Thursday 28 February 2013

Women, be firm with your men

Am writing this outside his room in hospital.

Arrived last night and my Chinaman's mom was waiting for me at the KLIA. Went back to his place and true enough, his condition was very bad. After much dramatic angry words and tears, managed to drag him to hospital.

Told his mom to go home and rest as I keep him company at the hospital. His sisters and dad are coming up from Singapore tonight.

Actually, I'm very angry with him for putting us through the whole trouble. If he had gone to hospital at the first signs that his illness is recurring, he would probably not even be admitted.

Just proper medication and diet would do. Instead he took all those nonsense alternative medicine which side effects only made it worse for his health. Very much like other alternative things la - alternative coalition, alternative government, alternative media, etc - look good but we must be aware of the side effects.

Anyway, the Chinaman still want to make noise and tried to be a hero saying that his condition was not so bad and I don't need to wait for him at the hospital. With his eyes all yellow and feet all swollen up, still he think he was not sick enough. That's when he kena marah again for second time. He can be quite a little boy sometimes.

I had concluded that men were all actually little boys, and they are deep inside still the same as when they manja manja with their mothers. We, women need to love them but be firm at the same time. If they crossed the line and be extra mengada-ngada or naughty, we need to step in and put things in order. Men are not dependable when it comes to these sorts of things. Even the most nerdy ones can go overly naughty.

Bottom-line is, we need to be firm with them. Just imagine what would had happened to Guan Eng if Betty was not firm with him. He sure get in trouble one. A little bit of plaster on the head was small price to pay la.

 Better plaster on the head than ended up having videos like this at Youtube -

Wednesday 27 February 2013

World Bank's thumbs up for Malaysia's corporate governance

Rushing things before going back to KL for a while tonight. Accidentally saw this story which I think deserve a posting in this blog. Well, no time to write one myself.

I think SC's Ranjit and his people are doing their job well.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has received strong ratings from the World Bank in its Corporate Governance Report on Observance of Standards and Codes 2012, said the Securities Commission (SC).

In a statement Tuesday, the SC said the bank also reported that Malaysia has been recognised as a regional leader in corporate governance, and has made substantial progress in improving the legal and regulatory framework in relation to corporate governance.

"According to the report, Malaysia's overall scores are higher than the average scores of countries within the Asian region.

"The bank also acknowledges that Malaysia has a large capital market, strong institutions, sophisticated participants and high quality accounting practices," it said.

SC chairman Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh said it was important to have in place a strong corporate governance eco-system in order to sustain active investor interest and growth in the capital market.

"We are highly encouraged by the strong endorsement by the World Bank on the collective efforts by the regulators and the industry in strengthening corporate governance in Malaysia," he said.

The report, which is an independent assessment by the World Bank, examines the country's corporate governance framework benchmarked against the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Principles for Corporate Governance.

This is the third time that Malaysia has participated in the assessment.

The first was in 2001, followed by 2006.

Out of the six OECD Principles for Corporate Governance examined in the report, Malaysia scored highest in terms of equitable treatment of stakeholders, enforcement and institutional framework, as well as disclosure and transparency. -- Bernama

Going home for awhile

Booked a flight ticket home to KL due to an emergency just now. My Chinaman is very sick. His mom called and told me about it just now. Now I know why he never called me for more than a week.

It's his hepatitis working up again. His mom said it's quite bad. He is however not hospitalized because he had refused to go to hospital. Stubborn bastard. I'm going to force him to go.

Just now I managed to talk a bit with him on the phone but he tried to be cheeky saying that he is alright and was happily eating his mom's porridge with grilled pork. The last part was his usual attempt at trying to irritate me with his pork eating angry now....and worried.

My flight will be tomorrow night. Taking a break from my studies for five days. Really wasting my time and money la this stubborn Chinaman. Making his mom so worried some more. Going back just to force him to go to hospital. So teruk.

Now I'm really not sure if I can afford to go back home again for polling day. If I'm a Pakatan supporter, I would probably blame Umno for influencing my Chinaman to be so stubborn....or blame Rosmah Mansor for stealing my money or something.

(Note: One last day before the end of my little GE13 at the top right corner of this page. Support for BN at the moment has been reduced to 77 per cent)

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Pakatan's manifesto: Everyone, including the poor have to pay

Yesterday was Pakatan's manifesto day. I guess by now most of you had read about all the goodies offered by them.

