Friday 17 April 2015

Handling the heat

Today has been another exceptionally hot day.

I was planning to make a trip to visit someone in Perak but decided to cancel it because it was simply too hot to leave the comfort of the house.

Then there is also the matter of my recurring poor health largely caused by the extreme weather.

On the political front, the row between Tun M and gang against PM and his "supporters" are still hot and sizzling.

I have refrained from commenting on the subject mainly because I find the whole thing unproductive and damaging to the political interests of Malays in general at a time when we need unity more than anything else.

When they should be focused in making sure that everyone contribute to build on strengthening their collective political clout through unity, the Malays are further breaking apart into little fractions.

Everyone is so focused on their own opinions of what is right and wrong that they do not see that the ultimate direction they are taking us to is further fragmentation of the Malays.

He is often accused of being "lembik" and yet many failed to realise that DS Najib inherited an Umno that has been corrupted well before he holds the reign of power.

His style of appeasing the warlords within is the only way that he could hold the party together in order to ensure Umno stays in power.

In a way, I can also understand why he is surrounding himself with consultants - unlike the all powerful warlords with their almost cultic followers, these consultants are people under his payroll that he can control and lead to certain objectives.

I disagree with many things that DS Najib has done, in his way of governing the country and leading the nation, but I see that as his prerogative as the leader that has been chosen by his party, and through the election process, as our leader.

I personally disagree with BR1M, but I accept his sincerity in trying to give to the needy.

Besides, I have personally seen some of the feel good factor on the ground - what those few hundred ringgits could do to make them feel someone up there cared.

However, I wholeheartedly agree with the doing away of subsidies as I believe that blanket subsidies for consumer goods, including fuel, benefit those with better purchasing power more than the under privileged who make do with less.

The decision to implement GST is also good one although they could have done a better job of educating the public on it.

I do find the stories about 1MDB alarming but I will accept that the audits are required before any opinion is formed either way - that is because I am a strictly fact-based person.

As for the Altantuya murder and Sirul mention, I think that was not really directed at DS Najib, but at the Police, the Attorney General Office and the judges who investigated the case, charged all three of them, found the two policemen guilty and sending them to the gallows.

Actually it was the Altantuya question that made me decide to give DS Najib the benefit of the doubt - it was standard Pakatan-style politics of innuendo.

For me, that last question was really what made his explanations on the other issues easier to accept.

I hope he can ride through this heatwave and prevail.

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  1. New Finance Minster Wanted26 May 2015 at 23:39

    Yeah first comment!! My your blog is nearly dead now.. its due to your stupidity.
    Flogging a dead horse like Najib.
    No one knows what to do with Najib. He gives a perception of a nice guy'
    He gives a perception of a moderate in europe, pretending to be a statemen.
    He hired jewish pr men because he thought that politics is all about perception and he gets it right he and his brothers can steal from the Malay trust funds pnb , epf, tabung haji, kwap, sime darby, you name a GLC they will come a calling..
    Najib actually has no ryhme or reason to be the President of UMNO..he just abuse his fathers name Tun Razak to claim ownership of UMNO Presidency and thus Malay power.
    What the Malays and UMNO sane remaining leaders is to separate Najib from the coffer of UMNO and the country. If Najib want to give a perception of being a leader he can but some one who knows the Financial system, legal system should take over the Finance Ministry.
    As it is he appoints his brother Nazir into EPF Investment Committee!!! to look after billions of the workers money!.
    His brother gained thousands of millions of commisions but he doesnt understand that is illegal and corruption.