Monday 30 July 2012

Malays and flags obsession

That day when I was in Sekinchan and going to KL via Kuala Selangor, I noticed there were so many flags of political parties hoisted by the roadsides, especially at the junctions. Most were Pas and PKR flags. It's almost like during an election. But some how I hardly saw DAP flags. Maybe DAP is smarter then their two predominantly Malay allies and saving their flags for the real election. Chinamen always smarter when it comes to being prudent, I guess. BN got some flags up too but they were far outnumbered by those of Pas and PKR.

Anyway, I don't remember such culture of hoisting political flags in Selangor, back then when the State was ruled by BN. It was mostly confined to States like Terengganu, Kelantan, and Kedah. It's probably because those states got a lot of especially Malays who support the opposition. It's probably their way of telling every one that they are powerfull. See, I got lots of flags, I'm so powerful, so handsome....something like that. And all those motorists upon seeing the flags immediately fell in love with their party and going to vote for them. Uh uh got so many flags, you must be so handsome, I'm so gonna vote for you...something like that.

Well, no such thing in Johor....ok la got some but not too many. Johoreans are mostly sensible people.....hehehe

BTW, I did ask my Chinaman if he knows which flag belong to which party...and his sincere answer was that he only knows the BN's daching and DAP's rocket. The rest he don't really care. Really teruk punya Cina bukit. I know he voted for the first time in 2008 and it was for DAP. Well, never mind, if he can tolerate me being a BN supporter, I can tolerate him too for supporting DAP. At least I know he really cannot tahan with Guan Eng and agreed with me that  the son of Kit Siang is such a spoilt brat and nothing more.

Oh, almost forgot, I wonder who got the contract to supply all those flags to Pas and PKR. Must be rich by now. Somehow, my gut instict said the company belong to some  DAP supporters. Smart towkeys. Well, then again, I could be wrong.

p.s In case you all ever go to Kuala Selangor, try to buy that very nice kedondong with asam boi drink. Best in the world liao.

Sunday 29 July 2012

Deworming in Sekinchan with Cina boy

I'm at this moment in Kuala Selangor. Writing this using his iPad.

He went crazy today and asked me to follow him all the way to Sekinchan. Since it's Sunday and I wanted to visit my sister living in KL, I tag along lah.

His reason for wanting to go to Sekinchan is really weird -deworming the ears. I was like....huh??? Whatever lah, going out with a Cina bukit like him, I have to learn not to ask too much.

We arrived at a rather old wooden Chinese family house and was greeted by the very friendly Mrs Cheah. There were already several
Chinamen there deworming their ears.

Yup, as in the picture, they have these what look like street cone stuck to their ear. Underneatrh the cone is a small hotplate where a specially mixed herbs were burnt. The smoke actually causes the worms to wriggle out of the ear and drop dead.

That's the hotplate in the picture...and if you look carefully at the bottom of the picture, you can see those little dead worms. Really geli leh

Well, he went through the thing and true enough, there were a lot of dead worms comiing out of his ears. Mrs Cheah said the whole thing is cleanse the "air passages" in our head and good for bringing relief to those suffering from illness such as sinus. Can simply simply do for fun also. Seeing those dead worms can be quite fun for some... I guess.

He asked me to do the procedure too but I told him it's too weird. Anyway I'm fasting. I'm not sure, but probably it's prohibited to put smoke into the ears while fasting....same like smoking is prohibited.  Well, I'm not sure, and if I'm not sure I rather not do. Tak boleh was was.

Btw, the ten minutes procedure costs RM20.

Ok, need to stop writing now. Need to buy fresh fish for my sister at the Kuala Selangor market. He belanja...good Chinaboy :-)

Saturday 28 July 2012

Are we sure things are so awful? (UPDATED)

I had meant this posting as a call for us Malaysians to reflect on the reality that we are citizens of a beautiful country, built over the years by our elders based on tolerence and respect for each others. I had meant it as a reminder that our country, despite not without its flaws is not such a bad place at all. It's meant as an advice for us to count our blessings. Unfortunately, the comments which came in started to get racial. I'm not sure what prompted the first racist comment, but as it always does, for every action, there will be a reaction. Try to identify the first racist comment and we will find out what could spark the fire which could burn down this country.

At my sister's place. Just now was watching Asia Food Channel on Astro. I don't have Astro at home. It was an interesting food documentry called Dining with Death. In that particular episode, its about people eating all sorts of bugs and other creepy crawlies. One of the things shown eaten was that big fat larvea found at sago trees.The young Thai girl interviewed said the thing tastes very nice and creamy after deep fried. Exactly how my arwah dad described it. Yup, my dad  ate that awful looking creature. He called it by its Javanese name, ulat beton.

Well, can't blame my dad as it was during the Japanese occupation. Food was scarce then. Nonetheless, I don't think I can eat the eaky looking thing even at the risk of starving to death. Then again, I may say that because I have the luxury of the present day. If things really turned bad for this country one day, and the situation warrants it, I may eat even more awful stuff than that thing. Well the Thai girl and her poor family are still eating that thing...not because its delicacy but because its there to be eaten.

Reflecting on this eating funny stuff thing, I think we Malaysians take things for granted too much. The luxury of plenty that we enjoy now do not come about like magic. We tend to forget that it's the result of careful nurturing of this country by our elders over the half century since Merdeka. We tend to forget about their sacrifices in these days where personal interests and ambitions reign supreme. We tend to be blinded by arrogance and selfishness into thinking that we are always right and things of old are useless and should be discarded.

But are we as a society strong enough to endure the upheaval of change? Are we really sure that what we have now are totally bad and need to be replaced with things that we are not sure will be good for us? Hudud laws as intepreted by Pas people, are we really sure we want to risk having such thing? Why can't we just work together to improve what we have now? Yes, I know, there are corruptions and abuses in the establishment, but no system is flawless. These are things that we can fix without uprooting the whole thing. I'm quite sure things will be better if we rationally fix it together. I'm confident that Najib will do his best to get rid of those corrupt people if we give him the mendate to do so. The alternative is Anwar and his fanboys. Are we sure they are as pure as they claimed themselves to be? Are we sure they are better? Are we sure we share Nik Aziz' hudud dream? Are we sure Guan Eng' sue sue sue childish tantrums is what we want to hear everyday when these bunch of clowns take over and rule over us?

Honestly, I rather eat a bunch of that awful ulat beton if I can avoid being lorded over by those people who if given the chance will rip our country apart to satisfy their arrogance and lust for power.

Thursday 26 July 2012

Aside...a beautiful day

Today was a good day for me. Managed to spend some time with my little brother. He seems alright and his medication seems to work. Together with another brother, we went bowling. He beat both of us. If not for his illness, he would have a great life. It's heartbreaking everytime I think of what his life could have been. Then again, it's fated that he suffered that illness. I accepted it that way. Maybe Allah meant for him to have an easier passage later on.

On a day like this I normally switch off everything else and try to focus on my personal life. I try to avoid thinking about work. Just a break from all the nonsense. I believe I have tried my best at work. If the boss is still not happy with it then he can do whatever he wants - suspend or sack me. I ll accept it. I ll simply have to find another job. InsyaAllah, I ll survive.

