Friday 29 January 2016

keeping busy

I wish I could write more about road-safety stuff like RD suggested in a previous posting.

Unfortunately, after that last rant about what we need to do to aggressive drivers/motorists that add to road accidents statistics, I kind of moved on to other transport-related things.

The problem is, I am kind of trying to get away from doing the numbers.

My entire life has been about dealing in numbers that I have developed the tendency to calculate everything in life.

That has significantly eroded any vestiges of spontaneity that I might have had and turned me into a dull and boring person.

So I have decided to stay clear of numbers as much as I can.

So went to see what Annie, my super spontaneous and interesting blogging friend who got me onto the road-safety thing, is cooking in Life of Annie for inspiration.

[yup, I have not been prowling around my shrunken territories since the last time I went on a cleaning spree of my blogroll, believe it or not ...]

And that's why I have totally missed the "Exposing Annie" episode [apparently still going on somewhere else by someone Annie refused to acknowledge by name]  ...

 Heh ..

Never mind, Annie, I know you write from your heart, just keep doing your thing and don't let haters get to you.

The political situation in this country has become too toxic even for a casual bystander like me, so I have decided to venture into other more constructive areas, like the merging of Asean into a single market.

I am currently reading up on the EU and Asean case studies, on the differences and similarities.

If there is anything interesting, I'll be sure to write it down here to be recorded and shared.


  1. Good for you Tinsel. A great many people are tired and disgusted with the political shenanigans in this country. Better not to trust politicians and look at more positive stuff.

    I sympathise with Annie for the vicious attacks on her - very low ones - just because of a difference in opinions. Do women do that kind of thing to other women?

    Let's look forward to the fruition of your new endeavour.