The comments on the manifesto were everywhere and wide ranging. Here is one by automotive blogger paultan on the excitingly cheaper prices of cars, revoking of AES and abolishing of tolls as offered by Pakatan -

Pakatan Rakyat's 2013 manifesto: auto-related points

paultan, however cautioned its reader -
The manifesto doesn’t detail just how all this will be achieved, nor flesh out other auto-related points covered in it.

It's more or less the same as in 2008 when they promised the stars and the moon without exactly telling how they are going to pluck the stars and moon from the sky. Sorry, I don't feel like wasting my energy trying to go into the details as I don't really have the time for it. You can of course get those details at the other websites and newspapers today.

Actually, I don't think the manifesto will be of much value except for its gimmick effect. If I remember correctly, Pakatan gain inroads in 2008 not because of their manifesto but because people were fed-up with Pak Lah's administration. They know the Pakatan's manifesto was just bullshit but still voted against BN due to the hopelessly clueless PM at that time and the arrogance of the people around him. To top it all, MCA also decided to commit harakiri about the same time by trying to kill each other just before election causing the collapse of Chinese community's support for the coalition. Pakatan did not exactly have to do or offer much in 2008.

Anyway, as for the manifesto which looks very similar to the one offered in 2008, the question is - where are the money coming from? Free higher education, free highways, free wi-fi, and free everything else? Pay with Petronas' money, is it? We want to bankrupt Petronas by expecting it to pay for everything?

Hey, still someone has to pay, ok? Nothing is really free in this world.

Use government's money? Well, government's money is our money. Every single one of us pay taxes. Not just income tax, ok. You eat at KFC also kena tax, ok? Rice also kena tax, you know or not? Why Pakatan never say want to abolish all these taxes? Because it's not as glamourous and attractive as abolishing tax for cars, tolls and other middle income stuff. It's all a matter of getting the votes from the right group of people.

Do bear in mind that we still have to pay for everything at the end of it.

For instance, if there is no toll at the highways, that means the government has to pay for it and the money to pay for it will be coming from all of us taxpayers, including the poor ones who don't have a car to drive on the highways. That's because even the poor ones pay taxes in some form one way or another.

So, don't get conned, ok?

Pakatan never conned people? I give you a simple example - Remember Kampung Buah Pala in Penang. If you can't remember, please google.

Monday 25 February 2013

Anwar or Razaleigh, does it really matter?

Saw this interesting story by


Pas says no guarantee of Anwar as PM if PR wins polls

Monday, February 25, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR: Pas said it is not a certainty that Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will become the Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat wins in the next general election.

Its information chief Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man told The Mole there will be two deciding factors which will determine a leader’s appointment to the post.

“Firstly, it depends on the number of seats won by the party.”

“Secondly, all parties in Pakatan Rakyat must agree on the person to be appointed as the Prime Minister,” Tuan Ibrahim said.

When pointed out that Pakatan has previously agreed that Anwar be the Prime Minister (if Pakatan wins the general election), Tuan Ibrahim said at the moment, in theory, all component parties will follow Pakatan’s status quo.

However, Tuan Ibrahim said: “But I believe we will have to take into consideration the election results as well.”

“We need to see which party is more dominant in terms of winning contested seats because it can determine who should become the PM.”

“That’s why I keep urging our members and election machinery to work hard in winning the election,” he added.

Tuan Ibrahim said this when asked to comment on talks that Pas' Syura Council, the party's highest decision-making body, is not in favour of having Anwar as Prime Minister.

Asked to clarify on what the council’s stand (on Anwar as Prime Minister), Tuan Ibrahim simply said: “There is no issue about it.”

DAP chairman Karpal Singh in a news report had maintained that Anwar will be Prime Minister if Pakatan wins in the next general election and dismissed such talks as a mere speculation.

A blog post at AIDC has stated despite widespread rumours of Pas’ Syura Council rejecting Anwar’s as Prime Minister in waiting, it has not been officially confirmed or denied by the council.

The same post also highlighted that Pakatan is also keen to have Barisan Nasional MP for Gua Musang Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as the candidate for the opposition coalition's Prime Minister as he has no problems with opposition leaders and some leaders from Umno.

Tuan Ibrahim described the speculations as baseless, as Razaleigh or better known as Ku Li is not a member of any Pakatan parties.

“This is only an election's speculations. Ku Li is an influential politician but he is not a Pakatan member. How can we choose to appoint him?”

Meanwhile Kelantan Pas deputy-commissioner (III) Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said there is no requests from the state’s grass root members to have Ku Li as Prime Minister.

Mohd Amar also said there is no discussion among Pas leaders on the Prime Minister's post and that Pas will follow the decision by Pakatan leadership on the matter.


