Thursday 22 November 2012

Oyster omelette plus light and easy Johor-based blogs

So, the Malaysian hockey team lose to Taiwan 3-2. What the heck lah....

You can read it here - What a disgrace

I'm more convinced than ever now that I need to go to Taiwan after the next general election.

In case Pakatan wins, I may stay there permanently.

For now, I'm learning more about Taiwan and starting again to learn Mandarin. It's tough to learn Mandarin, but I'm giving it my best shot.

I'm also learning to cook Taiwanese dishes.

The first I'm learning to cook is baby oyster omelette. A favorite breakfast dish in Taiwan. It's actually a Fujian dish.

You can learn to cook it too. Here is how it's done -

Oyster Omelette Recipe - How To Make Oyster Omelet

Taiwan aside, I do miss Johor.

Been reading almost all materials about my home state that I came across.

The Johor-based English blogs scene was however rather limited, especially when it comes to politics. Well, there were some pro-Pakatan English blogs , but they were mostly full of rubbish.

After awhile, I'm resigned at reading non-political Johor-based English blogs. Just to keep myself updated with what's new in Johor. 

I prefer the light but interesting topics about Johor being discussed in those blogs.

Here is one which I found to my liking, despite it being rather new, I found it a nice  read -

Green Bee In The Rain 


  1. in Taipeh why dont you go to the night market and order the snake blood with wine, wher the live snake is tied up and slitted and the blood drip onto a cup.its good for women,its supposed to cool nerves esp if you have wayward husband and for men its supposed to sex up your sex..I dont however need to resort to doing that for now.My sex life is still ok

  2. BC - its not clear. Who has the best food - Johor, KL or Taiwan?

    1. I'm not the best judge of food. But since you asked me,I think KL maybe the best for having more varieties of food compared to the others.

  3. If you are looking for a good English Johor based blog, try visiting my friend's blog, here is his latest post, my friend writes very well, I once told him he should write books, he is that talented, enjoy :

  4. BIGCAT,

    I'm new to your blog and need some clarification, pls.

    You wrote the post entitled Stupid Malays, you stated "Sorry that I have to say this about my own race - MALAYS ARE STUPID."

    Now in this post you said, you want to "go to Taiwan after the next general election ... may stay there permanently ... I'm learning more about Taiwan and starting again to learn Mandarin ... I'm also learning to cook Taiwanese dishes ... The first I'm learning to cook is baby oyster omelette. A favorite breakfast dish in Taiwan. It's actually a Fujian dish."

    The last paragraph above sounds you are Chinese - choosing to stay in Taiwan if Pakatan Rakyat wins the elections, knowing a Taiwan favourite dish and that it's actually Fujian. If you are Chinese, your post on Stupid Malays and what you said as I quoted in the second paragraph up there is not acceptable and not tolerable, despite he fact that some parts may refer to the political opposition parties' Malays with whom I have no love lost.

    I can write yards about the stupidity of the Chinese in defence of the Malays and to counter any attempt at maligning my own race, but I'll wait for your clarification (which I hope will negate the necessity of my doing so) and I hope you'll publish this and my later comments. Thank you.

    The Smart Malay.

    1. I'm indeed a Malay. The truth is, I'm running out of idea on how tell my own race that they were being so politically stupid, thus the title of that posting.

    2. Thanks for publishing my inquiry and for the response. Perhaps the Taiwan thing was what jolted my thoughts.

    3. You are right, BigCat is Chinese. Just read her posts on her mother and Chinese bangsawan.

      Previously women had managed to have daughter looking chinese by saying, its because I like chinese song or I watch Chinese bangsawan. This is of course nonsense. You cannot get Chinese features unless u have Chinese DNA just like AI have Tamil DNA as exposed in his sodomy trial..hehe.

      With BigCat you can try to get her saliva and test it with the porcine testers. If you get 3 spots just like porcine skin then its true.. big cat is porcine inclined hehehe.

      Chinese are mongoloids, which is characterised by cheeks and slinky eyes.

      The Malays are the earliest human on earth as proven by the Lembah Lenggong artefacts of 1.8 million years ago.

      It boggled the mine. The human species spread from peninsula Malaya to the rest of the world like Africa.

      This is more convincing then the idea that man originate from backward Africa and explains why malays are advanced people.

      But still there is no reason for BigCat to be ashamed of her Chinese features...

    4. Dumno with mad cow disease. If Malays are the earliest human, they should tell Orang Asli to change their race to Orang akhir!!!

  5. What a fraud....using google translate to show how her supposedly Chinese boyfriend was chinese educated....and how she (if indeed this kuching is a she) is so multi-cultural. She (or he) is just a hypocrite.

    1. Anonymous 22 November 2012 19:48,

      If you are referring to Big Cat, he/she should reply to you. And with detailed justification, too. Or explain more clearly in her posts so as not to give any wrong impression on his/ her views towards Malays etc.

      I'm new here, having read only a few posts and the comments to them. Good to know you also have some doubts on what he/she tries to convey in this blog.

      Again, I hope he/ she'll continue to publish our comments, otherwise they'll indicate the validity of his/ her claim to being a Malay and not an impostor or a masquerader, which, if true, is the lowest form of a human being.

      If he/she is genuinely a Malay, no amount of inquiry, criticism or doubts raised should make him/ her ban our comments in here.

    2. Well, actually I don't think I really owe anyone any explanation. I'm not forcing you or anyone to read or believe in what I wrote. If you think I'm a fraud, then my advice to you is that you shouldn't waste your time reading this blog. If you still read it, then I suspect you are not very intelligent la. As for censoring the comments, let me repeat what I had previously wrote about it - So far, there were only three instances where I refused to publish comments -
      1. If the comment was overly vulgar.
      2. If the comment was overly seditious.
      3. If the comment could cause problem to people whom I choose to protect.
      Thank you.

    3. Sure it's your prerogative not to give any explanation. And it goes without saying that no one is forced to read this blog.

      But refusing to even justify your "Stupid Malays" post viz a viz your Taiwan preferences post shows you have things to hide.

      I also have a responsibility to the Malay race and to the Malaysian nation in doing my bit to ensure that no one makes fun of it or break the Sedition or subversion laws, and the protection of racial harmony in this country.

      My choices are to report culprits to the authorities and inform other blogs of possible impostor and masquerader blogs.

      I'll now watch for a bit more.

  6. Talking about Johor, what about the news that the Taiwanese company is having second thoughts about investing in the plastics complex ?

  7. Kuching Besar is nothing more than a penghasut against racial harmony. Same as the fraud Helen Ang. You question them about their inconsistencies and they will ignore you, or ban you.

  8. kucing besar went to TKC and TKC is all Malay girls school.So I guess she must be Malay..pseudo Malays or orang asli
    TKC and MCKK produces that kind of people that smug on being racial bigots and think they are smart..the kind of stupidity that pervades them throughout their entire existence
    TKC and MCKK products tends to marry one another.Classic example is the famous self proclaimed and god annointed gay politician who is good at both front and back and his doctor's wife (cant remember whether shes an animal doctor or dentist doctor but surely not medical as sehe failed her pre medic .You guessed it correctly, who the MCKK /TKC couple is

    1. Not necessarily. Many Tamils masqueraded as Malays as the systems are not able to distinguish Indian Muslims from Malays.

      Therefore there are many Tamils like Anwar Ibrahim who ended in malay schools like MCKK.

      Sharizat is Tamil too. No need DNA she went to TKC too see how she belit the Melayu in UMNO with cows and condos.