Saturday 30 June 2012

Pigheadedness leading to water crisis

Things do not look good for the millions of people living in Klang Valley and Selangor as far as their water supply needs are concerned. Reports indicated that water reserve levels there were nearing zero. According to Syabas the demand for water in Selangor and Klang Valley currently stood at 4,364 million litres per day, which is razor thin close to the 4,371 litres maximum out put of the available water treatment plants.

The pigheededness of the PKR-led Selangor government is only making things worse.

Their unwillingness to cooperate with water suppliers and the relevent authorities in meeting the needs of increasing water supply to meet the increasing demand is pushing things to the brink and a possible water supply crisis, worse than the one in 1998 may be the end result soon.

As water tankers started to be deployed over the past weeks around the already affected areas, the State government continues to insist that everything is well and that water level at the dams is ok.

I was living in KL in 1998 when the water crisis hit back then. I remember old folks struggling to carry water buckets up to their flat units, people washing at streams etc etc. It was not even a permanent problem back then. Just an extremely hot weather drying up water supply. The authorities back then worked promptly to solve the problem. Then Works Minister S.Samy Vellu was on top of things at that time...if I was not mistaken. Still people suffered.

Johor government learned a thing or two from that crisis. It upgraded its water supply system to mitigate potential shortage at a huge cost. The loan it took for the endavour from the Federal government had at one point caused it to be accussed of going bankrupt. Still, Johor was hit with a spate of water shortage problems such as the one in central district of Kluang on Chinese New Year day three years ago. It almost turned into a racial issue as more than 50 per cent of Kluang population is Chinese. The State government was quick to react. It was after all a drought season which caused rivers in the district sunch as Sungai Semberong to be reduced to the size of a longkang. MB Ghani set the proposal and several months later, PM DS Najib Razak during his visit to Kluang announced that another water dam costing several million ringgit to be built near Kahang to avoid another water shortage in Kluang.

Now, I wonder if Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim can spare some time away from fending off the attacks by the Azmin Ali's faction to handle the looming water crisis set to hit his State and the Klang Valley, the so called bastion of PKR after 2008. Or maybe it's more conveniet to later on blame Najib and Umno and BN when the water shortage hits the rakyat?

Thursday 28 June 2012

Of Penang's LGE Pau and Johor's Holistik

I couldn't hold in my giggle this morning when I read what was on Page 8 of NST today about the 51 photos of the Chief Minister Guan Eng being squeezed onto 28 pages of the May edition of Buletin Mutiara.  Actually I am still giggling.

Tan Cheng Liang, the Penang BN information chief was quoted as suggesting that the newsletter be renamed "Lim Guan Eng Pau", as in Nanyang Siang Pau.

I say Miss Tan (and ofcourse Helen Ang who first "broke" this story) lighten up la .. allow the Chief Minister his moments of glory.  Why la you all complain complain like that?  If he stops doing this, then we have nothing to giggle about over breakfast.

Really la, I also find that to be quite an amazing feat beside being extremely amusing.

How do they manage to squeeze in that many photos of one person in a single 28-page publication?   Isn't that simply amazing?

To put it in perspective, I am comparing it with the April 2012 edition of Holistik, the Johor State official publication which is actually lying on my desk.

In the 36-page holistik, I counted  57 photographs (front and back covers included), 11 charts and diagrams, and a JAIJ-approved halal logo.  Ghani's face is in a total of 6 photographs on pages 3, 21, 34 and 35.

See what I am seeing?  Holistik has more pages than Buletin Mutiara, and yet has 45 less photos featuring the Mentri Besar in it.

Looking at that picture up there,there are only three possible reasons that I can think of.

