pray for Umno's destruction. Hadi's message was the same as Nik Aziz, only milder.

After all, Hadi need to be more suave, as he may soon be the Prime Minister of Malaysia, what. Back then during the 1980s, he described Umno as kafir (infidel), but now, he need to tone down a bit. Need to be more statesman like, eh.

Well, Umno, last time you were kafir, now you are apostate pulak. Too bad for you all lah.

Saturday 17 November 2012

What's up Hadi?

This was from Star alert just now -

17/11 Pas Ulama Council rep Hairun Nizam: Party president Hadi Awang should be PM if Pakatan win GE13; party should not support any other candidate/STAR

When I saw it, I immediately called a journalist friend who was covering the Pas' muktamar in Kota Baru to check what was happening there as this news would probably gives Anwar Ibrahim a minor cardiac arrest.

"Yup, that Hairun was serious. The Ulama Council is very powerful and its supporters have been flexing their muscle these past few days here and the indications point to them not wanting to give face anymore to the Anwarinas in Pas," said my journalist friend.

My friend was probably right. My reading was that the Pas hardliners were indeed worried as the party has been viewed as pussies of late for being bullied by DAP. The existence of the Anwarinas in their rank has only made it worse for them.

However, half an hour later, my friend called me back and said -
"Eh, Hadi had just gave a PC. He said he rather be a khadam (servant) rather than  be a PM."

"Are you sure?" I asked, hardly believing what I heard.

"Yes, he was rather uncomfortable when we asked him about what Hairun said...but that's what he said," said my friend.

"What happened to Hadi's balls that he said that?" I asked again. I was irritated that Hadi, the president of a party of Islamic warriors not daring enough to replace Anwar as PM-in-waiting.

"That, you have to ask Anwar," said my friend, laughing. friend could be right. Maybe Anwar does has Hadi's balls in his pocket, metaphorically of course.

Friday 16 November 2012

Racially discriminated my foot lah

There is this report I read in the pro-Pakatan Malaysian Insider about the anti-BN Irene Fernandez of Tenaganita saying that constitutional provisions which secure bumiputra rights are inspiring racial discrimination.

I believe she was talking about Article 89 and 153 of the Federal Constitution.

Well, I know that she is actually saying nothing new as those provisions have been targeted by all anti-BN (or to be exact, anti-Malays) quarters since before I was born. But it just bothered me that she brought up this issue as everyone were gearing up for the coming general election where it is known that campaigning along racial line will be the main weapon for certain quarters such as it was during the last Sarawak state election.

Okay, this is a very prickly issue and should be avoided if we want things to go smooth in this country. I even have recurring arguments with my boyfriend over those provisions whenever we accidentally strayed to race relations in our conversations. We normally avoid the topic as it does not do any good to argue about it.

But, whenever I'm forced to argue about it, my usual line on this matter is that, those provisions were agreed upon by our founding fathers (of all races) as a trade off whereby the non-bumiputra were given citizenship and allowed to continue with their way of life instead of being forced to assimilate into the bumiputra's culture as it was in other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and the Philipines.

That is why, I would say that the Chinese, for instance, have their own education system which was guaranteed by the very same constitution which provides for the loathed bumiputra rights. That is why Malaysia is the only country, other than China and Taiwan which has a Chinese education system.

Well, maybe Irene Fernandez should check on those provisions of the constitution which secure the existence of Chinese schools and come out with a statement that those provisions cause the segregation of our children on racial line and inspire racial discrimination. See la what would happened if she ever say that.

Personally, I support the existence of Chinese schools because I respect the wisdom of the country's founding fathers whom I assume were of the opinion that each race should preserve their own identity while helping each other as we share this country. That was, to me why the constitution provides for such leeways exclusive to each particular race. The understanding should be that we respect each others' rights and honor the agreement made by our forefathers.

Let me put it on record here that I never believe in the concept of "Bangsa Malaysia" because there will never be such a thing. We are Malaysians of different bangsa and each should respect the others instead of trying to force an assimilation into one bangsa. The same as there is no such thing as "Bangsa USA". We were simply not meant to be that way.

Everything has a price, and to me, what were propagated by people like Irene Fernandez as constitutionalised racial discrimination, is actually the price we have to pay for the half century of progress of this blessed multi-racial and multi-religous country.

By the way, for being purportedly racially discriminated, I think the minorities in this country were actually doing much better economically, and now politically, than the bumiputra who supposedly were discriminating them, I think.

Not even Irene Fernandez seems to be too racially discriminated, isn't she? She seems to be doing rather well despite her persistent complaints about this country, I think.