 Anyway, I'm not ambitious. So, it would not kill me if my career suffers a set-back. Honestly, I don't really understand why some people need to resort to dirty tricks to get ahead in life, betraying their own friends and such. It makes me sick whenever I think about these people. I had my shares of such - being villified behind my back by people whom I regarded as dear friends...for no real good reasons at that.

Well, never mind. For me, what ever happens, I want my consience to be clear. I am not exactly claiming to be a religious person or  being a person of high moral standings, but I am trying to live my life without harming others while trying to contribute what I believe should be good for society. If it turns out that I am wrong, then may Allah be my judge in the afterlife.

Ok, enough of my ramblings for today. Just sidetracking a bit from the usual political nonsense. May you all good people be blessed throughout this Ramadhan.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Nik Aziz the party pooper - hudud dream still on

Just heard that Pas spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat today said DAP can go fly kite if they are not happy with Pas' aspirations to set up an Islamic state and implement hudud once they are in power at Putrajaya.

Guess the old man can't take it anymore too when DAP chairman Karpal Singh pushed him to the wall, demanding for him to make his stand clear on the matter.  The Pas Erdogans must be squirming when they heard Nik Aziz throwing caution to the wind like that. There goes their strategy of bluffing the people with all those liberal talks and avoiding making public their stand on those basic aspirations of their party. Their welfare state manifesto also now looks like a piece of crap talk.

The DAP people must be pissed too. They have been working hard to convince the non-muslims that Pas is an ok party. Why Karpal go and cucuk the Tok Guru is a mystery on its own. The king of singh should know that this is Ramadhan month and it would be very awkward for Nik Aziz to bluff or wriggle his way out without looking like a lying prick.

He simply have to say the obvious or risk losing more votes from even among Pas own neo-Taliban segment of supporters. A very unfortunate tight spot indeed for the dear Tok Guru. Honestly, I don't blame him for coming out of the Taliban closet like that.

Honestly, as a Muslim, I would abide by the Islamic laws such as what Pas intended to implement once they come to power. Why should I be afraid? I am not a thief, so no one is going to cut off my hands. I don't plan to commit adultery, so, no one is going to stone me to death. I don't even mind wearing the burkha (just hopefully they come up with a design which is cooler and suitable for our climate).

What I can't stand however was Pas fooling around with the issue ever since they gang up with DAP and PKR. Really irritating la. You want hudud, you say so la, don't bluff people you want welfare state la and other bullshits. See, even the supremely smart Karpal got confiuse and now looking like an idiot for pushing the Tok Guru to the brink. Pas people, you all suppose to be the more pious ones among us muslims. Don't la play around with words like that just to get some extra votes. If you all ditakdirkan Allah to win the election, then you will win. No need to go sneaking around bluffing people like that. Give muslims a bad name only.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

DAP's ugly kampung mistress

Any honest political observer should agree that the way DAP treats Pas is very much the way a rich towkay treats his useful but ugly kampung mistress. Not very nice to show around, but good for satisfying his needs in the bedroom at night.

For showing around, DAP always prefer to showcase its other more good looking  concubine, the liberal PKR. Pleasing to the eyes, but quite useless for houseworks or in bed. PKR is nothing if compared to Pas in terms of organisational skills and committed cadres. Pas followers are after all known to be willing to make sacrifices just in return for a promise of a smooth passage to paradise. That's what makes Pas very important to DAP's scheming to get to Putrajaya. It can't rely on the more dainty PKR to do the hard work.

Pas, on its part seems to tolerate the abusive relationship. Just look at the way Karpal Singh scolded Pas Youth over the hudud matter. Except for Johor Pas commissioner Datuk Dr Mahfodz Mohamad, not a single Pas top leader tried to defend Pas youth or the party's aspiration to set up an Islamic state.

Mahfodz was quoted by NST today as saying that Karpal got it wrong when he claimed that Pas had dropped the Islamic state and hudud law agenda to be with DAP and PKR. The straight talking Mahfodz probably could not take it anymore that his party is treated so badly. He was however alone on this and if not careful may end up like that former Selangor Pas commissioner Datuk Hassan Ali. The other Pas leaders are for now keeping mum on the matter. They probably feel that the abuse by DAP are worthwhile as they may get some extra seats in the coming general election, courtesy of DAP's Chinese supporters. It's akin to a mistress tolerating the snoring of her fat towkey and his garlic smelling armpit while sleeping together at night.

I'm actualy honestly sad at the way Pas debasing itself to win the approval of DAP. Don't they have any pride left? Have DAP made any excuse as to its secular ways to please Pas? What kind of future government it would be once these people take over Putrajaya?

Will Pas ends up a discarded old and ugly mistress once its usefulness is no more?

Monday 23 July 2012

Pas' brave pejuang Islam and Karpal

The brave pejuang-pejuang Islam of Pas are in trouble again after they tried to tell the muslims of this country that their DAP ally are willing to consider discussing implementing the sharia hudud law once they take over Putrajaya.

The king of singh Karpal, who is DAP's bulwark of secularism, holding back the tide of Pas Islamists or any other Islamists for that matter has warned Pas to rein in its members from issuing statements which could be deemed to be damaging to Pakatan, in this case by suggesting that Pas'hudud dream may become a reality as DAP are willing to consider it.

Karpal's outburst came after Pas youth chief Nasrudin Hasssan Tantawi, during a debate with Umno Young Ulama chairman said that Karpal had agreed to consider discussing the implementation of hudud after smitten with Islam via his association with Pas.

Nasrudin's statement was actually rather mild but I don't think he knew what hit him when Karpal flew into a rage and vehmently denied he will ever compromise on his opposition against hudud. It was reported by NST today that Karpal described Nasrudin as "a relatively minor offcial in the Pas hierarchy".

I guess, Pas youth members should know now what their DAP ally think of them. Friends, you are just some lowly kampung hero only la. Keep your Islamic pipe dream to yourself, ok? You are only needed when we want to have street demo so that you all can be on the frontline. That one you go in front la. After all you want to mati syahid aren't you? Other than that, you all just shut up, understand?

Karpal said he had publicly stated on Dec 23,2010 that Pas had to accept the reality of Malaysia being a secular state and in the larger interest of Pakatan they should not push for an Islamic state.

"True to my call to Pas, at it's muktamar last year, the party decided to abandon it's avowed aims to set up an Islamic state and decided to give expression to the provision in the Quran which provided for a welfare state," said Karpal.

There you have it, Pas is listening to Karpal now for such important things as it's dream of setting up an Islamic much for pejuang Islam.

Sunday 22 July 2012

Red survivors in DAP, Green extremists in Pas

The other day, when DAP's Lim Kit Siang rubbished a statement by police about the infiltration of his party by communist elements, I couldn't help but remember how some, especially Pakatan people, campaigning not too long ago, to pressure the government to allow Communist Party of Malaya chairman Chin Peng to come back to this country.

