Tuesday 23 December 2014


I don't understand why some people need to use excessive expletives to express themselves when ordinary words can be used to better effect in displaying one's arrogance, superiority complex and ingrained racism.

Case in point is a comment that I read recently in Annie's latest piece about a Hong Kong Drama 

Just look at this comment by an anonymous commenter which I copied from Annie's comment section - 

The world knows which race can manage the country better (except where it concerns Islam and Malay customs); but most Chinese can accept having Malays to be the majority in government provide they govern reasonably; after all, this is a Malay majority country.

The world knows which race can manage the country better??? 

The world knows???  The entire whole wide world???

Except where it concerns Islam and Malay customs, of course.

You don't really expect such a superior race would deign to dirty their superior selves with any form of knowledge or understanding of the faith and sensitivities of the lower classes of the sub-human species that call themselves Melayu, do you?

If these Melayu got offended or their sensitivities trampled on, they have no right to fight back or defend their faith and customs because their faith, customs and way of life are just inferior to the Chinese, hence they should just take it like the sub-standard beings that they are.

That commenter must have shuddered at the thought that any superior being is expected to have to cater for the sensitivities of the lowly Muslims and Malays when deciding on something or when he/she is saying anything.

Probably that's the reason why some of these superior beings never, ever considered the sensitivities of the Muslims and Malays be it in their statements or in their acts.

When there are Muslims and Malays who fight back to defend they faith and customs amid the provocations?

Oh, those are the bigots, extremists, racists, you name it .. it has all been said and implied before.

.. most Chinese can accept having Malays to be the majority in government provide they govern reasonably; after all this is a Malay majority country.

Provided they govern reasonably??  By the standards defined by the superior race, I suppose?

Wow, such condescension from someone I can presume to be a member of the superior race.

How arrogant can one of these superior beings get? 

Oh you poor eminent Malays and liberal Malays of the Noor Farida, KJ and Saifuddin variety, you people most of them can accept to be part of the government because this is a Malay majority country after all, not because they believe that you are truly capable and at par with their kind, but because they think you can govern reasonably by their standards, i.e. you share their views that Malays who practice their culture and faith are inferior to the Chinese.

Mind you, only most, not all, which means there are members of the superior race who cannot accept even you liberal Malay bleeding hearts as part of the government either.

See, the problem with racists, they don't realise how racist they are because their racism is so ingrained in their psyche, in their culture, in their belief system, that they freely and shamelessly expose their racism while at the same time label everyone else who hold different views as racists.

I can go on and analyse further how every word in just that one paragraph was constructed to reflect the state of mind of this particular commenter at Annie's blog, but why bother continuing to do something that makes me feel only sick and disgusted, when the commenter obviously felt no shame in displaying his/her unhealthy state of mind?


  1. Accept all comments with an open heart. Last time when you condemned Indians by claiming that "they were made ugly for a reason" (PI Bala story) nobody melenting.

    So now some body claim they are superior to you. Why so perasan?

  2. Explain where Exactly in this posting was I being perasan. By the way, that posting about the late Bala was by Ai, not me. I have never once considered physical features as something to be derided upon as I believe beauty is subjective and all Allah's creations have their own merit. The only ugliness are those created by human pride, selfishness, and arrogance.


  3. To the Chinese nothing are right ,except by them ,and the worlds knows they are super raciest being and Jews are their closest cousin .
    Unfortunately the Malays never always notice that ,as their true color are well hidden at their advantage .

  4. It's sad that a writer suggests that a particular race is better at running a government than another race. I do agree that the best people to lead are those that understand the needs of the people they are leading but I don't agree that the person needs to be from one particular race. If all the Cabinet members were the best people for the job, I wouldn't care if they were all Malay, Chinese, Indian or other citizens. How about you? In fact, it's less awful when there is no double standards applied. Like PAS. I will believe its only interested in Islamic principles when it's leaders are not all from one race. Or DAP being a party interested in democracy, when it can embrace free speech in its own ranks. No wonder Malays feel threatened. But understand that the rest of us are just as threatened by the same people.

  5. Remember that DAP MP who said MH370 could easily be found if only the heads of the Malaysian military were Chinese? Enough said about racism being ingrained in their collective psyche.

  6. re: "The world knows which race can manage the country better (except where it concerns Islam and Malay customs)" .... hint, hint, . . . .


  7. Mmmmmmm.

    You seem to have extrapolated from one comment to the conclusion that an entire race of people shares the attitude of that person. Which is just as valid as me concluding that all Australians are racist, just because I have heard one Australian expressing anti-Asian sentiments (which, indeed, I have.) Or concluding that Ibrahim Ali is expressing the standard views of all Malays (he isn't.)

    (Hint: The fallback position is not "yalah not all, but most lah". "Most Australians" is hardly less spurious than "all Australians", right. Logically.)

    Take people as they come. Some will be good, some bad, the majority so-so and OK.

    Helps me sleep better at night.

    1. Where did I did the extrapolation? Do not presume that I am incapable of distinguishing the difference between an entire race and a bunch of bigots from the same racial stock who have a shared supremacist viewpoint. You may think I am stupid but do not make assumptions based on your own prejudices.

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