Monday 26 September 2011

I hate TV3

Looks like TV3 had wrecked my party. Was waiting for Guan Eng to deny my posting on him running down Johor while in Singapore when those not so smart people at the TV station aired the story just now, complete with the audio evidence.

What the heck la TV3, your people can't do a proper report ka? Made the story so obscure la.
Put more prominently cannot ka? Cheyyyy....

Well, never mind. Lets see whether Guan Eng want to deny that audio recording and proceed  to sue TV3 as well as Bernama as he threatened. Or maybe sue me....he he he


  1. What an immature Chief Minister this Lim Guan Eng turned out to be. He doesn't have to say all that to attract investment to Penang.

  2. Thank you Warrior for the welcome.