Their argument was that Chin Peng is old and only wanted to come home to die here. The fact that he never renounced the communist ideology or the violent conduct of CPM throughout the insurgency which killed thousands were none issues to these Pakatan people.

From Wikipedia  - Chin Peng has never expressed regret overseeing CPM in their war against the Malaysian government, in fact, is proud of it as written in his book, "Every generation shapes its dreams. But you pay for your dreams. We certainly paid for ours. I do not regret having fought for what I considered - and still consider a just cause."

The possibility of that dream being still alive is always real. I wouldn't be too quick to rubbish the police finding if I am Kit Siang. It's not the police's job to defend Umno or Barisan Nasional. It's their job to defend this country and they should be allowed to do just that. Considering how gullible and childish-like some of the DAP leaders (such as Kit Siang's son) there is always the danger that they would not even notice the presence of the communists among their ranks.

I have to admit that I am not privy to the information of communists within DAP and would have to leave it to police to prove their assessment, but I know for certain that the other police's asssesment that elements of Jemaah Islamiah had infiltrated Pas is very real.

In fact, Pas leaders would not dare to deny this. The truth is, they themselves if given the opportunity would love to express open support for organisations such as JI which struggles to set-up the Dauliah Islamiah (Islamic country). They may not dare to say it for fear of losing votes but the setting up such a system of governance has and will always be their ultimate objective. They encourage their members to support such causes as that's the real appeal of being part of Pas as compared to Umno. Being with Pas, you are allowed to be on the extreme side of Islam. In Umno, they are mere moderates who are often accussed by Pas people of not being Islamic enough and at one point even branded as infidels.

Anyway, the link between some Pas members and JI operatives had been established way back even before the 911 attacks in New York in 2001.  Fugitive Malaysian AlQaeda suspect Zulkifli Abdul Khir @ Marwan, the once head of Kumpulan Militant Malaysia is a follower of JI Indonesian leader Abu Bakar Bashir.

Kumpulan Militant Malaysia is the arm-wing of Kumpulan Mujahideen Malaysia led by Nik Adli Nik Abdul Aziz, the son of Pas spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

 Nik Adli spend several years under ISA detention for his leadership of that organisation which was allegedly responsible for activities such as armed robberies, weapon smuggling and even murder. He was detained not long after 911 and released in 2006 (pic).

I had posted the story of his follower, Zulkifli Abdul Khir who is still on the run (regional security sources believe he survived an air raid several months ago by the Philipines armed forces which claimed to have killed him).

The untold story of Zulkifli Abdul Khir

Nik Aziz may still hold a grudge against the BN government for detaining his son under the ISA and as a result may had refused to agree with attempts to forge a cooperation between Pas and Umno. But I believe if Nik Adli was not detained after the 911 terror atttack in the US, he would probably be killed by now or detained at Guantanamo Bay or still be on the run like Zulkifli.

Kit Siang should learn from all these and stop being paranoid of the police when they said there are communist elements within DAP. The possibility are real. He could do better if he had said that the DAP leadership would cooperate with the police in weeding out these communist elements from his party. But he didn't. Have you all ever wonder why?

My guess is that he can't even afford  to acknowledge the possibility that the police may had been right about the existence of the communist elements. DAP will lose a lot of votes. Since all that matters now for politicians like Kit Siang is winning the coming general election, the security of this country would simply have to take the back seat for them.

Friday 20 July 2012

SC's good job and the extremely dangerous crocodiles

The Securities Commission today proved itself as very capable of going after the big sharks as reported here -

KUALA LUMPUR -- A corporate lawyer and independent non-executive director of Sime Darby Bhd, Datuk E.Sreesanthan pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court here today to seven counts of insider trading under the Securities Industry Act and Capital Markets and Services Act, six years ago.

The charges involved insider trading amounting to 625,000 shares in Sime Darby Bhd, Maxis Communications Bhd, UEM World Bhd and VADS Bhd. 
Sreesanthan, 52, allegedly used the information at his disposal on the acquisition, privatisation and corporate restructuring exercises of the said companies between 2006 and 2008, to acquire the shares.     
He was charged on three counts of acquiring 75,000 shares of Sime Darby Bhd, ahead of the special purpose vehicle Synergy Drive Sdn Bhd's acquisition of nine companies within its group, including Sime Engineering Services Bhd, Golden Hope Plantations Bhd and Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd.
Two further counts involved acquiring 200,000 UEM World Bhd shares and 100,000 VADS Berhad shares while in possession of insider information on the UEM Group's corporate restructuring and proposed privatisation of VADS Bhd, respectively.
The last two counts were related to 250,000 Maxis Communications Bhd shares acquired ahead of the company's privatisation and of Binariang GSM Sdn Bhd's proposed conditional take-over of all voting shares in Maxis.
He allegedly committed all the offenses at Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd in Bukit Kewangan, here between Oct 9, 2006 and Sept 18, 2008.
He is liable to a fine of minimum RM1 million and up to 10 years in prison for each offence under the Securities Industry Act 1983, and Capital Markets and Services Act 2007, upon conviction.  
Judge Datuk Jagjit Singh set bail at RM300,000 bail with one surety for all the charges, ordered Sreesanthan's passport to be impounded and fixed Sept 20 for case management.
Securities Commission Deputy Public Prosecutor Ros Mawar Rozain prosecuted and M.Puravelan represented Sreesanthan. -- Bernama

Good job guys. Keep up the good work. Hopefully you all win the case.

BTW, on that dubious Talam land deal issue, I hope the Bursa people will handle that one. I was made to understand that that matter is under their jurisdiction and not SC's. I however stand to be corrected. If anyone could explain otherwise, please do so. The main thing is for the crooks involved in the Selangor government-Talam scandal to be brought to book and the rakyat's money be saved from not just the corporate sharks but also from the even more dangerous political crocodiles.

Anyway, do be careful if you want to feed these political crocodiles. They normally would try to take more than what you are willing to give....


A Chinese family dinner

Just now, as I was driving home from office, I remembered the dinner I had with his family when I was in Malacca attending the birthday party of his nephew and niece.

They mostly speak in mandarin but occassionally switch to Malay when addressing me. They all (including his mom and dad who are in their 60s and 70s respectively) can speak english but seems to prefer to speak in Malay with me. Of course their Malay was not the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka variety, but I'm ok with that. After all, my english is as bad as their Malay anyway. And my mandarin is zero, except for that wor ai ni bit.

Present was his second big uncle, who is the brother of his mom staying somewhere in KL. I always find him to be the least friendly towards me among his family members...second only to his dad. He told me that his dad was quite close with his ex, the super model looking Singaporean Chinese girl he dated for so many years. Maybe his dad is still getting use to the idea that he is now with a scruffy looking Malay. As for his second big uncle, I have no idea what was his problem with me.

So, it came as a surprise when second big uncle while at the dinner that night started a conversation with me. He asked me about my work, my family etc.

Then he started talking about the on going LRT project near his home.

