Wednesday 11 February 2015


From my point of view, this was a straight forwards case of a man committing sexual assault on his own staff member.

The victim lodged a police report against him.

The police conducted a thorough investigation on the case.

The Attorney General office decided that they have a case to prosecute.

What about justice for the victim of the assault?

There was no doubt that the deed took place; that was what this case was all about.

Would the Courts be deemed fair and justice is served if they had just buried the case and left the victim to deal with the trauma and stigma on his own?

Those of you who cried foul over the Malaysian Court's  decision in the Anwar Ibrahim's conviction of sodomising his aide seems to have your own interpretation of justice.

And that include the various foreign governments who saw it fit to judge the Malaysian Courts simply because their man was found to be guilty of a criminal act according to Malaysian laws.

In fact, I find the hypocrisy of those governments who consider their laws, and by inference their ways, to be superior to others' that they feel it is perfectly alright to insultingly dictate how we should conduct ourselves while preaching freedom of expression and free will to be downright nauseating.

They find nothing wrong in their attempt to dictate our government to intervene in the Courts' decision over a criminal case and allow their man to evade being tried in our Courts of Justice, and yet here they are accusing our government of manipulating the Courts for political gains.

In the face of overwhelming evidence that was presented by the prosecution that the deed was indeed committed by the accused, what makes them think that their man was innocent when his defense was never substantiated with clear evidence for the Courts' consideration?

I am now even more fully convinced that to them, justice is only served if they and their own are allowed to do whatever they wish regardless of how they impinge on the rights of others.

Criminal justice is only applicable to others, whereas they are governed by their own laws of "everything we do is right because others do not have rights" no matter how self serving their actions are.

They act like they belong in a separate class, the elites that deserve to walk all over people, dictate how we live our lives, force their own convictions to override our own belief system and cultural values while they insist that they themselves are not to be subjected to the laws of the people of the land.

Which makes them nothing more than just hypocrites and whatever they stand for is simply a sense of elitism, a set of rules for themselves, apart and above from the rest of humanity.


  1. they should be happy. they are only depress because they are looking wether he will be free or not.

    if u ask me answer just made a steal of the sentence. imagine sodomizing a person and get only 5 years jail time ? if this is a commoner we would say it is ridiculous.

    they whole process of the trial after 7 years just prove one thing to me. tht we are living in world where diff set of law is applied depending wether u r a vvip, vip or just a commoner.

    the message being sent from all this is tht if ur family member is sodomized (nauzubillah) its probably better to stay quiet or risk the lawyer fee for 7 years and 115 postponement. if the accused is someone of the elitis, then just shut it. this is wht I see.

    how all of us can stomach this, i dont know, the law in msia seem to biased to those with more money and status. do feel safe then ?

    5 years is a steal, he should have got more. 5 years sentencing for sodomizing is a joke. but then if the victim seem to be taking this well, who am I to argue.

  2. Finally Saiful is getting some justice. Poor guy having to go through delays after delays during the trial. This Anwar is really a smooth talking devil. It is amazing how he can con so many people for such a long time! I think the Best Surviving Politician of the Century award should go to him. Even Mat Saleh politicians can't overcome sex scandal but our man here can and even thrives after that! Impressive!! The only sad part is just this guy simply proved that there are so many stupid Malaysians around :(

  3. The accuser claimed he didn't pass motion for 3 days and pristine sperm cells were found in his anus.
    The accuser met with the Prime Minister before lodging a police report.
    The chemist claimed to have perfect memory recall so that his notes cannot be subject to court scrutiny.
    The evidence bag was slit open by the police officerand resealed later - with no witnesses - and the court still found it acceptable evidence ?
    If this was an ordinary case it would have been thrown out a long time ago...but in the case , MESTI guilty !

    1. You are absolutely disgusting and certainly require a morality overhaul let alone the fixing of your twisted rationality. You have skipped entire parts of the legal proceeding, cut & paste to your own whims. You PATUT disgusted with your own character.