Thursday 4 December 2014

Thriving in the heavy rain ...

We have had a lot of rain lately and our plants are thriving because of it.

Yay! Two more banana baby trees growing sprightly and healthy.  They are just too cute.

My mother's maiden hair fern gets all drenched and droopy after every rain shower, but they look green and healthy with many new shoots that will grow bushier as they age.

Here are the two sansviera babies among the other ornamentals growing in our backyard while mama sansviera is producing another baby on the post box ledge.

The curry tree is now reaching the roof and badly needs trimming, which I am certain Yaya will do once the rainy season is over.

While in front, the rose bushes are growing very strong shoots and I hope we will have more deep pink roses once the rainy season is over while the blush pink roses are still flowering non-stop although not as abundantly now that the sky seems to be permanently overcast.

Here's a photo of a deep pink rose that I captured last month.

I really should go and snap better pictures, but I am just plain lazy to take off downstairs just to get better pictures at the moment.

Now, if I have the Canon EOS 70D that I have been drooling over, I might just be motivated to actually spend time getting better photos to put up here.

With a phone camera?  These are good enough.

By the way, I went to IOI Mall Putrajaya with my family last Sunday purposely to spend time at the Aeon Index Living Mall.

Aeon Index Living Mall is a joint venture between Aeon Malaysia and Thai furniture manufacturer and retailer Index Living Mall.

The prices seemed reasonable enough and the furniture designs are more Asian, hence far more pleasing to our family Asian aesthetics.

I do like a couple of things that I may just buy for my room, an iron bed frame and a chilli red swivel chair, now that I am more or less a permanent resident in my sister's house.

Yaya found many things she liked for the house too and are already making plans to create the space for them.

Oh, and parking is free!  At least for the moment ...

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