Monday 29 July 2013

Being Liberated Malaysians

I have concluded that Malaysians are now super liberated that we can step on everyone else's sensitivities with no fear of repercussions.

Except for the Muslims and Malays not categorised as Pakatan supporters, of course, as they are not allowed to have any cultural or religious sensitivities, nor entitled to have rights to voice their opinions or make decisions.

Only the liberated Malays and Muslims of the Pakatan have those rights.

Any decision made by the Malays and Muslims must be judged as guilty of discriminating the minorities, before any investigation is done, and this guilt must be broadcast through all the social networks and discussed in all forums too, while calls must immediately be made to sack, imprison and punish someone.


Because, Malays are largely racists who have since Independence Day harassed and persecuted the non-Malays in this country such that they can't earn a decent living, have insufficient education opportunities, can't practice their culture and religion in peace or speak in their native languages.

This is true because there are no rich and prosperous non-Malays in this country and those vernacular schools are just for show, they are actually being taught in Malay.

That's why in Malay schools (Malay is such a low-class thing that any school that uses that language cannot be considered a national school and must be termed as a Malay school), when pupils have their lunch in the changing rooms, it is a form of discrimination against the non-Malays regardless of the fact that everyone else eat there too.

The repressive Umno led government which has been in power since Independence that has led Malaysia into a state worse than third world countries (according to Pakatan politicians), is so evil that they must be toppled by any means.

Putting into power a sex-deviant as Head of the Nation is really to ensure a truly liberated nation.

We should have ex-convicts as ministers to champion the rights of criminals who are being persecuted by the sadistic police for just trying to make a living in their chosen career paths.  

We should also appoint gangsters as security officers in place of the police, since they are already collecting protection money, so might as well empower them to protect the public as vigilantes.

And of course we should fully institutionalise all the groups championing all those new-fangled rights that currently exist as NGOs as fully funded government departments so they don't have to depend on foreign funds and obliged to fulfill foreign agenda.

And all the government officers must be sacked as they are largely Malays and Muslims, which of course make them corrupt and lazy, to be replaced by those dropout students such as that would-be teacher, whatever his name is, and that one who kicked a police officer who was already lying injured on the ground during the last Bersih violence.

We must also allow Muslim women to represent Malaysia in beauty pageants as prohibitions of Muslims from participating in such events by the Fatwa Council should be rescinded as liberal Muslim women knew that the reason Allah bless them with physical beauty is for it to be paraded in all their glory for all to see.

And sexual exhibitionism must be celebrated, exhibitionists should become celebrities at par with politicians.  To be truly a liberated politician, they must be seen as accepting sexual exhibitionism as a way of life and iconic lifestyle that should be celebrated.

Their every move must become front page news for fully liberated newspapers, never mind that in western countries only trashy tabloids celebrate such people, for Malaysian media outlets must be seen as more liberated than their western counterparts.

If they denigrate other people's religious beliefs, we must find all excuses possible to exonerate them and explain it away as them just having a sense of humor, as apparently, only Malay Muslims are guilty of being bigots.

As the final step in creating a truly liberated Malaysian Malaysia, all those who voted Umno/BN in the GE13 should be exported to their countries of origin as they are not truly Malaysians, at least according to ABU.

If all these things happen, I would readily find somewhere else to call home as I truly can't abide such a repressive liberation that persecutes against my choices, beliefs and way of life.

Friday 19 July 2013

Talent Can Be Nurtured

Annie's latest posting about Talent Corp.'s useless endeavor of spending millions to bring brains back to Malaysia reflect an amazing lack of appreciation for the talents of those who are already here in this country.

I am not going to focus on the value those millions of ringgits spent to bring them home, like Annie.

My question is, if these "talents" had wanted to serve the country, wouldn't they have looked for opportunities to come home, like I did, and not wait for people to go to them enticing them with tax exemptions, special status, and what nots?

And please, do not think their American, British or Australian accents make them more talented than the average Malaysian executive with a distinct Javanese accent, whatever language she happens to be speaking, slogging away to make ends meet.

What we have failed to do is to spot local talents because we are too limited by our prejudices.

I know of how someone who should have  been recognised for her talent and excellent work rate but was stuck at the same spot for years, training her supervisors instead of being promoted to do the job, and couldn't get out of the rut in that particular organisation because she wasn't "up to the responsibility".

When she got an opportunity elsewhere, in a nurturing organisation, she rose within 16 months to manage a whole profit centre, earning five times what she would be earning in her previous employment.

What Malaysian organisations should be looking for are individuals who are adaptable, fast learners, quick thinkers and innovators who can deliver results instead of continually focusing on similar work experience or networking as the basis of recruitment.

That way, we can open up opportunities for those who lack the network or previous work experience to create a far healthier corporate culture than what we currently have.

