Sunday 24 November 2013

Of Transmittable Diseases

I have been down with flu' so BigCat has been severely neglected just as I was thinking of writing regularly again.

I took the boys to Kidzania KL last Monday for a bit of R&R and must have caught something along the way.

This is the first time in days that I feel better, just in time to catch up with a friend who has been covering the just concluded Muktamar PAS.

I guess the inability to come up with a good excuse for discrepancies in voting results is a transmittable disease.

But I think what is worse is the PAS President's dismissal of these unexplained discrepancies as "perkara kecil".

It's like saying that the 86 delegates' show of choice (representing how many thousands of your own party members) is small matter to him.

Dato', it is better to say you don't know and will find out what really happened than make such an arrogant comment, you know.

If you are that dismissive of your own party members, I am beginning to wonder how much more dismissive will you be of the general public, especially those people who are not even your party supporters who are still the rakyat that you are obliged to serve if you become their representative in the House.

And if the party president is like that, people will start wondering about the character of the people who chose you to lead them.

The fact that PAS delegates chose that Mat Sabu fella as their second in command is reason enough to give me doubts about the intelligence of a group of people who claim that their party consists of clever, educated, classy and righteous thinking Muslims.

I have heard that fella speak in public a few times.  To this day, I can't understand why people like him so much as a politician because I couldn't find anything he said worth thinking or discoursing about, nothing about logical governing policies, nothing about initiatives to address societal imbalances, nothing other than political rhetorics and crowd agitations.

I was told he was an interesting and funny speaker, and yet I found him disappointingly empty.

Today I was told that he is the second most powerful man within PAS political leadership.

Majlis Syura Ulama PAS, you say?  Come on la ... with the results of the ballots, do you really think the opinion and decrees of the Ulama within PAS matters to the delegates who represent PAS members in the country?

Oh by the way, the boys thought Kidzania was fun.  Al chose to be an aircraft pilot, a firefighter, a dentist and a secret agent (in that order) while Deen chose to be a firefighter, an aircraft pilot, a dentist and a secret agent.

Both wanted to go again, but I told them I am all broke so they have to wait until their daddy has the time to take them.


  1. Which do you think is a "perkara yang lebih kecil"?:
    Mat Sabu's adultery with his supporter's wife, or Mustapha Spender's adultery with his girlfriend .... and they're still on the payroll of the Islamist partai .... is the rakyat's money worth spending on tomfoolery?

  2. Why are TKC girls always broke? Ai, Annie and even you Tinsel.. If girls from elite school who are smart are broke.. I can't imagine the fate of girls from not as smart schools. Maybe they are more street smart and thus not as broke! Whatever it is, I just hope that you, Annie and Ai are just being humble.. the truth is all of you are swimming with money :)

    By the way.. I agree with your opinion re Mat Sabu, Hadi and PAS. God help Malaysia if they ever lead Malaysia. We will be like Kelantan at best, or going back to 7th century at worst. Or maybe they will not do anything coz they will be fighting a losing battle with DAP!