"Itu project nampak cepat mau siap. Dulu mereka announce, sekejap terus buat. Sekarang government very fast, tak macam dulu. Dulu mereka announce hari ini, two hundred years baru mereka start buat. Lepas itu lagi six hundred years baru siap. Sometimes langsung tak buat pun mereka. Ini sekarang better la. Cakap mau buat, mesti kena buat. Baru orang kata government bagus."

Again I'm not sure if second big uncle was just trying to practice his very bad Malay with me or if he is genuinely trying to warm up to the idea that I may soon join the family. But my gut instinct was that he was happy with the way the LRT project was being carried out and he felt like telling the government that they are doing a good job on that one. So, the closest he could get was to tell me, a Malay, about it.

You see, his second big uncle, along with the rest of that generation of the family are of the very practical type. Despite their very traditional ways, they are more honest about matters such as race relations and dealing with the government. If the government do good for them, even if its a Malay-led government, theywill support it. That's why I'm advocating for the BN to focus on doing their job of serving the rakyat. They should just stop talking and concentrate on work if they want the support of not just the Chinese but the people as a whole. Do you really think the Chinese like Anwar Ibrahim's fiery speeches? Ok, I don't khow about the blindly idealistic young Chinese but the more mature among them are capable of rationally chosing which side of the political divide is good for the future of their community and the rest of the country.

As for the scums in BN, I'm sure Najib will clean them out once the rakyat have given him the mandate after general election. I'm quite certain about that. He got no choice as BN will never survive the next GE14 if he doesn't clean up house. I don't think he wants to be the last BN PM.

OK, by the way, at that dinner I shared his mom's vegetarian food. The rest of them were eating.....something funny...I rather not put the picture of that thng lah. This picture of a pizza is definitely not what they were eating. I put it here for decoration only.

Thursday 19 July 2012

My most irritating Johorean politicians

It's past midnight, and I can't sleep. I can't count sheep to make myself sleepy. That would be too weird.

Well, I decided to count irritating Johorean politicians instead and put them in this posting...until I fall asleep. Hhmmm...Top Ten most irritating Johorean politicians. Should be nice.

Ok, I'm starting with the one who is least irritating in the list -

10. Fuad Zarkashi - reading his brave political statements always makes me laugh...that's because I remember what he did in the 2004 general election.

9. Mazlan Aliman - real village idiot. Talking just for the sake of talking all the time. Hantam saja.

8. S. Subramaniam - hardly around when needed. Eh, boss, your Segamat constituency in danger you know or not? Go down and check it out can or not? Dont just let the Umno people there do all the hard work, ok? Dont be so mandore please.

7. Adam Hamid - supremly confident even when all indications shows that his Kulai BN going to lose. Datuk, You sure or not? 

6. Dr Chua Soi Lek - another over cool BN dude. Confidently said the Johorean Chinese are back with BN. Uncle, I know la you very brave one but you sure or not what you said was correct? Don't simply hentam saja.

5. Norman Fernandez - who? He is that Indian DAP fella who keep losing in Stulang. Deputy chairman of Johor DAP. The biggest supporter of DR Boo. That's because without Dr Boo, he sure kena chopped to pieces by the ultra Chinese DAP guys.

4. S K Song - simply need to retire after kicked out by the DAP. Better than trying to choke on all those socialist crazy bullshit.

3. Suhaizan Kayat - this Johor Pas youth chief can talk crap non-stop one. Don't know how he acquire the skill. Most irritating is that he actually believe in the crap that he says.

2. Lim Guan Eng - he was born in Johor la. That is why he is in this list. I'm most irritated with Guan Eng because he can't even stand his ground for Rainbow. Useless bugger.

And the most irritating Johorean politician is CHUA JUI MENG - eh uncle, can you stop making a fool of yourself? Embarassing lah. What you drank that day when you said the Pengerang petroleum hub got radioactive like Lynas? You are stupid or what?

Tuesday 17 July 2012

The end of another Guan Eng's love affair

Had dinner last night with a former Sin Chew Daily reporter. I always assume that he is a DAP supporter, the same as most of those from the Chinese newspapers. Well, for the almost a decade that I known him, he has always complained about his unhappiness towards the BN government. They were the usual stuff - policies favouring the bumiputera, corruption, etc.

But I'm ok with him and except for the occassional heated arguments and tears of frustration, we got along fine through out the years. I know that he was not being malicious when he talk about those things. He was just being idealistic and maybe a bit politically naive.

Last night we once again talked about politics, specifically the conduct of DAP's superstar Guan Eng.

He was a bit sombre when I mentioned how the Chinese community now are united under the DAP's leadership and that Guan Eng could do no wrong in their eyes.

"You got it wrong there," he said. He took out his smartphone and logged on to the Star newspaper website, accesed an article and showed it to me.

It was an article by Jocelyn Tan in Sunday Star about the souring of relations between Guan Eng and the Chinese newspapers. (Sorry, I can't link it here because of my faulty netbook).

"That article was translated and published in full by Sin Chew today,"he said. "I think you know what thats means."

"And please stop saying that I am a fan of Guan Eng," he added.

Apparently he was angry with Guan Eng for threatening to sue his former colleagues for asking some legitimate questions during a Press conference.

"That was too much of him. He is getting too arrogant," he said.

And he was not the only one among his peers who is of that opinion. He told me about his best friend who is a journalist of China Press who also think that Guan Eng is getting too big headed. I know his friemd as being an idealistic journalist and never hesitate to say her thoughts on any issue.

"She actually wishes that BN wins this coming election as Pakatan Rakyat, with leaders like Guan Eng are not yet mature enough to run this country. It's not that she likes BN, just that Guan Eng is behaving too much like a little boy. How to runs the country like that," he said.

Well, it seems that the love affair between Guan Eng and the Chinese media is really on the rock now. They are now begining to realise that he is just a spoilt brat and nothing more.

Monday 16 July 2012

Jahabar's naughty Johor story

My dear old friend Jahabar of Malaysian Insider tried to be funny today.

 He came up with a story quoting sources on how Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman tried to cling on to his post by engineering the replacement of the State Umno Youth chief. Jahabar being the smart guy that he is even tied up the nonsense to the Sultan of Johor's plate number issue for extra umph to the story. That bit was obviously to tell readers that everything is not well between Ghani and the sultan.

Well my friend, that's quite a nice try. I know you and the Malaysiakini gang are finding it difficult to get at Ghani, so, you all have to come out with these sorts of stories. Naughty boy la you Jahabar.

Never mind, I understand. You are just doing your job for your political masters. In this case by trying to sow discord within Johor Umno and sabotaging the relation between the BN-led State government and the palace.

Ok, first of all, if Ghani wants to hang on to the MB post, why need he goes around removing that youth chief. Does it help him in any way to do that? Nope isn't it. As was reported, the decision was made by KJ as the Umno youth chief. Anyway, the State Umno youth chief holds no clout in Johor Umno politics. Ghani would have done better to "buttress" his position by building a clique of division chiefs as support around him. But Ghani never does such thing. That's because he does not want factionalism to take root in Johor, something which tears apart Umno in other States.