A.  Guan Eng is a star idol, Ghani is not.

B.  Holistik is about the State, Buletin Mutiara is about the Chief.

C.  There are more things to write about in Johor than in Pulau Pinang.

Wednesday 27 June 2012

An undeserving dog, speculation and a music video

Today is the first time I got hold of a proper PC in more than a month. The cybercafe where I used to hang out at had closed down. The owner had moved it to Larkin which is a bit far from my place. I have been updating this blog using my hopelessly useless netbook which is without proper link as well as cut and paste abilities. If you noticed, my postings the past few weeks had been all straight forward and without referral link. The pictures were pasted actually with much difficulties. I am still saving to buy a proper lap top. Every time I almost had enough money, something will come up and I have to spend the money on other things.

Never mind, hopefully I can get a decent one by next month. I know, many of you all probably thinking that I am bluffing, but it's true, I am still without a proper computer and still jealous whenever I see my friends showing off their changgih computer. ALL of them have one, including this fella -

 I am now at my sister's plaxe using my nephew's PC. Well, what I miss most about not having a proper computer is pasting a good music video on this blog.

It's kinda stiff la writing about politics all the time. I know, things are hotting up with some speculations that the parliament may be dissolved tomorrow - Thursday -, but sometimes we do need to take a break la. Anyway, I don't think that the speculation is true anyway. Lots of things still need to be done. I don't think Najib want to go to the polls yet.

Ok, back to the music video, here is a good one, I think....

Altantuya tragedy- don't exploit the dead for politics

Ok, this is the original Pakatan story about the late Altantuya - She was an exotic sophisticated multi-lingual lady involved in the 2002 Malaysia-French  Scorpene deal as a broker cum intepreter. She was also said to have some sorts of an affair with Najib along the way with Razak Baginda acting as her "pimp". She was said to have come to Malaysia in 2006 to get her share of the deal and threatened to expose her affair with Najib. Her plan was however intercepted by the supremely evil Rosmah who then supervised her being blown up to pieces. Jolly good story indeed, isn't it?

This is however what we learned from the trial of Altantuya murder case -
She was a Mongolian single mother whose only foreign language skill is Russian and rudimentary English. She met Razak in 2004, two years after the Scorpene deal. The two fell in love and started an affair but the married Razak decided to end it after awhile. She then came to Malaysia trying to persuade him to continue with the affair. Razak asked for help from police officers that he knew to stop her from harrassing him and his family. Something went wrong and she ended dead. Razak was found not guilty for the murder as he never ordered the killing. The two policemen involved in the case were however found guilty and sentenced to death.

Fast forward to now -
Pro-Pakatan Suaram lodged a complaint with French court on the Scorpene deal in an effort to tarnish the government, particularly PM Najib by trying to revive the original Altantuya the sophisticated lady theory. The French court obliged as per their duty. Findings so far based on French police intel -

1. She had never set foot in France.
2. She can't speak French, thus she can't possibly be the intepreter, let alone be a broker in the Scorpene deal.
3. The negotiation over the Scorpene deal was in English anyway.

This proved to be quite an embarassment for Pakatan people.But as we know, these people are not known to be capable of being ashamed. Just go to any pro-Pakatan blogs and websites and you all can see how they tried to wriggle out of this quite tight spot. Some of their arguments were outright absurd if not hilarious. Maybe you all should check them out for entertainment.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, Pakatan people, via their lap dog Suaram had checkmated themselves on this issue. The whole thing make them look like idiots indeed.

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Our dear Mickey Mouse Club neighbour

The case of three Singaporeans from their High Commission office taking part in Bersih 3.0 is actually quite funny to me. There's no denying that they were there.  High Commissioner Ong Keng Yong even said they were there in their personal capacity. The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs had on the other hand issued a statement that that the trio were at the Bersih 3.0 as "impartial observers" as " part of their normal professional diplomatic duties".

Hmmm...which one of these explainations is true? Very wierd that the usually sharp Singaporeans behaving this way. I tend to believe that they were really caught in a fix this time. You see, Singaporean officials are mostly smart and efficient but there is something not very mature about them. They tend to blush and behaving awkward when caught with their hand in a cookie jar. Well, I hope my Singaporean friends would not get angry with me for saying that. It's just my personal observation from years of going in and out of their country via the Causeway. I'm not saying that they are not good but I always feel that there is something mickey mousy behaviour about the way they carry themselves.

