Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Now it is confirmed that DS Wan Azizah will be standing against DP Chew Mei Fun in Kajang.

I am not invested in the Kajang by-election, simply because I think it is just the outcome of a man's machinations in trying to stay out of prison by creating a platform to garner public sympathy and spread his kind of street activism.

Strangely, there are quite a number of people out there who really believe that the Court's decision in overturning his acquittal was because BN/Umno was trying to stop him from taking over Putrajaya through Kajang.

I can't believe how idiotic some people are, but I guess there must be a reason God created these highly educated morons.

Come on, how would him winning in Kajang, in a state already controlled by a PKR MB and DAP evangelistas, would make BN fear that Pakatan's chances of capturing Putrajaya would be better?

Why would Najib and Umno be afraid of the supposed rise of a man they had already ejected from their party for "low morals" in Kajang and Selangor, when they are willing to put one of their own Generals against the DAP's very own Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah where the rural Malays were a mere 34%?

You cannot accuse Umno of being cowards in Gelang Patah, can you?  Suicidal, yes, but definitely not cowardly.

As it is, he is already the Advisor to the Selangor State Government, which means he already has influence over how the state is being run, unless he needed the authority of the State Government to enforce his "advice".

How can him being a state rep in Selangor change that equation?

As predicted, most of the foreign press spent the larger part of their coverage of the Court ruling on how Queenie supposedly led Pakatan to a strong showing in GE13 and implied that the Government had something to do with how the ruling turned out instead of the actual ruling.

I have said this before, idiots come in all guises.

Putting up his wife in his stead because he can no longer be a candidate for Kajang is just painting her as a weak and pathetic woman whose life is at the mercy of his whims and fancies.

With that kind of image, how can she possibly be compared favorably against someone like DP Chew who not only works hard on the ground but has proven that she is a woman of integrity and high principles?

What kind of person do you want to acknowledge as your leader?

The kind who can't even chart her own political direction and career within her own party of which she is the President, or someone who resigned all political posts because her principles dictate so.

If PKR think they can win the sympathy votes, then they are insulting the intelligence of the voters.

But then, maybe rightly so.


  1. Sometimes is hard to understand how people minds works actually ,or does their mind really working, is hard to understand especially among the Malay supporters . I don't really understand what criteria that they see that make them believe that , they could be lead by Anuar to their dreams , could it be ,because they say Anuar is "anugerah tuhan' , it's really hard to understand.

    As for the DAP and the Chinese , Anuar is just a political tools that to be used to facilitate their political maneuver that they believe could bring them to power.

    Kajang would be interesting to watch .

  2. What to do,there exists Dunggus who like to be fooled times and times again.Right infront their eyes Nepotism happened and yet they pretend nothing happened.Are they blind or deaf,have they read the comments by Bar Council on the legality of the sentenced by the Appeal Court and Bar Council is supposed to be strong supporter.

  3. Kajang is not important - MH370 is. Regardless of the result PKR loses again (its remaining shred of dignity). MCA will lose but can win by putting up a credible fight. But everything is overshadowed by the seeming incompetence of the DCA, IGP, Immigration and Military radar systems - everything is so disjointed and disorganised - even an official investigation has not been launched - here's some advice - launch the investigation and apologise later but get your act together. Politicians can shut up until the plane and any survivors are found.

  4. 01.30,
    Have you been sleeping or what.What insvestigation you are talking about.Were all the effort done by the respective authorities were part of investigations..Please be considerate as at this crucial time we do not need comments such as this.Nevertheless I agree totally that Politicians shut their mouth .

  5. RE: Putting up his wife in his stead because he can no longer be a candidate for Kajang is just painting her as a weak and pathetic woman whose life is at the mercy of his whims and fancies.

    Really, we're compelled by the enormity and gravity of the Pakatan political fiasco to look beyond this Malay stereotype of the subjugated wife. For her to stand on stage to campaign with political bravado requires a sly and complicit character that has together with her guilty spouse fallen from grace, but who would willingly delude and confuse ordinary Malaysians into thinking they are voting for integrity and competence!