I actually first read about Pakatan replacing Anwar as their number one choice with Tengku Razaleigh in NST a few weeks ago. However, I was then skeptical about the story as the person quoted was that ex-PKR Bayan Baru MP Zahrain Mohamed Hashim.

But then again, the trees would not be swaying if there is no wind, isn't it?

Now that talks about Anwar being replaced by Pakatan as their number one man is gaining momentum, maybe it's worth a bit to look at how things going to be between those who support Anwar and those who wanted him replaced.

At one corner will be the Pas' Anwarinas, DAP's Lim family and cronies and of course Anwar's party office bearing wife and children as well as most of the PKR's high council.

On the other corner should be the Pas' ulama faction including those from the Syura Council, DAP rebels with the most prominent being Karpal Singh who despite insisting that Anwar will be PM knows for certain about Anwar's weaknesses for anything cute and the few PKR independent minded individuals worried over the party's future due to the grip of Anwar's ass-lickers (figuratively...I think) led by deputy president Azmin Ali.

Personally, I don't think the anti-Anwar side will least until the election is over.

They were a bit too late in initiating the move against Anwar and the forces against them are already too powerful within Pakatan. The opposition coalition will have no choice but to go on with Anwar as their leader into the election which I believe will be held within five weeks from now.

They will have to wait until after the election to really make their moves so as not to cause serious damage to their electoral chances.

But then again, with the chances of Pakatan taking over Putrajaya seem to be diminishing by the day, the whole thing doesn't seems to really matter anyway, isn't it?

Sunday 24 February 2013

Just remembering the departed

Sorry, no political story for the day. I want to rest and relax a bit this Sunday , ok?

Well, it's the tail end of winter...start of spring I think. A bit cold but manageable. About 10 to 20 degree Celsius. Maybe by next week, it will be just nice to visit Taiwan.

It's 3.56am here as I'm writing this.

Woken up just now from a dream. Not a good one. I dreamt that my Chinaman left me. Very sad. Luckily it was just a dream....I hope....

Never mind, those were all just my nonsense.

Got a message from my sister in Johor yesterday, that an uncle passed away. The funeral is going to be this morning. I could only recite the Alfatihah for him from here. Well, actually he was the husband of one of my aunts, who is the younger step-sister of my late father.

Just last week, another of my aunts passed away from various complications.

Actually she was not my real aunt yet my siblings and myself refer to her as our aunt. She was the adopted daughter of my late grandma.

My aunt was given-up for adoption by her biological parents when she was a baby. No one except my grandma really know who were our aunt's parents. All that we know about them was that they were a very poor Chinese couple.

My aunt never talked about least not in our presence. She had a happy childhood despite growing up in an almost equally poor adopted family.

According to my late mother, my aunt was considered a beauty when she was young and guys were falling over each other for her hand.

Well, I was puzzled when my mom told me about it as till now my image of her was that of a very  jovial Chinese looking lady (well, she was indeed a Chinese lady) with maybe a slight weight problem.

I actually only believe what my mom told me after considering that my aunt's many daughters were themselves beauties.

Oh btw , my aunt married a cousin of my father, but they never tried to be mengada-ngada and reclassify their children as Anak Bangsa Malaysia despite her being Chinese and her husband a Malay.

All I could do for my aunt, was also to recite the Alfatihah for her.

Note: Please be nice in the comment section for this posting. I will spike the rude ones.

Saturday 23 February 2013

Kindergarten boy CJM slapped in the face again

Apparently the Johor DAP people are still very eager to express their anger at State PKR chief Chua Jui Meng despite the gag order by Guan Eng and their boss Dr Boo Cheng Hau's public apology the other day.

Here is a story in NST today about a statement issued by Dr Boo's deputy yesterday -

Jui Meng a kindergarten kid, says Johor DAP leader

NO GAGGING: Norman criticises Johor PKR chief for eyeing seats held by DAP and not having confidence in seats given to PKR

