Thursday 2 January 2014

So Yesterday ...

Had breakfast with a friend this morning and he talked about the new year's eve shenanigans by the mostly Melayu crowd wanting to topple the government through street protests.

We kinda agreed that these are simply immature individuals who have had it too easy in life and have nothing more productive to do than acting up and creating trouble to attract attention.

Childish is the mildest term that can be applied to these crapheads.

Thank goodness the majority of the people simply ignore and avoid them - truly, street demonstrations are so yesterday ... [yawn].

I really can't be bothered to even find out why they are protesting - as far as I am concerned, they are just making up excuses to go to the streets, officially protesting but unofficially partying, and whatever they are protesting aren't real anyways.

I am more interested in calculating the cost of managing street safety in facing these public nuisances.

It must have cost our security forces quite a bit just for that night alone - overtime and claims allowances for all the police officers, logistics, etc - and when you add up all the costs of maintaining safety during the days leading up to the protest, that would amount to quite a bit.

I would also add up the opportunity loss of businesses that have to close early or the street vendors who may have decided to stay off the streets for security reasons in light of the violence in previous gatherings of the mental midgets.

Then of course the cost of cleaning up after them once they left the scene, as these litterbugs have previously demonstrated how little they care about community well-being.

We should also include the medical bills of personnel affected in any resulting violence, and any repair works and restoration costs of public property caused by these vandals.

Seriously, I think the city and the police should present the organisers with the bills and sue them in court if they refuse to pay.

To make things easy, the organisers should include the government's cost of maintaining order and cleaning up after them in the event organising budget and these should be met with approval from the relevant authorities before they are given the go ahead.

Then they can have these street protests/parties regularly without incurring cost to the taxpayers, maybe they can even make it a regular quarterly event, with all the excuses for the protests planned ahead of time, and be noted in the annual Visit Malaysia calendar.

You might never know, it may become a tourist attraction, especially to those agitators from North African and Middle-Eastern countries who may want to learn how to have street protests with minimal impact, deaths and mayhem.


  1. Yeah !! , you are right ,all those Melayu I don't think they understand what they are doing , they are just like " lalang " failed to understand what are the political consequences they are facing.
    Sad to see all the Melayu are there ,but the actual drummer was never around ,it's does show how the Melayu political minds work that why they an easy target of manipulation .

  2. Government knew about the protest earlier and DBKL should have cancelled the concert and blacked-out the whole of Dataran Merdeka area. With the area pitched black no activity can take place and surely no protesters thus saving all the hassle and publics money..

  3. Okay, now you makes me thinking why don't the fella who always complaning government mis-used their tax money complaining about this group of people too.This kind of mis-used tax money too don't you think?


  4. tebing tinggi re your statement ",but the actual drummer was never around"

    Please clarify who was the actual drummer?

    Just curious.