Friday 31 January 2014

Ignoring the Attention-Seeker

I have concluded that the best way to handle a chronic attention seeker is to ignore him.

If I were the one making the decisions within BN, I would opt to just let PKR win unopposed in Kajang and don't even pay attention to PKR's attempt to divert attention from their own internal squabbles.

Why waste all that public money unnecessarily when we all know that the whole thing is just PKR's convoluted way of handling their internal bickering.

It is not like BN will be able to wrest Kajang from PKR, and that BN needs Kajang anyways as winning Kajang (however slim the chances are) will not change anything this soon after the GE13.

More importantly, not contesting Kajang means there is no reason for BN to go campaigning so that our ministers can focus on far more important things like moving ahead in these difficult times.

All that funds that would have gone to the Kajang campaign can be better utilised by the various Umno State War Rooms to prepare for the next GE.

Let that Queenie and his equally (if not more so) moronic followers get all excited campaigning against each other as I am fairly certain there would be a few Indies being nominated to show some competition should BN stay away from the circus.

From what I have seen, he likes talking about himself and his "achievements", so the Kajang by-election is the perfect excuse for him to go on a campaign trail, not so much to build momentum, but to create a reason for him to go out there to the public and tell his story.

He will also have all those reporters local and foreign to cover him as he goes around campaigning, a great excuse to keep him in the limelight locally as well as internationally, especially now that he doesn't look as haggard as  before and would look immensely better for the cameras than he was in the last GE.

There has been a dearth of stories about him in the international scene, and no matter how willing those foreigners are to heap superlatives on him in opposition-biased articles, they can't do much polishing if there aren't any new raw material to work with in the first place.

At least there must be some excuse for those so called foreign political analysts to write about him, and let's face it, he is a political has-been who can't even control his own party and pact members, hence Kajang is also a means for those foreigners to create more fantastical stories about their Malaysian Idol.

He must be immensely enjoying all the attention the dailies are giving him at the moment though, positive or otherwise.

BN staying away will take the bite out of his drama.

Then of course the need to create a frenzy among the mental midgets in preparation for the Sodomy II appeal, so Kajang also provides him with the perfect platform to spread his conspiracy stories and other innuendos against Najib and Umno.

Never mind that he was the most ultra-Malay leader during his days in Umno with his bahasa baku thingy (among other things) and the Abimisation of the government civil service, he knew that demonising the Malay organisation Umno and the largely Malay civil service is the only way to make the Malaysian Cina forget his own ultra-Malay stance during his days of power and give him their votes.

Even if they don't like him, they would just give him their votes to spite BN because as far as the Malaysian Cina is concerned, BN is Umno as they are too blind with hatred for Umno to have a balanced view of the roles of all the different parties within the Coalition to create the prosperity that we have enjoyed since 1970.

But there is no point trying to reason with the unreasonable - egotistical people who have boulders on their shoulders and super huge sense of self-importance simply cannot be reasoned with - thankfully they are just a large minority.

Maybe it is best that we stop giving them the attention that they crave - after all, it is not like they have anything new to whine about - and let the rest of us with lives to live do so in relative peace.


  1. Agree Sis, BN opting out of the PRK Kajang citing that they would not be a party to the sodomisation of the electoral process will be a tactically astute move which showed how desperate Nuar is to remain in the limelight and BN telling Pakatan that the Kajang Stunt pulled by PKR is a waste of people's time and waste of money. Like Najib said he shall not be dragged into PKR mess so he shd now ensure BN is not dragged into the Pakatan whirlpool as well. BN should just just concentrate on Nation Building.

  2. Dr Mahathir said BN shoul contest so you are opposing Dr Mahathir by saying B N should not contest. That is very strange and unusual.

  3. Spot on. The guy is irrelevant. People should have learned that by now and ignore him. That's what we do to attention seeking children.