Thursday 2 February 2012

A bit on Lim Kang Hoo

As you may noticed by now, KL-based Johorean bloggers A Voice and BigDog have over the past few days been relentless in pursuing the The Ghost of Johor story, which was triggered by a posting by prominent blogger Rocky of Rocky's Bru.

One name, which emerged above all else from those posting is Datuk Lim Kang Hoo.

As Rocky, correctly pointed out, not many people from outside Johor would have known who the hell is this Datuk Lim....well, until these last few days lah. By now the man is probably a household name, I guess.

The Ghost of Johor postings by my senior bloggers, as far as I am concerned, made Lim sounds like some nefarious figure who somehow had gain control of people at the highest level in Johor in his evil grip. That he can do and get whatever he wants at anytime he desires. Some sorts of a super triad godfather.

Well, I don't blame the other bloggers if they have that impression of Lim. The man is indeed very close with people at the highest places in Johor,  he is not very handsome and he has a gang of aides whom I think look very much like some Petaling Street pirated DVD peddlers.

But from the little bit I know of Lim, he is not totally as bad as all that. Well, I guess, I am going to get flamed for saying that but that's my honest opinion of Lim. To those who think I am being paid by Lim for writing this - you got it wrong, period.

Ok, I had met Lim a couple of times and found him to be quite a funny man. He doesn't speak much...well probably that's because his Bahasa Malaysia and English are not too good...a bit like me, actually.

But the man do have quite some sense of humor. He also seems to be a humble guy as he was very comfortable hanging out with a lowly nobody like me. There is completely no airs about the man. If he is not some sorts of a tycoon, Lim would probably be a fishmonger at a wetmarket, and would still be very much at home being that.

Well, Lim, like most other "good" Chinaman businessman, never really talked about his wheeling and dealings, especially not with a blabber mouth like me. Business is business ma, socializing is completely not the time to talk about those, unless of course if the socializing was meant for business purposes.

Ok, this Lim fella, as far as I know is completely apolitical. He only keeps tab of the political happenings because he need to know them due to his business. All that matter to him is his business...and of course his family and a few other things.

If given the choice, he would rather not have to know about politics. Give him a nice dinner, a glass of nice wine and then talk politics with him for five minutes, and the man will be snoring. I am not kidding you. He will really sit there, eyes closed, mouth a bit opened and snore. If not careful he would fall off the chair. Datuk Lim, if you are reading this, don't be angry ar, you are really like that leh.

I did some checking on Lim as I was quite curious about how come he got to get all those sweet deals such as the Danga Bay thingy. What I found out was that the Chinaman is simply a cunning king of gambler.

 He took some huge risks and came out on top. Guess he reads things better than anyone else and placed his chips all on the right bets. He invested in things no one else wanted and he befriended people who initially do not yet have power. Among his crazy investments include buying land under the sea and reviving a failed shopping complex with bad fengshui. All these somehow ended up well for him.

Well, a bit on the Tebrau Teguh issue, which details you all can read at A Voice's blog. My reading is that, the whole thing became extra-sensitive because Lim the Chinaman was involved. If Lim's name is Ali or something like that, things would not have been so bad. I don't want to go into too much details into that as I don't want that issue to have all sorts of versions. Everyone have their own versions, isn't it?

Anyway, what I think about the issue doesn't really matter, I think.

I am posting this just to put it on record what little bit I know about Lim Kang Hoo. Nothing more than that. Oh, also. like Shrek the jolly ogre, Lim also has his Princess Fiona....very charming liao.


  1. dude,this guy is proxy to hishamuddin hussein.he live in tmn titiwangsa,huge house.he controls ekovest.his only strength since 1992 is anwar ibrahim and hishamuddin hussein.his kroni is aminuddin omar and he is dedicated solely to hishamuddin hussein.

    this guy has helicopter and he is from sarawak.
    he gets many projects under anwar ibrahim,now he gets it by hisham instructing ghani othman to give it to themselves via him.he also got duke highway from harris hussein(hisham's brother) and
    now the 2.3rgt billion 'river of life' project
    to clean 10km of sg klang.

    he is a PROXY lah!

    1. Hishamudin DUKE keluarga dia punya?21 January 2014 at 16:02

      So Hishamuddin Hussein Onn ni abang/adik dia kaya rayalah. Sebab tu nak pertahankan Naib Presiden UMNO. Makan duit Cina juga rupanya keluarga Hishamudin. SPRM patut siasat ni sebab kekayaan melampau adalah gejala rasuah.
      Sebab itu kepimpinan UMNO kata Cina baik.
      Mereka mabuk dengan duit yang diberi oleh tokey-tokey Cina.
      Tokey Cina dari Singapura pula kita tak tahu.
      Tiba-tiba beli saham TM,
      Kemudian jual balek..
      Tak salahkan dapat komisen.

  2. itu Danga bAy development bukan blueprint DPMM Johor ke yg ken ahijack dgn Lim and the gang?...brough to court and Ghani read Kerajaan Negeri Johor at the end of the day bayar pampasan melalui tanah kepada DPMMJ.

