Wednesday 28 September 2011

Guan Eng - Driven to tears

It's all rocky's fault. He was the one who suggested for Guan Eng's staff to monitor my blog. I know for a fact that they actually are doing exactly that. I was made to understand that the poor sods are checking this blog every one hour for the past two days for updates on their boss. Well guys, I have no plan to do so for now.  I am still sore with TV3 for spoiling all the fun. So, Guan Eng's people, please stop torturing yourself. No need to check on this blog too often. Well, if Guan Eng want to know what is the latest that I had posted on him, tell him I had dedicated this song for him. Be cool.


  1. Hahahaha...great song BigCat. Hope you do an expose on this chingkboy on the following:

    a. His arsetute management of PBA holding and how under his watch its share price is floundering under RM1.00, lower PAT, diminishing cash and Cash equivalents, spiraling directors' fees, operating costs etc and how his fatuous claims in his Annual Reports are contradicted by the financial statements.

    b. the Kings of Tennis fuckup back in November 2008. Whatever happened to all that legal moves against Arianna Teoh remains shrouded in mystery. Evidence suggest that the DAP state government was at least indirectly complicit in the whole fiasco.

    c the unanswered mystery of the Chung Ling drowning deaths (classifed as misadventure by the coroner but strangely leaving important queries vis-a-vis the indirect? complicity of the Penang state government unresolved with the key point being why the sudden shift to open seas when PBA expended massive amounts to make the Teluk Bhanag dam 'safe' for such races.) In fact, the origins of this disaster was sown when a regatta was held in the open seas off Sg Pinang, the organisation of which itself is tainted by shoddy planning and questionable decisions that demands scrutiny.

    Korek Cat, Jangan tak korek for ultimately this hypocrite would be exposed as nothing more than an opportunistic charlatan claiming credit when its not his due and evading responsibility like a pondan when shit hits the fan (case in point; the absymal -10.5% contraction in the Penang economy in 2009, surpassing, the national decline at that!). What a wasted sperm of a walking and talking Chingkie pig of a political bastard!

    Warrior 231

  2. big cat is trash. pro corruption and kronism... that robber baron TOYOL was a curse on Selangor, thank fully he is gone at least for now and hope NEVER to come back... strange, criminal like toyol not in JAIL or under detention at MACC...

    LGE is not perfect, he is human and can make mistakes like anyone. whats important is the long term big picture and goal of pakatan - the welfare of the rakyat is being championed as best they can given the unfair challenges from BN.