Actually, I don't really blame the Singaporeans for being who they are. I mean, it's their own business if they want to hire some Ghurkas and place them at their CIQ checkpoint at the Causeway...which is kinda childish in my opinion. Afterall, their country is more like a gated housing area of rich people more than anything else. So, every little excitement should be treated with maximum due care, I guess.

So, that's why I think those ladies from their embassy should be excused for getting over excited over the Bersih nonsense. That's of course provided that they were not real instigators and were at the rally just for fun la.

What we shouldnt excused is when Malaysians trying to behave like the Singaporeans. I mean the childish side of the Singaporeans. Also the kiasu side of the Singaporeans.

If you can't figure what I meant by that, then you should just observe the way Guan Eng behaves and carry himself...and then imagine what if he become the role model of the rest of us all. Scary isn't it?

Monday 25 June 2012

BN's cin cai and freedom

So, PKR wonder boy Rafizi said he stepped down from his post in the Selangor government because he wants to concentrate on party work with the election around the corner. So noble of him.

He also said his resignation got nothing to do with the power tussle between MB Khalid and Azmin Ali. Yea, right.

The thing with the Pakatan people is that they are good at hidding their own petty internal politics. And the best part of it, people tend to believe them.

Umno and the gang on the other hand are all too willing to go public with their squabbles. All in the name of transperency.

It's exactly the same case with pro-Umno and BN blogs and newsportals as compared to those on the other side of the political divide. BN cyber gang almost always never shy from writting about issues deemed negetive about the caolition. The Pakatan side on the other hand are as devious as rats when something blew up on their side. Anyone ever see pro-DAP blogs posting about the hillside destruction on Penang island?

You could hardly see Pakatan blogs and websites attacking any wrong doings of their political masters. They  talk so much about freedom of these and that yet their practices were completely heading the other way around. Prime example is Guan Eng lah. Now, not even the usually pro-DAP Chinese Press people are spared his tantrums if they write something not so pleasant about Guan Eng such as that beautiful rainbow episode.

Guess, that's how it will be once Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. No more simply simply talk. Sure kena sue one. Me - I will blog about food and fashion once Pakatan rule this country. Not worth it to take the risks leh. Now under BN can still fool around a bit. BN can cin cai cin cai la with these sorts of thing. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Saturday 23 June 2012

Weekend road trip

Going on a road trip today. Just taking a break from all my nonsense routine. Want to see a bit of this beautiful country for this weekend. Really tired of mostly being cooped up in the office for the past week.

Going to drive slowly northward and stop here and there. Will see how far can I go, then spend the night there before returning on Sunday. I think it will be refreshing to get out of this place once in awhile.

Honestly, I'm a bit tired, and maybe even jaded. Hopefully this little excursion will help. Need to manage my energy better. Last night a reliable source told me the general election may even going to be held as late as February next year. Whatever lah...just hoping I still have the energy by that time.

Ok, need to shower now and pack a bit. You all, take care and have a nice weekend. Cheers :-)

Thursday 21 June 2012

Anwar not so cock sure anymore

Things seems to be not going well for DS Anwar Ibrahim in his Rm3 billon troubles.

Today NST and BH carried an exclusive interview with Abdul Razak Idris, the former official of ACA (now MACC) who produced a statutory declaration which cleared Anwar of allegation of stashing the RM3 billion when he was the DPM and finance minister.

Razak said he was instructed to produce the SD by Anwar.

The SD was the crucial evidence used by ANWAR in his suit against NSTP in 2003 which denied his guilt in the case. Anwar won the case and received a substantial amount of money after the BN-bias court found in his favour that NSTP had defamed him with the Rm3 billion allegation.

Razak was interviewed by phone by NST hotshot journalist Farrah Naz Karim who is also the newspaper Putrajaya bureau chief.

Razak was in Indonesia and his exact location seems to be unknown.