Secondly, if Ghani wants so much to stays on as MB, why la he went and kacau the Youth chief who is such an ardent supporter of the sultan. By right he should be promoting him instead so that he can be in the sultan's good book. Ghani should also had lead the whole State Umno and government to the rally supporting the sultan so that the sultan would love him and support his bid to cling on to his MB post. But Ghani didn't do such thing isn't he? Instead he decided to protect the Sultan of Johor by minimising the risk of that rally from being turned political thus preserving the sultan as being neutral.

See, Ghani could do himself well by turning into an opportunist politician. But he didn't isn't he? So, those who want him to go after the election should be comforted as Ghani's position is no better than it was, let's say 16 years ago (when he became MB).

Well my friend Jahabar, don't simply simply trust those monkey sources of yours. I did some checking and its most likely that you got that info from Muar...or is it Pulai. Cannot be trusted la those clowns, bro. One more thing, sorry la I can't link your funny story here because of my uselessly faulty netbook. I hope you dont mind. Cheers :-)

Sunday 15 July 2012

Cherish thy family (UPDATED)


Just want to put on record that today has been a good day for me.

It was a very nice birthday party and his family members had been very nice to me.

His mother gave me a jade bangle just now. Told me she hope I could join the family soon. Was very touched by the sweet old lady's gesture.

Going back later tonight.


Going to Malacca in a short while. It's the birthday of his nephew and niece.

His is a small family. So, everyone will be there.

I can't remember when was the last time I attended a kid's birthday party before I met him. I never have one as I don't celebrate my birthday. Even if I had wanted one, I don't think my family could afford the luxury back then. Yup, my family was that poor. Honestly, I can't even remember the birth date of any of my nine brothers and sisters....or those of my arwah bapak and mak...I remember the dates of their passing though.

As for his family, they celebrate almost anything. They make it a point to gather for the occassions. They even celebrate Christmas despite themselves being Taoists. Just for fun lah, he used to tell me. I have been resisting his attempts to make me celebrate Valentine Day for   the past nine years. My best excuse for avoiding such nonsense is my religion. Normally he would shut up when ever I said Islam prohibits or discourage me from doing certain things.

Anyway, his habit of celebrating this and that actually has more positives than negetives. For instance, him, his two sisters and cousins, some from Singapore, used to gather in their kampung to celebrate their late grandmother's birthday. Do you all know when is your grandmother's birthday? Well, now, they honour her along with other departed family members during Ching Ming.

They make the effort to go back to their kampung, hike up the hilly cemetary, clean up the graves and pay respect to the souls of the departed. It's a practice which instils a sense of family values and respect for the elders.

It's one of the things I envy of him. His family is the best of his world...and I will not take that away from him....

Saturday 14 July 2012

It's official - water crisis in Selangor, KL, Putrajaya

This one I got just now from NST sms alert -

NST 14/07 : Water crisis  has started in Selangor, KL and Putrajaya, and expected to turn for the worse during Ramadhan, says Syabas CEO Datuk Ruslan Hassan.

I was reliably informed that the PKR-led Selangor government in an immediate response had denied there is a water crisis amd that Syabas had got it wrong. They plan to hold a Press conference some time next week to refute in details the Syabas statement.

Guess, to them explaining a crisis can wait for a few days.

Earlier this morning I read the NST front page story that the Selangor government had demanded the BN federal government to put in writing the proposed post-Langat 2 water tariff and declare water facilities worth RM 10.5 billion as state assets before they could even discuss about the Langat 2 water treatment plamt project which would ensure sustainable supply till 2030.

Guess, politics is the most important thing for the people of Selangor in the opinion of MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

More important than even the water, I assume.

Well, water represents life for all living things. I don't know how it is with the Pakatan people, but I definitely drink water to live, not politics.

Friday 13 July 2012

The good Umno people will prevail

One of the things I never try to hide in this blog is my extreme loathing of Umno people who confirm the stereotype of themselves being boorish and corrupt. Yes, there are many of these scums in the party.

I despise these people more than the Pakatan goons because they are the cancerous elements which destroy all the good things done by the good people in Umno.

I have met quite a number of these parasites and some of them are -

* those who go around telling people that no one can survive and be a leader in Umno without money. They say this to justify their own corrupt behaviour of buying their shortcut way (or that of their boss') to the highest level of the party leadership.

* those who go around assuming that everyone are themselves. They simply could not comprehend the fact that there are people who are not even Umno members but believe in the ideals of the party and doing something to defend it....for free.

* those who go around behaving like a peacock just because they have a position in the party or given a post in the government courtesy of their political masters in Umno.

Despite my bad experience with these people, I still believe that the good people in Umno will prevail over them. Yes, there are still good and decent Umno members and leaders. They actually far outnumbered the rotten ones.

Why I put the picture of Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman there for this posting? Because once he explained to my friend who is a journalist that he never tried to give "duit kopi" to reporters in an attempt to make them like him because he doesn't want to insult them and their profession. Ghani and that small band of his loyalists are the ones who turned me around to support BN. They convinced me by their exemplary behaviour and incorruptible character. I don't care if others do not believe me about Ghani and his people. As far as I am concerned, my consience is clear. I sincerely believe the good Umno people will prevail. I'm sure DS Najib Razak will eventually clean up the party, insyaallah.

Thursday 12 July 2012

Crazy Pas-styled divorce

Today I saw this story about one Pas guy in Kelantan who divorced his wife because she is a supporter of Umno. Crazy bugger. The wife is a religious teacher. According to the report, the wife had went to a ceramah by that former Pas strongman Hassan Ali because someone told her there will be a lucky draw. Poor lady kena divorced because of that.

Whenever I read these sorts of nonsense, I can't help but wonder what is the future of the Malay muslims in this country. That divorce case was not actually an isolated incident. There have been similar cases in the past, including breaking up of families, double imam prayers, divided community etc.

I don't see these sorts of things happening, let's say in the Chinese community. At least not yet for now. If they want to fight among themselves, they would fight over more practical things...such as money.

Maybe Malays should learn from Chinese on this. It's quite common in a Chinese family to have members from rival parties and they all can sit together for dinner without going at each others throat. Malay families of such normally would be less harmonious. Go back for Hari Raya family reunion also ended up quarreling over politics.

Anyway, I'm probably lucky that he is a Chinaman and a DAP supporter. If he is a Malay guy supporting Pas, I would likely kena dumped a long time ago for my political affiliation.

So, girls, if you are not a Pas supporter, try not to fall for one of those crazy Pas people.

Hmmm...I do wonder if this beautiful Chinese Cambodian lady and her two children were dumped by her Pas assemblyman husband because of political affiliation -

Wednesday 11 July 2012

BN's worst enemy

A friend working for the PMO told me the other day that we are actually at war now. The establishment is under seige, he said....dramatically.

Honestly, I think my friend is quite outdated. For me, the war started at the start of Pak Lah's pathetic premiership. The seige started way back then. Of course my friend can't comprehend that as he had at that time living a good life in a neutral environment and employed by foreigners.

