Thursday 11 September 2014

While I was Away

I have been offline these last few days and thus out of touch with current happenings back at home.

On the Selangor political front, it seems that PAS finally grew a backbone, Tuanku Sultan expressed his "disappointment" with PKR and DAP publicly, and indeed went beyond stating that PKR and DAP were rude but also treasonous.

There was a commenter here who objected to my description of PKR and DAP as biadap (rude) and besar kepala (big-headed) in their dealings with the Istana and titah Tuanku, but I think that particular anon failed to understand the language of Raja-Raja Melayu and the etiquette of Istana Melayu.

"Titah" was not a request, it was an order.

I guess only a Melayu would understand how insulting the actions of PKR and DAP leaders were when they defied the Istana.

I also learned that Tunku Jalil is ill.

I pray that he remains strong in the face of such an ordeal and with Allah's blessing, will recover his health.

He is one of the nicest people I have ever met and I wish him well.

Then of course there is all that talk about various statements and writings of former Chief Judge Tun Hamid Omar.

I also read Helen Ang's writing on the subject.

Besides being inspired by Helen to actually write about my thoughts, I have great respect for her thorough determination to write about what she feels is right, no matter what.

I find all the posturings of the MCA and Gerakan lately not only annoying but also despicable.

My own personal view is, MCA should really shut up when it comes to Cina interests in Malaysia including anything related with historical facts.

You people only represent less than 10% of the Cina in this country, and your meager seats in the Parliament and State Assemblies are courtesy of the Malay voters, which means you are actually representing the Malays there.

Let the DAP speak for the Cina who voted for them en masse.

Be careful about whom you disparage as you may not survive as a political entity with you dignity intact in the next rounds of elections, and you will join Gerakan as BN's almost-dead coalition member, shamefully hanging on to Umno's coattails in order to be relevant and yet bashing the very party that gave it any semblance of life.

MCA and Gerakan betul-betul muka tak malu.

Oh, another thing, my sister was offended by the expletive-riddled comments in my blog, so I have decided to prune any comment I deem as excessively offensive to the viewing public.

My blog, my right.

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  1. re, Let the DAP speak for the China who voted for them en masse.

    I like that ,after all the MCA and Gerakan dosn't do any good to BN especially to UMNO, as Hellan always said they are just like gunting dalam lipatan .

    The Malay always said , " kalau dah Cina tu Cina juga".