Monday 1 July 2013

Heya People

It has been over two weeks since I last posted something here and I bet most people thought I've stopped blogging.

That is not so, it's just that the haze situation had not been kind to me and I have been having some health issues.  

Today is the first time I actually ventured out of the house to accompany my sis on her usual weekly grocery shopping.

It's not that I wasn't interested in all the hoo haa of the opposition variety.

It's just that I just find their incessant drama and tantrums are beyond annoying that I find them quite repellant actually.

The problem is, I am beginning to find some Umno politicians to be equally repellant, and some of those in the cabinet are just as annoying as those "perasan bagus" pollies.

For one thing, Mimi updated me on the situation in Johor and she seems to think the situation is rather dire.  I am not going to elaborate, but those in the know would know what I mean.

As fo Dato Ghani, today would be his first day in his new job.  Congratulations and best wishes Dato, I am sure you would do well.


  1. your grocery shopping must include bags of cat food.
    Anyway we went grocery shopping at TESCO KSL City the other day. The place was teeming with oppressed and depressed people, people who said to be treated very badly in this country. Well maybe a lot of them were Sporean who relish at shopping the cheap subsidized cooking oils, the sugar, the flour. They then merrily eating at the various eateries. All happy faces. maybe happy becos they managed to to return the rocket hard and strong to be anti Melayu
    I don't care a bit about these people now

    1. good for you !!

    2. Muhasabah diri..check balik...apakah persepsi pertama kita bila melihat orang...baik ? atau buruk ? Jika buruk, itu tanda hati masih kotor" - Kuliah Ustaz Mohd Nor (kitab Bimbingan Mukmin) ... Ya Allah bantu kami Ya Allah..bantu kami utk jadi baik..

    3. kalau kita tahu orang tu memang berniat burok keatas kita..apa mesti kita buat??Sampai bila lah kita ni patut bersangka baik terhadap orang lain kalau lah jelas mereka ada berniat burok kpd kita
      Pada Pru 13 lepas apa dia agenda politik yang dibawa oleh Cina??ok munkin dia bersekongkol dgn "melayu"..yang tak ada agenda melayu lansung. Ok Tuan kata ini politik tapi bila kita di hidangkan dgn politik benci ,politik dendam, dan juga politik yang lansung tak mahu keharmonian dan sikap terima dan hidup dgn rukun aman antara kaum, Macam politik yang dibawa oleh Lim Kit Siang yang bermuka2 bila depan Melayu lain , belakang lain. Ada juga depan Melayu dgn bahasa Cina dia sendiri dia cakap .
      harus kah mesti bersikap baik jika 95% Cina di sekeling kita tak suka kiat Melayu memerintah di Tanah Melayu ini??

    4. Datuk Ghani Penyebat Gadis Melayu7 July 2013 at 20:41

      Tahu tak kenapa datuk Ghani kalah di Gelang Patah?
      Ini sama macam cerita dang anum yang di sula oleh raja melayu.
      Datuk Ghani Osman ni lah yang menyebat anak-anak gadi Melayu kerana hamil luar nikah.
      Sebab kan takut hukuman ini maka ramai bayi ditinggalkan dan mati.
      Begitu besar dosa Gani Osman ini terhadap perempuan Melayu.
      Tak ada negeri lain di Malaysia di mana perempuan di sebat melainkan di Johor.
      Tiada di dunia melainkan orang Arab.
      Violence Against Women ada lah kempen sekarang tetapi kerajaan UmNO Datuk Ghani mengenakan hukuman ganas ke atas wanita.
      Tak lama lagi, Jabatan Agama Johor akan menyebat gadis melayu di tempat awam supaya dapat di tonton bagaimana malunya dan sakitnya disebat supaya tidak bersetubuh lagi.

      Ini akan dihebahkan dan menjadi satu tourist attraction Iskandar.
      Begitulah kemajuan Gani keatas Melayu Johor.

      Tak hairan tuhan balas dengan kekalahan kepada Cina kafir muahaha..

    5. Anon 7 July 2013 20:41,

      You are sick, and you should keep your unsubstantiated accusations to yourself.

  2. Very good to see you back. Can you afford a trip overseas to get some clear air? Hope you get well soon.

  3. BC,

    So many people are annoyed lately and some are saying that if there is a rerun of GE13 today, BN will lose big for sure. People are getting fed up with Najib esp on his recent appointments of GLCs head.

  4. Secret Whippings8 July 2013 at 16:31

    Your sycophancy towards Gani Osman is puking.
    Why dont you write about his violence aganist Malay women?
    Is this the type of malay leader that you want.
    He is the typical Johor malay who will use religion to opiate
    the Malay masses while he skimmed the wealth.

    What is your opinon on whipping of unmarried malay girls by Gani?

    Why the silence? Other women group have spoken pro and contra.
    What about you Johorean girls?

    Do you like to be whipped? In private of course ala 50 shades of grey.
    Does women secretly longed to be whipped with whip cream on top?

    1. And you are sick. Seriously sick in the head.

      I was in Johor for more than two years, and had quite close friendships with people working in Kota Iskandar. There had been no whipping, secretly or publicly, in the entire state while I was there, and there had been none prior to my being there either.

      If there had been any, I would have known about it.

      For your information, the JCS was largely left to administer and execute state policies without much intervention from the MB Office.

      Do not project your fantasies onto other people, and do not start your "fitnah" of the Johor Malays in my blog. Your bigotry and unsubstantiated accusations are unwelcome here.