Thursday 29 September 2011

Guan Eng's fatal mistake

Nope, its not because he got bad advisers or can't resist opening his big mouth or can't contain his big kiasu ego.
Its because he picks up a fight with this guy

You don't know who is this guy?
Ok, read this NST Johor Streets article which was published early last year (taken without permission).

Johor has the coolest menteri besar

Syed Umar Ariff
2010/03/31 MB-man, MB-man, Does whatever a menteri besar can
Stretched a hand, saved a man,
Catches him just in time
Look Out!
Here comes the MB-man!

Is he strong?
Listen bro,
He knows aikido!
Take a look overhead
Hey, there!
There goes the MB-man!

Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman (centre) watching a lion dance performance at the Chingay festival in Jalan Wong Ah Fook.
Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman (centre) watching a lion dance performance at the Chingay festival in Jalan Wong Ah Fook.
That is a super hero tribute to Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

It is a song sampled after the classic Spiderman's theme song made popular decades ago.

I'm no apple-polisher but after seeing Ghani save Johor Education director Sufaat Tumin from falling off a stage after an oopsy-daisy turn gone wrong at a function a couple months back, I realised that the menteri besar may be the country's very own Steven Seagal.
Come to think of it, may be it is true. Take a closer look at Ghani and you will realise that he resembles the Hollywood action star, save for the ponytail.

He speaks softly as Seagal too.

The video of him saving Sufaat from an embarrassing moment made the rounds on Facebook for all to see.

Not a moment for Sufaat to be in the spotlight but it was something memorable for everyone.

It was a moment for Johoreans to realise that their menteri besar has been keeping his martial skills in check. He's that cool.

I was there during the incident. Ghani had just presented a trophy to Sufaat for the creative design of the latter's department website when suddenly Sufaat somehow made a wrong turn and tripped.

With his puffy side-parted hairstyle turning into a bouffant amidst the swirl and twist he made on stage as he was falling, the crowd gasped in astonishment as Ghani held Sufaat from falling with only just a grab to the arm.

Sufaat, obviously surprised and embarrassed by the incident, thanked Ghani.

However, Sufaat had yet to get his balance right.

As soon as Ghani let go of his arm, Sufaat immediately began to stumble again.

The menteri besar, who seem to be anticipating the worst, once again reached out to Sufaat and kept him upright.

Ghani gave a a look of assurance to Sufaat, who was again obviously surprised by the lightning-quick reflex of Ghani.

If Ghani were to be a real superhero, his name would have been MB-man or Light-Ni, for his renowned speed.

And as expected, the crowd went all "Oooohhhh!" and "Aaahhhhhh!" over the incident.

Seriously Johoreans, your menteri besar is perhaps the fittest of all menteris besar in the country.

If you really think about it, the rest -- save for the Negri Sembilan menteri besar -- are old or not really known for their prowess in sports or martial arts.

Another unexpected showcase of his physical prowess was during the state-level Chingay celebration in Jalan Wong Ah Fook.

As one of the celebration's highlights, the lion dancers, after hopping on the poles, threw several oranges on stage where Ghani and other dignitaries were seated.

The other VIPs were having trouble grabbing the oranges, but not Ghani; he was like a zen kung-fu grandmaster being tested of his skills by mere kung-fu apprentices.

It seemed that Ghani could anticipate where the oranges would be thrown, despite the oranges' random trajectory set by the lion dancers.

Not one of the oranges could escape his kung-fu iron grip!

And of course, the crowd of more than 20,000 went all "Oooohhhh!" and "Aaahhhhhh!" over his skills.

However the next day, the 63-year-old was taken to the Johor Specialist Hospital for an outpatient treatment after complaining of extreme fatigue during a game of golf.

It seems that Ghani may have strained himself during the Chingay festival the night before.

The rakyat were worried, judging from the telephone calls made to media as soon as the news broke out.

Of course, Ghani is after all human. But at least, from another point of view, he may have some superhuman skills.

OK OK, I am kidding, this is the real picture of Ghani Othman.

This picture was taken when Ghani was informed that Guan Eng had swallowed his bait and left sprawling in the longkang....seriously.

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