JOHOR BARU: A STAUNCH comrade of Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau has defied a gag order issued by his party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, by labelling Johor PKR chairman Datuk Chua Jui Meng as a "kindergarten kid".
Norman Fernandez, who is the Johor DAP deputy chairman, also took the opportunity to categorically hit out at PKR deputy secretary-general Steven Choong for uttering lies just to show his unfailing support to Chua following the Johor DAP-PKR tussle.
In his statement yesterday, Norman said ever since Chua joined PKR, it was made known to the Johor DAP that he would be contesting in Gelang Patah, failing which he would trade the seat with either the Bakri or Segamat seats.
"Surely, Chua as a seasoned politician will know that it is unthinkable that DAP will give up the Bakri seat.
"Despite the fact that Johor PKR is having the lion's share of parliamentary seats -- many of which are winnable, Chua keeps salivating for DAP seats.
"It is simply amazing that he does not have confidence in the parliamentary seats allotted to PKR, but instead wants and eyes DAP seats."
Norman said Chua even had the audacity to label Dr Boo a "young man" besides asking Dr Boo not to meddle in other people's and party's affairs.
"In Pakatan Rakyat, Chua is less than four years old. In short, he is nothing but a kindergarten kid in Pakatan Rakyat. There is still a lot for him to learn about Pakatan Rakyat. Sadly, this kindergarten kid wants to overlord Pakatan Rakyat in Johor."
Norman said it puzzled him that Chua had called on Dr Boo not to meddle in PKR affairs, when it was Chua who had meddled in DAP affairs by challenging MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek to contest in Bakri, Segamat or Gelang Patah parliamentary seat.
He said it would be more appropriate if Chua challenged Soi Lek to contest in a PKR seat.
On Choong's statement that Dr Boo and the Johor DAP had been boycotting PKR or its events, Norman said it was far from the truth.
On the contrary, he said it was the Johor PKR which did not extend its invitation, citing the Johor PKR Chinese New Year open house in Skudai in 2011 as an example.
Norman said both Chua and Steven had sought to cast DAP as a greedy party wanting to contest every possible seat.
"This is not true. The lions share of the parliamentary seats went to the PKR. In 2004, the Johor PKR contested in the Johor Jaya state seat, knowing very well that it was a DAP seat. However, it meant nothing to Johor PKR, which still contested in the seat against the DAP candidate.
"Now, who is the greedy one here?" he asked.
Citing an example of how PKR went against its words, Norman said during seat negotiations for the Johor Baru parliamentary seat, consensus was reached whereby PKR would contest for the seat while DAP and Pas would contest the Stulang and Tanjung Puteri state seats respectively.
"Choong represented PKR during the negotiation while I represented DAP. Pas immediately organised the election machinery and went on to do constituency work.
"Then came the shocker, with PKR claiming that it had never agreed to give up the Tanjung Puteri seat to PAS."

Note : The statement may came from Norman Fernandez against Chua Jui Meng, but I still believe that it could be actually a warning via proxy by Dr Boo for DAP bully boy Guan Eng to keep his fingers out of the Johor cookie jar. 

Friday 22 February 2013

Guan Eng fetched daddy to handle Johor boy

What was this nonsense I just heard about Dr Boo Cheng Hau capitulating after heroically thumbing his nose up to all the bastards of PKR and DAP just three days ago?

Well, I'm not sure yet about the details but I heard that the Johor DAP chief had called for a press conference in JB last night and went on to apologize to everyone including his supposed arch enemy PKR Johor chief D Chua Jui Meng.

At first, I don't know why he needed to apologize to Chua as everything he said about the Chinese frog were true. The hypocrite bastard is indeed selfish, arrogant like hell and think God is on his side just because he goes around churches giving sermons as if he is a holy man or something. This Chua is a real perasan type, I tell you....and PKR actually made the MCA reject their number one man in Johor....shheeessshh...really pathetic.

Well, as it turned up, I was further told that, as a straight faced Dr Boo was apologizing for his outburst against Chua, sitting next to him was a stern faced DAP supremo uno Lim Kit Siang.

The duo must have reached some sorts of agreement and that Dr Boo must had been offered something that he cannot refused. In return he needed to play act as if he is really sorry.

My bet is, since the real fight on this issue as explained here...Purple Perspective - The Big Fight...was actually between Dr Boo and Lim's son Guan Eng, then I have to conclude that a compromise had been reached.

Guan Eng who was trying to sideline Dr Boo by muscling in his people into Johor for the coming general election must had send his daddy down to Johor to talk with Dr Boo after the later made it clear that boy boy had picked the wrong person and place to bully around.

Well, as was explained in that previous posting, Chua the frog is just Dr Boo's dummy to threaten Guan Eng to lay off his back.

Dr Boo had went something like this, "Look here you spoilt boy prick, see this Chua bastard getting beaten half to death by me. If you come here to Johor with your gang to bully me, I will really tear you all up apart."