The Anwar's camp was reportedly taken by surprise when informed about the interview. They must have been cock sure the guy was in their pocket.

Anwar was so sure he got everything under control that he had earlier yesterday in parliamet said that he was ready to be investigated.

I don't think he is so sure now, as MACC, I was told by friends in Putrajaya, has reopened investigations into the 13 year old case following the discovery of new evidence.

These are indeed gripping stuff. Hopefully we get to know some of the outcome before the coming general election.

Monday 18 June 2012

Murad to put Anwar in deep crap

Saw somewhere that the former Bank Negara assistant governor Abdul Murad Khalid today issued a statement that he is willing to help in any investigation into his 1999 statutory declaration about Anwar's Rm3 billion.

This is indeed bad news for Anwar.

MACC will now have to investigate and all the dirts will come up to surface. You can just google to find Murad's SD in full. It's all over the place. Quite sordid actually.

The Rm3billion is indeed a lot of money for a political war chest. All those talks about money politics of Umno... well, Anwar was then the deputy president of Umno. Sure can buy lots of votes, isn't it. Now he talks about corrupt Umno...sheeessh....

Oh, ok, some may says he is now a changed man. Well, give me Rm3 billion and I probably can changed too. Changed my foot la. Just look at the PKR people these days, especially in Selangor, do you really think they are angels ka?

Well, lets see how this whole thing developed, ok? Told you already, Pakatan should put Guan Eng as number one leader. Anwar got too many baggages. Guan Eng only got one serious trouble only - flying ashtray....or was it a file? Well, that one also he can just overcomed if he can get Soi Lek to be his sifu in handling women folk. Sure can one.

Sunday 17 June 2012

Piggy excuse (UPDATED)


For dinner we went out to have some congee at a quite nice Chinese restaurant. He said it's ok, no pork there. So, he ordered la. One side dish looked quite delicious. What is it? He said "Oh, that one very nice, frog legs fried with chili. Err, don't tell me you can't eat frog legs..." Siow la!!!

Well, I'm not a religious expert but I know as a Muslim I can't eat pork, and meat of dog, predatory animals, those which are poisonous, amphibians....errr, maybe all ugly looking mamals.

I can eat everything with gills except those which are poisonous.

I can eat grasshoppers.

I'm not sure if I can eat panda...or elephant.


Another Sunday...I'm always lazy on Sunday. Feel like sleeping off the whole day. But, got to see him today. He said he wants to cook lunch for me. So romantic and all, but looks like I have to bring over my pots and pans to his place. I suspect he still cooks pork in his kitchen. So don't want to use his stuff. I don't think I will ever get used to his pork eating and hope he quit one day. His excuse has always been that "I'm Chinese la...must eat pork leh."

Whatever lah...but really, he never even seen a live pig, let alone been to a smelly pig farm. Looking at the animal, I don't know how anyone could eat it.

See, how can we eat an animal which looks like a lawyer ? Don't be angry arrr...really, just look at the face of the pig. Doesn't it reminds you of one particular lawyer?

Hmmm...btw, BN seems to be on the offensive of late. A lot of statements about Anwar's wheelings n dealings. Anwar's defence remains the same - Muhyiddin asked about my Rm3 billion? Tell him to declare his assets instead. These are all Umno's conspiracy!!!!

Real babi la that sorts of excuse. You explain first la about the Rm3billion, before accussing others of corruption.

Real to become PM like that? You tell me lar.

Friday 15 June 2012

General election now only at year end

Sitting in the office, don't know what to do. Finished work but can't go back home. Need to wait for a meeting with a  bollywood-looking friend. Decided to do this posting for the time being.

I heard the general election will only be at the very end of the year. Definitely after the Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Aidil Adha. There goes my perdiction of it to be held in September.

Can come up with all sorts of theories about the delay but honestly I think I'm getting tired of waiting. Don't know lah. Najib is smarter than me, so, he probably have a good reason for it.