I was a foot soldier in the trenches, so to speak, mostly at that time trying to defend Najib who was then the deputy prime minister. The attacks aimed at Najib at that time mostly came not from the opposition but from Pak Lah's people who tried to undermine Najib at every turn. I was not part of the Najib's team but had the privilage of working closely with them. The team was actually quite small at that time. Nowadays, except for those from my days of hanging out in Pekan, I hardly know any of the new people. There are so many of them now.

The most important lesson I learned from those early days of the "war" is that the attacks from within are more dangerous than those which came directly from the enemies. In a more simple term - BEWARE OF TRAITORS

These traitors can be in many forms. Here are two types of traitors who are most dangerous -

1. Those who claimed to be staunch BN supporters but actually working for the Pakatan side to undermine from within.

2. Those who claimed to be staunch BN supporters but actually working for their own self interest. They actually don't give a crap what will happen to BN or this country as long as they get what they want - power, money, positions, etc. Seventy five percent of traitors within BN are of this category.

Monday 9 July 2012

A thing Pakatan people never care - UPDATED


Sword-wielding man shot dead in Malaysia PM's compound

Mon, 9 Jul 2012 14:15 GMT
Source: reuters // Reuters

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 (Reuters) - Malaysian police shot dead a sword-wielding man who entered Prime Minister Najib Razak's compound on Monday, police officials said.
The man and a female companion, both carrying swords, tried to pass through a security post in the compound in the administrative capital Putrajaya in mid-afternoon, police said.
Police opened fire at the couple as they brandished their swords and acted aggressively, one police official said. The woman was also shot and was being treated in hospital for her wounds.
The police did not identify the couple or suggest a possible motive for their actions.
Incidents of violence and intimidation have risen in recent months ahead of what is expected to be a closely fought election that Najib must call by March.
An official at the prime minister's office confirmed that Najib was in the compound at the time of the incident which took place near the Economic Planning Unit.
The Star newspaper reported on its website that the couple took an auxiliary policeman hostage to gain access to the area and then smashed several cars with their "Samurai" swords. (Reporting by Niluksi Koswanage; Editing by Stuart Grudgings and Robin Pomeroy)


Today there was this incident where a husband and wife went amuck at the PMO. They reportedly told the people there that they want to topple the government. The police were forced to shoot and injure them in order to prevent them from doing more harm. Really crazy.

When I heard about the incident, I immediately worries about my little brother who is mentally unsound. The other day I spend time with him and he was ranting about the evil BN. Need to go and check on him later tonight and make sure he took his medication. Really worried about him after I heard about the PMO amuck incident.

All those Pakatan people probably never care about the effect their curses on BN have over people like my brother and that couple. All they care about is getting the power seats at Putrajaya. They don't seems to care if their allegations against BN were not true. As long as they can run down BN, they would do so. They will never take the responsibility of the side effects of their rethorics. Anything happened, such as to people like that couple and my brother is none of their concern, I guess.

Ok, I need to go check on my brother now. Hopefully he is alright.

Sunday 8 July 2012

Johor BN updates and my MSM slave friend

Had lunch with my good friend, who is a journalist now based in KL. He used to be one of my main sources of information in JB. 

We talked about politics of course. He wanted an update of Johor BN's preparations for the coming election.

All I can say is that, at the moment, Johor BN is 90 per cent ready. They are pacing their preparations with a projection that the election is to be held either in late October or early November. So far, everything seems to be going well, except in Kulai, that parliamentary constituency with the highest percentage of Chinese voters in Johor at 58 per cent.

At other places, the Johor BN seems quite confident about their chances.

Nope, Johor DAP and their allies will not get 90 per cent of the Chinese votes as they are hoping for to make the big impact.

Pas and PKR will be wiped out, I am quite sure about that....provided that the Umno people do not go around sabotaging among themselves.

As for my friend, he seems to be very tired of his job. Can't blame him....I can imagine...., working for the MSM must really be a bitch. Unlike independent bloggers like me who do not have any boss, they have plenty of those at my friend's workplace, with each one trying to outdo the others in term of assholeness.

The guy didn't say much but I can tell that he wish he could get out. I can see the stress on his face.

Told him to quit his job like I'm planning to do after the election. I even asked him to join me on a tour of Taiwan (me, that fat cinaman of mine and several other friends are planning the tour now). He just smiled and said he can't. He is married with two kids and his salary as a journalist is even worse than mine. His wife is a housewife. He can't simply simply quit his job.

The fella is virtually a slave as far as I'm concerned.

 He can't simply writes whatever that he wants, no matter how good were his ideas. I know that his bosses will have none of that. They think they have the monopoly in deciding what the readers should be reading. They think they have such power and other journalists with different ideas such as my friend are threats. Really stupid arrogant morons. No wonder the newspapers are dying. They simply fail to comprehend the need for younger ideas from younger people to rejuvenate their products.

I asked my friend, who is a staunch pro-establishment person if he is planning to do something about the situation....this was his answer -

"I don't give a flying fuck what they want to do anymore. As long as they pay my salary and I can take care of my wife and kids, I don't give a shit. If I can get better offer, then I ll go."

Well, my friend, that's too bad. Hope you will soon get one of those stupid PR jobs which pay double what you are getting now as a journalist. Too bad the MSM is like that.

Saturday 7 July 2012

A lesson from an ultra Cinaman

Just reached my sister's place from office. Very very tired. It's just past 1am. This is actually a normal routine for me. Really need to quit this job soon. It's so tiring and the pay is simply lousy. Working environment also teruk with colleagues from hell some more. Keep telling myself need to hang on until after the election....then off I go....maybe to I always dream.

Not planning to write much tonight. I simply have no energy. This weekend I really need to shut down everything. Going to sleep sleep sleep.

Ok, just realised  that the ultra-Chinaman shuzheng had written something about one of my postings here -

林冠英黃碧虹双(第二) Christianization, PAP & Betty’s Hubby

Since I'm so tired and need to rest, for this weekend, I leave you all to explore what that chinaman wrote.

The guy is actually not so bad, except when he got too preoccupied with his Chinessness and picking up fights with almost everybody.

Ok lah. See you all again on Monday. Take care and have a good weekend.

p.s That picture is just for decoration. I was told that shuzheng is actually quite an ugly Cina bukit man. Don't know lah, that's what my sources told me.


Friday 6 July 2012

Writer's block and another song for Guan Eng

Woke up too early again. Do what I need to do and now sitting in front of my nephew's computer thinking what to write while waiting for time to go to work. Am at my sister's place again.

Hmmm...writer's block leh................................can't think of anything............
Guess it's the after effect of teasing Guan Eng too try la thinking of that funny guy too much, sure jammed your brain one.

Wish I can go back to sleep. But cannot lah. Lots of work at the office. Have to deal with all those crazy and difficult people there some more. Need to tahan all the nonsense. Anyway, really envy those who can just sleep without a care in the world. Wish can be like them.

Well, I think I should just take it easy for today.

Oh, by the way, my other sister went back to the Middle East where she works yesterday. She is a reflexology expert. Hope she will be safe. You know la how the Middle East lately. Crazy Arabs. Well, can't even get to send her to the airport as I was working. She is the most happy go lucky one among my single sisters.Yup, I actually got three single sisters. Tough girls who got no time for all that romantic nonsense and men bullshit....unlike me. They are as solid as mountains like these Three Sisters in Australia -

 Hmmm...ok lah, maybe a bit of music to start the day would be good...I think Guan Eng will like this too....

