Friday 18 July 2014

Prayers for MH17

I can't describe how horrible it is to see reports of The MH17 crash after it was shot down over Ukraine.

154 Dutch, 27 Australian, 23 Malaysian, 11 Indonesian, 6 British, 4 German, 4 Belgium, 3 Filipino, 1 Canadian, and 47 passengers of unknown nationality were reported to be on that flight.

Condolences to all families and friends of those on board.  Al Fatihah.

Wbat saddens me most was, apparently it takes a fairly sophisticated missile system to take down an aircraft at that altitude.

I have more to write about this as soon as I have access to a proper keyboard as I strongly believe that all parties involved in the proxy wars all over the world are equally responsible for the disaster and other dangerous situations worldwide.

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