Oh, by the way, Dr Boo got a bigger taikor standing behind him - Mr Karpal The Real King Singh. Anyone mess around with Dr Boo will kena wallop by him like in this case...Karpal: I stand by what I had said about Chua

Of course, Dr Boo got it right. Guan Eng got scared, told everyone not to open their mouth anymore and ran to daddy to handle the Johor boy.

I'm quite sure now Dr Boo will have his way about at least who will be the candidate for the coveted Gelang Patah seat....probably himself, I guess.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Purple Perspective - The Big Fight

I was just about to start writing about the Dr Boo-Chua Jui Meng fight when I received this email on the matter from my dear friend Purple Cat who is in the thick of things in JB. Since I'm far from Johor now and quite busy at the university these past and coming few days, I think it's more appropriate to post her perspective of the issue rather than mine. For the record I have to say that I totally agree with her on this one.

Purple Cat's email to me :

Salam BigCat, hope you are doing OK.  Just to let you know that I have a different perspective on the recent flare-up and now gagged up Dr Boo vs Datuk Chua incident.

 It is interesting to note how that very public but highly charged PKR-DAP spat in Johor was built-up over the last couple of weeks and now is being played up by the pro-opposition media, both the mainstream and the alternative.  My take is, the fight was never really between the purported protagonists, but rather a show of hand by the Johor DAP, in this case Dr Boo, against the DAP ruling elites, with support from the DAP Chairman.

Based on the gag order from Komtar, I do believe the reason for the good doctor's flare-up in the media was because DAP Johor, in this case himself as head of DAP Johor, has been sidelined in the seat negotiations, probably in other things too.

Surely you have noted Dr Boo's absence in a number of DAP events held in Kulai last year, and the "coolness" between him and the Penang CM is an open secret.  There is also the matter of DAP Johor's minimal representation in the DAP CEC despite Johor being declared a frontline state for the Pact.  The Johoreans may not be able to get on the CEC through merit, but representation through appointment is a reasonable expectation considering the importance of Johor as a Pakatan frontline state.

More telling is the setting up of the new Pakatan Rakyat Bureau, with members comprising of Anthony Loke, Teresa Kok, Liew Chin Tong, Gobind Singh Deo, Tony Pua and led by Teng Chang Khim (this article in MySinChew referred).    It is only fair to assume that seats negotiations would fall under the jurisdiction of the newly set-up bureau.  Considering that DAP is facing a delicate situation in Johor, one which the Pact aims to achieve 20 parliamentary seats in the coming GE, it is indeed strange that this team is largely a Selangor and Penang affair.  Shouldn't Boo, as Johor Chief, be part of the team plotting the downfall of BN in 20 out of 26 parliamentary seats of BN's Fortress Johor?

Also interesting to note, the same MySinChew report stated that the new DAP National Political Education Director is Liew Chin Tong, while the Political Education Assistant Director is Dr Boo Cheng Hau.  In the present scheme of things, the Head of Johor DAP can't even head the National Political Education Bureau, sorts of fitting that Dr Boo named Liew as the most suitable candidate for Gelang Patah, eh?

Instead, it would be interesting to know who from the DAP's Pakatan Rakyat Bureau line-up actually make the strategic and tactical decisions for Johor.  My bet is Teng as the most senior member who is also Johorean by birth, together with the rising "star" Loke and the corporate "genius" Pua.  I am quite sure the star and the genius will be working hard to prove who is worthier of Dynastic commendations.  I wonder why Teo Nie Ching, the Batu Pahat girl of the DAP tudung brigade, is not in that team too, but maybe she's too junior a member?  But  I digress.

The point is, my reading of the situation says that there is no real negotiation between DAP Johor and PKR Johor to speak of.  Note that Boo's statement said that DAP Johor can no longer cooperate with Chua, not that he is no longer interested to negotiate with Chua.  He was just making that statement in anticipation of Gelang Patah being contested by PKR.

The realities on the ground is, the opposition pact will not be able to wrest Kota Iskandar from BN in the coming election.  I think Boo realises that the likelihood of the Pact winning Putrajaya is greater than their chance of winning Nusajaya.  Besides, DAP Johor will not be a sufficient vehicle to catapult him onto national politics, especially since many of the national issues in Johor are being carried by Chua's minions or Lim's inner circle.

He can't be the MB even in the unlikely event the Pact wins Johor in the coming election, he is not getting respect from PKR nor from his own party, his work in building up Gelang Patah to be a DAP stronghold is going to benefit someone else, his portfolio in the CEC as Assistant Director to Liew in the non-glamorous political education bureau means he is subject to Liew's decision-making.  Poor Baby Boo.  Message to Dr Boo - You go, doc, tell them that you won' play ball if Gelang Patah is taken away from you.  Better nobody wins than only you loses, right?

