Saturday 13 July 2013

Being At Peace

I spent a bit of time at afterdark's blog this morning after my subuh prayers about learning from the converts (or reverts).

I find the part about most Malays recite the Quran without bothering to understand the meaning of what they recite as highly interesting.

I never realised that.

I guess it made sense that when I first went looking for the Malay translation of the Quran, I found the Indonesian version in most bookstores but hardly a Malaysian version.

I found a copy a couple of years ago, and it has become one of my most cherished books alongside my Middle Kingdom, Lord of the Rings collection and Alan Dean Foster's Spellsinger series.

I admit though that I also have two English versions of the Quran translation, an Indonesian one, and a full set of the tafsir by Dr Hamka in our family library that I refer to from time to time.

These past few days, I spent most of my time doing mundane stuff, and the evenings at the library with my books.

Even the happenings in Kuala Besut failed to catch my fancy, not that there is anything interesting anyway, but I just can't seem to garner enough interest in the political goings-on lately.

As for Annie's gripes about Siti Zailah's latest pronouncements, heh, I can only giggle about that.

I admit that I, like Annie, believe that cases of sexual deviancy such as rape have got very little to do with how women are dressed.

The fact is, people tend to forget that little girls, boys, young men and fully covered women were also subjected to such crimes.

It is just a lazy way of explaining away social illnesses by laying the blame on something tangible, and not bothering to find out, or not accepting, the real reasons for such perversions in our society.

I can go into lengthy discourse about this subject, but I am in such a state of peace that I can't be bothered, really.

I found reciting the Quran in Arabic extremely therapeutic.  I am attempting to complete reciting the entire Quran, the Arabic one, this Ramadhan, insya Allah.

May you all find your peace this Ramadhan.


  1. Precisely. No Malay translation.
    Thats what saved the Malays from the debilitating and irrational fear of the arabs hell fire.

    Besides the Malays are smart and easy going. They know that Islam is from the Arabs and the stories told are unbelievable some of them.

    But just so not to discounted as Muslims they keep it to themselves.

    Beside you should know by the now the purpose of religion.

    1. To allow the Roman Kings and then the English,Portuguese, Spanish Kings and Queen to live a rich lifestyle while the peasants work and fight and die for them.

    That was the social systems in Middle Kingdom.
    It was smart then until some smart people in Europe start crying but the King wears no clothes!

    Thus the Catholics and the Protestants priesthood were doom.

    And to sell their products the priests come to Borneo and Africa where the people are like the middle ages european stage.

    In all these products, there is the hidden beneficiaries. The purveyors the priests of course.

    They get to sodomize the altar boys or penetrate the young girls. Recently an Australian women related how she was abused Catholics priests in Singapore. This shows this sexual orgies is world wide phenomenon of the Catholic benefits.

    So did the Arabs. They do not force by those who can afford it should pay them a visit to the holy places guarded by House of Saud. The Hindus have them in batu caves. Even now Hindus priests come to malaysia to earn their living!!

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