Friday 14 June 2013

Why MCA Will Not Die Off

For those predicting the death of MCA, don't worry, it won't happen.

At least not until DAP have managed to tighten its grip on Putrajaya and the nations various core economic development agencies through its Malay proxies, the super liberal Malays who feel they are superior and better than all other Malays combined.  (Annie describes these types best in her latest posting.)

As an anon commented in a previous post, the MCA has its uses for the Chinese community, so it will continue to provide a link to the much despised Umno, just in case their plans to control the country do not go accordingly, like what happened in GE13.

While MCA continues to provide all these services to the Chinese and its various NGOs or associations, with full financial support from the most hated Malay Umno/BN government, the DAP focuses all its propaganda machinery to continue its demonisation of Umno and perpetuating all the myths of the corrupt, lazy, inefficient and evil largely Malay government servants.

In essence, they have it good both ways.

And they will continue helping PAS leadership to delude the young Malay masses, playing to their egos, hyping up their own importance and perpetuating hatreds such that they are so focused on Umno that they can't see anything else, and too dumbed down by the PAS indoctrination system that excel in creating mental zombies, to be able to see beyond the obvious or to think outside of the scope of what they were told.

Thursday 13 June 2013

Why Gerakan Calls For A Single BN

Isn't it rather strange, that of all BN component parties calling for a single BN party is Gerakan, which claim to be a multi-racial party?

Out of all the political parties presently active in Malaysia, Gerakan are the most similar with DAP in terms of member composition, leadership structure, and the evolution of its social network from the worker's associations of yester-years to what it is now.

Unfortunately for Gerakan, the rise of DAP and its continued dominance in KL and Penang as well as the rising star of Southern Johor urban areas means Gerakan is fast losing its social and business network to DAP.

The flight of what used to be Gerakan's social/business network into the embrace of DAP was never better illustrated than the fall of Gerakan in Pulau Pinang and the back-stabbing of Ghani by the Chinese associations in Skudai, a formerly Gerakan stronghold.

Gerakan is dying, and its leaders are trying to remain relevant.

As leaders of a coalition member party, they are ensured of having a say in the newly formed single party.

For them, the single party must therefore be formed before Gerakan's death.

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Why PAS will never join Umno for Malay Unity

I have been seeing many Malay Muslim commenters expressing hope that PAS will be joining Umno to counter what they now see as the threat to Malay Muslim survival presented by the Chinese who are totally united under DAP's political leadership.

Sorry to say, I don't see that happening under the present PAS leadership and not likely to happen in the next couple of generations either.

First and foremost PAS shares DAP's objective, which is also shared by the 90% Chinese who voted for them, in killing off Umno.

For PAS, with Umno dead, they will take on the mantle of being the Malay Muslim political force that will shape the direction and thinking of the more than 60% Malay majority of this country.

To their thinking, DAP will only be able to command the support of less than 40% non-malays, hence will never be able to challenge the superiority of their numbers.

They also think that all the present business interests controlled by Umno and the Malays will naturally fall into their control as they hold the upperhand in the Malay internal power struggle.

For them, the end justifies the means.

However, they fail to take into account what their partner are doing to preserve their interests.

For DAP, it has never been MCA.  That's why they managed to convince the Chinese to weaken MCA to such a point without killing it off.

Although it can no longer be a credible partner in the coalition, MCA can still utilise its position within the coalition to protect Chinese large business interests that depend on the government and Umno patronage.

The weakened state of BN also forces Umno leadership to make large concessions to appease the Chinese at the behest of their MCA partners and the Chinese NGOs and special interest groups.

Their final battlefield was supposed to be GE13 where even members of MCA and Gerakan voted DAP.

Their miscalculation was they underestimated the intelligence of rural Malays.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

All Is Well At Medkom

Last night I had a chat with a friend who used to work for the Johor MB's Office and is now back in KL.

She told me that like me, she has decided to leave Johor and is looking for job opportunities here in KL now that her capabilities are no longer welcomed there because what was perceived as her affiliation to the previous administration.

However, she has quietly been keeping tabs on the fate of her team, whom she had been worrying over all the while.

Last night, though, she was kind of pleased as she was informed that the new Manager had given them six months to prove their worth instead of the previous uncompromising one month termination notice.

"At the very worst, they have at least six months respite to look for a new job, so I am happy for them.  Now I can sleep well again."

As for herself, she had no regrets, despite now facing an uncertain prospect of long-term unemployment.

When asked why she didn't start looking for a new job the moment Ghani was certain to retire from politics, she said that she had a job opportunity at the time, but decided to remain because she couldn't leave at a time when her services were still required by BN Johor.

So what happens now?

"I'm sure I can survive.  My conscience is clear, I didn't abandon my friends in their hour of need.  That's all that matters.  As for earning a living, I am sure I can find something soon.  Besides, I have some savings to tide me over until I find some source of regular income again."

PS:  I have storage!

Monday 10 June 2013

Quiet Monday

I have been spending the past 15 minutes flitting through my regular stalking territories, but nothing perked my interest other than Helen's DDD and that led me to Kit Siang's claim of Umno's dastardly act of hiring Utusan as part of an evil plot to Demonise, Destroy, DAP.

Aisey Grandpa, enough la with the drama.  Trust me, you don't look cool doing that, you just look absurd.  Stop trying to match up to Mahathir, you simply don't have the cool factor that Mahathir has in spades.  Lee Kuan Yew can carry it off, you can't.  You are simply not his match.

As for the imaginary DDD brigade .. come on, get real.  Just look at the comment section of previous postings in this blog and you know the DAP supporters and CTs did their very best to demonise themselves.

