Saturday 10 August 2013

Stories Around the Blogs : Discipline Post Ramadhan 2013

My Ramadhan break is now over, so I must really now start looking for new job opportunities near where I am based.

The hunt will have to start soon as I am getting almost too lethargic to even prowl around the blogs to keep myself updated with the latest happenings, let alone write about it.

Maybe when I am fully employed again will I be inspired to write more frequently here.  Until then, I am going to discipline myself with just one posting a week.

The stories that stick to mind are:

1.   Pak Lah's awakening 4 years too late

2.   The spate of underworld-related killings that coincide with the abolishment of preventive laws that has been used to contain organised crimes activities

3.    Continued abusive tones directed towards the police who are just doing their job in responding to police reports and their routine operations to uphold public order

The way I see it, Pak Lah's book is being published now because some people see this is the right time to undermine Najib as he is being seen at his most vulnerable now.

I reckon this is an opportune time for someone ambitious to take up the vacuum left by Najib should Umno decide to get rid of him.

To my thinking, publishing that book now is not really a good idea, and whoever thought that up can't be very clever, no matter what university/college he/she graduated from.

If that book gets distributed widely, it will be disastrous to people associated with Pak Lah's previous indiscretions, as it will simply remind people of those excesses that led to the whipping that BN got in 2008.

It will backfire big time to people associated with Pak Lah within Najib's administration and will be fodder for campaigning at the Umno General Assembly.

But who am I to say this, since I am a nobody and have repeatedly been called stupid here in my own blog, so just ignore me and do go on and publish that book.

As for the underworld-related killings, I think it is time that the police and the Home Ministry stop pandering to all these liberal leftists who are so gung-ho about demonising the police, slagging off the government and wanting to UBAH everything, including our constitution, our government system and even our flag.

They are just so self-absorbed in their own little "tempurungs", taking for granted all the preventive action taken by the police using those "outdated/outmoded" laws to keep the streets as safe as they possibly could without restricting public freedom, and make such hue and cry to abolish those very laws.

They are all out to protect the rights of criminals against "police brutality" as part of their "demonise the authorities  propaganda" that makes people so absorbed in their petty little grievances against the authorities that they don't realise or care that these preventive laws were what had been keeping in check the menace of these gangsters and crime-lords on the streets.

Now that these lowlifes are loose on the streets, they are shouting that the police are not doing their jobs.

Some of them  slagging off the police may look beautiful and seem articulate on the outside, but they are truly ugly, intellectually-deficient hypocrites on the inside.


  1. If a Salafi islamist or a Leftist liberal insists that Islam is either implicitly or should be, devoid of intellectual contemplation and logical instruments then wish him peace from his confusions and depart quickly from his fitnah.

    Introduction to Logic and Sound Reasoning in Islam:

  2. Lawful Protection is for Civilised People13 August 2013 at 16:07

    Hello lawyer, of course if we dont bring these indian and chinese lowlife to courts there will be no job for the lowyers haha...

    We Malays have to remember these migrants from Chinese and india are not all professionals but the lowest in Chinese and Indian societies who worked as coolise in tin mine and rubber estate.

    Imagine giving these migrants citizenships rights and lawful protection when they dont even understand civilisation itself.

    If they dont like it they can go back to their homeland. Some cry oh no I dont even know how to go live in China. Fucklah hardluck. If your parents grandparents can make their way here they sure have relatives back home who can help them.

    What more they will be bumis in China too.

  3. The lowest from India and China maybe but today they earn from their own sweat and hardwork. No handouts but handing over to ilks like you. Do uou know what hard work is?

  4. As a lawyer we prefer acting for these lowlifes because at least yhey have money and they pay. No point acting for those asyik rogol anak. They have fuck all to pay for a decent lawyer.

  5. mcmlah bangsa engko takde merogol anak sendiri bangsat..and please work hard?..most of them kautim dgn melayu officer or pegawai kerajaan yg korup to be succesfull..some become super rich because of this melayu bangsat not because of they work hard..tipu byklah..melayu pun majoriti byk jadi bodoh psl kene sogok duit.

  6. If the Malay under protection of UMNO still can't compete after 55 years, they are even 'lower' than the low class Chinese and Malay.

  7. anon 10.45 the dont be to comes in many kind of form..malay have any right to be's not merely about being equal like the dapster like to proclaim it's more of who's got the advantage to control the masses..i'm sure if dap rules they will give protection to the cina totok who dont want any competition in their'may come in any kind of form..may be they will made a kind of law just like the bumiputra policy..this time minority interest dont flatter your self to much..youre not so special..keep up with your mind game..malay under umno protection is lower you say..well they rule this country for 56 years..half a century..what would that make people like you then the one under their ruled? class at all.

  8. Federated Malay States20 August 2013 at 01:59

    Orang Cina Dapigi ni asyik ulang penipuan yang sama. Orang Cina lagi banyak rogol anak sebab dia orang tak ada ugama. Dan sebab tak ada ugama tak menjadi hal kepada Cina sebab itu kita tak baca bukan tak ada.
    The Chinese will sell their daughters and mothers for money. They even give out their daughters to malay families who are always willing to jaga them. Have you heard of Malay families giving away their daughter to chinese families to look after?

    55 years or 100 hundred years wont change the fact this is the Land of the Malays. The declaration of independence that we will celebrate clearly state it is the independence of The Federated Malay States.

    UMNO is not protecting the Malays. The Government of UMNO is not protecting the Malays. That is a lie by the Indian Kerala Mahathir.

    The Government is by the Malays for the Malays in the Federated Malay States. Just like in China you dont say the Chinese government is protecting the chinese. It is the goverhment of chinese by chinese.

    The future in FMS is Malay. So chinese and indian migrants who dont find this comfortable can make use of their British Protected Person status to find their way out.