Tuesday 17 September 2013

Life Goes On

I find Chin Peng and the people who idolise him totally repulsive.

I admit that I am glad that that particular terrorist is dead.

He was not a citizen of Malaysia, he fought against the country when it was Malaya, he fought against it when it became Malaysia, so he didn't deserve to be interred in this land.

For people who wish to bring this dead terrorist home, go and find where his loyalties were as that would be the proper home for him and for you too.

Anyone who justified terrorising and killing his own countrymen, innocent ones at that, purely for ideological differences and for being in the way of his own political ambitions, deserve an ignoble death.

Those who consider him a hero, or freedom fighter, deserve the same, for nothing justifies murder of innocent people.

As for me, we have far better things to think about and do for the country than to glorify an alien mass murderer who directed a bloody terrorist war against "tanah tumpah darahku" that lasted a couple of decades.

End of that story.

Life goes on for the rest of us.


  1. Could not say it better myself

  2. Thanks for saying what I couldn't do better.

  3. Migrants Threat to Security18 September 2013 at 01:37

    Beware of immigrants said Margaret Thatcher. This apply to Indians and Chinese.
    Once they get enough power and wealth they get big headed and try to wrest the country from the natives.
    Just look at the Chinese genocide of native Malays in Singapore by Lee Hsein Loong or the Indians in Fiji and Sri Langka.

    The Malays have a long war ahead of them unless steps are taken to reduce the number of migrants pronto.

    1. Totally agree with you. See what happen to orang asli and north borneo and Sarawak bumis. They are not even better off after joining malaya to form malaysia. Very thing is ketuanan m.

  4. Chin peng in his early days was was stanch supporter of Mou Zee Tong movement ,so China should be a place for his remain ,never in Malaysia .
    Was there any document stating that he was born in Stiawan?, if it does why the appeal court reject his application for coming to Malaysia . Those who support him should be question their loyality too ,either you are with Chin Peng or you with Malaysia.