Thursday 16 January 2014

Still on Kangkung?

When the new year started, my resolution was to start writing regularly again.

I was determined to write about meaningful and thoughtful matters.  Matters that would add value to anyone who cared to read my little notes about how I view things, about my perspectives.

So I began reading voraciously again, trying to be inspired by current issues and by what other people had to say about things that is happening in this country, this world.

However, I find it rather difficult to be inspired, as other than the usual stuff that this blog has already covered (and I happen to agree with Ai's opinions on most things she wrote here - other than the personal stuff, I mean) I find most of the things trending currently either distasteful or beyond my range of comprehension and I would rather not opine on something I lack understanding of.

I mean, the whole point of writing things down here is so that I can avoid repeating myself, although sometimes I do it anyway, but what is done is done.

There is no lacking of complaints, of wanting everything cheap, everything free and delusions that the government is rich enough to subsidise your living from womb to grave.

I think the whole BR1M (KR1M, TR1M, PR1M, and whatever 1M freebies) idea was stupid from the very beginning as not only was it a gross misuse of public funds, it also perpetuates the "gimme, gimme, gimme more" attitude of the mental midgets, but my opinion wasn't asked so I won't waste time on it.

Then the Allah issue, to me it is just an excuse to provoke a reaction from the majority Malays, as it is really kind of weird why they insisted on a mistranslation of a word used in a language which their priests hardly use in their everyday lives that they don't even know that God translates to Tuhan in Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Malaysia.

Two things I hate most is repeating myself and spouting something I have no understanding of, so I am laying off the details of the "Allah" arguments.  And talking about something that you lack understanding of is just stupid, while repeating something that someone else said without verifying its validity or understanding its context is plain moronic.

I doubt that they will lay off the subject, however, and these mental midgets will continue to provoke the majority with their biadap behaviour - demanding the majority to be mindful of their sensitivities while they have no obligation to reciprocate, in fact they are blatantly trampling all over the sensitivities of the majority Malay Muslims, provoking their reaction.

Furthermore, nowadays it is just about kangkung.  Since we get our kangkung from the backyard, along with the various other pucuk ubi, keledek, bayam and labu that my sister has in her vegetable patch, the highs and lows of kangkung prices mean very little to us.

Now, if you want to inspire me about vegetables, talk about bell peppers, or zucchini, or maybe artichokes - those are veggies we can't grow in our backyard.


  1. For almost two decade Malaysia was lead by weak Malay leadership ,and that opportunity and that opportune moment was taken to their advantage with no concern of that sensitive issue may result racial and religious disturbance .

    Never mind if they have ground to claimed, but till now look like the majority are being taken for the ride of their hidden agenda .
    what are more insulting ,is to see how the present administration and leadership react to this set-up .

  2. Ummm, let me quote Apanama:

    "As captain and leader vested with enough powers to command, control and manage your team, you are not doing good. I'm saying it again, you are heading to a point of no return.

    You are proving your critics right again and again, as days pass by. People are giving up hope. Your knee-jerk peace efforts (with your political opponents) are sending the wrong signals.

    LISTEN! YOU are your greatest enemy, not the Opposition and certainly not the people who tell you, the Emperor, that you are indeed naked.

    How could you continue to lead when you can't seem to be able to handle the truth? Think about it.

    The antics of your running dogs barking at the messengers is bloody sickening. Personal attacks against messengers who tell you the fact of the matter is cowardice of the highest degree.

    Personal attacks against journalists/writers who relate people's concerns and grouses to the powers that be, is shameful.

    Cage your running dogs or teach them a trick or two about obedience before they turn around and bite you.

    But then again, you may continue to listen to the jokes and soothing tunes played by your court jesters, advisors and running dogs because you are the Emperor.

    The Emperor, I STILL HOPE, wakes up before its too late, puts on his clothes and cracks the whip. Start cracking the whip in your own office where the dog poop smell is overwhelming."

    We don't need the Opposition anymore. it is UMNO's own people who want to remove Najib. Just go read OutSyedTheBox, Big Dog, etc

  3. Peruncitan 90% di bawah orang Cina. Jadi untuk pecah monopoli UMNO perlu adakan pilihan - jadi KR1M satu jawapannya. Ada paham?
    Wholesaler cina, pembuat cina, importer cina peruncit Cina. Mereka kaya raya bila naik harga. Ada faham? Naik harga bukan tak bagus. Bagus ma untuk Cina!! ada faham?

    60% orang melayu dibawah paras RM1500 sebulan, 90% dibawah RM4000, Ada faham? Dibawah paras kemiskinan. BR1M cuma RM500-600 setahun.

    Disel subsidi untuk bmw dan mercedes, taureq Cina, RM800 sebulan, 9000 setahun. Ada faham. Cina bangsa subsidi dan tongkat atau pencuri subsidi diesel jual kat kilang cina. Ada faham? Kenapa tak kata subsidi diesel tak perlu? Lu tak pandai lah...
    Yang demo bila hapus subsidi adalah cina dengan gimme, gimme,gimme, gimme subsidi. Ada faham?

    Mat rempit, pakcik kat kampung tak rasa subsidi petronas. Sedangkan ini adalah HAK orang Melayu. Yang kaut subsidi Petronas adalah CINA, Ada faham?