 Nice music, ehhh....
Well, cheers everyone. Take care.

Thursday 5 July 2012

A not very fashionable activist

A lot of people do not like former DAP hero Lee Lam Thye. They said he is publicity crazy. Well, maybe he is, but I really don't mind him that much.

To me, the guy works hard for what he believes in. Either it be when he was with DAP or now. Eversince he left politics following a fall out with the DAP leadership,, he has been working as an NGO activist. Yes, he does have business interests but most of the time we only get to hear from him is when he talks about issues affecting the community. What I like about Lee's NGO works is that he chooses to be involved in not very fashionable and neglected issues.

Today there was a story about him saying that mental illness is a reminder of another side of life which should not be overlooked. He said impact of this problem on individual and society needed to be addressed. Lee is the advisory member of Mental Health Council. The story is actually quite small at a bottom corner of page 23 of the NST. I can just imagine how Lee kacau the editors to get that small corner for his message. Some may accussed him as gila publicity but I rather see him in good faith. Not many people bothered to talk about mental patients and their family.

I think, if Lee is really publicity crazy he should choose other more glamourous platforms, like pretending to champion free and fair election or promoting lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders (LGBT)  rights or AIDS awareness.

Those are the in-things bandwagons to jump on. Very Aung San Sukyi and Hollywood style. They are the cool and politically correct platforms to be on these days. Very fashionable to support these stuff . Ask that daughter of the handsome former PM if you don't believe me.

As for the really unfortunate people such as mental patients, thanks Allah we got irritating people like Lee to speak up for them. The glamour social activists from the Bangsar crowd mostly can't care too much about them. Mental patients are not easy to interact with, not cute and simply do not offer good photo opportunity such as during a rally against the establishment.

Well, never mind, this is still a free country despite more than half a century being ruled by the evil BN people. Everyone can choose to champion what ever they choose as long as it's legal to do so.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

The continuing flying ashtray saga - UPDATED and with music video


As it turned out late this afternoon, the ashtray saga suddenly went flying out of control.

Among those yang tak pasal-pasal kena hit by it was MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek. The fella was quietly minding his own business when Guan Eng, who was probably cornered to relieve the pressure from his wife in Malacca came out with a statement that he is not the same as Dr Chua who was caught in that infamous sex video scandal.

Ok la Guan Eng, I know you have to act like a real husband now after letting your wife taking the flak from your Lovely Rainbow troubles for the past two days at the Malacca Assembly.. But why la you need to drag in Dr Chua like that. The man had bravely faced the storm when he was caught, resigned and to prove a point contested again and actually won. There is no need to attack him like that because Dr Chua had not said anything colorful like a rainbow ever since the whole thing blew up. You want to deny you had an affair with Lovely Rainbow, you just deny la. You go and kacau Dr Chua for what? This Sunday you all going to debate, right? So why need to hype it up like this. It's not a boxing match that you need to taunt your opponent before the fight, ok?

Anyway, even if it's true that you do have some feelings about Lovely Rainbow, I think that's ok. She is quite cun. I really don't blame you. Honest. It's just prove that you are just like any other men.

See, the two of you actually look matching together. Very nice. No joke, ok? Like what the Malays say, "Like Penang cut in half....something like that lar. Of course, as long as Penang CM not cut in half because of this nonsense, should be ok what.

The truth is Guan Eng, I do want to believe you when you said you did not have an affair with Lovely Rainbow. How to have affair la with Betty being so garang like that. Really, I don't bluff one. It's a fact that Chinese ladies are mostly very garang at around Betty's age now. That's why Chinese men seems to be less itchy then, lets say Malay men. It's not that they are less itchy than Malay men, just that they have more garang wives. For comparison, just look at your friend Anwar la, with a docile wife like Wan Azizah, see? Everything he bantai one. He doesn't care one.

Whatever it is, I think you shouldn't bluff la, even though you did not actually have hot steamy affair with Lovely Rainbow, I think you have to admit that you did feel something for her. If not, where all these flying ashtray story came about? Trees wouldn't shake one if there is no wind....true or not? But really la Guan Eng, at least Lovely Rainbow is really lovely. No need to be ashamed and lash out all around hitting innocent bystanders like that. Just be cool, ok? It's not like you are rumored to like ugly women....or handsome boys. All these will actually enhance your profile as not only a handsome CM but also a macho one too in the eyes of especially the ladies. Ladies are actually suckers for no good scoundrel men, ok? Really, I know la.

Ok Guan Eng, since I am now using my nephew's computer which can put music video, I put this one so that you don't miss Lovely Rainbow too much. Ya la, in case you do miss her. If you don't, then just enjoy saja la, ok? I know, I know flower not one only....



What started as a probable joke by BN's Duyong rep Gan Tian Loo at the Malacca Assembly has apparently spiralled into a conspiracy theory.

Yesterday, the five DAP assemblymen staged a walk out in protest over the presence of reporters covering the sesssion, claiming that they were part of the conspiracy to highlight the Guan Eng-Pretty Betty Chewy flying ashtray (or was it a file?) saga.

Heard the ashtray looked like this la -

Quite cute lagi.

Anyway, I guess once DAP takes over Malacca, reporters not deemed friendly to DAP are going to kena banned like in Guan Eng's Penang. much for freedom of the Press.

Btw, how la the whole thing were planned by the assembly speaker, Gan and the reporters. Really crazy theory la that one. Speaker Datuk Othman Muhammad took the pain to explain that he didn't even know that Gan was to raise the issue of Guan Eng's ashtray magnet Lovely Rainbow.

"Maybe the DAP assemblymen did not want to be pressed further on the issue and that would have been the reason for them to walk out," Othman was quoted as saying in a report.

The walkout also means that the assembly would not be hearing the state government's explaination on the Pulau Melaka project as demanded by DAP rep Lim Jak Wong of Bachang.

Anyway, for those not familiar with the flying ashtray saga, please read my previous immediate posting. Sorry ya, cant link la, because this useless netbook I'm using doesn't have that capability.

I'm actually looking forward for more juicy details of this quite fun saga.

However, today I just heard that the DAP reps had they themselves banned from assembly sitting for six months for causing disruptions to proceedings. That's rather unfortunate as I will miss the comedy which definitely continue if they are around. Cutting steam only leh...

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Pretty Betty should go Taiwanese

So, Pretty Betty was put in a rather awkward spot at the Malacca Assembly yesterday by MCA's Dayang rep Gan Tian Loo.

Gan asked Betty, who is the Kota Laksamana assemblyman whether she knows how did her handsome CM husband got his forehead plastered. Betty ofcourse got pissed...but she didn't actually answer the question.

Gan then continued to ask Betty if she was the one who caused her husband's injured forehead. To that, Chew continued to keep quiet. It however greatly irked DAP Ayer Keroh rep Khoo Poay Tiong, who then challenged Gan to repeat his question outside the assembly where he doesn't have immunity.