    Muo Mari

  3. Bigcat

    I think you still dont know this guy.

    Or if you want to write good for him, make sure readers also get parts of the ang pow, leh

    1. that's why la the title is "a bit" only of the man. If you know Lim better then me, please tell ya...

  4. In Malaysia..its all about TECHNICAL KNOW WHO and not about technical know how :-))))

  5. Khazanah Khinzir2 February 2012 at 20:19

    Dato Lim doesnt go around and teach people ethics and integrity, unlike the big beruk at Khazanah who countlessly go around boasting his integrity and how much money he made for the rakyat.

    I would rather hang around with Lim-the-astute-bizman rather than Amok-the-lying-bastard. He still maintains his cool despite Khazanah cheated him on Iskandar Malaysia partnership deal. The government was supposed to give tax incentives to both Medini and Danga Bay, but yet only Medini got the tax incentive for investors through Khazanah's maneuvre on IRDA.

    Can you blame the guy when he seek refuge to MB and Tuanku? Please dont think this Lim fella got everything on silver plate. He had to take risks and take shit from people like Amok Khazanah.

    1. Bribery in any other name21 January 2014 at 16:07

      The China man has been since the feudalistic days been bribing the Sultans to the detriment of the Malays. UMNO is meant for the malay on the street.
      Stop talking about risk.
      This is nothing more than simple abuse of power and bribery, my man.

  6. Careful about giving ppl ang pow. Make sure its the right colour ma . . .

  7. WTF....if you do not know anything about this guy, don't write crap and hoodwink your readers! Unless of course you are paid by him to write the shit you wrote above. Lim is known to pay cash, through PR consultant R N (ex long term NST bureau chief) to NST and Star business reporters in JB. Are you paid too? Looks like it.

    And the fat son is always carrying a bag of cash for the ghost son to entertain him with winem woman and song...You want more. Some see me in person

    1. uh uh...u got me there...I confess...Lim Kang Hoo paid me RM73.45 million just for this crap posting...err, heard the journalists of Johor are also millionaires already lar...

  8. Concern Johorean3 February 2012 at 01:32

    and now he's getting tebrau teguh bhd. good!

  9. Bigcat,

    Dato' Lim is a humble and very nice man socially, but he's a shrude businessman when he is in his power suit & tie. Agreed that the only reason why he's keeping tab of politics is mainly for his business, otherwise he couldn't care less.

    Regardless of what people may say, i do admire his business acumen, strategy and tactics and knowing his humble beginning, he is one heck of an entreprenuer and a lucky gambler.

    By the way PKNSInsider, you sure he's from Sarawak and not your state??

  10. NST hariini, cadangan pengambilalihan Tebrau Teguh oleh LIm Kong HO ...terlalu rendah memandnagkan potential upside Tebrau teguh dan Tebrau teguh merupakan sebuah syraikat yg making money..

    untung ekkk..kenal org...bole beli barang mahal dgn harga cipiut...mcm Avenue kena beli dgn ecm libra..

    muo mari

  11. Obviously DLKH also got bloggers on his payroll. Who can you trust these days....

  12. huhu...akhir akhir ni pelbagai tandatany megenai urusniaga di Johor darul takzim...dibawah mat zapin..

    medini pun dah 2 kali surat kpd editir utusan sampai...

    tebrau teguh pulak..NST pun dah beri komen dari OSK..ttg harga jualan yg tidak memadai dhn potential Tebrau Teguh

    dah ler dulu projek danga bay ni projek DPMMJ yg ken arembat secara hara oleh ghani zapin dan kong kali kongya

    nasib baik DPMMJ diketuai oleh syed ali yg teguh membwa isu ni ke tengah sampai mahkamah sekali..dpt ler juga DPMMJ pampasan dlm bentuk tanah ratusan ekar..

    ghani ghani....bila ler ko ni nak merambus..bersara for good.

    muo mari

  13. tak selera dah nak pergi Danga Bay..projek cam haram, kopak sana, kopak sini..camtu ke nak lawan Singapore?

  14. Suruh Lim Kang Ho lebih berwaspada kepda alam sekitar dan suasana. Lori PKST kepunyaaan dia berlari sana sini ambilasir dari gunung di Nusajaya, hantar pasir ke Danga Bay hinggakan memburukkan jalan raya dan lori lari begitu laju. Mengapa pihak berkuasa tak ambil tindakan. Big Cat boleh tolong buat artikel ke dengan gamabar utk semua tengok betapa biadap org ini bila buat bisnes?

  15. Tebrau Teguh? Former CEO of KPRJ is now a consultant to Lim Kang Ho. Present CEO of KPRJ, Datuk Moi was supposed to check on the transactions involving Tebrau Teguh. He ended up being very close to Lim Kang Ho. Documents on on Tebrau Teguh being kept by Lim Kang Ho, no more with KPRJ. What else can we say. No criminal action. Money is supreme in Johor.