Sunday 17 January 2016


Firstly I would like to congratulate our security forces for their relentless effort in keeping Malaysia safe from ideological-inflicted disasters.

While news of deaths and destruction caused by bombings and acts of terrorism across the world from Burkina Faso to Indonesia dominate headlines, Malaysia has so far managed to avoid being included in the list of global deadly exploding nations (literally).

The story of IS-linked arrests in Kuala Lumpur that was carried by almost all the major news outlets throughout the world this week got me thinking though, how many have these arrests have been made all these while, done on the quiet, completely without attracting anyone's attention, let alone major news outlets?

Pretty sure that they have been doing this for a while now, but the latest Jakarta bombing has brought into prominence efforts by Malaysian police to curb the destructive nature of these imported ideologies from affecting our lives in Malaysia.

I really don't get how these people can even contemplate destruction and multiple deaths in the name of religious commitment.

No matter what the provocation is, nothing justifies mass murders of innocent lives and mass destruction of public places in a peaceful country.

What saddens me even more is when the atrocities are committed in the name of religion when it was really a political ideology imported from regions that have no political nor social similarities to ours.

Why do these people have the means to study and absorb these foreign ideologies but not have the capacity to analyse and rationalise the outcome of their actions?

Why do they feel that they need to belong to a foreign group that use religion as a reason to destroy their very own land, where people can live and earn a living in relative peace?

Have we lost any sense of appreciation for the less than volatile state of our country that we are so willing to create chaos when we have been shown time and time again that violence beget violence?

Why are we so absorbed in petty political squabbling when there are family members and friends involved in these negative social network activities?

Why do we allow social network being used to spread negative ideologies, political trash and hatreds?

Have we lost all sense of civility and self-respect, when using unsavory vocabulary and language has more or less been considered and accepted as the norm?

What are we turning into?

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  1. Respect and be respected is the roots caused to the problem .In this so called modern and civilize world ,human kinds still didn't learn about respect .

    If there is provocation ,there sure to be retaliation .