Friday 10 February 2012

The SC saga - try not to be so blind, ok?

Predictably, Singapore's Straits Times correspondent Leslie Lopez today came out with another article running down Malaysia's Securities Commission as a follow up to the pro-Pakatan Malaysian Insider article on SC chairman Zarinah Anwar, written by his friend Jahabar Sadiq.

This is the fourth round of attacks against Zarinah and SC by the Leslie Lopez-Malaysian Insider joint-venture. My earlier take on this is here -
How the "credible media" was manipulated - SC case...

I am not going to link or cut and paste Leslie's article here, as there is nothing new in it. Just the same old accusations against SC. If you still want to read it, go and subscribe to the Singapore's ST website and further enriched the already rich people across the Causeway.

To those who thinks that Singaporean journalists are better than their Malaysian counterparts, well, think again. Will Leslie be so brave as to thrash talk the republic's regulatory bodies or claimed that he knows Hsien Loong is planning to do this and that? Will the ST editors let him do that? I do not think so.

Unfortunately, some of my senior pro-BN bloggers were so adamant in wanting Zarinah out that they seems to be blinded to the maneuvering of these pro-Pakatan gang. A few even claimed credit to the yet confirmed departure of Zarinah from SC.

What la you all called her a witch la, gangster la...don't you think you all are being too much? Except for having a husband with dubious reputation, I don't think anyone has managed to pin any crime on the lady. Got evidence meh?

The pro-BN bloggers seems to also fail to see the whole thing as an attack against the country's capital market with the general election just around the corner. They know that Zarinah and SC are easy targets for those who want to undermine the BN government as these anti-BN elements know that no one from the other side will defend her and the organization she led. It is not that they have anything solid against Zarinah. All they have to do was played with the sentiments and blind hatred of those who are anti Zarinah and SC.

Ironically, Zarinah's difficulties with pro-BN people was also started by the scheming of these very same pro-Pakatan people. The most damaging was the ECM-Libra Avenue Capital issue. Who were the main players behind it? Well, if your memory is a bit shot, the answer is that, it is none other than the very same people relentlessly attacking Zarinah and SC today. Pro-BN people, why are you all now applauding them? they are even making Najib looks like a fool by making it seems as if they can pre-empt what he is going to say with impunity....and with BN people cheering them on.

BTW, to you all pro-BN bloggers in KL, once again, I implore you, go and check la properly who is that person being bandied by Malaysian Insider as the replacement of Zarinah...I mean the non-Malay guy. I tell you, you won't believe one as I'm just a small time provincial blogger only.  See la, if after you all found out, whether you all will still be happy that Zarinah is on her way out.

Oh, also, I was told that Zarinah is really retiring at the end of her SC contract, but it is not because of Malaysian Insider or Singapore's Straits Times or the blogs. She just wants to retire, and that's all to it. You all don't believe me, go and check with her yourself la.


  1. dah lama dah.....resign

    since ECM-Libra debacl elagi sepaptutnya dah calo...

    muo mari

  2. You sound as if you know her well.
    Didnt she know that her husband go around town doing deals where corporate excercises will have to get SC approval? She cant be that naive.

    Didnt she advised Malaysia on corporate governance?

    Ask her if her husband is known call SC officers directly for some dispensations in their approval process?

  3. "The pro-BN bloggers seems to also fail to see the whole thing as an attack against the country's capital market with the general election just around the corner....Ironically, Zarinah's difficulties with pro-BN people was also started by the scheming of these very same pro-Pakatan people.."

    The logic of your linking anything to Pakatan is awry.

    Khalimullah, Sil Khairuddin etc, were/are all Badawi/UMNO/BN stalwarts. Big Dog, Brick On The Wall, Unspinners, Parpu Kari are all pro-UMNO bloggers. How is Pakatan involved in this fiasco?

    The SC under ZA could have done something pre-2008 but NFA.

    Now, the same thing happens with Sime Darby-E&O where ZA and her 2 committee members over-ruling with the recommendation for a GO by their own investigating committee. Also NFA on massive insider trading allegations against ZA's hubby.

    Like Sharizat, it's better ZA resigns than be sacked first.

    "....I mean the non-Malay guy..."

    Keep racism out of it.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

    1. Kalimullah, BN stalwart? Please lah.
      Describing someone as a non-Malay, being racist? I think u r being over sensitive liao.

    2. Khalimullah was Badawi's and UMNO's man from day 1. Otw, why do you think he got all the breaks?

      Why bring "Non-Malay" into it? Let meritocracy prevail for once. If you have reservations about Singh's credentials, experience or work ethics, by all means provide some facts and criticize. But being "Non-Malay" should not disqualify him from the top post at the SC; he's been there for a long time and doing a good job by all accounts.

    3. Being Pak Lah's man doesn't mean being Umno man lar. That one everyone know isn't it? U trying to fool people ka? If Kalimullah knows that u r are calling him an Umno man, I think he gonna really whack u.

      Errr...lobbying for Mr Singh already ka?..hehehe u r a bit too early lar...where did I said he isn't qualified because he is a non-Malay? That's the problem with people like u, always see things from a racist angle.

  4. BigCat

    According to the Press Freedom Index 2011/2012, Malaysia beats her first world neighbour.

