Wednesday 29 January 2014

Drama Queen Supreme

Haish .. another by-election in Pakatan-friendly territory ...

I am convinced these PKR people have no conscience at all when it comes to playing out their drama and of course their Drama Queen Supreme have to be the star at all times.

Seriously, I am so very tired of this Queenie in particular .. a couple of weeks ago accusing Japan of kow-towing to Malaysian dictates to bar him from entering that country, now someone who was elected by the rakyat to represent them in Kajang resigned to make way for him, next there's going to be a totally unnecessary by-election.

Obviously these people have no respect for the election process, no respect for the Election Commission (that's a given), no respect for their pact partners, and definitely no respect for the rakyat who chose one of them in the last GE to represent them in State Assembly.

What?  You think election is just a game, and that we are all kids in secondary school suka-suka choosing a new class councillor to represent us at the School Council or something ke?

You think all these are just main-main ke?  Ikut suka hati dia je resign ...

Sadly, I am convinced the people of Kajang will choose PKR over BN again, just as the people of Permatang Pauh chose Drama Queen Supreme over BN not so long ago, again in a drama very similar to this one - that time his wife resigning to give way for him.

It is obvious that he is doing this not only to keep himself in the limelight, but also to create a continuous and never ending drama, a Malaysian Sinetron or a Malaysian Soap Opera, that will become his platform to maintain the anti-government momentum until the next GE.

Mr Queenie, I have a request, can or not?  Can we have a new scriptwriter?  This extended drama is becoming too repetitive and predictable that maybe a new writer would be able to make it work until the next GE.

As it is, I am finding it difficult to be inspired to write about your performance, let alone that of your supporting actors.  Too comical, it isn't even funny anymore.

I mean, if you want us to be interested enough to write about your antics, you should at least be entertaining - and I don't mean a comical kind of entertaining like that thing you did accusing the Japanese of denying you entry to their country at the behest of the Malaysian Government.

That was just too embarrassing for Malaysians - to have an Opposition Leader with so little grey matter.

It makes those who chose you as their Leader seems even more moronic and the rest of us implicated as well for allowing a person without sufficient cerebral activity to be so popular.

Anyways, you should know by now that a single by-election isn't dramatic enough - it's what we Malays call "biasa-biasa saja" - you should stage a nationwide multiple by-elections by inducing all the PKR assemblymen to resign en masse every six months.

That would almost be like a General Election - just make sure that you have enough PKR members to be candidates for the bi-annual mass resignations until the next GE.

Who knows, maybe more of those disappointed BN rejects who lost their bids to become candidates under BN would climb all over each other to join PKR instead of DAP as that would be their only chance to become assemblymen.

Now that would be a mega comedy indeed.  Just imagining it is making me laugh .. hahaha ..


  1. Hmm, I dont like Anwar at all. But it is the attacks by the pro UMNO Bloggers that cause people to support him. If pro UMNO bloggers stop attacking Anwar he will be no where.

    Btw, when you mention election as being a serious affair, then what about BRIM being bandied about as 'goodies'.

    Conclusion: People dont like Anwar. They just totally dont like pro UMNO bloggers .

    1. Typical backside supporters. People talk about something , you talk about something else.

  2. Nay. I read pro UMNO bloggers.
    Had no problem with them.

  3. I like this admission:
    the people of Kajang will choose PKR over BN again.

    So why BN want to contest?
    As it is BN is claiming that this is all PKR's ploy because its house is not in order.

    So, since BN clearly knows the game, best not to participate?
    Remember what was BN's stand when Penanti ADUN stepped down?
    What did BN do then?
    Barisan Nasional supreme council announced on May 18, 2009 that the party would not contest the Penanti state assembly seat in Penang.

    Since BN has established the reason why the Kajang state seat became vacant, why not apply the Penanti approach here too?

    Can you convince the BN leaders not to get involved and in the process, minimize expenses? That money that BN has to cough out can be used to top up the BR1M handouts to each needy person?