You seriously think those Malaysians working abroad are actually more talented than locals?

I have worked abroad, only for a couple of years though, but it was enough to say that it was the work culture and values that breed a certain discipline which I find to be lacking locally.

To function, you must overcome any timidity to voice and defend your opinions in front of people far more experienced and knowledgeable than you.

To get the job done, you must be resourceful and creative, because everyone treated you as an equal and you have no excuse for slacking or seeking help because everyone else have their own deliverables.

People who have been exposed to such an environment tend to be more competitive and far more articulate than they normally would, given normal circumstances.

The kind of work culture that creates achievers and mercenaries alike.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Being Ridiculously Self-Absorbed

Oh!  How exciting!  Some self-absorbed, mentally challenged characters are suing to declare GE13 null and void.

And if the courts rule for them, like in so many cases these days, we are going to spend another half a billion ringgits to conduct another general election.

And we will continue to have elections after elections, because, hey, Malaysians would never vote for a bunch of Umno Malays because they are corrupt, evil, lazy and stupid.

It is impossible that there are Malaysians who would elect 88 of these corrupt, stupid and lazy people to represent them in parliament, so the election must have been rigged.  There's no two ways about it.

And the election would never be acceptable until Pakatan win every single seat in Malaysia.

I think we should just continue to have elections after elections until the government runs out of money, then we will demand Petronas to fund more elections.

Then there is Sime Darby, and Tabung Haji and Baitulmal and EPF.  We can have elections every 6 months, no problem.

And if Pakatan still fail to win at least 6 bi-annual general elections, let us sue to declare electorates of certain localities where Umno/BN consistently win as ineligible to vote.

Moreover, since they seem to continuously vote for the evil and corrupt Umno/BN, they must all be Banglas or Indos or various other foreigners.

Let ABU decide what these people's nationalities are, and we should send these people off to where ever ABU say they came from.  (ABU are our experts in spotting foreigners as they can spot non-Malaysians by just looking at them.)

We can just take them to court and let the courts declare them as foreigners, so we can kick them out of Malaysia without much ado.

If no country would take them, we should just put them in little boats and send them off to sea, or we could just kill them off, as they do not belong on Malaysian soil.

These people are part of the rigged and fraudulent elections, and should be eliminated from the electorate rolls.

It can be done, because it happened to the Rohingyas and the Palestinians, and for decades they are still dying and stateless, so we should be able to do it to these foreign true-blue Umno/BN supporters with very little censure from the international community.

That way, we can keep Malaysia free from "low-class ruralites", and we can have a pure Bangsa Malaysia consisting of only "educated urbanites" who voted Pakatan every time.

Saturday 13 July 2013

Being At Peace

I spent a bit of time at afterdark's blog this morning after my subuh prayers about learning from the converts (or reverts).

I find the part about most Malays recite the Quran without bothering to understand the meaning of what they recite as highly interesting.

I never realised that.

I guess it made sense that when I first went looking for the Malay translation of the Quran, I found the Indonesian version in most bookstores but hardly a Malaysian version.

I found a copy a couple of years ago, and it has become one of my most cherished books alongside my Middle Kingdom, Lord of the Rings collection and Alan Dean Foster's Spellsinger series.

I admit though that I also have two English versions of the Quran translation, an Indonesian one, and a full set of the tafsir by Dr Hamka in our family library that I refer to from time to time.

These past few days, I spent most of my time doing mundane stuff, and the evenings at the library with my books.

Even the happenings in Kuala Besut failed to catch my fancy, not that there is anything interesting anyway, but I just can't seem to garner enough interest in the political goings-on lately.

As for Annie's gripes about Siti Zailah's latest pronouncements, heh, I can only giggle about that.

I admit that I, like Annie, believe that cases of sexual deviancy such as rape have got very little to do with how women are dressed.

The fact is, people tend to forget that little girls, boys, young men and fully covered women were also subjected to such crimes.

It is just a lazy way of explaining away social illnesses by laying the blame on something tangible, and not bothering to find out, or not accepting, the real reasons for such perversions in our society.

I can go into lengthy discourse about this subject, but I am in such a state of peace that I can't be bothered, really.

I found reciting the Quran in Arabic extremely therapeutic.  I am attempting to complete reciting the entire Quran, the Arabic one, this Ramadhan, insya Allah.

May you all find your peace this Ramadhan.

Tuesday 9 July 2013


Tomorrow will be the first day of Ramadhan and Muslims will begin their month-long religious observation of one of the five pillars of Islam.

This time, I will be spending Ramadhan with my family in Putrajaya.

For us, Ramadhan is not only a time of abstinence, but also self-reflection and moderation.  And by moderation, that includes food and lifestyle.

We tend to eat less during this time, so the various "Pasar Ramadhan" hardly gets a visit as our family has always favored home-cooked food for breaking fast.