Whatever it is I think I don't want to hold back on my plans just because of the election. If I want to go on a travelling break, I think I will just go. Johor BN simply have to do without me. Taiwan....dreaming of Taiwan....

I hope he can come along. Need him as my translator. I know it will not likely happened. Today also he never called. Yesterday, he said got big reunion dinner tonight but can't takes me with him. Make me sad only. Useless fella.

By the way, in case I'm in Taiwan and suddenly the parliament was dessolved, I think I can still rush back to vote.

Ya, I think I will celebrate my birthday this year in Taipeh. He better pay for my flight tickets. What? Tickets to Taipei are not very expensive la. It's not like I'm asking him to pay for my way to London, ok?

Garang wife essential liao

Just woke up. It's 4.58am. Didn't sleep well. Fallen asleep about 2.30am. I don't think that's enough sleep. Feels like calling him up....but cannnot, sure kena marah disturbing his sleep.

Never mind, I just do this posting instead and pretend you all who read this are my friends and listening to my ramblings.

What? U don't want to be my friend because I'm pro-BN? What la you, don't want to be friend just because of politics. That's silly. Relax, ok? We Maaysians are really not much different from each other, ok?

You think just because I'm BN, l'm evil lah ya? Corrrupted corrrupted lah ya? Eh, stupid la like that. I'm just like you also la. Just trying to earn a living and fulfill my responsibilities and do the right thing, ok? I like Najib, you like Anwar...what? You think Najib is the devil, and Anwar an angle? So simple ka? Come on la...let's use our brain, can?

Ok la, you don't care about Anwar, but love and want Guan Eng instead to become, that guy also a man lar...and men are all bastards...remember? Guan Eng also can get horny ok? Any man who can get horny, can get corrupted also, ok? Just that Guan Eng is lucky that Pretty Betty is garang. Almost all Chinese women are like tha one. A little sign of him getting itchy, and she threw that ashtray...or as it a file? Heard like that lah.

Compare that to Anwar...Wan Azizah really hopeless lar...just let the bugger do as he pleases. That's why he ended like that...everything also, he sapu.

Well, considering that, I do think Pakatan need to consider putting Guan Eng as their number one leader. He try to be funny, Betty will be ready with that ashtray...or is it a file?

BN better in that need to change leader...Najib got Rosmah, what :-)

Eh, enough lah of my nonsense...need to do the necessary and get ready for work. You all, have a good day, ok.

Thursday 14 June 2012

Bitching again about irritating BN people

Sometimes it's hard for me to understand why so many BN people find it difficult to realize that the coming general election is a do or die mission for the coalition.

Not being a member of any BN component party, I often observe how BN people still behave as if things are still the way they were back before the disastrous 2008 election.

Many were still very much engrossed with petty internal squabbles, and spend much time and energy jockeying for positions in the hope of furthering their own personal vested interests.

Don't they realise that if BN falls they will lose everything and that this country will be no more what it used to be? Have they not learned any lesson from the losses of 2008?

The Pakatan people may say that the country will be better if they take over, but despite my intense dislike of many BN people, I still believe that Pakatan are much worse and if they were to be given the power, will tear this country apart. BN, despite some unsavoury characters within it, has proven itself capable of steering Malaysia to the right path over the years. Yes, it was not perfect, but I don't think we are doing too badly considering our complicated multi-racial, multi-religion and other multi-this and that society. It's just a matter of improving the system, instead of replacing it with some other dubious set-up.

Back to those distasteful BN characters, I think DS Najib Razak really need to do something to get rid of them. Not only they cause disruptions within their party but they also cause people to loath BN. Worse of all, they cause people who sincerely want to fight for BN to give up in disgust.

I had many encounters with these sorts of BN people. Arrogant for no reason, think so highly of themselves, demanding for things which were not theirs etc. They sometimes made me wonder what am I doing supporting BN.

The only thing which help makes me want to continue on this path is the presence of the good BN leaders whom I have the privilage to know quite closely. My favorite was of course Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman whom I found to be a decent and proper man.

