Tuesday 12 November 2013

Of Being a Laze-about

I finally went and got myself "micro-simmed" to go with my brand new (almost) iPhone 5S, a gift from my sister, who has been handing fancy smart phones left, right and center lately.

Mwahaha .. I knew I was going to get one of these fancy schmancy piece of tech for free ...

So, for the first time in my life, I got myself a piece of tech which I refuse to call a phone because 90% of the time I am using it for things other than communicating with someone else at the other end of the line.

I even trashed some youngster somewhere in the epic slugterra slug it out multiplayer game three minutes after downloading it on my brand new (almost) 5S.

My nephews think that was too cool.  We cheered my winning together.

My sister, on the other hand, thinks it's sad that a grown woman would actually waste precious minutes in a game meant for preschoolers, but hey, it is just a bit of slug-slinging entertainment that the child in me simply can't resist.

She thinks if I were to just get out of the house and get a regular job, no matter how much the pay is, I'd be able to break the bad habit of being a laze-about.

She may have a point, as all these fun and games are what have been keeping me occupied and out of touch with the political scene.

I mean, what more can you write about the present political situation in this country anyway?

Everyone and everything is just too predictable, and there is really nothing new to perk my interest that I get more pleasure out of creating game content than browsing for current affairs news.

Seriously, if not for my rather boring and dull online persona, and a boring and dull lifestyle, I would consider transforming BigCat blogspot into a lifestyle blog as I would have more to write about.

Trying to keep up with the so-po label and being all serious and intellectually acceptable is taking its toll on my senses.

Even the Sg Limau by-election failed to register a tremor on my "interesting stuff" gauge.

As for (formerly Dato) Hamsan Saringat, way to go, sir, I have always thought that you are an interesting and upright person, so hang in there and stick to your principles.  What is more important is that you continue to maintain your integrity and upkeep your responsibilities to the public.

As for Sees, don't worry ... rezeki dari Allah.  We know that what you've got, you earned it the hard way.  Hang in there, may the righteous be the eventual winners, insya Allah.


  1. Yeah it sad when a grown women found the pleasure of beating the(in my case) teens in a FB game. but it is fun and when I got to meet them, I got to a point to communicated with them. Not fair but fun hehhehheh


  2. I guess this fits into the "so" part of so-po blogging. I agree the new tech available is great but I wonder about its consequences. Last week I went to a photo place to get some photos for a licence. At the same time a guy of about 40 years old was getting a photo taken to send to a prospective bride in his remote region of central Asia. But the photo place didn't just print it - click, click, click - hairstyle tidied up. More clicks - every wrinkle and spot gone. More clicks - the hole in his ear (caused by the chemical burn?) no more. What happens when the bride sees that her Brad Pitt lookie-like is not quite what she expected??