Friday 18 December 2015

Reacting to bullies and liars

I received something on my WhatsApp this afternoon that got me a bit upset.

I feel it was only right that I should put it up here, just in case there are those who read stuff here may be affected by it in some way.

 The Mole reported about it here.

Felda is an intrinsic part of the Bumiputra agenda, and for me, an attack on it is an attack on the Bumiputra agenda.

With the recent allegation by some foreign "news" outlet that Felda plantations not only hired illegals but mistreated them too, I see this as the latest move to attack FGV and all that is related to Felda.

I am not really sure why anyone would actually go to the extent of spreading false "reports" that affect the well-being of others, other than that they are really sick.

Neither do I get why anyone would willingly be a part of this scheme to paint FGV and Felda as an evil organisation hell-bent on abusing their foreign workers, to the extent that they would lie about something like this.

But I have always been for the underdog.

If I had in the past been neutral towards Felda and FGV, this situation has pushed me to be all for Felda and FGV, because I detest bullies and liars, for that's who these people who spread these lies are - bullies and liars who don't give a crap for the well-being of those affected by their bullying and lies.


  1. Tak tumbuh tak melata , tak sungguh orang tak kata .,kalau salah betulkan ,bukan dinafikan semata-mata.

  2. Kita harus bersangka baik dan jangan membuat keputusan menghukum sebelum mengetahui semua butir tentang tuduhan yang mungkin tidak berasas. Semua sedia maklum FGV menjadi sasaran politik pihak pihak tertentu.

    Ada kemungkinan ini juga angkara politik yang sentiasa "melata"?