Ghani's political enemies had tried to cast doubts about him, accusing him of all sorts of things. I tried my best to check them out but could not find anything rotten. It would be sad to see him going on his retirement after the next general election. Hopefully there will be more good leaders among BN people so that people not subscribing to any political party like me find it appealing to side with BN instead of being put off

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Nizar's belated remorse

Just saw a report by Bernama that Pas' fomer Perak MB DS Nizar Jamaluddin is now seeking an audience to apologise to Sultan of Johor. He also said he wanted to explain to the Sultan about his offending twitter posting about the Sultan's WWW1 car plate number.

Well, on Sunday, when told that more than 30,000 Johoreans gathered in support of the Sultan at Istana Pasir Pelangi, Nizar was quoted by NST as bravely saying that he will continue to speak up against anyone, including the royal families on issues which affect public interests.

Here are Nizar's quote in verbatim -

"If it is an issue which is totally unimaginable, like irrational spending or behaviour, I will continue to speak up...but I will do it in the most polite manner."

Hmmm...I wonder what makes him want to apologise now.

Personally, I think it's a bit late now for him to say sorry.

The Sultan of Johor was clearly offended, judging by what he said to NST on Sunday. Here is the Sultan's statement about Nizar's initial apology via twitter -

"If he really wants to apologise, he must seek an apology from my people first because he was disrespectful to them.

"He should engage his brain before he shoot off his mouth."

I'm not sure where Nizar got the idea that he can apologise to a Sultan by merely twitting it, but I suspect he may be following the lead of DAP's Penang chief minister Guan Eng who simply issued a statement of apology last year when Sultan of Johor remarked that he was offended when Guan Eng told foreign journalists while in Singapore that Johor is not a safe place.

Guess, only now that these Pakatan leaders are learning that their 2008 electoral gains do not give them the licence to be kurang ajar with just anybody.

Monday 11 June 2012

Pas' yoga exercise

Kelantan MB Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has today lifted the ban on female Quran reciters from taking part in competitions. The ban has been in place since Pas took over Kelantan in 1990. The reason given at that time was that women's voice is part of their aurat (body) and therefore should not be displayed in public. Nik Aziz probably thinks it is different now.

I guess, Pas people are quite flexible afterall, as even Nik Aziz seems to be capable of changing what he used to  interprete as haram (forbidden) in Islam then into something halal (allowed) now. Normally these sorts of things were really a no no.

Well, then again, I'm not a really religious person. So, I wouldn't claim to know any better. Who am I anyway compared to all those ustaz and ustazah who proclaimed themselves to be ballot box Islamic warriors of Pas. They surely havea good excuse for their Tok Guru's change of heart concerning such a fundamental element of Islamic principle.

Anyway, I do wonder if the lifting of the ban on the female Quran reciters has anything to do with Pas' effort to soften its image to make the party more acceptable to their allies, especially the Chinese-based DAP. Pas seems to be doing that a lot of late. They have even agreed to shelved their aspiration to set-up an Islamic state so that Karpal Singh don't have to die and has his body being step over by Pas people. This bending backward for DAP thing has actually been sorts of a yoga-like exercise for Pas.

Maybe, one of these days, Nik Aziz may proclaims that yoga is not haram after all. Wah, sure can get lots of votes for that one.

 I do however wonder if Pas will ever revert back to it's true self. Probably they would one day. Yoga is afterall just an exercise only. Can be like this, can be like that liao.

Sunday 10 June 2012

A pledge of loyalty

Over 30,000 people turned up at Istana Pasir Pelangi today to pledge support for Sultan of Johor. The organiser had initially expected about 6,000 people.

Personally, I never expected so many to turned up myself. Guess, the Johor royalty still command a huge support from the rakyat.

 This is something people like Nizar Jamaluddin never expect when he tweeted that disrespectful remark about the way the Sultan uses his money. Anyway, I don't think it's so much as about the Sultan's spending which prompted Nizar's remark but rather the opportunity for him to run down the institution itself.

