Monday 8 July 2013

Prayers for My Nephews

I have been moving around for quite a bit lately, pursuing things I have been putting off for ages while at the same time putting together my little room at my sister's place.

In doing so, I have neglected BigCat and I must say thanks to all those who kept coming here to motivate me  to keep on writing.

Unfortunately, since I am currently spending more time with my nephews, helping them with their homework and entertaining them, which keeps me fully positive and less inclined to spend too much time thinking about all the negativities that exist in the political scene.

There simply are too many negativities and bad vibes circulating in that environment, it gets tiring to be angry all the time about things that one can do nothing about nor can make much difference even if one's fingers bleed from typing out opinions that nobody cared much about.

Who cares really for what I think, its not like big policy makers would even give my opinion a glance unless I touch on their sensitivities, which then would probably send them witch hunting and making police reports.  An idiot actually made a police report against this blog not so long ago.

There are also people who are so absorbed in their own insecurities and imagined slights, who refuse to stop to even consider for a minute beyond their own self-interest and see things from different perspectives, that they spend inordinate amount of time on rhetorics and other inane matters while there are still people working almost their entire waking moment just to ensure that there is food on the table.

I know of someone who actually earns more than RM1.5 million a year spending his free time gossiping with his friends about things like Rosmah's alleged multi-million ringgit ring, not caring whether that allegation was true or otherwise.

"Everyone I knew said it was true", he said.

What worries me is how someone paid to fix other people's brains have so little inclination to actually investigate the truth before swallowing everything, hook, line and sinker.

He never bothered to even balance his perspective to take into consideration the fate of many others, less privileged children of men and women similar to his own parents, who are still in need of assistance to break the vicious cycle of low wages, limited access to quality education and no discernible asset to fund higher education.

I am beginning to find these educated middle-class urbanites less and less appealing in their overwhelmingly loud self-absorbed "me-first" pettiness.

The more you give them what they want, the more ridiculous their demands get.

It's like trying to appease the never-satiated appetite of a huge dinosaur that keeps wanting more and more regardless of the needs of others who have just as much right to exist and prosper.

I pray that my little nephews will grow up to be less self-centred, with better consideration for others, who spend their leisure time doing voluntary work to make life better for others instead of on the streets violently demanding for things of which they have limited understanding, and to have a life full of positive ideas for the betterment of the nation.

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