Thursday 29 September 2011

Crime: Penang vs Johor

For you people who opined that Johor is a crime-ridden state and Penang is heaven on earth, let me give you some numbers so that you can compare the crime situation between the two states as of 2010.

Pulau Pinang :
Penduduk = 1,520,143 orang
Keluasan = 1,046 km sq.
Jumlah jenayah yang direkodkan = 12,161 kes
Kadar jenayah untuk setiap 100,000 penduduk  = 800.06 kes

Johor :
Penduduk = 3,233,434
Keluasan = 19,210 km sq.
Jumlah jenayah yang direkodkan = 20,684 kes
Kadar jenayah untuk setiap 100,000 penduduk = 639 kes

Johor 161.06 kes lebih rendah berbanding Pulau Pinang bagi setiap 100 ribu penduduk.

Statistik penduduk dan jenayah adalah berdasarkan kepada rekod tahun 2010, dipetik daripada sumber yang boleh dipercayai.

I am too lazy to translate from Bahasa Melayu to English, but the numbers should be quite easy to understand.  For those who do not understand the Malay language enough to understand all that, sorry, find someone else to translate for you.

Ok, I admit, I am hoping for Guan Eng to deny these statistics like he denied bad mouthing Johor.
To his media handlers who are monitoring this blog, please inform your boss that I am making fun of him and that this is a good opportunity for him to get back at me.
For your troubles, I play you this song. It's my mother-in-law's favorite. She always sing this song with her sisters whenever they go for karaoke session. Enjoy.

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