People like Nizar seems to think that the institution of Malay Rulers is a stumbling block to their attempt to change the status quo which prevented them from obtaining power. That is why they deem it necessary to incite the people against the Rulers by way of highlighting what little perceived faults of the royalty.

 I'm not saying the people should not questioned the conducts of the Rulers at all, but they should do so with due respect for the institution which serves as the protector of the people.

I had myself posted in this blog some reminders to members of the royal institution on what they need to avoid in order to maintain the people's respect. I had done so subtly and with due respect for the Rulers. I came to understand that my effort had not been in vain. The Rulers do appreciate feedbacks from the rakyat as they are not the arrogant creatures that people such as Nizar tried to portray.

As a Johorean, I would like to record my pledge of loyalty here today for my Sultan, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar. May Allah bless him with the wisdom and good qualities of a Ruler. Daulat Tuanku.

Saturday 9 June 2012

By the beach

Nice weather by the beach today, Trying to relax my mind. Been very stressful of late. Good thing he took me to the beach today...just the break that I needed. This posting is just me fooling around with his iPad. Lying down on this mat under a tree....nice and breezy.

Wish I can stay at this beach for the rest of my life....lazing about with nothing to do. Best of life. But life has to go on.,,and we need to deal with all the nonsense in this world. No escaping them. Just not looking forward to the drive back to the city later in the evening.

The truth is, I don't really understand why people spend so much energy wanting to be at the top all the time. Just the thought of it tires me. Then again, I'm not ambitious. What ever it is, it baffles me to see people turning into monsters trying to be a little big shot in their insignificant obscure corner of the world. Were all the aggravations worth it? I really don't think so lah.

What? You want my power? Come come....take it. I can do without it.  You can have it and be happy with it, ok? Dear stupid morons, I'm not here in this world to take anything away from anybody, especially not from you all. You all got nothing that I want in the first place, ok?

I just want a quiet life by this beach....can or not? Please stop bugging me, ok? Have a good weekend.

Friday 8 June 2012

Kedah beating Kelantan towards theocracy

So, Pas-ruled Kedah is moving ahead towards theocracy, surging even ahead of Nik Aziz's Kelantan.
Now, all fatwa issued by the Mufti and fatwa council in Kedah can't be objected.

Here is a bit of the story from The Star :

ALOR SETAR: Future fatwa issued by the Kedah mufti or Fatwa Committee cannot be challenged in court under an amendment to the Mufti and Fatwa (Kedah Darul Aman) Enactment 2008 passed by the Kedah State Assembly on Tuesday.
 A new section - Section 22A - inserted in the enactment states that a fatwa decided by the mufti or Fatwa Committee, whether gazetted or not, cannot be challenged, appealed, reviewed, denied or questioned in any civil court or syariah court.
 The insertion was among the amendments passed unanimously by the House on Tuesday.
 In tabling the bill for the amendments, Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak said it was to clarify the membership of the Fatwa Committee and to give conclusiveness to any fatwa decided by either the mufti or Fatwa Committee.

That one even got the extremely pro-Pakatan Bar Council screaming bloody foul. Now they know lah what Pas is all about.

More to come I am sure. Just wait till they all take over the federal government.

Do all those smart lawyers of Bar Council anticipated this when they throw their support behind Pas and their allies? I think they do/ Just that they were so blinded with arrogance and hatred that they tried to ignore the obvious about those Taliban wannabes.

Well, you reap what you sow.

At the time I'm writing this, I haven't heard anything yet from DAP and PKR about the issue. I think they are really in a tight spot on this one. Probably laying low until things blow over.

This is when Guan Eng's media banning comes handy. See no evil, hear no evil, speaks no evil.

Well, even if they say someting against Pas on this one, what would be the effect?

I'm quite sure Pas will not back off from this. They have to stand their ground or risk being seen as a lame duck partner in Pakatan.