I remember once, my Mom actually made the green jelly for a fully home-made cendol as we wanted so much to have a taste of it, and Dad bought one of those hand-operated ice shavers because we wanted to have ABC.

Nowadays, we are more likely to have the more ordinary chilled chocolate drink, or the black jelly cincau or just plain orange juice or rose cordial to accompany a simple meal of rice with vegetables and fish or noodles.

Although I really can't understand the frenzy that people get over food during this period that is supposed to be a period of abstinence from worldly excesses, that somehow I feel that we have lost sight of the reason for Ramadhan in the first place.

I guess it has become a cultural thing, that we have managed to commercialise Ramadhan and Eid al Fitr to such an extent that these two occasions have become reasons to satisfy food cravings and a single day of celebration has been dragged into a month-long festival of "open house" food orgies.

However, I sincerely hope that all Muslims in Malaysia spend this period of religious observance to ponder the fate of Muslims and the direction we as a nation are taking to protect the sanctity of our faith from harm, both seen and unseen, either obvious or obscure.

With the Muslim nation in such disarray, I find it extremely petty of us living in bountiful Malaysia to create social tension and invite violence that would cause everyone lasting harm.

We should all reflect on all the good things that we have, think about others who are less fortunate than us, and try not to dwell too much on what we feel as our entitlements, as I can assure you, no matter how difficult life is, there are others who fare worse.

I shall also pray that hopefully this month of Ramadhan will allow our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world to see beyond the obvious and put aside our petty grievances such that we can unite for lasting peace and betterment of the Ummah.

To all Muslims, may we all have a blessed Ramadhan.

Monday 8 July 2013

Prayers for My Nephews

I have been moving around for quite a bit lately, pursuing things I have been putting off for ages while at the same time putting together my little room at my sister's place.

In doing so, I have neglected BigCat and I must say thanks to all those who kept coming here to motivate me  to keep on writing.

Unfortunately, since I am currently spending more time with my nephews, helping them with their homework and entertaining them, which keeps me fully positive and less inclined to spend too much time thinking about all the negativities that exist in the political scene.

There simply are too many negativities and bad vibes circulating in that environment, it gets tiring to be angry all the time about things that one can do nothing about nor can make much difference even if one's fingers bleed from typing out opinions that nobody cared much about.

Who cares really for what I think, its not like big policy makers would even give my opinion a glance unless I touch on their sensitivities, which then would probably send them witch hunting and making police reports.  An idiot actually made a police report against this blog not so long ago.

There are also people who are so absorbed in their own insecurities and imagined slights, who refuse to stop to even consider for a minute beyond their own self-interest and see things from different perspectives, that they spend inordinate amount of time on rhetorics and other inane matters while there are still people working almost their entire waking moment just to ensure that there is food on the table.

I know of someone who actually earns more than RM1.5 million a year spending his free time gossiping with his friends about things like Rosmah's alleged multi-million ringgit ring, not caring whether that allegation was true or otherwise.

"Everyone I knew said it was true", he said.

What worries me is how someone paid to fix other people's brains have so little inclination to actually investigate the truth before swallowing everything, hook, line and sinker.

He never bothered to even balance his perspective to take into consideration the fate of many others, less privileged children of men and women similar to his own parents, who are still in need of assistance to break the vicious cycle of low wages, limited access to quality education and no discernible asset to fund higher education.

I am beginning to find these educated middle-class urbanites less and less appealing in their overwhelmingly loud self-absorbed "me-first" pettiness.

The more you give them what they want, the more ridiculous their demands get.

It's like trying to appease the never-satiated appetite of a huge dinosaur that keeps wanting more and more regardless of the needs of others who have just as much right to exist and prosper.

I pray that my little nephews will grow up to be less self-centred, with better consideration for others, who spend their leisure time doing voluntary work to make life better for others instead of on the streets violently demanding for things of which they have limited understanding, and to have a life full of positive ideas for the betterment of the nation.

Monday 1 July 2013

Heya People

It has been over two weeks since I last posted something here and I bet most people thought I've stopped blogging.

That is not so, it's just that the haze situation had not been kind to me and I have been having some health issues.  

Today is the first time I actually ventured out of the house to accompany my sis on her usual weekly grocery shopping.

It's not that I wasn't interested in all the hoo haa of the opposition variety.

It's just that I just find their incessant drama and tantrums are beyond annoying that I find them quite repellant actually.

The problem is, I am beginning to find some Umno politicians to be equally repellant, and some of those in the cabinet are just as annoying as those "perasan bagus" pollies.

For one thing, Mimi updated me on the situation in Johor and she seems to think the situation is rather dire.  I am not going to elaborate, but those in the know would know what I mean.

As fo Dato Ghani, today would be his first day in his new job.  Congratulations and best wishes Dato, I am sure you would do well.