Monday 23 March 2015

Scary Shadows

Everyone is getting all excited about the hudud implementation in Kelantan.

Like an anonymous commenter in my previous post noted, what's the fuss?

Firstly, it will only be in Kelantan.

Secondly, it is only for Muslims.

Thirdly, Kelantan is overwhelmingly Malay and Muslim.

Fourthly, it was done through democratic processes, i.e. tabled and voted in.

Fifthly, the people residing in Kelantan are not the ones getting all excited, in fact they have voted in PAS every time on the promise of hudud implementation.

The majority of Kelantan voters wanted hudud to be implemented for the past couple of decades.

They wanted it so bad that they have been putting up with what I would consider as unacceptable socioeconomic non-development for all these years, their youngsters going elsewhere to look for employment, but going back to Kelantan without fail for every GE to make sure PAS are voted in every time.

Even if Umno and PKR reps were to vote against the bill, they would not be able to block it; all they would have achieved is to lose their seats in the next election because the people they represent in the Dewan wanted them to say yes to hudud.

It is their democratic right to want to be subjected to hudud.

Democratically speaking, what right do we have to deny them from implementing their version of Syariah laws?

You don't like it, don't enter Kelantan.

You don't want your states to make similar amendments, you just make sure you select your representatives who will not vote for it in the Dewan.

Simple, kan?

Why are non-Muslims all agitated over some laws being amended in Kelantan?

Why are some Muslims all out against it to the extent of ridiculing and insulting their fellow Muslims over it?

Can't you people see that in a democratically elected representation system that we practice in this country, the majority in the Dewan wins?

No matter how loud and obnoxious the minority is, the majority gets to decide what kind of laws they want.

And so you don't share the majority values or beliefs, does that make it right to force your values and beliefs on them?

Do democracy, justice and freedom only prevail when they serve your interests, values and belief system, no matter if the majority do not share those values?

What kind of arrogance and conceit drive some people to make presumptuous and derogatory statements about other people's character, simply because they hold different views?

I have written this in some form before this, although not necessarily in this blog, that the level of education is not a measure of a person's intellect, neither is it an indication of wisdom attained.

Sometimes, too much education simply leads to arrogance, pretensions and self-importance.


  1. Very well said, Big Cat. I hoped those who make a lot of noises, read your articles. "Gua tak kacau lu, apa yang gua bikin lu jangan sibuk sibuk!"
    'Hujan tidak, ribut pun tidak, tiba tiba dia yang mati kelemasan!'

  2. The best comment on this mater by far. Very well written and rationally put

  3. This is the most sensible comment I read online since the amendment was passed.

    Yes. Those who disagree with PAS should lobby for majority support and win the election to stand their own opinion/policy. Until then it's PAS rights to do according to the trust given by the voters to them.


  4. Any law's of a country should applied to everybody that belong and under their sun ,and should not only applied to the Muslim alone .

    1. Agreed.....sadly. This is what they fear. Already, the nons see religious laws applied that restrict the freedoms they would have otherwise had, but I agree it makes no sense to apply two laws to the people of one nation. It seems likely that all will have to board this train and see if it's real destination is heaven or he'll. Once hudud is the law, I can't see any return tickets. Good luck all.

  5. Anon 13:58,

    '.........will be stoned to death will be Malaysians..... bla bla bla....'

    Adakah anda telah membaca mengenai kadungan hokum hudud yang akan dibentangkan PAS. Saya yakin belum lagi kecuali kalau anda adalah penal yang menggubalnyan!

    Jadi segala repekan anda mengenai direjam dengan batu, hukuman mati untuk si murtad, adalah hasil dari imaginasi anda akibat telah terpengaruh dengan keadaan perlaksanaan hokum hudud di sesetengah negara Islam yang melaksanakannya.

    Anda sendiri telah mengatakan hukuman sebegitu tidak ada dalam AlQuran.

    Jangan jadi 'over excited' dengan perkara yang kita belum tahu hujung pangkalnya kecuali kalau anda telah membaca draf hokum tersebut dari pihak berkenaan!

    '.......The people of Kelantan are really digging their own graves.....'

    Mengapa anda yang sibuk? Kalau mereka bahagia untuk masuk ke kubur yang mereka gali, anda peduli apa! Kecuali lah kalau mereka juga ingin membawa anda masuk ke kubur!

    Siapa kita untuk menentukan apa yang terbaik untuk mereka?. Kita hanya orang luar negeri mereka, remember!

    Jangan 'jaga tepi kain orang'!

    Tanpa anda ingin melawat Kelantan lagi, mereka tidak akan kerugian apa apa!

  6. nicely said. thanks

  7. Does it means that next time I see a fucking Melayu seriously injured in a traffic accident, I just clap my hands and drive on?

    Ok, got it. Thanks.