Gan however continued with asking Betty if she knows her husband's former assistant Ng Phaik Kheng aka Lovely Rainbow. At that point Gan went a bit too much asking Betty if she had ever kicked the Rainbow. She didn't la Mr Gan. She just threw an ashtray (or was it a file?) at handsome boy only, thus the plaster on the forehead. Of course Betty cannot tahan with such terrible question by Gan whereupon she stood up to challenge Gan to repeat the question outside the assembly, probabl learning the cue from her fellow DAP rep from Ayer Keroh.

What la this new trend of assemblymen challenging each others outside the hall. Just speak up lah. Betty should just said she knows nut what Gan was talking about and that's the end of it with Gan looking just like a naughty boy. If she wants a more dramatic effect, she should just walk over to Gan amd give him a tight slap ala Taiwan parliament style...err, I think the Perak assembly gang had tried that with success. This one follow Singapore sue sue style boring la.

Anyway, I always prefer Taiwan than Singapore.

Monday 2 July 2012

Editors' job hazards

I was quite surprised this morning when I read postings by my senior pro-BN bloggers about their unhappiness over a report by BH Ahad which was rather sympathetic of Tan Sri Abu Bakar Abdullah whose services as Public Service Department director general ended yesterday.

My seniors mostly feel that Abu Bakar deserved what he get when he claimed that he was rather unfairly treated and more or less unceremoniously jettisoned from his position. He was after all responsible for the very damaging proposed civil service's new remuneration scheme which was aborted following an outcry. My senior bloggers more or less feel that BH should not published a sympathetic angle of that story about Abu Bakar.

The whole thing came to me as a surprise as  caught in the crossfire was Jalil Hamid, the rather recently installed NSTP group managing editor. Jalil was formerly from the PMO.

Personally, I don't think the man had intentionally tried to sabotage BN by letting through the story as alleged by some of the more hard hitting bloggers. I also disagree to calls for him to be sacked because of the story. I think that's a bit too extreme. Come on guys, the man I believe is fighting on our side and his appointment probably got the endorsement of the PM himself. He can't possibly be some sorts of an agent working for the other side. I find it to be far fetched lah. Anyway, I don't think we should be too harsh on our own "soldiers" as it will affect morale.

I don't know much about Jalil but had met him a couple of times. I found him to be a pleasant chap. He was formerly with Bernama, then Reuters, then Securities Commission, then PMO, then NSTP. From the few conversations that I had with him, I think he is committed to his job and trying his best under the circumstances which I am sure is not easy.

Whatever it is, I believe this episode confirmed my assertion that pro-BN bloggers are more independent minded than those on the Pakatan side. They are not afraid to openly criticise even the most powerful if they feel there is a need to do so. Not even someone who is probably close to the PM is an exception. I can't remember any Pakatan bloggers criticising people close to their leadership. Not even when such person over bodek their leaders to the point of damaging their own cause.

Had any blogger from the Pakatan side tried to correct Guan Eng's publicity handlers over the "51 pictures in a 28-page publication" hilarious comedy? I don't think so. Guess North Korean style propaganda is ok to them.

Sunday 1 July 2012

Cute hardworking Japanese and stupid Malays

It's early Sunday morning...and I am already up and awake, as usual. Done with the necessary things and cleaned up the house a bit...sorts of. Going to visit my little brother later. Poor boy is crazy, but he seems stable the last time I checked on him a few days ago. Hopefully he is ok again today.

These days, I always try to keep myself busy. Don't want to sit idle and end up thinking yang bukan-bukan. I tend to think too much if I have nothing to do. I am also trying not to miss him....after all, it's unhealthy to love someone too much. I don't think the useless fella loves me that much anyway. I even think he loves eating pork more than he loves me.  He is also getting a bit too fat. So, I better not waste my brain bandwidth too much for his nonsense.

Talking about keeping myself busy, I have conclude that the best way to prevent us humans from being stupid is to work hard. Even if we are really stupid, if we work hard, we will be ok and succeed in the end. I have met many failed smart people but can't remember knowing any failed hardworking people.

Just look at the Japanese, Koreans....and Chinese.

I never consider the Japanese as very smart people, but they are indeed hardworking, tenacious and focused. And they are successful because of that. The same with Koreans and Chinese. It's their culture, I think which give them those good qualities.

Btw, really lar, Japanese are really generally not smart people. Just watch some of their crazy game shows....and their outright stupid porn films...the things they do to amuse themselves....really idiotic liao. But of course they are innovative and hardworking, thus successful. And they are also cute...really.

Ok, I have to admit that I wish my race, the Malays, could be more like them. Of course without the stupid porn stuff la. I mean our culture should have molded us to be more disciplined and focused like them. I know, I am talking in general terms here. But it's true what, that Malays tend to be a bit too relaxed and cool about things. And we got all our priorities wrong most of the time because of that.

Cool is good but being too cool is dangerous for our health. That is exactly the problem with the Malays when it comes to politics. Especially in politics.

What? You want to come and stay in my country....ok can, this country is big, you can lepak here and take what ever you want, I am cool about it.
What? You want to share share as co-owner with me my country....errr, can also lah, but these stuff belonging to me you don't take arrr...the rest  can...but don't lebih lebih, ok?
What? You want to take what is mine, cannot la....errr, what you say? We are of the same race....Bangsa Malaysia? Really? What? Those Malays who make noise are corrupted racists? Really... like that ka? Oh, ok. You must be right. All those smart whitemen also said the same. The Quran also told us not to be racists. We are cool and cool people are not racists.
Oh ok, take lah whatever you want....these stuff of mine also you all can take. come you all still not speak or behave like Bangsa Malaysia harr....Got your own bangsa school some more...What? Oh, your bangsa is still your bangsa is it? Bangsa Malaysia is just for you all and us to get together gather is it? Errr...How about Bangsa Melayu, can we keep that one? Cannot? Racist to defend and promote Bangsa Melayu? Oh, ok lah....we are cool people are not racists.  Hmmmm....never mind lah, we  accept lah what ever....

Cool isn't it? Or is it that we Malays are simply supremely stupid?

Am I making all these up? Malays can't be that stupid are we?
But really, just look at what is happening in Johor. Johor Pas, along with the Malays in PKR are working hard to break the Malay vote bank for the next general election so that their ally the Chinese DAP can win more electoral seats in the State. They definitely know they can't win more seats then the Johor DAP. They may even actually not win a single seat. These are facts. Yet they don't care even to think far enough as to what will happen in future.

I am not a hardcore Malay nationalist. I dislike all those Perkasa people and think that Ibrahim Ali is just a clown. But, come on lah Malays, please don't be so stupid. Enough la. Want to be nice and cool is ok, but don't over do it. You all end up nothing but stupid, ok?

What? You all Malay liberals are not Malays anymore? Bangsa Malaysia? You all Pas people are not Malays also? Just Muslims? Fine. Up to you all lah. I give up on your types already. Better spend my time hanging out with my crazy little brother than talking to stupid Melayu yang perasan pandai. Wasting rice only leh.