Wednesday 4 September 2013

Being Classy

Unspinners, rocky's bru and OutSyed The Box have been knocking at PEMANDU's door for the unbecoming behavior of some of its highly paid cons ...

Fellas, don't you people know that this is all part of the government's plan to ensure that the nation becomes a "highly developed nation" populated by extremely "classy people" with a lifestyle that can match the Pakatan's social icons of their many amateur video actors?

Pakatan have the two iconic sexual exhibitionists and their various liberated politicians, so PEMANDU must also create similar icons, you know, to fight fire with fire, so that we can also have very "classy" gomen people to avoid being dubbed low-class by the Opposition.

For pro-BN bloggers, your views, opinions and requirements are not important, no one listens to you now as you are already captured slaves and all the Prime Minister's men are only concerned about attracting those Opposition-inclined voters.

You know la how the gomen people always kena hantam, with Pakatan politicians and those cons from IDEAS saying they want to reduce the number of gomen servants?

No good la if BN and gomen always kena hantam for not keeping up with the time, so we need to hire as many liberal-minded "classy" cons as possible to prop up the government's image, and indirectly BN's image, so they can say that we are just as liberal, just as classy, and just as shallow as the next Pakatan supporter.

They are Opposition sympathisers?  Man .. BN-led government are equal opportunity employers, what ... and we must show all those "low-class" BN members that they must emulate the thinking of these liberal-minded people before they are "classy" enough to be considered for all that "transforming" that is happening throughout the country.

You don't want to transform and become "classy", PM carik la already classy people to advise him.

You see that clever KJ?  He is very clever one, emulating PM with his classy Press Secretary.

Sheesh ... as if you don't already have many PAS and PKR people in the gomen, want to complain about some liberal-minded Opposition-sympathisers and supporters joining the government service ke?

Why PEMANDU?  Probably because their skills and salaries wouldn't fit in the present SPA structure (and probably they wouldn't have been able to pass the entrance exams anyway), but PM probably wanted classy people around him pronto, so the PMO must create a reason for their existence.

You know, probably one of his transformational KPI is to have more classy people around him or something to that effect?

To justify the humongous salaries required to maintain their "classy" lifestyles, we need to create important-sounding jobs and functions, not that they are doing anything that existing gomen people and their functionaries aren't capable of.

They don't speak Malay?  Alah ... so low-class la, speaking in Malay, why do you expect classy people to speak Malay?  The stronger the British, Australian or American accent, the classier.  You don't know that?  So low-class la you ...

Besides, you don't expect our Prime Minister to be surrounded and advised by ordinary rakyat, living ordinary lives, like you and me, do you?  Tak class la camtu.

For those who aspire to be a PM adviser, you also need to learn all those fancy English words that consultants normally use to confound their clients (and the public at large), otherwise you are not "classy" enough or intelligent enough to advise the PM.

And remember, everything else is not important, as long as you can convincingly spout fancy words in a reasonably foreign accent and can blow your own trumpet while hobnobbing with the big guys, you'll fit in with the PEMANDU crowd.


  1. What did these people do to you all that you are so eager to bring them down? What did that Pemandu analyst did to you?

    How would you know what political parties they support? For all you know they support the government and all of you libelous bloggers have successfully pushed them and everyone who knows them away from your cause.

    More votes for Pakatan Rakyat next election.
    Congrats on successfully and stupidly letting the opposition win the war, just so you all could win your small battle.

    1. Najib tubuh parti baru!!5 September 2013 at 23:02

      Najib ni memang bijak. Segala yang di buatnya pasti ada kiraanya.
      1.Dilantiknya orang Kristian Tony Fernandes, Idris Jala untuk menjual aset Kerajaan. Sekarang ni Kerajaan UMNO/Melayu.
      2.Di tubuhkannya Pemandu semua orang Cina dan India dan Krisitian kecuali 3 saja Melayu.
      3. Diberikan subsidi berpuluh bilion kepada orang
      cina dan india.
      4. Di tubuhkan TalentCorpse untuk membawa balek pengundi DAP.
      5. Dilantiknya India Azeez Rahim jadi Pengerusi Tabung Haji 65 bilion.
      6. Dilantiknya orang India, Emir Mavani (jgn kata ni pun Melayu) jadi CEO FGVH untuk membeli ladang cina berbilion ringgit.
      7. Dilantiknya Isa Samad Felda Federal Land Development Authority jadi Travel Agent dan Hotel. Bukan Uda ke yang patut buat ni?
      8. Dilantiknya India Srigar untuk laksana cukai GST untuk semua orang miskin dan pertengahan.
      9. Dilantiknya india Ali Hamsa jadi setiausaha negara.
      10. Dilantiknya india-india jadi Security Commission, Kristian di Miti KSN Fatima untuk jual negara pada TPPA
      11. Di jemputnya ketua penjajah Kristian ke Kuala Lumpur

      Jadi apakah tujuan Najib sebenarnya? Tidak ada melayu dalam perancangannya, tidak ada UMNO dalam meja bulat ekonomi Najib.

      Jelas, Najib akan meninggalkan UMNO dan membuat parti Negara baru yang berpaksikan orang Kristian..muahahaha..
      Semua ini, kita jangan tak tahu. Mesti ada master plan diblakangnya.

  2. Pakatan Rakyat? Eeee... Tak moh. They also full of @#%&

    1. REF: a "highly developed nation" populated by extremely "classy people" with a lifestyle that can match the Pakatan's social icons of their many amateur video actors?

      America lost its decency to the cultural marxists .... now they're here. May Allah destroy them before they ruin us & our generations to come.

  3. in the end this will turn out to be antara 2 darjat issue..the pm dont' trust local talent that embodied the nationalistic soul..he much trust the so called anglo speaking high class bunch..all of this bull crap is just mere perception only..just because one make believe this is how to be classy doesn't make them better or more qualified from the homegrown's look like the pemandu definition for classy is being trashy like that farah wonderlah our country is going lousy.

    well a pantun from me a homegrown middle class urbanite

    kucing hitam kucing putih
    satu siam satu parsi
    apa ada pada rupa yang classy
    kalo hati kurang kasih pada negeri

    hilang dayung guna tangan
    kayuh sampan sampai ke pelabuhan
    kalau takde pengalaman berlagak jangan
    nanti semua karam mati dek buaya ditelan

  4. Hahaha, must remembers this for my next artical then. Thank you BC for the ideas ;D

    :D sarah