    Malaysia - 122
    Singapore - 135
    China - 174

    Kudos to Malaysia ...,1043.html


  5. Bigcat defends Shahrizat, Arlida and now Zarinah despite the fact that their husbands are all corrupt. I wonder what these ladies talk about in bed with their husbands?

    1. When did I ever defend Shahrizat? U har...simply simply only...

    2. You are the one who sees it from the racist angle BIGCAT or is it just a pussy meowing. The fact that you said the non-malay guy is unwarranted. Must all big posts go to ehhmmm, one dominant race irrespective of qualification and merit. he has got a clean record this singh fellow so if he can run a clean show why not. you are nothing but sheep in wolf clothing

    3. When did I say all big posts must go to any race la? Aiyo, what la you. Simply hantam only. U can call me non-Punjabi all you want, and I won't call you a racist la. That's because I'm indeed not a Punjabi. U understand that concept or not?

    4. Big Cat

      You seem to have a dangerous trend of falling easily to anyone you know and imply as though the rest of us are not as objective and incapable of analysing.

      Mind you, not knowing personally the subject puts one in a better position to be objective and there is the bias tendency from knowing someone.

      As far as Zarinah, I ve heard the many good words on her but her deeds does not reflect so.

      Read my past postings on Mrs Zarinah, Dato Azizan. The possibility of leaked information and assistance did pass through the Chinese wall on their bed is too obvious to dispute.

      It is just not cases of ECM Libra-Avenue and E&O. Banyak yang lain including the issue raised by Tony Pua on the Shah Alam hospital.

      Another important thing I have to tell you, kawan, is issues are issues, not everything can be divided into BN or non BN.

      Isn't this the way to win election for BN by cleaning up corruption, nepotism and abuse of power in Government service?

      Your plea to us pro BN bloggers is suggesting that we cover-up wrong doings.

      I am sure all of us were not raised that way.

    5. Dear A Voice,
      First of all, let me repeat what I had previously posted - I have never even met with Zarinah.
      Secondly, possibility of committing a crime is not good enough to prove guilt.
      OK, maybe she has to go due to perceptions, fine, but do we need to resort to name calling?
      Do we need to vilify her to that extent.
      Lastly, when did I ever ask anyone to cover up anything?
      My real concern is the attack from the other side, if no one wants to care, then so be it lah.
      Thank you.

    6. Big Cat

      Your points taken, especially on some of my presumptions. May have jumped too early, eh.

      Whether you consider what we do as name calling or villifying or claiming guilt before judgement, as far as I am concern, it is secondary.

      I am not a journalist tied by your standards. I am a citizen expressing concern.

      We are highlighting wrongdoing in the Government and by officers appointed by the leadership.

      Do we wait till opposition make it an issue and we end up defending the guilty or alleged guilty?

      To my knowledge she did a lot of wrongs that is damaging to minority shareholders and stakeholders of the capital market.

      On ECM Libra, I was directly involved as shareholder of Avenue out to stop the deal. Own 1 shares only to allow access.

      Was much involved in the EGM proceeding.

      I know how her testimony in the PAC was delivered in superfast 15 minutes. She was protected by Shahrir Samad from being questioned because supposedly she was new?

      When it is Nor Yakcop, Ministry KSU etc, turn to testify, all revert to SC's questionable exemptions as basis of decision.

      Saw how then KLSE reporting requirement was changed backdated. From usual NTA per share to NAV per share.

      Sorry if too technical. PAst postings had extensively written on ECM Libra Avenue.

      We made police report against her and SC. How do you expect justice when it is SC that investigate such cases. relating to capital market. Cant blame police.

      Apa lagi, NFA lah.

      Because we allowed her to stay on, she end up doing more craps.

      There are many signature games by husband Azizan. It usually involve delisting companies at superspeed approvals.

      Talk to market players la ... SC wont investigate SC wrongdoing. Kau nak kena threaten dibedal macam BK Siddhu baru nak tahu betapa teruk SC kita ke?

      Most glaring and obvious was how SC exempted parties in mgmt not considered as working in concert and relieve Sime from offering GO.

      Sime Darby and the vendors must offer MGO!

      I know Kalimullah, ST and TMI is now aganst her (unlike before). Problem is we cannot deny that Kalimullah is right in this.

      We cant make right as wrong because we dont like the person also.

      Zarinah erred big time and Musa Hitam also errd again (and again and again).

      If she is not wrong, I would love to hear specifics then weak general excuses like perceptions, judgement etc.

      We do not have to mention why I say it is weak, do I?

  6. dear big cat or big pussy..

    i have no interest - vested or otherwise - in zarinah. you have confessed to not knowing zarinah personally. be that as it may -- you sure are defending her. sometimes - a little emotional.
    anyway, i think the question here is not legal wrongdoing but moral. she is married to a businessman "of some repute" for lack of a better expression - and she is the chief of a regulatory body.
    her husband has been linked to some really shady things...
    now, if i were her, i'd resign. honestly.
    that's the most proper thing to do..
    you blame the proBN bloggers for now blackening najib and his government (all my words but same meaning) by demonising SC thru thier attacks on Zarinah....
    aww...come on.. Try to stay detached, man.

    the same way, i agree, with Shahrizat and NFC. not a legal wrongdoing but a moral one.