Friday 12 December 2014

Looking Onwards

Someone invited me today to a reunion of sort.

I thanked them for the invitation but I am not really a reunion kind of gal.

It is not because I am not appreciative of the invitation, but I have decided to move on and have no wish to look back or to reminisce on old times.

I decided months back to cut whatever ties I have with non-essentials and moved on with my life.

If the people I left in Johor had wanted to be in touch with me, they could have easily contacted me a long time ago as they had my number, and some actually did.

Most did not.

Those who did only because they wanted to use my skills for the benefit of people who have no appreciation for what I can produce for them.

For some reason or other, every time someone from my past gives me a call or sends me a message, I instinctively think to myself "What do they want now?" as I know for certain that it is not my person that they value but my skills with number crunching and data analysis.

I am not disappointed, just resigned.

As such, going to a reunion to meet up with people who have no regard for me as a person, only as a means to keep in touch in case they need my skills, seems such a waste of time.

Someone said its called "networking" but I call it phony.

I was in the business of "networking" once, and I know exactly why you have to "network" with people you detest and put up with the very things that make you detest them.

I am no longer in that business now, and I hope to God that I never have to "network" again.

Time waits for no one, and I have no wish to waste what time I have on hand on something that would be of no value to me or my loved ones, so a clean slate, a fresh start, and life goes on.


  1. Sister, the faithful are "hablun min Allah, hablun min an-nas": devotion to Allah Most Merciful and altruism towards humanity.
    Corporate networking is usually motivated by other less noble forces.

    One Nation under God on High

  2. Dear Bigcat,
    I got here from 'Life of Annie'.
    Bravo and Cheers for resigning yourself from the superficial 'networking' world.
    I'll be back to follow ur intriguing thoughts in the next postings:)

    Salam from Japan