And that's not even going to the various facebook pages and tweets of these DAP types.

These DAP CTs and their kind are just so full of themselves that I am indeed in awe of their complete and total inability to relate to others who do not share nor appreciate their political ideology.

When we try to state our differing points of view they refuse to open up to reason, and when we point out the weaknesses and contradictions of their arguments, they become abusive.

Grandpa Kit, your Red Army demonise DAP all by themselves.  So chill and stop trying to further demonise Umno and Utusan, you've already captured all the audience you can get for that line of propaganda.

Find something else as your next 5-year political propaganda tagline, can or not?  Be creative, or learn from PKR, they are very inventive when it comes to cooking up fairy-tales.

As for my PAX wardrobe it is just a matter of putting up the sliding doors.

Sunday 9 June 2013

Mellow Sunday

A cool and mellow Sunday morning, a day of leisurely pursuits, completely free of career obligations as there isn't a Monday morning rush to worry about.

I haven't felt as relaxed in years.  Now that I no longer feel so invested in my country's political happenings, I can afford to look at things from the outside in.

Soon we will be faced with the Umno party elections.  This time I hope Umno will keep its proceedings private, as in no live telecasts, no open forums, no "perasan" pollies being interviewed live on the telly.

In the mean time however, I am enjoying these leisure times that I can spend on myself.

As for the Pakatan-type pollies and their antics, they have long bored me that writing about them is akin to sitting still without having anything to read in a hair salon waiting for the hairdresser to cut your hair after a shampoo.

Back then, when this blog was still getting a steady stream of traffic volume from other SoPo sites, I was quite stressed out trying to keep up with other people's expectations for a subject that's beginning to bore me.

Not being a particularly emotionally expressive kind of person, the only emotion I could muster for the Pakatan politics is scorn, and that gets tiring after awhile.

I wish we have more intelligence in the political arena, and what I mean by that is not the snobbish know-it-all cleverer-than-everyone type of the Khairy Jamaluddin and others of his ilk variety.

What I mean is the Sanusi Junid kind of out of the box intelligence that I find so refreshing and thought provoking.  Or the practical, understated and controversial thinking of Mahathir Mohamad.

It seems that we have too many pollies of the empty-can varieties nowadays; they can be oratorially impressive, but when you scrutinise their words, you realise that they lack depth.

As for what is occupying my time for the next couple of days?  Ha .. my PAX wardrobe arrived yesterday, so I am halfway through putting it together, without power tools other than an electric drill to drill two tiny holes to put the wardrobe frames together.

Equipped with my hardly utilised toolbox, I feel totally empowered and convinced I will have sufficient storage space for my things before the week ends.

Friday 7 June 2013


Wah .. so berani la all these Pakatan elected MPs, so principled la them all, to boycott the house they were voted into by the majority of the people who wanted them to be their voice parliament.

What do they care about being the people's voice in the parliament anyway as they have been vigorously advocating their supporters to voice out their dissatisfaction in public places like the datarans, the stadiums, the streets, the hallways, etc.

Why even bother to participate in elections?  Such a bloody waste of money, what with all the banners, the posters, the election workers, and all?  Pakatan so rich ke to waste all that money in an election which they have for years been claiming to be fraudulent and rigged?

Pakatan should just boycott the election altogether, and continue with their voicing out through public rallies.  I mean, why waste time and money to be part of the election right?

I mean, the least Pakatan can do is be consistent.  Boycott everything la.  Afterall, I have been hearing all these talk about fradulent and rigged elections since I can't remember when.  They should have boycotted GE13.

That would have been a show of how strongly principled the Pakatan pollies are.  Instead they are now acting up like self-serving immature college dropouts with limited understanding of their responsibilities to the public whom they should be serving.

If you want to boycott, boycott everything la, the election is rigged and fraudulent so boycott that, the police are totally corrupt and heinously violent, so don't make police reports, don't call them, boycott them, the Civil services are ... eh what?

 You make police reports against Tun M for sedition?  State officers are also civil servants, even in Pakatan-governed states?  What do you mean Pakatan-governed states?  You mean Pakatan did not boycott the state assemblies?

So much drama over nothing.  I can't believe the level of stupidity these Pakatan people are stooping to.  Too idiotic for words.

New Base

I have not been updating for quite awhile as I have been rather busy settling down at a new place, just as my trusty 4 year-old laptop decided to go kaput on me.

However, moving to a new place has been rather fun.  I have decided to move in with my sis as she has a spare room, and that means free room and board, not to mention free meals three times a day and the various snacking in between.

Of course I have been rather out of touch with the political situation thus far, but I plan to quickly get updated as soon as I finish my latest project.

I've just bought myself a new wardrobe from Ikea, the kind that you can customise, and assemble yourself.  I chose to do the assembly myself, as I enjoy doing such things.

I have put together my new Kivik sofa, and waiting for delivery of my Pax storage system.  My sis promised to help, so hopefully I would have an additional 200x236x58cm of storage before the week ends.

It will be quite a challenge to fit my stuff in the rather limited storage space, but I am taking this as an opportunity to get rid of things I hardly use or those no longer useful at my new base.

Actually, I am finding this period of diy furniture assembly extremely therapeutic and restful, especially when you can see and use the result of your handiwork.

It keeps my mind off the fact that I will be facing unemployment now that I have tendered my notice.

New base, new room, new beginnings - I am keeping it positive, and hopefully life will continue to be an interesting journey of new life experiences, new friends and acquaintances.  It would be something to look forward to.