Thursday 31 July 2014


When MH17 happened, I wasn't quite satisfied with the news I was getting from the major news agencies because the stories just didn't add up, what with operation against Gaza being launched at exactly the same time frame.

However, I now understand why Cameron's belligerence reminds me of Lim Guan Eng and why Abbott's pronouncements resemble that of Mat Sabu's.

Brainless politicians are the same the world over.

One can't possibly know what actually happened and assigned guilt within hours of a disaster of that proportion, especially since there are warring parties near the crash site, more so when the guilty verdict was delivered by one of the warring parties.

Something was not right.  It was too convenient.

So I started scouring the alternative media outlets and then everything sort of falls into place.

To read about the condemnations of Russia and the Eastern Ukrainian separatists over the shooting down of MH17 by the  likes of US of A, their ever subservient sidekick, Britain, and their eager "Asian" servants, Australia plus their various toadies (read that as their media of global propaganda and subservient Western-dependent slave nations) while they practically approve the mass murder and maiming of Palestinians in a systematic genocide by the criminal state of Israel is hilarious if it isn't just too horrifying.

On the one hand they immediately pointed their fingers at Russia and Ukrainian separatists based on dubious evidence garnered from youtube, facebook and the Ukrainian government who is currently bombing civilians in Eastern Ukraine.

On the other hand, they pointedly allow Israel to murder more Palestinians in Gaza with token calls for ceasefire amid blockades that will give Israel the upper-hand should a ceasefire happens.

When Russia came up with an alternative possibility, backed by concrete military data and satellite images, they were largely ignored because the west and their macais were never interested in the truth.

They conveniently blame Hamas for the violence as if that exonerate the Israel murdering spree in Gaza.

In Eastern Ukraine, Kiev continue their bombardment of Donetsk civilian targets as the powers that be conveniently put the blame on the separatists when the crash site was made inaccessible because of the fighting, totally ignoring the fact that it takes two sides to fight a war.

No recrimination at all against their butchers, whether in Eastern Ukraine or Gaza.

Their obviously differing reactions to these two events simply demonstrate how sick and twisted these western powers truly are.

The pieces that got me started:

Sunday 27 July 2014

Syawal 1st

My congratulations and best wishes to all Muslims celebrating the Eid ul Fitr tomorrow after a month of blessed Ramadhan.

However, I admit that I find it very difficult to throw myself into a celebratory mode this time around, what with the loss of MH370 and MH17, the inhuman repression, bombardment and murder of Palestinians in the occupied territories, the killings and destruction in Iraq and Syria, the continuous unrest in North African countries, the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine ... there simply are too many to list them all.

My one wish and prayers are for the killings and maiming to end and for the Mercy of Allah be upon the innocent victims of human avarice.

Friday 18 July 2014

Prayers for MH17

I can't describe how horrible it is to see reports of The MH17 crash after it was shot down over Ukraine.

154 Dutch, 27 Australian, 23 Malaysian, 11 Indonesian, 6 British, 4 German, 4 Belgium, 3 Filipino, 1 Canadian, and 47 passengers of unknown nationality were reported to be on that flight.

Condolences to all families and friends of those on board.  Al Fatihah.

Wbat saddens me most was, apparently it takes a fairly sophisticated missile system to take down an aircraft at that altitude.

I have more to write about this as soon as I have access to a proper keyboard as I strongly believe that all parties involved in the proxy wars all over the world are equally responsible for the disaster and other dangerous situations worldwide.

Sunday 13 July 2014


The situation in Gaza, Syria and Iraq is really sad.

I cannot imagine how much more difficult life there is at the moment during this month of Ramadhan.

I have been spending the larger part of my free time keeping myself up to date with what is happening in those places.

Their suffering must be great, and although I may not agree to their form of retaliation, I can totally understand what drives some people to take up arms and fight back against the real injustices visited upon them, their families and loved ones.

The injustices they face are real, the violence and brutality are real.

Getting these people to take up arms and exact revenge is just too easy, no matter that they will be branded terrorists by the "democratic liberators" for doing exactly the same things that the "democratic liberators" did to them and their loved ones.

That's western hypocrisy for you.

It is okay if they do it, but not okay if others who do not share their ideology do it.

And if they want to to do something dastardly like bombing a country to oblivion for their oil, they will use their media to create stories about how evil the targeted country is, or how evil the ruler is, painting a perception that will be shared globally.

Like what they did to Saddam Hussein (Iraqi Sunni), Bashar Al Assad (Syrian Alawite) and Muammar Ghadaffi (Libyan Sunni).

Something like what the Malaysian Opposition parties were doing and still doing right now.

All those countries are in a sad state right now, because people are so driven by their political agenda that they forget that politics are just a bunch of ideological balderdash that some people, with no better things to do with their time, use to puff up their own self-importance.

What I cannot understand is, why are people, who are largely well-off and privileged, willing to drive our country into anarchy and chaos only to further their own political ambitions and self-importance.

With so many examples of what the Arab Spring has done to North African and Middle Eastern countries, why are these "super educated" people still dead set upon pursuing their similar political agenda that will plunge our country into similar strife and chaos?

Why are they constantly using religious sentiments in politics when they have seen what happened when religious differences were exploited to create political intolerance on a massive scale from as far  back as the crusades, to the Spanish Inquisition, to modern day India?

Why have some of us refused to learn from history and from other examples happening around the world?

What good would it be for you to have the coveted political power, while the rest of your countrymen suffer displacement, unemployment, undernourishment, and in extreme cases such as in the occupied territories of Palestine, bombardment?

Ask Nouri al Maliki what it is like being the Prime Minister of Iraq these past eight years, and how does it feel now, now that the "marginalised" are assisting "terrorists" to terrorise him and his, in his little Baghdadi bubble.

When you are thinking of accusing others of evil, look in the mirror and question your motives, are you truly sincere in your pronouncements and actions?

Or are you just as self-serving, or more so, than the people you are accusing of the said evil deeds?