I'm really looking forward to what Nik Aziz has to say about this one. Would he sacrifice whatever little credibility Pas still have as an Islamic party  or would he value the non-Muslims votes more?

Thursday 7 June 2012

The need to win the cyberwar

The biggest problem with Johor BN's campaign to win the hearts and minds of the people is that they simply do not have enough resources. I know, you all think I'm bullshitting, but this is the truth.

Never mind, I know that most of you all will still never believe me, so I'm just putting it here for the record.

On the cyberwar front for instance, Johor BN were mostly dependent on volunteers to provide the coalition's arguments with some semblance of credibility in the cyberspace. They have no specific allocation to wage war on the cyber-front. Yup, you may not want to believe it, but its true, Johor BN do not hire cybertroopers.

As for pro-Umno Johor-based bloggers you saw roaming around the cyberspace, they were mostly those aligned to certain divisional warlords and not the party itself per se. As far as I know, the State liasion committee and the MB do not bankroll specific bloggers to do their biddings. I did asked Johor Umno media handlers why this was so, and the simple reply was that they do not have any allocation for such things.

It's a direct contrast to the Penang DAP which employ a squad of cybertroopers based at the Komtar. They were well funded, trained and coordinated. You can see them in action at any credible pro-BN blog which post anything against DAP. They would hog the comment space to neutralise or divert the readers to other issues favouring DAP.

Maybe Johor Umno/BN should seriously consider this weakness of theirs and do something about it. I'm not suggesting them to hire cybertroopers like Guan Eng did, but at least do something la to encourage pro-Umno/BN bloggers to be more prolific and provide them with the necessary equipments and a common platform for better coordination. Its something if done is going to be all win and no lose. Afterall, almost everyone goes to the cyberworld for information these days.

I hope this humble suggestion of mine could be seriously considered, and considered fast. The general election could be held within the next few months and Johor BN/Umno will need all the help it could muster.

 I'm not hoping much for BN/Umno people in KL to understand why I need to do this posting as I know they were flush with fund for cyberwarfare. But hopefully, if someone at PMO is reading this, he/she will deem it necessary to suggest to the PM for an additional allocation to be channeled to Johor and other States for this purpose.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Pas' Monkey Blur and black magic

Being not well for the past few days. Too sickly to do any postings.

Today feeling better. Need to restart the engine of man liao.

Seems that Nizar the laser mouth really got Johor Pas in trouble. Simply simply insult the Sultan for what. Even Salahuddin Ayub know this. Well, Salahuddin actually should thanked Nizar. At least now he has an excuse when Johor Pas fail to deliver in the coming general election. In all probability, Johor Pas is going to fail anyway as support for Umno and BN among the Malays is on the rise of late, according to the Merdeka Center poll.

Actually, Johor Pas should not be too disheartened. I think they are better being losers than being mere stooge of Johor DAP which is the real king of Pakatan in the state. I don't think Salahuddin wants to be the puppet MB to DAP like Nizar was. He may not want to say it, but being a Johorean Malay, I believe he does have some amount of dignity left in him. Nizar's MB title back then actually stands for Monkey far as I'm concerned la.

Anyway, Johor Pas campaign here are really going nowhere. This was evident when they started to come up with perposterous excuses, the latest beng the claim by their youth chief Suhaizan Kayat that Umno people are using black magic to sabotage Pas. Really, I'm not kidding you. He made the claim during the recent Johor Pas meeting at a hotel in Skudai. He said Pas leaders tend to get sick when they were about to go for their ceramah rounds and he blamed it all on Umno's doing black magic stuff. Well, really fancy excuse isn't it?

In another news, my favourite chief executive in Johor, Encik Ismail Ibrahim is now Datuk Ismail Ibrahim. Congratulations. Surely Irda will be a better organisation with a Datuk at its helm...I think...

Err...that day also someone asked me whether its true that Datuk Lim Kang Hoo aka Datuk Ghost is now a Tan Sri. Since I'm not that close to him, I can't say for sure. Anyone knows?