Tuesday 16 July 2013

Being Ridiculously Self-Absorbed

Oh!  How exciting!  Some self-absorbed, mentally challenged characters are suing to declare GE13 null and void.

And if the courts rule for them, like in so many cases these days, we are going to spend another half a billion ringgits to conduct another general election.

And we will continue to have elections after elections, because, hey, Malaysians would never vote for a bunch of Umno Malays because they are corrupt, evil, lazy and stupid.

It is impossible that there are Malaysians who would elect 88 of these corrupt, stupid and lazy people to represent them in parliament, so the election must have been rigged.  There's no two ways about it.

And the election would never be acceptable until Pakatan win every single seat in Malaysia.

I think we should just continue to have elections after elections until the government runs out of money, then we will demand Petronas to fund more elections.

Then there is Sime Darby, and Tabung Haji and Baitulmal and EPF.  We can have elections every 6 months, no problem.

And if Pakatan still fail to win at least 6 bi-annual general elections, let us sue to declare electorates of certain localities where Umno/BN consistently win as ineligible to vote.

Moreover, since they seem to continuously vote for the evil and corrupt Umno/BN, they must all be Banglas or Indos or various other foreigners.

Let ABU decide what these people's nationalities are, and we should send these people off to where ever ABU say they came from.  (ABU are our experts in spotting foreigners as they can spot non-Malaysians by just looking at them.)

We can just take them to court and let the courts declare them as foreigners, so we can kick them out of Malaysia without much ado.

If no country would take them, we should just put them in little boats and send them off to sea, or we could just kill them off, as they do not belong on Malaysian soil.

These people are part of the rigged and fraudulent elections, and should be eliminated from the electorate rolls.

It can be done, because it happened to the Rohingyas and the Palestinians, and for decades they are still dying and stateless, so we should be able to do it to these foreign true-blue Umno/BN supporters with very little censure from the international community.

That way, we can keep Malaysia free from "low-class ruralites", and we can have a pure Bangsa Malaysia consisting of only "educated urbanites" who voted Pakatan every time.


  1. Razor sharp! Now, we must defend the alphard gang. Bloggers capacity is of no limit.

    It's a good signal for the chauvinists and their gangsterism. Their "icon" floats in Penang to show that their power in Sarawak will be in next GE14!

    If we fail to observe this, forever will be fully regretted by the Malays.

  2. Dear BIG CAT
    To digress a little
    Just being observant
    1)This Ramadhan I have noticed a number of Chinese people throng the Ramadhan buffet in hotels and clubs and this year it is noticed that many comes early and immediately make a bee line to the spread and started eating half hour before the break fast time
    Some tables they were very loud oblivious to the rest who prefer a quiet breaking fast once a year occasion
    2)Many Chinese men would troop out eating andmunching food in full glare at Shopping Centres and malls. At least two malls I went I observe they were merrily eating ice cream cones whilst walking about.
    maybe these two incidences were just by pure coincidence, maybe just not aware, plain stupid maybe or maybe just testing our nerves.
    Or maybe we were just too observant

    1. It probably just our imagination as we are more sensitive to such things now and tend to spot such things which we never really pay attention to otherwise.

      Maybe because those who do not belong to the "educated urbanite" mental state are beginning to view Chinese suspiciously and everything becomes associated with them as mocking, denigrating and disrespecting Malays and Islam.

      I tend to ignore these rude people who flaunt their excesses during Ramadhan. I view them as "ujian Allah" and it becomes my personal battle, not that I was ever tempted in the first place.

  3. agreed this mamat and tokong "low class" lah.both ex-convict(bekas banduan maa...)

  4. "Anything But Umno" (ABU) are our experts in spotting foreigners, but can they see themselves as the Malaysians they really are? Might they be "Ugly Malaysian Inside." (UMI)
    Arrogance, envy and greed do not inhere in only a specific group of people; locals of any grouping as well as foreigners are liable to engage in blameworthy behaviours. Better to practice self-reflection and generosity in this blessed fasting month, as we are always counselled to do.