Was you racially discriminated in anyway Irene?

Oh by the way, Irene, can you please do a make over a bit. Really la, at least make yourself a bit more presentable if you want to play act as human right heroine like Aung Sang Sukyi.

Ok, at least comb your hair, can?

Thursday 15 November 2012

Pas ripping off Karpal's goatee

Read a report today that Pas Ulama council chairman Harun Taib had said that other component parties of Pakatan had agreed to allow for the implementation of syariah in the country's administration if they were given the mandate to rule the country.

Harun had said this today during the Pas annual general assembly meeting in Kota Baru.

So, Pas' hudud agenda is on, I guess.

Karpal Singh would definitely flipped once he read the report.

I'm actually finding it difficult to believe that report myself. Pas is currently just a junior partner in Pakatan with just 22 parliamentary seats compared to DAP's 29. How did they manage to convince DAP to agree to such thing would be a mystery.

Maybe Harun was just kidding. Maybe he was just trying to tease Karpal....honestly, I don't know.

Probably Harun made that statement because Pas is really worried now that they may lose more of those Malay Muslims votes, especially those who were uncomfortable with DAP's apparent dominance of the Pakatan coalition. Maybe they were afraid that Nurul Izzah's rather controversial statement on Malay Muslims' freedom of religion had done irreparable damage to their cause.

Well, desperate measures seems necessary in desperate times.

Err...I wonder if Lim Kit Siang or his handsome son Guan Eng will say anything about this....well, maybe not....silence is golden to them, I guess.

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Coldness and hypocrites back home

First of all, let me wish all who celebrate Deepavali today the very best. May it be a joyous occasion  for you and your family.

Been on the road for almost two weeks now.

Pausing for awhile before the last phase of my trip.  I think I will rest here for tonight and tomorrow before continuing the next day. The last phase should be for another four days after that.

My upper lip is numb due to the cold weather, but overall, I am okay.

Been out of touch with things back home since I started my trip. Access to internet is not so good at this place.

The only interesting thing about politics back home that I heard all the way here was about PKR vice-president and daughter of Anwar Ibrahim, Nurul Izzah saying something in a church about Malays' status as Muslims and then denied saying it before turning around again to admit it after presented with evidence of her saying those things.

Honestly, I don't care much if Nurul Izzah thinks that some Malays are not necessarily Muslims. That's her choice to think that way. Heck, I don't think I really care if she thinks I am not a Muslim. Pas people had even labelled Muslins like me as apostates, what. After all, she is not GOD. She is just a politician who is what she is now courtesy of her being Anwar Ibrahim's daugther. So, don't expect me to respect her opinion that much. By the way, I never think she is that bright anyway, even when I was back then sympathetic for her and her family.

What I however  really can't stand about her latest stunt was, the way she was trying to play the religious card for political gains. Were the Pakatan gang so desperate for Christians' vote that she had to say such things in a church? Can't she win support by any other mean?

And there was Pas, a party which have been exploiting their purported Islamic credentials, supporting her by initially saying that her words had been twisted by the pro-BN media and then when proven she had really said such things, they turned around saying she was right for saying such things anyway. What is this, if not a munafikin (hypocrite)  behaviour? True or not, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz?

Well, Nurul Izzah, if you really have the conviction of believing in something, you better stick to it, ok? Don't be a snake. Leave that to all those snaky Bar council lawyers who think they are so smart with words that they can get away with being snakes. This advise goes to you you all Pas people too. You want to claim yourselves as being the best type of Muslims(whatever that is), go ahead and be the best type of Muslims and don't behave like bloody hypocrites, ok?

Ya, I know I'm not a good Muslims and all, but I don't go around accusing my fellow Muslims of being lesser type of Muslims simply because they do not subscribe to my political beliefs, ok?

Eh....enough of my preachings....need to sleep now....I will try to start posting regularly again after this. Cheers everyone.

ps - This following video clip is for Andy, my fellow traveller and  good friend from Indonesia. My favourite Scorpion song this one, Andy. Just for fun ya :-)

Friday 2 November 2012

Midnight Burger King blues

It's now 12.41am. I'm at a Burger King joint.

Don't know what to do at tne moment. So, I'm doing this posting just for the heck of it.

There is still a lot of people coming in for burgers amd french fries meal.

At one corner was a pretty Chinese girl sleeping on a chair without a care in the world. She covered her face with the book she was reading - Fifty Shades of Grey. I wish I'm as pretty as her....

Eh, what the hell, I'm writing lah....I think I need to slow down a bit with this blog....been posting on daily basis....don't want to bore you all liao...

Until next time then....