Additional note : I had included this in my blog roll - Johor Sector. It is good especially for those interested in Johor issues

Tuesday 19 February 2013

The undoing of Pakatan in Johor - NST report

I will give my take on the Dr Boo versus Chua Jui Meng fight tomorrow. Today I am a bit too busy with classes and got no time to sit down and write it properly.

For now, here is NST's report on it written by their senior Johor-based journalist Sim Bak Heng and KL-based political journalist Syed Umar Ariff -

IN CONFLICT: DAP chairman stands behind his Johor chief in clash with Jui Meng

JOHOR BARU: THE long simmering rift between DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat in Johor has become a full-blown conflict.
Yesterday, state DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau issued a strongly worded statement calling for PKR to remove its state chairman Datuk Chua Jui Meng.
In an almost immediate reaction to the statement, DAP national chairman Karpal Singh backed his Johor chief, saying that Dr Boo’s allegations should not be taken lightly and calling for an inquiry into attacks against Johor DAP.
In his statement, written in Chinese, Dr Boo said he wanted either PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim or his wife Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is party president, to take over Chua’s role as the party leader in the state.
Not mincing his words, Dr Boo described Chua as a liability to the opposition coalition’s efforts to take over Johor in the 13th general election.
"Chua has repeatedly announced that PKR will field him to contest  the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat although no such decision has been made by high-ranking leaders from the opposition pact.
"He has also rejected many proposals by the Johor DAP and Pas, as though he is the high and mighty one from the opposition pact in Johor. I hereby announce that the Johor DAP can no longer cooperate with Chua, as we do not feel his sincerity at all in cooperating with us. However, this will not affect our ties with PKR and Pas," he said.
Dr Boo and Chua have been at loggerheads for some time, trading barbs in a rather public row as both parties are fighting hard for the right to contest the coveted Gelang Patah parliamentary seat, among others.
The seat had been contested by DAP in the past until it was let go in 1995 to the the now defunct Parti Sosialis Rakyat Malaysia (PSRM), which later became Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) which eventually merged with Parti Keadilan to become PKR.
The right to contest the seat was returned to DAP after the 1999 general election but later entrusted to PKR in 2004 and 2008 under a rotation system.
During the last general election, BN candidate Tan Ah Eng defeated PKR candidate Dr Zaliha Mustafa by 8,851 votes.
While no consensus has been reached on which party should contest  the Gelang Patah seat, Dr Boo tweeted recently that Bukit Bendera member of parliament Liew Chin Tong should be given a chance in Gelang Patah.
Political analysts viewed the posting as a preemptive move to stop Chua from contesting the seat, as Chua, whose base is in Bakri, Muar, will be considered a "parachuted" candidate.
The posting irked Chua, who labelled Dr Boo's statement as "immature".
In his statement yesterday, Dr Boo revealed that cracks have been developing in the opposition pact in Johor in the last two years, and attributed Chua's arrogance as the main reason.
He said the opposition parties in Johor had been working closely in the past, until Chua came into the picture.
He said Chua had even attempted to alter history by claiming that only PKR had contested  the seat before.
"He is trying to confuse everyone. I sincerely appeal to him to stop labelling the DAP as arrogant. Speak for himself and reflect on his own arrogance, such as by suggesting that the Bakri parliamentary seat is his 'territory'."
Chua could not be reached for comment.
Karpal, in his statement, said Dr Boo's assertions should be taken into consideration "in the interests of  Pakatan Rakyat".
He said the credibility of Chua was suspect, due to his political background and what appeared to be his overzealous enthusiasm to regain a parliamentary seat.
"His long sojourn in the MCA and by extension Barisan Nasional, his unsuccessful attempt in 2004 at the MCA presidency and (subsequently) his obvious overzealous enthusiasm to regain a seat in  parliament, certainly exposes a credibility problem which may appear to have consume the better part of his intellect.  
"Unlike Chua Jui Meng, Dr Boo is a real McCoy," said the Bukit Gelugor member of parliament.
Karpal also called for  an in-depth inquiry be carried out to determine who was behind the attacks against Johor DAP.
(From left) Datuk Seri Chua Jui Meng and Dr Boo Cheng Hau
(From left) Datuk Seri Chua Jui Meng and Dr Boo Cheng Hau

Read more: Johor DAP-PKR tussle - Top News - New Straits Times