Sunday 27 October 2013

Gerakan and The Boot

Gerakan will no longer kow-tow to Umno?

Do you even realise that your representation in any part of the country is courtesy of Umno, giving you face?  

Do you even realise that MCA and Gerakan political representation in this country after GE13 is courtesy of Umno's tireless grassroots activism?

Have you no shame?

You think you could have won in Simpang Renggam and Pemanis if it hadn't been for Umno branches campaigning without any support from Gerakan members on the ground?

As far as I am concerned, Gerakan should show some self-respect and leave the coalition.  You are not only dead-weights, you are also a major liability to BN.

Umno will not give you The Boot, so you should just go, you know, walk the talk and take your stinky hide out of the Coalition.

You are giving a bad name to all those "superior", "classy", so-called Malaysians with your caving in to the inevitable "we will continue to be part of BN" thing that you finally came up with at the end of all that blaming Umno for everything wrong with your party.

I dare Gerakan to pull-out from BN.

Otherwise, you are just proving yourselves to be a bunch of spineless wimps of the most despicable kind.


  1. RE: "You are giving a bad name to all those "superior", "classy", so-called Malaysians with your caving in to the inevitable "we will continue to be part of BN" thing that you finally came up with at the end of all that blaming Umno for everything wrong with your party."

    It sounds like the rumble of gamblers: are Chinese Malaysians generally inundated with the gambling psychology of high-odds and high-risk taking?
    Technically, gambling is a game of chance. Some may argue that we play games of chance each and every day of our lives – we take a gamble in work, business, politics and even in love.In Malaysia some families of those who have to bear the brunt of their gambling family members’ folly, especially with loan sharks, run to politicians to get help. Not too long ago, gambling in Malaysia was confined to illegal gambling dens, the holo table in the bushes behind the kampung, the race track and Genting Highlands. Looking back, these gambling avenues at least had some form of control – kids were not allowed to gamble, at least not in Genting Highlands, the race track or number forecast shops. With technology these days, everyone can gamble. All one needs is a computer and Internet access. Watch out for our children's sake!

    Read more:

    An amusing look at practitioners of duplicity - the manifestations of gambling psyches:

    1. CinaKayaMelayuMiskin1 November 2013 at 01:48

      Masalaah Gerakan adalah masaalah Melayu dan UMNO. Mereka adalah orang Cina yang ingin bekerjasama dengan UMNO. Tetapi UMNO (Presiden dulu) tak nampak masaalah Cina ini. Mereka hidup dalam mimpi yang orang Cina akan sentiasa teringat 13 Mei. Cina MCA dan Cina Gerakan adalah Cina dari era komunis dan 13 Mei. Mereka kenal Melayu dan datang sebagai pendatang. Lain halnya dengan Cina generasi post 13 Mei dan emergency. Mereka tidak tahu peperangan Cina-Melayu. Mereka jadi kaya raya hasil duit bertrillion Petronas yang di beri dalam bentuk subsidi kepada orang Cina.
      Keadaan masyarakat sekarang adalah generasi Cina kaya raya, sedangkan orang Melayu masih tahap makan gaji RM1800 sebulan dgn kerajaan. Ini adalah kemiskinan.
      Ini masaalah sebenarnya. Pemimpin UMNO seperti Husni Handfiah masih tidak malu-malu lagi meminta 30% untuk orang Melayu.. Minta dari siapa?
      Inikan Tanah Melayu dan sepatutnya 100% kekayaan dan yang kaya adalah melayu. Tapi ini tidak. Husni menunjukan kepimpinan mundur UMNO yang tidak bergerak dari masa silam Mahathir.
      Sepatutnya UMNO menuntut yang adil dan pengagihan sama rata. Yakni 70% untuk orang Melayu dan hadkan 20% untuk orang Cina. Barulah Gerakan ada fungsi untuk negotiate bagi orang Cina.
      Kalau UMNO dah bagi 80% untuk orang Cina macam Husni dan Mahathir tidak ada lagi tempat untuk MCA dan Gerakan. Faham?

  2. Completely agree. Not just Gerakan, though they moan the loudest but there are a host of other parties in BN now that generate zero votes and drain resources from BN as a whole. Most often they have a hundred times the internal squabbles of UMNO despite being a mosquito party. BN loses nothing by ditching them and only adds to the opposition circus.

    1. How UMNO weaken Gerakan1 November 2013 at 16:16

      The downfall of Gerakan and MCA among the chinese is UMNO leadership who dont understand politics and history itself.
      The MCA were the early chinese tokeys. They were thankful to Tunku for citizenships. Gerakan attack MCA for being weak but their victory cause Malays to riot in 1969. Realising this Gerakan join hand with Tun Razak. See the film.
      What does this means. The cycle is being repeated. DAP chinese are getting arrogant with the wealth that UMNO give and want power for the Chinese. See similar to 1969.
      The morale is , if UMNO let the Chinese become powerful and rich they will attack the Malays just like Gerakan before.
      So dont blame MCA or Gerakan.
      Weak and corrupt UMNO Presiden have undercut MCA and Gerakan standing among the Chinese. Thats the true position.

  3. Yea, lets get that new President of theirs, apanama?, I'm lazy to know.

    At the final day of your Conference, please get onto the stage and ask, "Those of you who voted for PR, in the last GE13, please raise your hand".

    They went to the polls, relying on Malays votes, yet they dare to blame UMNO and Perkasa for their misfortunes.

    If they say Perkasa is racist and cause the division of Malaysian. I think DAP & Dong Zong is the father of all racist & extremist.
    Dong Zong was established in 1955.
    Hindraf was established in 2007.
    With the increase demand of racist Malaysian and when the rights of the Malays seems not being taken care-of by UMNO, after GE12, 2008, Perkasa was borne.

    Who is the oldest racist, here?


  4. BIGCAT,

    re, ' Have you no shame' ,

    Shame , never exist in Chinese vocabulary ,far from having that feeling ,if they did they the Chinese in Gerakan and MCA as well would not act in such manner .
    Despite all the games the Chinese are playing either within BN or in the opposition I see UMNO is coming stronger and stronger .
    Looking on the positive side, it's a good thing that the Chinese act in such manner ,for the Malay to realize that their "alek" true character .

  5. Yep, the Chinese have no problems with duplicity. That's why their supporters can accept when their politicians don tudung or songkok and go into masjids and suraus to mingle with the Malays. They see that as a smart tactic. And also because they have no religion to whack them whenever they profess to something that is out of their faith. Which is also the main reason why Chinese businesses tend to succeed compared to Malay businesses - Chinese businesses are not hampered by moral issues.